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Can You Really Boost Your Brain

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Better Ways To Boost Brain Health

Can You Really ‘Train’ Your Brain?

Someday researchers might identify a blend of ingredients that does wonders for your gray matter. But in the meantime, there are more effective ways to keep your brain healthy:

  • Diet. Nutrition is one of the best ways to protect your brain, Smith says. She recommends a diet rich in produce with healthy oils from olive oil, nuts and seeds and fatty cold-water fish. Aim for a colorful diet, with dark leafy greens, as well as orange and red fruits and veggies, she says. Colorful foods contain antioxidants that may protect the brain.
  • Limit alcohol. Too much alcohol can increase the risk of cognitive decline, she says.
  • Physical activity. Regular exercise has a strong association with the prevention of cognitive problems, Smith says. Try to get at least 150 minutes of activity a week.
  • Sleep. Being sleep-deprived is linked to cognitive decline, so prioritize your slumber.
  • Socialize. Social interaction is closely tied with maintaining cognitive function as we get older. Try to spend time with others and limit isolation, Smith advises. Whenever you can, share meals with friends and family.
  • Treat health problems. Chronic health problems like Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure can increase the chances of cognitive decline and dementia. To lower your risk, work with your doctor to manage any illnesses.

What Can Neurogenesis Do

As you can imagine, neurogenesis has remarkable potential. The fact that our brains can grow new cells suggests that we can repair cognitive damage that has been done through months or years of abuse.

We can also improve our mental health and cognitive processing by enhancing the rate at which we create neurons.

Here are a few critical benefits of increasing neurogenesis.

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Study Looks At The Impact Of Test Prep On Intelligence

Students today take a wide variety of standardized tests, from assessments throughout elementary school to evaluations required for college admission. While test prep for such assessments can increase factual knowledge, one study suggests that this prep does little to increase overall IQ.

Why? While test preparation increases what psychologists refer to as crystallized intelligence, it does not increase what is known as fluid intelligence. Crystallized intelligence includes facts and information, while fluid intelligence involves the ability to think abstractly or logically.

In a study published in the journal Psychological Science, researchers looked at the IQ scores and test scores of approximately 1,400 eighth-grade students. While schoolwork helped increase the students’ test scores, it had no effect on measures of fluid intelligence. The authors suggest that fluid intelligence is a much better indicator of abilities such as problem-solving ability, abstract thinking skills, memory capacity, and processing speed.

While the study found no indication that test preparation improved IQ, that does not mean that this preparation has no value. Research clearly shows that having high scores on standardized tests is linked to having high scores on other important tests including Advanced Placement tests, the SAT, and the ACT.

Manage High Blood Pressure


Preventing or controlling high blood pressure, not only helps your heart, but may help your brain too. Decades of observational studies have shown that having high blood pressure in midlife the 40s to early 60s increases the risk of cognitive decline later in life. In addition, the SPRINT-MIND study, a nationwide clinical trial, showed that intensive lowering of blood pressure lowers the risk for mild cognitive impairment, which is a risk factor for dementia.

High blood pressure often does not cause signs of illness that you can see or feel. Routine visits to your doctor will help pick up changes in your blood pressure, even though you might feel fine. To control or lower high blood pressure, your doctor may suggest exercise, changes in your diet, and if needed medications. These steps can help protect your brain and your heart.

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Do Something Meditative And Mindful

Youll never remember the name of the person you just met or the five things your partner asked you to buy from the store if you cant focus on those things. Thankfully, a 7,000-year-old practice can help sharpen your attention in less time than you probably spend looking for something youve misplaced. Research has shown that even brief bouts of mindfulness meditation can have instant benefits. In one small study, novices to the practice spent 10 minutes listening to an audio-guided mindfulness meditation and saw an immediate increase in their attention, accuracy, and reaction times in a task performed afterward, compared with a control group.

The idea is to train your brain, not strain your brain.

Another long-term study from the University of California, Davis, Center for Mind and Brain looked at the impact of a three-month meditation retreat on a group of 60 experienced practitioners. Few of us have that kind of time, but interestingly, some of the gains in attention the participants achieved immediately after the retreat stayed with them seven years later, though they had reduced their practice to about an hour a day.

That last part is key, because you cant focus when youre in a state of panic or stress. Cortisol is toxic to brain cells, says Dr. All. You cant get rid of all your stress, but you can let meditation help you get out of fight- or-flight mode.

Brain Boost How To Improve Focus And Memory

Everyone feels tired sometimes and needs a little help to feel better. Today, we will learn about how a brain boost can help improve your focus and memory.

Ever had one of those days where no matter how many cups of coffee you down, you just cant seem to kick your brain into gear.

It happens to the best of us. But if youre finding that its happening more often than not, you may want to invest some time in some brain boost solutions that well cover in this article.

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Some Popular Brain Health Ingredients Are Unproven

Other common ingredients in supplements labelled for brain and cognitive health include boron, choline, CoQ10 and selenium.

However, the scientific evidence as it stands today doesnt show these ingredients have any significant impact and therefore none of these nutrients have an authorised health claim for brain or cognitive function.

Many supplements also contain gingko biloba, a herbal ingredient thought to aid brain health, but again the scientific evidence to prove its efficacy is not strong enough to support its use.

All Of Which Could Improve Your Sex Life

Can You Actually Improve Your Brainâs Performance?

Many sex therapists suggest masturbating regularly whether youre single or partnered.

In addition to the physical benefits derived from masturbation, a boost to self-esteem coupled with relaxation can be great for your sex life.

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Masturbating can help you figure out whats pleasurable and exciting for you, which can help you show your partner what you enjoy.

While there are proven benefits, some people do have negative experiences with masturbation.

Its important to remember that its totally okay not to masturbate.

You might dislike the feeling, or it might be against your belief system, or you might simply be uninterested in it. Thats fine! Whether you choose to masturbate or not is up to you.

If masturbation is difficult for you, and this difficulty is bothering you, consider reaching out to a doctor or therapist.

Masturbation is considered a sin in some religions. There are also many societal stigmas attached to masturbation: Some people believe women shouldnt masturbate, or that masturbation is immoral.

Thats not to mention the anxiety-inducing myths around masturbation.

If you believe those things and go on to masturbate, you might experience feelings of guilt, anxiety, shame, or self-loathing afterward.

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What Tasks Train The Brain

What exercises can help build brain power? Anything that makes you think, says Manisha Parulekar, M.D., division chief for geriatrics and co-director for the Center of Memory Loss and Brain Health at Hackensack University Medical Center. Any task that makes your brain work compared to tasks you do automatically can aid the training process.

That can include:

  • