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Can A Concussion Cause Memory Loss

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Lynettes Story: Recovering After Being Rear

Why does head injury cause memory loss ?

Lynette was injured in a motor-vehicle accident when another driver rear-ended her car at highway speeds. My year has been one heck of a roller-coaster ride, she shared. She endured a year of pain, memory loss, cognitive difficulties, fatigue, and other symptoms.

It made her job insurance sales extremely difficult to perform. I was losing a lot of big contracts because I was messing up on the formulas and the addition, I was inverting numbers, that sort of thing, she said.

Emotionally, it really caused a lot of pain and anguish. Im to the point where I actually lost a marriage over the accident, she added.

Before fully committing to treatment, Lynette decided to come in for an fNCI scan to confirm what she was being told about her brain. At that point, I became incredibly emotional, because for the first time in my life, I realized that I had some hope. I thought I was going to have to live the rest of my life with a foggy brain and a massive headache all the time.

She felt the fog lift three days into treatment and finally feels like herself again. I feel like Ive had this rebirth of me again, she said. The technology that theyre using to reactivate your brain is just miraculous. Shes thrilled with the outcome and loved meeting staff and other patients.

Traumatic Brain Injury And Short Term Memory Loss

Short-term memory loss after a concussion or traumatic brain injury may be associated with vision and sensory impairment.

Short-term memory loss is often a complication for many people who have suffered from a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury. The problem may develop immediately after the head injury or slowly progress over time. Symptoms of short-term memory loss are confusion, inability to recall new information, difficulty retrieving a desired word, trouble remembering simple instructions, and problems with communication. Unfortunately, many patients are told their condition is irreversible.Once diagnosed with short-term memory loss, patients may enter a rehabilitation program. Rehabilitation for symptoms from traumatic brain injury teaches compensation methods to help patients learn how to navigate through their day more efficiently.

One major piece of information missing from current testing standards for short-term memory loss: did the patients head injury result in a sensory processing problem? Hope may come for some patients if their memory problems are due to an imbalance in visual processing within the brain that is highly treatable. A mild traumatic brain injury may have caused disruption deep within the brains sensory pathways. Information we receive through our eyes and ears routes quickly to various parts of the brains sensory processing center. Once our brain receives new information, we naturally respond.

Effective Treatments For Concussions

Proven treatments for concussions include upper cervical care, mental/physical rest, exercise therapy, dietary changes, and all-natural painkillers.;

Treating symptoms is a short-term solution to immediate pain, but it is important to correct any damage caused by your concussions to prevent lasting effects.;

Well cover the most effective treatments for concussions, as well as some all-natural painkillers to relieve your pain in the moment.

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How Is Whiplash Which Sometimes Happens Along With Concussion Treated

Ongoing neck pain is a common complaint in both auto accidents and concussions. The head is bent back and forth on the cervical spine, which results in neck muscle injury and irritation. Useful treatments for whiplash include:

  • Taking anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen , aspirin, or naproxen .
  • Learning proper head/neck posture, especially when working on the computer or watching television.
  • Physical therapy with a PT trained in either concussion or cervical spine.
  • Massage.
  • Temporarily keeping the neck still by using a soft foam neck brace .
  • Applying ice and/or heat .
  • Injections of steroids and lidocaine into the nerve at the base of the skull to relieve pain.

Your healthcare provider can give you more specific information on these treatments or where to turn for more help.

Return To Competition After Concussion

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A sobering realization is that the ability to process information may be reduced after a concussion, and the severity and duration of functional impairment may be greater with repeated concussions. Studies clearly suggest that the damaging effects of the shearing injury to nerve fibers and neurons are proportional to the degree to which the head is accelerated and that these changes may be cumulative. Once a player has incurred an initial cerebral concussion, his or her chances of incurring a second one are 3 to 6 times greater than for an athlete who has never sustained a concussion.

Table presents guidelines for return to play after a concussion, including termination of a season. Before an athlete returns to play, he or she must not only be free of PTA symptoms but also of all postconcussion symptoms at rest and exertion. All the guidelines agree on this salient point. Table is a postconcussion signs and symptoms checklist I have found useful. Thus, while it is a clinical decision as to when to return an athlete to play after a concussion, to return an athlete with postconcussion symptoms risks not only cumulative brain injury but the second-impact syndrome and would be against the recommendations of all current guidelines.

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Does A Concussion Occur Exactly Where The Blow To The Head Occurs Are There Worse Areas Of The Brain To Have A Concussion

The force of a hit can cause a concussion on the part of the brain that was directly hit or on the opposite side of the brain .

