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Can Apple Airpods Cause Brain Cancer

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Bluetooth Headsets Are Dangerous

ETX doctor gives opinion on whether Apple’s Airpods can cause cancer

What Are The Disadvantages Of Airpods

13 Wireless Disadvantages Of Apples AirPods!

  • AirPods will be difficult to find in bags or pockets.
  • Were going to lose the AirPods easily.
  • You cant use AirPods on the street someone might steal them from your ear.
  • It would be expensive to buy new AirPods.
  • Another reminder: AirPods will not come together with the iPhone 7.

Myth Or Truth Report Claims Airpods And Other Wireless Headphones Cause Cancer

Some experts argue the radiation emitted from Bluetooth devices is dangerous.

    An article that went viral suggests that Apple AirPods and other wireless headphones could be increasing peoples risk for cancer. A recent story in Harpers Bazaar looks into the claims.

    The original article by Markham Heid was published on the blogging platform Medium. It questioned the safety of the array of Bluetooth devices that infiltrate our daily lives. The article has since been covered by news outlets including Inc., Business Insider, Mens Health and more.

    Freelance writer Heids primary source was Jerry Phillips, PhD, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Colorado, who shared his concerns that the proximity of headphones to the ear canal could be exposing tissues in the head to relatively high levels of radiofrequency radiationwhich has been linked to cancer. Phillips also points to evidence suggesting potential concerns for human health and development from cell phones, cordless phones, cell towers, radio Wi-Fi and more.

    Before you dismiss Phillips as just another fringe scientist paranoid about emerging technologies, consider that he is one of nearly 250 scientists from 40-plus countries who signed a 2015 petitionwhich was revised January 1, 2019to the World Health Organization seeking further study on the potential dangers of our increasing exposure to the non-ionizing electromagnetic fields on which Bluetooth and wireless products rely.

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    Possible Health Concerns From Emf Exposure To The Head

    Now that weve covered the worst potential health risk, lets talk about a few other common ones.


    Headaches from wearing Apple AirPods or other sources of Bluetooth radiation have been reported by thousands of people since their launch.

    In fact, within months of AirPods first release, hundreds of people had already commented and complained on the Apple forums about regular headaches while wearing the headphones.

    Although there are a few possible reasons for this, some believe it was due to the electromagnetic radiation from the devices.

    I wrote a whole investigative article on AirPod Headaches if youre curious about that.


    Tinnitus is usually thought of as a constant ringing in the ears but is actually classified as any noise in the ear without an external source present. Its actually quite common and affects a large percent of the population. Technically its more of a symptom than a condition, usually the result of some sort of injury or circulatory disorder.

    Wearing Bluetooth headphones has been linked to Tinnitus, but there isnt a clear way to know if it is the radiation from the headphones, or simply the loud noise directly in your ear that is causing it.

    Other Symptoms and Concerns

    There are too many to go over specifically, however Healthline made a nice list of the possible symptoms and effects of EMF:

    Evidence And Studies Linking Bluetooth To Brain Cancer And Other Health Issues

    Do Apple AirPods Cause Cancer? EMF Radiation Level Testing ...

    Since cell-phones are a generally more pervasive source of EMF radiation in our lives, they have been widely studied. Bluetooth on the other hand, has not been specifically studied to nearly the same extent.

    However, the type of radiation emitted from a Bluetooth device, such as Bluetooth earbuds, is extremely similar to the RF radiation emitted from a cell-phone. So when looking at whether Bluetooth devices can increase our risk of cancer or other issues, we need to look at studies that link either one.

    Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy published a paper in 2012 called The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields. In this paper he clearly outlined how EMF radiation from things like cell-phones, WiFi, and Bluetooth damages our DNA in an irreparable way. He goes on to say:

    Cell phone radiation damages DNA indirectly, either by the leakage of digestive enzymes from lysosomes or the production of reactive oxygen species from damaged mitochondrial and plasma membranes. The results are similar to those from exposure to gamma rays from a radioactive isotope. Effects of DNA damage include an increased risk of cancer and a loss of fertility, both of which have been found in epidemiological studies.

    He also mentions that radiation exposure close to the head, such as Bluetooth earbuds and cell-phones, can weaken the blood-brain barrier, potentially causing neuronal damage.

    In the conclusion of that meta-analysis, the researchers said:

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    How Do Airpods Work

    AirPods may just look like a simple pair of wireless earbuds, but they are actually quite complex. In fact, if you take a look at this teardown from iFixit youll see that they are basically full-blown mini-computers that you place inside your ear.

    Not only do they have sophisticated antennae, but they have microchips in them that are capable of performing many things at once.

    Later, when we talk about the AirPod Pros, youll see that those are even more complex.

    AirPods connect and stream sound via Bluetooth, specifically Bluetooth 4 . Bluetooth, just like cellular transmissions, is still a form of radiofrequency radiation, typically in the band of 2.4 to 2.485 Ghz.

    Bluetooth is popular for devices like these because it has a quick data transmission rate and nearly all devices are capable of connecting to and utilizing it.

