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Can Airpods Cause Brain Cancer

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No Airpods Do Not Cook Your Brain

Can AirPods cause cancer? Chris Rogers verifies

Public health officials and scientists have now weighed in.

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If youve been alarmed by recent reports that AirPods and other Bluetooth headphones could be causing brain damage, you can breathe a sigh of relief as public health officials and scientists have now weighed in, confirming that such claims have absolutely no merit.

While the jury is still out on the long-term effects of exposure to cellular phone radiation, its generally accepted that the concerns about it are overblown. Unfortunately, it appears that much of the misinformation around that particular issue has now spread into the realm of wireless headphones, with some suggesting that the Bluetooth frequencies emitted by these headphones also constitute harmful radiation.

These concerns came to a head with a TikTok video that went viral in April earlier this year, titled Why you MUST throw away your AirPods, with the creator of the video making the claim that the headphones literally sit inside your skull and emit low frequency radiation that cooks your brain.

This was seemingly backed up by that claimed to measure the radiation being emitted by AirPods and even suggested that they could cause cancer.

The video has since been flagged by Facebook as False Information by fact-checkers, linking to a new report from Reuters that states that no evidence could be found to support these claims, while adding input from several other health and science experts and research studies.

Can Bluetooth Headphones Cause Brain Cancer

Ive talked about the dangers of Bluetooth radiation in several articles here on EMF Academy, but at the request of a reader, Im going to take a deep look at whether Bluetooth can cause brain cancer.

More specifically, were going to look at the likelihood that using things like Bluetooth earbuds will increase the chance of developing brain tumors, like glioma.

As technology has continued to develop, so have our conveniences. One of those is the ability to use Bluetooth earbuds to wirelessly communicate with people without having to hold our phone up to our ear.

A really popular example of this would the the Apple Airpods . The problem with these, and any other Bluetooth earbuds, is that you are essentially putting a RF emitting device as close to your brain as it could possibly get.

As well talk about in this article, radio frequency radiation, which is a type of EMF radiation, has been consistently linked to increased risks of cancer and many other health issues.

First, lets talk about what Bluetooth really is, and then well get into the specifics about how it is potentially linked to increased cancer risks.

The Debate Over Bluetooth And Other Low

One thing about Bluetooth and cellphone radiation is that its low energy, so some argue that its generally safer than high-energy radiation sources like X-rays.

The most well-known short-term risk associated with radio frequency radiation is that, at very high levels, it can generate heat and cause burns. However, scientists and researchers are still gathering data about the effects of long-term exposure to low-power EMF radiation. Theres simply not enough data yet to make anything conclusive.

Past studies have certainly linked certain types of brain cancer and fertility problems even to low-energy radiation like the type emitted by cellphones and other wireless gadgets. Similar to what the EMF scientists said, although not conclusive, radio frequency radiation is linked to health issues like:

  • Brain cancer, tumors of the acoustic nerve and the salivary glands
  • Lower sperm counts and inactive, less mobile sperm
  • Headaches and effects on learning and memory, hearing, behavior and sleep

Some people also claim that they have EMF hypersensitivity and say exposure to radio frequency radiation trigger multiple symptoms like headaches, muscle aches and pain, rashes, insomnia and nosebleeds.

Other bodies such as the FDA and the International Agency for Research on Cancer also admitted that extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields are possibly carcinogenic to humans.

But although there is no conclusive data yet , why should we risk it?

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Apple Air Pods And Similar Bluetooth Headsets Are Safe:

  • Cell phones use a very, very low level of radio frequency energy – too low to cause damage.
  • The type of energy emitted is non-ionizing – meaning it doesn’t cause damage to chemical bonds or dna.
  • Hundreds of millions of people have been using cell phones and cordless phones for years. If there were a problem, we would have seen it by now.
  • The studies were done on rats and no such correlation has been show in humans.

Bluetooth Earbuds And Brain Cancer Is There A Link

5 Reasons That AirPods Are Really Dangerous for Brain Cancer?

First of all, is it possible that Bluetooth Earbuds can increase our risk of cancer?

Yes, its entirely possible. The World Health Organization in the last few years has classified EMF radiation, including Bluetooth, as possibly carcinogenic. They cited studies that showed that radio frequency radiation in the heaviest users could increase risk of certain brain cancers like glioma and acoustic neuroma by as much as 40%. Although they mention that the evidence and research is still accumulating, there is a strong tie between EMF radiation and various health risks, including certain brain caners.

Since Bluetooth is just a type of non-ionizing EMF radiation called RF radiation, it is similar in design and danger to simply holding a cellphone up to your head.

Although new technologies are moving much faster that science, or regulatory agencies, can keep up, scientists and researchers are starting to finally get the word out about the enormous danger our devices place us in.

We now know that the danger of EMF radiation is cumulative, not acute. So, as we surround ourselves with cell-phones, tablets, laptops, and yes, bluetooth earbuds, we slowly build up the amount of radiation our bodies are exposed to, increasing our risk of developing a host of health issues.

Jessie RichardsonRead more December 13, 2020

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Precautionary Steps To Take

There are some simple steps that cell phone users can take to reduce any remaining risk:

  • First, use a wired headset or speakerphone mode. That moves the phone away from your head.
  • Second, consider reserving the use of mobile phones for shorter conversations or when a conventional phone is not available.
  • Third, the effects of cellular damage are greatest on growing, developing organisms , so limit children’s use of cell phones!
  • Finally, in a car, use an external antenna mounted outside the vehicle to move the source of the radiation farther from you!

And don’t believe the claims of conmen preying on people’s fear of radiation, selling fraudulent devices that they say protect against radiation. These useless items are mostly sold as “shields” on the Internet. Experts says none of these devices work.

To reduce the risk of an accident while driving, here’s a simple tip: enter the several numbers you call the most often in a way that brings them to the top of the list, so you can use fewer keystrokes to dial them. For example, the Motorola V60 starts with an alphabetized list when you press the multi-function button so start your most commonly called number with “AAA”, Like “aaaParents” and the next number with “AAB”, like “aabHusband”, then they will always appear at the top of the list, which should take fewer keystrokes and less time to dial!

There’s No Conclusive Evidence That Airpods Pro Or Other Bluetooth Headsets Are Dangerous

There’s really no evidence that radio-frequency radiation can cause brain cancer or noncancerous brain tumors in people.

The author of the post also said that, in 2015, a group of more than 200 international scientists sent an “appeal” to the United Nations and the World Health Organization “expressing ‘serious concern’ about the non-ionizing electromagnetic field ” that is emitted by Bluetooth devices, such as AirPods.

That’s true, but the letter in question didn’t specifically mention Bluetooth devices or headphones.

The scientists behind that letter are concerned about all kinds of electronics that emit nonionizing electromagnetic fields the energy waves that travel at the speed of light in many electronics, including cellphones, WiFi devices, smart meters, baby monitors, and broadcast antennas.

“EMF Scientists have serious concerns regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to radiation from wireless devices and antennas from all sources, including the pulsed digital signals Bluetooth transmits,” Elizabeth Kelley, the director of the International EMF Scientist Appeal, told Business Insider in an email.

However, most other scientists still hesitate to say there is conclusive evidence that the small doses of radiation from cellphones and Bluetooth headsets are dangerous.

“They don’t have enough energy to cause cancer by directly damaging the DNA inside cells,” according to the American Cancer Society.

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If You Innovate Without Focusing On This Then You’re Arguably Not Really Innovating At All

As a musician, runner and Type A organizer, I have to admit that I do love me some wireless technology. So you can imagine how many circles popped in my bubble wrap when I read the following headline from Yahoo’s Rob Waugh: Wireless headphones like Apple Airpods ‘could pose cancer risk’, scientists warn.

Now, to be absolutely, painfully clear here, Waugh isn’t singling out Apple–that little word “like” is incredibly important. Rather, the bigger idea is that the in-ear style of wireless headphone exposes tissues in your head to high levels of radio-frequency radiation. Apple is merely an example with perhaps the most brand name recognition. Scientists who support the assertion say that electromagnetic frequencies have been shown to have a negative influence on living things even when exposure is below current guidelines. And conversely, scientists who say the concept is hogwash point out that numerous studies proving a link between mobile devices and cancer have been tossed out as bunk.

So currently, does wireless gear like the Apple AirPods truly have the potential to increase cancer risk?

The reality is, we still don’t really know.

And that’s my point.

So raise your bar. Invest in the research phase. Think beyond technical specifications and functionality. Take the time to get it right. Because remember, a product that’s ultimately pulled off the market isn’t going to earn you even one more dime.

Do Airpods Cause Cancer Are These Claims Accurate

ETX doctor gives opinion on whether Apple’s Airpods can cause cancer

There is no doubt an assumption was made by several scientists that a danger exists from certain electromagnetic Fields . The assumption was made in 2015 and according to this assumption, AirPods and other wireless Earbuds use it.

They filed it into the WHO-World Health Organization and the United Nations and recommended that the scientists have fear regarding the increasing exposure to EMF emitted by electric and wireless devices.

In documents just only mentioned that devices emitting EMF radiation not specifically mentioned AirPods or Headphones

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Crush Exposure With A Wired Headset The Absolute Safest Have Shielded Wires And Airtubes

If seeing the invisible energy is intriguing or you want to know more about how it works or the cancer connection, you’ll want to take a look at our Wireless Energy Guide

The truth is: Theres no research yet that can point to an actual safe level of EMF exposure.

