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Are Left Handed People Right Brained

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Is This The End Of The Story

Why Are People Left-Handed?

Far from it.

The best guess is handedness is 25% genetic and 75% down to the environment .

Yet this study has found only the first 1% of that genetic component and only in a British population.

So, much more work is needed to understand the genetic component of handedness in people across the globe, never mind what the huge environmental effects are, and then piece together how those elements result in people being either left or right handed.

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Psychologists Explain How Left

It might be hard to believe, but left-handed people make up only an estimated 11% of the population.

As child educational psychologist, author, and former UCLA associate professor Charlotte Reznick, PhD explains, this fragment of the population sees the world through a unique lens. When were left-handed, our right brains are usually dominant, and thats where creativity and intuition are centered. So its often easier for us to be creative than logical. And our brains more easily use both sides of the brain at once, so we have the advantage of also being more flexible in our thinking, she explains.

How does this impact how left-handers perform? Here, experts explain:

What Does This Tell Us

About one in 10 people is left handed.

Studies on twins have already revealed genetics – the DNA inherited from parents – has some role to play.

However, the specifics are only now being revealed.

The research team turned to the UK Biobank – a study of about 400,000 people who had the full sequence of their genetic code, their DNA, recorded.

Just over 38,000 were left-handed.

And the scientists played a giant game of spot-the-difference to find the regions of their DNA that influenced left-handedness.

The study, , found four hotspots.

“It tells us for the first time that handedness has a genetic component,” Prof Gwenaëlle Douaud, one of the researchers, told BBC News.

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Lefties May Be More Creative Thinkers

Many experts and studies have suggested a link between left-handedness and creativity. Is it real? Quite possibly. Some research has found that lefties are better at divergent thinking , a cognitive hallmark of creativity. However, its important to note that studies show correlation, not causality, so the findings arent entirely conclusive.

Another possibility, proposed by University College London psychologist Chris McManus in his book Right-Hand, Left-Hand, is that the brains of lefties have a more highly developed right hemisphere, which has been suggested to be more involved in creative thinking.

Theres one additional potential link between left-handedness and creativity one thats speculative but still intriguing. Growing up in the left-handed minority and seeing themselves as different from their peers, some children may come to develop whats known as an outsiders mindset, or a tendency to have a self-image thats more individualized rather than group-oriented. Such a mindset can predispose a person to develop qualities like independence and non-conformity, which psychologists have linked to creative thinking and innovation.

Why Do We Compare The Right Brain Vs The Left Brain

Left Brain vs. Right Brain Dominance

The fuss about the right brain vs the left brain started with a study from 1967, and Roger W. Sperry wanted to learn more about how the halves of the brain work.

He investigated split-brain patients whose both sides of the brain lack normal connections between them, which means their behavior comes from one side.

Sperry also studied animals to make sure of the results. He found that some mental features were hard-wired on one side of the brain while others may work on either.

Whats more, Sperry reported that the left hemisphere of the brain was important for producing sentences. Meanwhile, the right took care of understanding what words meant.

His study only proved left and right brain dominance for certain mental functions. Unfortunately, people grew to believe that each side has traits that cannot be found in the other.

For example, folks believe left-handed people are only good at art. Yet, many lefties cannot draw. This didnt stop people from having assumptions for each side.

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Everything You Need To Know About Right Brain Characteristics

Your brain is divided into the left cerebral hemisphere and the right cerebral hemisphere. Find out more about common right-brain characteristics.

The brain is one of the most important organs in our body. In fact, many would argue that it is the most important part as it controls every function of the body. It also helps us process information and makes sense of the world around us.

The brain has the left and the right hemispheres which control different functions. Researchers have studied hemispheres extensively to understand what are the functions of each of them. Right brain characteristics are under the most scrutiny because it deals with components of human that are lesser-known: our emotions and creativity.

In this article, we will focus on right-brain characteristics. Well explore what it means to be a right-brained person. And more importantly, how you can improve the right side of your brain for knowledge, skills, and talents.

More Likely To Be Alcoholics

A 1973 paper by psychologist Paul Bakan Left-handedness and alcoholism noted that a higher than expected number of patients in an alcoholism ward were left handed. However, In 2011 a study by Dr. Kevin Denny Handedness and drinking behaviour looking at 25,000 people from 12 different countries found that being a lefty did not result in excessive drinking later in life. What it did suggest was that left handed people are more prone to drink at moderate levels than a right handed person. So the common idea that lefties are more likely to be alcoholics might be a bit of a stretch!

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Does This Change What It Means To Be Left

Being left-handed has often led to a raw deal.

“In many cultures being left handed is seen as being unlucky or malicious and that is reflected in language,” said Prof Dominic Furniss, a hand surgeon and author on the report.