    When we talk about Airpod Radiation and Safety though, wireless headphones like the Apple AirPod and AirPod pro are a concern, because youre putting such a powerful, RF transmitting, mini-computer inside your ear canal, extremely close to your brain.

    Well talk specifically how much radiation Airpods emit in a minute, but its important to understand just how powerful these devices are.

    Bluetooth Earbuds And Brain Cancer Is There A Link

    First of all, is it possible that Bluetooth Earbuds can increase our risk of cancer?

    Yes, its entirely possible. The World Health Organization in the last few years has classified EMF radiation, including Bluetooth, as possibly carcinogenic. They cited studies that showed that radio frequency radiation in the heaviest users could increase risk of certain brain cancers like glioma and acoustic neuroma by as much as 40%. Although they mention that the evidence and research is still accumulating, there is a strong tie between EMF radiation and various health risks, including certain brain caners.

    Since Bluetooth is just a type of non-ionizing EMF radiation called RF radiation, it is similar in design and danger to simply holding a cellphone up to your head.

    Although new technologies are moving much faster that science, or regulatory agencies, can keep up, scientists and researchers are starting to finally get the word out about the enormous danger our devices place us in.

    We now know that the danger of EMF radiation is cumulative, not acute. So, as we surround ourselves with cell-phones, tablets, laptops, and yes, bluetooth earbuds, we slowly build up the amount of radiation our bodies are exposed to, increasing our risk of developing a host of health issues.

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    Can Wireless Headphones Cause Cancer

    Most wireless headphones use the same Bluetooth technology as Apple AirPods to transmit sound from your device to your ear. Even though Bluetooth emits less radiation than cellphones, some health experts have expressed concern about the long-term use of Bluetooth earbuds because of their proximity to your brain.

    A branch of the World Health Organization called the International Agency for Research on Cancer has listed electromagnetic radiation released by cellphones and Bluetooth devices as potentially cancer-causing.

    More research needs to come out to examine if the levels of radiation are strong enough to damage human health.

    of American adults are said to have a cellphone.

    Cellphones emit a type of electromagnetic radiation known as radio waves.

    In 1999, the National Toxicology Program conducted a 2-year study examining the effect of this radiation on more than 3,000 rats. The researchers found that the type of radiation found in cellphones was linked to an increased number of brain tumors in male rats. However, the study used older 2G and 3G technology.

    Human studies looking at cellphone radiation on human health are limited. Because scientists cant ethically expose humans to radiation, they need to draw conclusions based on animal research or trends in large populations of people.

    Brain cancer rates in the United States have

    How Much Radiation Do Airpods Emit

    These scientists think that AIRPODS can give you CANCER

    If youve read other articles on my site, you might have heard me talk about Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR. This is an important measurement, because its how regulatory agencies control the amount of radiation that devices are allowed to emit.

    Basically SAR is a measurement of how much radiation is absorbed by the body from a given device. In the United States, for example, all cell-phones must emit less than 1.6 W/kg of bodyweight. That means when measured in a lab, your head should not be absorbing more than 1.6 Watts of energy for each kilogram of bodyweight you have.

    If you look up the SAR rating for any cell-phone you should be able to find this information readily available, because its legally required that they disclose it.

    In fact, here is a guide I put together that gives 7 simple ways you can check the SAR value of your phone. In fact, anything that can connect to cellular towers such as iPads or other tablets, as well as smartphones, must disclose the specific absorption rate, and stay under the mandated minimums inside the country where they are sold.

    Our problem when it comes to AirPods though is that Bluetooth devices do not have to disclose this radiation test.

    So, I decided to do my own testing, and here is what I found:

    Airpod Radiation Levels

    For this test, I played music through the AirPod pros then I placed them on a table away from other electronics, and tested the RF radiation emissions with my Trifield TF2.

    I then took measurements in two ways:

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    Use Only One Airpod Earbud

    This might be something that you discovered on your own, but its actually a fantastic way to lower your exposure if you just cant give up on using them.

    Whenever your AirPods are out of the case, not only are they communicating with your phone, but theyre also communicating with each other.

    Using just one AirPod earbud will not only allow you to hear if your kid is calling you from the other room or that car honking at you on the road, but will also lower your exposure to the device by more than half.

    Alright, now lets take a look at a few good product alternatives.

    Issues With Wireless Bluetooth Radiation & Airpod Health Safety Concerns

    Bluetooth is a form of Radio Frequency radiation that works by sending data through the air over short distances via audio, video, and text.

    Most wireless Bluetooth headphones are Class 2, which can emit energy up to 33 feet however, the effective range of Bluetooth varies due to a range of conditions.

    Generally, Bluetooth operates at a lower intensity than cellular signals however, this does not mean they are safe.

    It was once thought that cellular signals are too low to affect the body, but now we know that the body does react to these electromagnetic waves, and that it cannot tell the difference between the levels of cellular versus Bluetooth radiation.

    Additionally, AirPods are designed to be placed directly in the ear for long periods of time. Sometimes people keep them in all day, even when they arent being used! The placement of the AirPods and the length of contact increases the EMF radiation to ones head, and more people are taking note of the possible subsequent dangers.

    In 2011, The World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer advised that electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices constitutes a possible human carcinogen.

    In 2019, more than 250 scientists signed a petition calling for the International Public Health Organization to create stronger guidelines on wireless devices. This appeal is a result of the increasing popularity of wireless devices that emit EMF radiation, such as Apples AirPods.

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    Fcc And Fda Background Information

    FCC Policy on Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields

    The FCC is required by the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 to evaluate the effect of emissions from FCC-regulated transmitters on the quality of the human environment. At the present time there is no federally-mandated radio frequency exposure standard. However, several non-government organizations, such as the American National Standards Institute , the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. , and the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements have issued recommendations for human exposure to RF electromagnetic fields. The potential hazards associated with RF electromagnetic fields are discussed in OET Bulletin No. 56, “Questions and Answers About the Biological Effects and Potential Hazards of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields.”

    OET RF Safety Bulletins, Fact Sheets, Guides and Reports

    OET Bulletin No. 56: Questions and Answers About Biological Effects Potential Hazards of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields

    OET Bulletin No. 65:Evaluating Compliance With FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields

    Information on Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields from Cellular and PCS Radio TransmittersThis page explains technical information on cellular and PCS base stations, mobile, and portable telephones.

    Fair More Research Recommended

    apple airpods cause cancer !!

    The media ecosystem system wrongly coded the news such that the Apple Head Phones and AirPods are as cancer risk the petition never mentioned the wireless headphones nor Apple AirPods Rather it coded as EMF emitting devices were Cordless and Wireless Phones, Wi-Fi, BroadCast Antennas, and smart meters.

    The 250 scientists recommended that the current guidelines are insufficient and need further study on electromagnetic fields upon which wireless and Bluetooth products rely.

    Apple has relied on such claims by saying that its Bluetooth Devices meet the terms of safety guidelines and their Wireless Earbuds or Headphones emit far fewer radio radiations than mobile devices and cell phones do.Hence, what should do consumers of wireless technology in the light of the above said reports? Until the claims are to be proved, it is not necessary to throw your wireless devices.

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    Airpod Emf Radiation Emissions

    EMF radiation is a form of energy emitted wirelessly from all mobile devices, and is created by WiFi, Bluetooth, and cell tower connections. Current research shows that these emissions have proven health risks.

    Recently, AirPods have been featured in various publications, not only for their rising popularity but also for reports showing that their Bluetooth transmitters can send dangerous electrical signals through the brain.

    Many argue this claim is unsubstantiated or overblown.

    In terms of the pros and cons of wireless earpods, some think the risk of EMF exposure is well worth the benefits. Consumers certainly enjoy the convenience of wireless and hands-free accessories however, some remain cautious about wireless headphones, and are hesitant to use them for more than a short workout or quick call, or even buy them at all.

    While research on wireless earpod radiation has not yet developed since AirPods release in 2017, having Bluetooth EMF radiation that close to your brain and body makes AirPods a potentially dangerous way to listen to music, podcasts, movies, and phone calls.

    Are There Other Potential Health Risks

    EMF radiation which is caused by tech like AirPods has been linked to a variety of different health conditions. As well as there is the suggestion that it might cause cancer or DNA damage, it has also been linked to the development of ADHD.

    The reason for this is that EMF radiation may cause calcium leakage which stimulates hyperactivity. This makes it far more difficult for people to concentrate. It has also been suggested that this is linked to electromagnetic intolerance.

    The leakage of calcium ions may also trigger a shift in junction barriers throughout our bodies. This means that toxic materials are now able to access different areas of the body including the brain. It has been tied to the death of neurons which is linked to the development of serious mental health issues such as Dementia.

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    Does Bluetooth Cause Cancer

    The scientific community has long debated the dangers of talking on the phone or using Bluetooth products. However, Bluetooth technology does use electromagnetic radiation to transmit sound from device to device. Small levels of radiation are acceptable but can be dangerous in high amounts.

    High amounts of radiation, such as X-rays or solar UV, can be dangerous in high frequency. But the amounts in Bluetooth products are minuscule compared to those sources.

    So, what amount do Bluetooth headphones use? According to a study by PubMed, the amount of radiation in headphones is 10-400 times less than in a cellphone. So, it appears that worries about AirPods may pale in comparison to the phone itself. Although, it is difficult to measure the actual amount of radiation an average human receives each day from their phone. Experts do agree that there could be dangers from our technologys radiation.

    Still, the amount of radiation from cell phones is too small to show any direct signs of harm to a human. However, studies have shown that there is an effect on male rats! Male rats exposed to prolonged hours of cellphone radiation have shown side effects. Researchers did not find these side effects in female rats or mouses.

    The studies did show an increased chance of heart tumors, but no evidence has shown the same in humans. This isnt out of the ordinary. What affects lab rats doesnt always translate to humans.

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