  • Known Health Effects. For years we’ve seen study after study showing how wireless energy can affect our health. I personally know it affects meI get headaches, anxiety, and tingling. Research points to possible effects that range from infertility to cancer . See below for a list of symptoms of EMF exposure and correlated research.
  • If you’re concerned about RF Radiation–you’ll probably be interested in this study of 400+people and the symptoms they reported after Smart Meters were installed. People reported things like sleep disruption, headaches, ringing or buzzing in the ears, fatigue, loss of concentration, memory and learning ability and dizziness and disorientation at the top of the list. Reported symptoms of exposure to wireless energy, provided by Dr. Ronald Powell
  • If you’re wondering then, How the Heck this Happened–How did we get to the point where smart devices, cellphones, Wireless-everything is everywhere? Seriously, you may say, “If they really were causing health effects, why would they sell them Why would we use them if they weren’t safe?

Are There Other Potential Health Risks

EMF radiation which is caused by tech like AirPods has been linked to a variety of different health conditions. As well as there is the suggestion that it might cause cancer or DNA damage, it has also been linked to the development of ADHD.

The reason for this is that EMF radiation may cause calcium leakage which stimulates hyperactivity. This makes it far more difficult for people to concentrate. It has also been suggested that this is linked to electromagnetic intolerance.

The leakage of calcium ions may also trigger a shift in junction barriers throughout our bodies. This means that toxic materials are now able to access different areas of the body including the brain. It has been tied to the death of neurons which is linked to the development of serious mental health issues such as Dementia.

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Bluetooth Headsets Are Dangerous

Bluetooth What It Is And Where Its Going

Airpods Cause Cancer

in 2019, its estimated that well over 450 million pairs of headphones will be sold worldwide, the majority of which will be wireless, Bluetooth based headphones.

Youve probably heard of the Apple Airpods, which are just a premium pair of Bluetooth headphones that wirelessly connect with your phone to give you not only great sound quality, but the ability to talk on the phone while moving about.

In the last 12 months these have only become more popular, becoming a staple of pop-culture at least in America. So its not uncommon to see dozens of people with Airpods or other Bluetooth headsets in their ears while walking down the street.

Im sure it has made you wonder if this isnt potentially unhealthy. The idea of having an EMF radiation emitting device, inside your ear, for long periods of time, seems, at a minimum, a bit dangerous.

However, there isnt much we can do, as this is where the world is heading, towards the confluence of a wireless future and simple communication.

But what is Bluetooth really? Essentially, it is just a form of radio frequency (in the range of 2.4 to 2.485 Ghz that is capable of seamlessly transmitting data, music, video, text, etc. over short distances almost instantly. There are various classifications of Bluetooth that I wont get into here, but if you want to learn more you can check out this post.

When we place Bluetooth headphones inside our ears, we are putting that source of radiation extremely close to our brain.

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Myth Or Truth Report Claims Airpods And Other Wireless Headphones Cause Cancer

Some experts argue the radiation emitted from Bluetooth devices is dangerous.

    An article that went viral suggests that Apple AirPods and other wireless headphones could be increasing peoples risk for cancer. A recent story in Harpers Bazaar looks into the claims.

    The original article by Markham Heid was published on the blogging platform Medium. It questioned the safety of the array of Bluetooth devices that infiltrate our daily lives. The article has since been covered by news outlets including Inc., Business Insider, Mens Health and more.

    Freelance writer Heids primary source was Jerry Phillips, PhD, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Colorado, who shared his concerns that the proximity of headphones to the ear canal could be exposing tissues in the head to relatively high levels of radiofrequency radiationwhich has been linked to cancer. Phillips also points to evidence suggesting potential concerns for human health and development from cell phones, cordless phones, cell towers, radio Wi-Fi and more.

    Before you dismiss Phillips as just another fringe scientist paranoid about emerging technologies, consider that he is one of nearly 250 scientists from 40-plus countries who signed a 2015 petitionwhich was revised January 1, 2019to the World Health Organization seeking further study on the potential dangers of our increasing exposure to the non-ionizing electromagnetic fields on which Bluetooth and wireless products rely.

      Read More About:

    Causing Fear Effects By Airpods

    S0, a rumor is circulating over the past many years, utilization of AirPods may lead us to Brain Cancer.The rumor is not based on the facts and figures collected from scientists and wireless researchers. The idea is based on the concept that Bluetooth Radiations could cause cellular damage, but there is no evidence present that radiations emitting from Airpods enough to damage your health.

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    So Should You Use Airpods

    Wireless earbuds and headphones like the AirPods are definitely convenient and cool but all these warnings do make a lot of sense.

    And since AirPods and other wireless earbuds and headphones are absolutely useless when not stuck in your ear canal or over your head, if youre worried about their health risks, then you might want to stick with regular wired headphones hooked up via an adapter or a dongle.

    If youre concerned about the long-term effects of close proximity EMF radiation, sticking with the wire is the way to go for extended listening sessions. Pound for pound, wired headphones sound a whole lot better, too.

    How about 5G? Will this technology increase our exposure to radiation and our health risks?


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