In French, “gauche” can mean “left” or “clumsy”. In English, “right” also means “to be right”.

“What this study shows is that being left-handed is just a consequence of the developmental biology of the brain, it has nothing to do with luck or maliciousness,” Prof Furniss said.

“And it is driven at least in part by genetic variants we’ve discovered.

“This adds to the understanding of what makes us human.”

The Left Brain Right Brain Myth

Are People Really Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

While there is a left brain and a right brain, their use in popular culture has created a widespread misunderstanding. Itâs common to believe that the left brain is for logical thinking and the right brain is for creativity. People categorize themselves as being left or right brain-oriented depending on their interests and skills.

Scientists have been able to look closer at the brain and see that itâs more complicated than âleft = logical.â It wasnât until the 1960s when split-brain surgeries, a treatment of epilepsy, gave scientists the chance to investigate each half of the brain separately.

Scientists deduced that the left brain was better at language and rhythm, while the right brain was better at emotions and melody. However, this doesnât mean that the two halves are entirely separate.

The myth of the totally opposite hemispheres persists for a variety of reasons.

  • It satisfies the need for order.
  • Like astrological signs, it gives people a defined personality type.
  • People naturally see creativity and logic as opposites.
  • People find the idea of having untapped creative power appealing.

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Left Handed People Vs Right Handed People

Between being left handed or right handed caters to certain differences especially in the usage of the brain. Being Left Handed is using the left for various purposes such as writing. On the other hand, being Right-handed is when you are comfortable in using the right hand for writing and other activities. When paying attention to the world statistics, the number of left handed people is much lesser in comparison to right handed people. Through this article let us explore the differences between left handed and right handed people.

Historical And Religious Views Of Humanity

Humans are an introspective species, one might even say self-absorbed. It has long been believed that humanity is effectively at the center of the universe, whether because of the early geocentric ideas of Ptolemy or simply because humans are thought better than other species. It is an idea that even enters into some religions.

The Christian Bible does say that humans were to have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over the Earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the Earth.

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Scientific View Of Humanity

Modern science has a more prosaic, although no less extraordinary, view of humanity, properly placing homo sapiens as a single unique twig on the vast tree of life. It is unique for a reason. For all the connections to the rest of life on the planet, there is no doubting human uniqueness. For humans alone have looked to the sky and wondered about their place in the cosmos.

Humans alone have thought about thought. And, taking humans down a peg or two, humans alone have worried whether these pants have made their butt look big or whether anyone could tell that they were wearing a toupee.

Although these thoughts are not always grand and noble, they are thoughts. The ability to think in highly complex ways is what distinguishes humans from other species.

Learn more about getting smarter about intelligence.

Are Left Handed People Smarter

Left Handed Right Brained: Personality Type and Left ...

This one varies depending on how dated your source is! One 2007 study Effect of Handedness on Intelligence Level of Students shows that lefties are more likely to have higher IQs, however another 2010 study The relationship between hand preference, hand performance, and general cognitive ability suggests the exact opposite!

So which is it?

To settle the debate, two researchers from the University of Athens in Greece compiled the data from several individual studies in order to collate data from a much larger sample size. The results of this research showed that right handed people are smarter on average but only marginally so. Assuming that the average left hander had an IQ of 100, the average right hander would be at 101.5. So the current belief is that the difference in intelligence between lefties and righties is so small as to be negligible! You can read the 2018 study here.

An interesting left handed statistic is that Mensa claims that 20% of its members are lefties a much higher number than youd expect!

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Discovering Lateralization In Humans

In 1836, a French country physician, Marc Dax, observed that patients who had a stroke, sword wound, or brain tumor that caused paralysis of the right side of their body were more likely to lose the capacity to speak than patients whose injury caused paralysis on their left side. Because the brains left hemisphere was known to control the right side of the body, Dax concluded that this hemisphere must be specialized for speech. He also traced the incapacity to speak, a condition called aphasia, to damage in a specic left-hemisphere region. Daxs name is little known, today, because, despite valiant efforts of his son, the discovery became associated with the prominent Parisian physician, Paul Broca, after whom the brain region specialized for producing speech is named.

About a half century later, another area in the left hemisphere, also specialized for language was discovered by Carl Wernicke and named in his honor. But subsequent research showed that language was not the only lateralized function of the human brain. In most people, a region called the planum temporale is larger in the left hemisphere than in the right hemisphere and the occipital lobe of the left hemisphere is larger than its equivalent in the right hemisphere. The opposite is true of the frontal lobes.

Are Left Handed People More Creative

Its true! The 2007 study Creativity and Psychopathology: Higher Rates of Psychosis Proneness and Nonright-Handedness Among Creative Artists Compared to Same Age and Gender Peers found that creatives such as painters and musicians were more likely to be left handers. Another study from 1977 Left-handedness among architects: partial replication and some new data showed that a higher than expected number of architects identified as being a lefty.

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Myth: Lefties Are More Intelligent

Theres an idea that left-handed people are more intelligent, but thats not so, says Dr. Ochoa. A study from the 70s examined more than 7,000 grade school children and found no difference in intellectual ability between left-handers and right-handers, she said. Lefties may, however, think differently. The world is not a left-handed-friendly placeutensils, scissors, and other items of daily use are designed for the right-handed person, says Dr. Ochoa. Left-handed people have to think flexibly and come up with ways to use those tools and navigate.

Left Handed Pens Are A Thing Who Knew

Are Left Handed Peopleâs Brains Different ? | Let’s Teach Interesting Facts

They really do exist . Various designs exist, but the pens linked here have a special hooked tip to allow lefties to more easily see what they are writing. The design also keeps the fingers further away from the tip, which when coupled with quick drying ink means there is less chance of smudging. Personally Ive never tried one, but let me know what you think if you have!

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What Else Should I Know About Intelligence

Intelligence can be defined in many different ways.

In psychology, for instance, intelligence may be described as possessing one or a combination of the following attributes:

  • a higher ability level, such as abstract reasoning, problem-solving, or decision-making
  • ability to learn
  • creativity
  • adaptation

There are different theories of intelligence and ways to measure it, including the well-known intelligence quotient tests.

While certain exams can provide useful information, they arent the only way to assess intelligence or validate this complex label.

But other studies reveal lefties might have the advantage in certain areas.

Research shows left-handed people may have a lower risk of developing ulcers and arthritis. They may also recover more quickly from strokes.

An older article in the American Journal of Psychology suggests that left-handed people may be better at divergent thinking, a thought process used to generate creative ideas.

The Dangers Of These Misconceptions

So-called left brained people are described as: logical, analytical, and detail-oriented. Their worldview is objective and factual, so they are good at math, engineering and other fact-based tasks and careers. Right brained people are considered: creative, perceptive, intuitive, freethinkers. Their worldview is subjective and expressive, so theyre destined for creative tasks and careers.

These distinctions may limit your potential. Yes, some people are especially logical or creative, but that doesnt mean one side of their brain is more dominant than the other. Many logical tasks require creativity, and creative works are often rooted in logic. Thinking of peoples brains and personalities in such a divisive framework is false and restricting. Embrace what youre good at and let all parts of the brain do the work.

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They Are More Independent

Partly because theyve always been somewhat set apart from others, Thomas says left-handed professionals tend to work more independently. They can develop a more individual image of themselves rather than an image of themselves as part of a group. As a result, left-handed people can develop characteristics of being more independent and nonconforming than their right-handed counterparts, she explains. While a lefty will still contribute to a brainstorm session, providing interesting feedback and ideation, they might prefer to execute all deliverables on their own.

It makes sense since, hey, they dont have to elbow the righties to give them some space.

Left Handed People Use The Right Side Of The Brain The Most

The Left Brain Vs Right Brain Confusion

The brain is cross-wired, meaning that the right side controls the left side of the body and vice versa. Hence the well known saying only left handed people are in their right minds. The right-hand side of the brain is thought to coordinate the left side of the body and control tasks to do with the arts and creativity.

Take a look at our diagram below and see if you can relate!

However, a recent 2018 study Unilateral, 3D Arm Movement Kinematics Are Encoded in Ipsilateral Human Cortex at Washington University has suggested that tasks may be shared more equally than previously thought. Its important to note that the researchers have stated that since this study only involved 4 patients there is a lot more research to be carried out before we can truly understand the relationship between brain and body!

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How The Brain Works

The brain is our motherboard, storage, operating system, and more. The nuances of its functions canât be summarized in a black-and-white dichotomy, which is how the left-and-right-brain idea came around.

The brain is divided into symmetrical left and right hemispheres. Each hemisphere is in charge of the opposite side of the body, so your right brain controls your left hand. The right hemisphere also takes in sensory input from your left side and vice versa.

The brain is segmented into regions called lobes. Your lobes isolate your brainâs functions to specific areas.

  • The frontal lobe controls your body movement, personality, problem-solving, concentration, planning, emotional reactions, sense of smell, the meaning of words, and general speech.
  • Your parietal lobe controls your sense of touch and pressure, sense of taste, and bodily awareness.
  • The temporal lobe governs your sense of hearing, ability to recognize others, emotions, and long-term memory.
  • The occipital lobe controls the important sense of sight.
  • The cerebellum governs fine motor control, balance, and coordination.
  • The limbic lobe controls emotions.

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