Different areas of the brain control different functions, so blows to your head can predict your symptoms. A concussion to the back of the brain causes balance issues, fogginess, neck pain and difficulty concentrating. These symptoms usually predict a longer recovery from a concussion.

Memory Loss Cause # 2 Over

Self-medicating with alcohol, cigarettes, as well as other compounds can affect our memory. Every included medicine further complicates a potentially hazardous mixed drink, particularly if you also consume alcohol.

Why am I taking this drug?What specific times do I require to take it?Do I require to consume or consume when taking this?How much time can I anticipate this medication to start working?Will this interact with any one of my other medications?Can I drive when I take this?What does as required suggest?What should I do if I neglect a dose?What negative effects can I expect?Will I be able to take my regular vitamins with this medicine?

Destitution enhances the threat of alcohol abuse in the elderly, in addition to being less educated or a racial minority. Before stressing also much about even more serious causes like mental deterioration, take a look at your alcohol usage to see if it can be the perpetrator to your current memory concerns.

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Improving Cognition After Tbi

You will likely need to have neuropsychological testing to find out what problems you are having and to measure how severe they are. Knowing specific problems can guide treatment better. Specialists who work in TBI recovery programs are trained to look for and treat cognition problems. If you are in such a program, take advantage of their help. There are also many things you can do on your own to improve cognition:

Cognition problems can cause some people to make bad decisions. One of the worst decisions you can make is to treat your symptoms with illegal drugs or alcohol. Also, medicines are often not the answer for cognition problems. Take only medicine prescribed by your healthcare provider. Take no other medicines, even over-the-counter ones, without checking with your healthcare provider first.

Cognition problems and other symptoms of a TBI usually get better over time. The time it will take your brain to recover is unpredictable, because every brain is a little different and no two TBIs are the same. Also, be sure to let your healthcare provider know if your symptoms are getting worse.

Can You Experience Severe Memory Loss From A Concussion

Concussion (Traumatic Brain Injury) due to Whiplash

A severe memory loss means you entirely forget people or events from before your injury. Its rare to experience long-termmemory loss from a concussion, but it can occur. The majority of people see symptoms getting better within a few weeks. Only around 20 percent of people with concussions experience symptoms like memory loss for a period of longer than six weeks. However, if you experience lots of concussions over time, you are more likely to have long-term problems. That is especially true if you dont let your brain heal for long enough in between the concussions. Therefore, if your injury was from something like playing contact sports, you should not play again until your short-term symptoms resolve. Also, long-term and short-term memory loss can occur weeks, months, or even years after you experienced the concussion.

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Davids Story: Recovery After Pro Mma Fighting

During his career as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, David experienced severe post-concussion syndrome from multiple concussions. He had some tough fights and got knocked out a few times. Beginning in 2015, his symptoms increased over time, and he suffered from severe depression, anxiety, vertigo, sensitivity to light and noise, forgetfulness, and more. He had to isolate himself and felt super, super dizzy after trying to exercise and would have to lie down. He could never seem to find his keys or his car.

By the time he found Cognitive FX, some of his symptoms were less severe than they used to be, and he wondered if he really still needed treatment. I almost didnt come, he admitted, but I decided to come anyway.

The week of treatment was a lot of hard work. Many hours of the things they do here brain games, all the different physical therapies at times it was trying, and actually, by Wed or Thur, I went from having very few physical symptoms to where I felt almost fully post-concussed again. I was dizzy, I was agitated, resentful, he said.;

He was so frustrated because it seemed, to him, like he was getting worse, not better. But nevertheless, he worked hard at the exercises he was asked to do. But by Thursday night, he felt like his brain started turning on again. On Friday we did the scan, and it came back with some pretty awesome results. The blood is flowing correctly to the parts of my brain that it wasnt before.

Concussion Memory Loss Recovery Stories

In this section, youll find videos and summaries that describe the recovery journey of six patients who suffered from memory loss . As youll see, they all had different reasons for sustaining a head injury, but they were all able to make significant progress through their hard work and dedication during treatment.

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Crosley Law: San Antonios Trusted Tbi Lawyers

Crosley Law has earned a reputation as one of Texas leading TBI law firms. Weve handled a wide range of traumatic brain injury cases, from seemingly minor concussions to catastrophic diffuse axonal injuries .

If youve been injured or lost a loved one in a car accident, call Crosley Law today at;;or use our quick online contact form. Well set up your free consultation so you can get free expert legal advice about your situation.


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The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject.

What Causes A Concussion


Brain tissue is soft and squishy. Its surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid, which acts as a cushion between it and the hard protective exterior, the skull. A concussion occurs when your brain bounces or twists inside your skull or experiences rapid, whiplash-type back and forth movement that causes it to collide with the inside of your skull. This brain movement stretches and damages brain cells and leads to chemical changes in the brain.

These injuries cause your brain not to function normally for a brief period of time and result in the signs and symptoms of concussion.

Motor vehicle accidents, falls, and sports injuries are common causes of concussions. Any sport that involves contact can result in a concussion.

Among children, most concussions happen on the playground, while bike riding, or when playing sports such as football, basketball, ice hockey, wrestling, or soccer.

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Memory Loss Cause # 6 Head Trauma

Minor Head Trauma might be suffered from also a minor from a loss or crash, as well as can create amnesia due to damage to the mind. In addition to the first injury, troubles are frequently compounded by the bodys inflammatory response, which can make the brain swell or shrink, depending on the scenario, making also a brief fall have the capacity for dramatic repercussions. Every autumn should be reported to your health care physician, so they can assess you for any sort of stressful brain injury . TBI is attributed to lots of symptoms that impair our capability to work, such as:.

Temporary memory loss.Lack of ability to deal with tension, and also episodes of hostility.Headaches.Lack of ability to hold your urine.Change in cravings as well as sleeping patterns, in addition to individuality.

Autumns are the most usual source of TBI in older grownups; with 60% of TBI in those over 65 being attributed to a loss. People over 75 having the greatest event of drops leading to TBI, a hospital stay, and also death. Since professional monitoring can miss approximately 30% of TBI, a digital mind check is advised to confirm no brain swelling or shrinkage happens after an autumn..

Hit By A Delivery Driver A Pedestrian Gets A Settlement: Zacks Story

In addition to questioning corporate representatives and identifying the at-fault employees pattern of reckless driving, we worked closely with Zacks doctors and other medical experts. They explained how his head trauma had impacted his daily life and abilities. Thanks to our hard work and our witnesses expertise, the insurance company finally agreed to settle Zacks injury claims for $9 million. This amount represented the top mediated settlement in Texas that year.

Thanks to our hard work and our witnesses expertise, the insurance company finally agreed to settle Zacks injury claims for $9 million. This amount represented the top mediated settlement in Texas that year.

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What Are The Long

The effects of a concussion persist in some people. One study found long-term structural damage to the brain in patients who had suffered a single mild traumatic brain injury , or concussion.

As published in the journal Radiology, the study at NYU Langone School of Medicine found that MRIs showed measurable global and regional brain atrophy in patients one year after they suffered concussions.

This is the first study that shows brain areas undergo measurable volume loss after concussion, Yvonne W. Lui, M.D., Neuroradiology section chief and assistant professor of radiology at NYU Langone School of Medicine, said in a news release accompanying the study. In some patients, there are structural changes to the brain after a single concussive episode.

These changes correlated with detrimental changes in memory, attention and anxiety, the release says.

The NYU researchers used three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging to determine regional gray matter and white matter volumes and correlated these findings with other clinical and cognitive measurements. The study involved examining 29 concussion patients with post-traumatic symptoms after injury and 22 matched controls .

According to WebMD, previous research has shown that 10 percent to 20 percent of concussion patients continue to experience symptoms more than a year after their head injury.;

Studies have also found increasing age to be a risk factor for persistent post-concussive symptoms.

Does A Concussion Affect A Persons Intelligence

Short Term Memory Loss

A concussion does not necessarily affect intelligence. Intelligence is a stable trait which includes many aspects of cognitive functioning. Following a concussion, the brain is unable to function as well as it did prior to injury. This is why we typically see some difficulties with memory or academics. However, once the brain recovers there is no change in a persons overall intelligence.

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Are Mild Concussions Serious

Even if youve been told that youve only experienced a mild concussion, all concussions should be considered serious events. In most cases its true that a single concussion is unlikely to cause permanent brain damage. However, even having a mild concussion puts you at an increased risk of another concussion. In addition, if you were to experience another concussion before your concussion symptoms have fully gone away, you could be at greater risk of permanent damage or even death if you have another concussion.

Improving Memory After Brain Injury Is Possible

How the brain stores memory is a fascinating process. Hopefully, these tricks have shown you how to make the most of this process.

You might also want to try some cognitive training apps to help boost your memory. These can give you the practice you need to restore your memory.

With enough practice and with healthy living habits, you should begin to see an improvement in your short-term memory. Good luck!

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