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Can Fatigue Cause Memory Loss

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Fatigue Recent Memory Loss And Tires Quickly

Depression Can Cause Memory Loss and Difficulty Concentrating

Reviewed on 10/9/2020

This group of symptoms is fairly nonspecific and can be found in a wide variety of medical conditions. Short-term memory loss can be a sign of mental or emotional conditions as well as brain damage from concussion or sleep deprivation. Many infections ranging from Lyme disease to mononucleosis can also cause this group of symptoms. Because these symptoms occur with many conditions, talk with your doctor to help determine the cause.

While the list below can be considered as a guide to educate yourself about these conditions, this is not a substitute for a diagnosis from a health care provider. There are many other medical conditions that also can be associated with your symptoms and signs. Here are a number of those from MedicineNet:

How Fertility Might Be Affected

For women: Talk to your cancer care team about how radiation might affect your fertility . Its best to do this before starting treatment so you are aware of possible risks to your fertility.

Depending on the radiation dose, women getting radiation therapy in the pelvic area sometimes stop having menstrual periods and have other symptoms of menopause. Report these symptoms to your cancer care and ask them how to relieve these side effects.Sometimes menstrual periods will return when radiation therapy is over, but sometimes they do not.

See Fertility and Women With Cancer to learn more.

For men: Radiation therapy to an area that includes the testicles can reduce both the number of sperm and their ability to function. If you want to father a child in the future and are concerned about reduced fertility, talk to your cancer care team before starting treatment. One option may be to bank your sperm ahead of time.

See Fertility and Men With Cancer to learn more.

What If Im Continuing To Have Problems

Healthcare professionals can help you

  • You can talk with your GP to identify what support is available. Your doctor can discuss whether referral to an occupational therapist or psychologist for cognitive rehabilitation and is available in your area. may be useful to help you manage your cognitive difficulties.

  • If are being followed up by the hospital, do let your health professional know that you are experiencing these problems. Your doctor can discuss whether referral to an occupational therapist or psychologist for cognitive rehabilitation may be useful to help you manage your difficulties.

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> > > Best Hair Loss Solution Available

Another way to treat hair loss is to undergo a surgical procedure. This is a surgery that uses a small piece of scalp, which contains hair follicles. The procedure is expensive and is not covered by insurance. If the balding area is large, it may not be possible to find sufficient hair for transplant. This method requires two surgeries, so the cost can vary from person to person. The surgery can be covered by your insurance provider, but it is not cheap.

Surgical procedures to correct the underlying problem are available as well. In some cases, doctors may use birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, or antiandrogen medications to correct the hormonal imbalances. If the cause of your hair loss is a psychiatric disorder, you will need to consult with a doctor to determine the best treatment options for you. Sometimes, you may need to undergo more than one surgery, so it is best to seek help from a dermatologist.

The first step in treating hair loss is to see a doctor. Your physician will run a blood test to determine the cause of your hair loss. This will help you choose the most effective treatment. Your doctor may prescribe a medication to stop your hair growth. Patients with psychiatric problems may also require special consultations and treatments. A therapist will be able to help you deal with your underlying psychiatric condition.

What Are The Long Term Effects Of Having Breast Implants

10 Signs Of Memory Loss

Due to this, long-term effects may include rupture of both saline and silicone implants, as well as encapsulation, which are called capsular contracture. In addition to the changes to the breasts with both saline and silicone implants, scar tissue forms around the implants, which are called capsules.

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What Can You Do To Clear The Fog

Brain fog treatment will often depend on the root cause, but there are some things you can do at home to keep your mind sharp and more alert. These include:

  • Participating in activities that increase alertness, energy and brain power, such as regular exercise and meditation or trying activities like crosswords and Sudoku or working on a puzzle.
  • Getting plenty of sleep.
  • Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and healthy fats and whole grains.
  • Managing stress by knowing your limitations. For example, completing tasks one at a time, making checklists to ensure that you are remembering to complete all aspects of a task and setting reminders for important upcoming events can help take the pressure off of your brain.

Ms And Rehab For Your Brain

If test results show that MS is to blame for spotty memory or poor mental focus, you may want to try rehab to sharpen your thinking. This can include:

  • Memory exercises on a computer. Although the research on brain training is new, it’s encouraging. Studies show that it might improve short-term memory.
  • Crossword or other puzzles or word games
  • Challenging reading

Simple strategies can help you stay organized and make up for memory lapses.

Rarely, thinking problems become so serious that someone with MS needs constant care or can’t live on their own. If this becomes an issue, discuss your options with your doctor and family. A social worker or psychologist can also help explore options for care.

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Other Factors That May Contribute To Brain Fog

As mentioned above, inflammation in and around your brain may contribute to brain fog. However, there are other ways that COVID-19 may indirectly lead to brain fog as well.

Some possible contributing factors include:

Researchers are still working to understand how common brain fog is in people whove had COVID-19.

One recent showed that between 7.5 to 31 percent of people experience an altered mental state as a symptom of COVID-19. However, this estimation was based on small studies and may not be applicable to a larger population.

Another recent study reports that neurological symptoms could be more widespread than originally thought and may occur in up to 69 percent of people whove had severe illness with COVID-19.

At this time, its not clear why some people develop brain fog and others dont. People with severe cases of COVID-19 seem to be at a

Talk To Yourself To Remind Yourself

Causes of Memory Loss | Brain Health

Have conversations with yourself to help you remember where you placed things or when you need to do something.

Sometimes, its easy to forget where you put your keys, for example, when you walk in through the front door. Tell yourself, I walked in the front door, and Im placing my keys on the table next to the couch. When you retrace your steps later, itll help that youve painted this picture to help you recall where you set your keys down upon entering the front door.


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If Youre Getting Radiation Therapy To The Abdomen

If you are getting radiation to your stomach or some part of the abdomen , you may have side effects such as:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation

Eating or avoiding certain foods can help with some of these problems, so diet planning is an important part of radiation treatment of the stomach or abdomen. Ask your cancer care team about what you can expect, and what medicines you should take to help relieve these problems. Check with your cancer care team about any home remedies or over-the-counter drugs youre thinking about using.

These problems should get better when treatment is over.

Managing nausea

Some people feel queasy for a few hours right after radiation therapy. If you have this problem, try not eating for a couple of hours before and after your treatment. You may handle the treatment better on an empty stomach. If the problem doesnt go away, ask your cancer care team about medicines to help prevent and treat nausea. Be sure to take the medicine exactly as you are told to do.

If you notice nausea before your treatment, try eating a bland snack, like toast or crackers, and try to relax as much as possible. See Nausea and Vomiting to get tips to help an upset stomach and learn more about how to manage these side effects.

Managing diarrhea

Common Causes For Brain Fog

  • An inflammatory response. While we mostly relate inflammation to joints, did you know your brain can become inflamed too? While it wont hurt, it will cause you to feel foggy-headed and sluggish. This can be due to a number of factors, including obesity, inflammatory diseases and autoimmune disorders like fibromyalgia.
  • Asthma and allergies. Histamines are a chemical the body produces when it encounters an allergen. Those with asthma and allergies commonly report fogginess, which is in part due to a high production of histamine.
  • Anxiety, depression and stress. Your brain is a computer, and when you have ongoing anxiety, depression and stress, it can really bog down your system and memory. And with stressors like COVID-19 constantly on the brain, it may be difficult to focus on work or even household tasks.
  • Cancer treatments. Known as chemo brain, it isnt unusual during and after cancer treatment for you to feel a bit foggy. It is most commonly connected with chemotherapy, but other treatments may be associated. These treatments can cause short-term, long-term and delayed mental changes or cognitive problems.
  • Hormonal changes. Baby or mommy brain can be a very real thing, especially for women who are pregnant or going through menopause. In men, a lower testosterone level can also explain mental fatigue.
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    Help Brain Fog Fatigue Extreme Short Term Memory Loss Feeling Spacey 24/7

    The last year of my life has been a brutal one. At the age of 22, I am in the lowest of lows and I desperately need some help!

    Heres my tale:

    About a year ago, a couple months after an extremely strenuous relationship, I began noticing that I was tired all the timeand all around, I wasnt really satisfied. Dont get me wrong, I still enjoyed my friends, and activitiesbut life just wasnt as bright and vibrant anymore after a month of noticing this ever-present fatigue, it got a bit stronger. I would wake up each morning completely zombie-modeand that feeling would remain throughout the entirety of my day, until my head hit my pillow that evening.

    Initially, I suspected some form of sleeping disorder. I set up a sleep study, got my thyroid checked, ferritin levels, all the basics. Sleep study revealed I sleep just fine and all my other blood tests came back negative.

    For months I visited doctors getting tested by specialists. I visited a neurologist, infectious disease, I had an MRI, & I had about 20 different blood tests. NOTHING. My doctor literally said I have no idea what this could be. I am beside myself TOTES reassuring! I tried altering my diet entirely to organic and all natural. I continued my workouts and ran 15 miles a week. I tried sleeping even earlier. I tried all I could think of .

    I have scoured the message boards and found a few people suffering from the same, but without answers.

    PLEASE OFFER INSIGHT! I will be so grateful J


    The Capacity Of Short

    Short Term Memory Loss: 5 Causes &  Solutions

    Your short-term memory has a limited capacity. Certain studies conducted by the famous George Miller in the 1950s are often used as the guideline for determining how much capacity the short-term memory has. It is estimated that working memory can hold five to nine items at a time. However, newer studies have shown that in different age groups, the number is much lower, around four to five items.

    The type and characteristics of the information also make a difference in how much can be stored in short-term memory. There have also been studies that have shown that short-term memory capacity and how long information remains in short-term memory can be increased if the information is said aloud.

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    What The Research Says About Estrogen And Memory

    It can be hard to measure mild memory loss because research is largely dependent on womens perceptions that theyve experienced memory loss. Also, memory declines with age, so it can be hard to determine if its caused by menopause.

    Still, studies on the effect of estrogen on memory support the idea that estrogen depletion during perimenopause causes memory loss, and that memory improves after menopause.

    For example, a large 2004 study called supports the finding that hormone changes during perimenopause often cause a decline in verbal memory. It found these effects are separate from the natural effects of aging. This study provides the basis for many current studies.

    Another four-year found that women couldnt learn as well during perimenopause. After menopause, women returned to the learning levels they demonstrated before perimenopause.

    • urethra
    • skin

    Estrogen and another hormone, progesterone, are largely responsible for triggering development of your reproductive organs and female characteristics. They play an important role in the functioning of your reproductive system, including menstruation and pregnancy.

    Healthy Brains Equal Healthy Lives

    Here at StoneRidge Centers, we believe that healthy brains help us live thriving, healthy lives. Our comprehensive treatment plans can help restore your brain to health. Let us help you get there. Contact us today if youre ready to overcome brain fog and live a healthy, happy, thriving, and purpose-filled life.


    Contact Us

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    Excessive Sleepiness Impairs Memory

    Research suggests that the nerve connections that make our memories are strengthened during sleep because sleep embeds the things that we have learned and experienced over the course of the day into our short-term memory.

    It is believed that different phases of sleep play different roles in consolidating new information into memories. If your sleep is cut short or disrupted, it interferes with these cycles.

    When youre sleepy, you may forget and misplace things often. And the inability to focus and concentrate caused by sleepiness further weakens memory.

    If youre not able to concentrate on whats at hand, its not going to make it into your short-term memory and then long-term memory.4

    Radioprotective Drugs For Reducing Side Effects

    What can an individual in 40’s do to manage memory loss and weakness? – Dr. Sanjay Panicker

    One way to reduce side effects is by using radioprotective drugs, but these are only used for certain types of radiation given to certain parts of the body. These drugs are given before radiation treatment to protect certain normal tissues in the treatment area. The one most commonly used today is amifostine. This drug may be used in people with head and neck cancer to reduce the mouth problems caused by radiation therapy.

    Not all doctors agree on how these drugs should be used in radiation therapy. These drugs have their own side effects, too, so be sure you understand what to look for.

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    Fatigue And Sleep Deprivation

    The benefits of getting a good night’s sleep are many: Less weight gain, more energy, and the ability to think more clearly. Being tired because you didn’t sleep well last night and being chronically short on sleep both have been shown to affect memory and learning. It’s worth trying some easy ways to improve your sleep habits.

    The Effects Of Hypothyroidism And Hyperthyroidism On Memory

    Feeling like you’re forgetting things more often, or your brain is in a fog? There are many causes of memory loss, and while some are related to Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, others are due to potentially reversible causes, one of which is a thyroid disorder.

    Verywell / Hugo Lin

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    Surprising Causes Of Memory Loss

    If you have difficulty remembering things, your mind may make the leap to Alzheimers disease but thats not the only cause of memory loss.

    You can’t find your keys or you forget an appointment. For many people in middle age or older, simple acts of forgetfulness like these are scary because they raise the specter of Alzheimer’s disease.

    But Alzheimers is not the only health issue that can lead to forgetfulness, which is often treatable if you know the cause, according to the National Institute on Aging. Memory loss can happen at any age and for a number of reasons.

    Patients might experience memory loss and describe their symptoms similarly, but a doctor can tease apart what parts of the brain are affected, says Seth Gale, MD, a neurologist at Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston.

    He points out things like polypharmacy , significant depression, and poor sleep that can lead to memory complaints. When you drill down and find out what is actually happening with brain function, you can reassure someone. They have the capacity to learn and store information but because of their overloaded mental resources, they are having trouble, says Dr. Gale.

    Suggest They Keep A Journal

    Does Depression Cause Memory Loss? Know Your Facts ...

    Journaling helps bereaved people memorialize their grief journey and help them keep track of what they do on an everyday basis. When someone is experiencing memory loss, it’s not unusual for them to forget what they did yesterday or even a few hours ago.

    Encourage your loved one to write down all the important events of the day so they can reference them whenever needed. You might suggest that they also keep track of what they’ve eaten and at what time, any vital information received that day, or if they had any special visitors stop in.

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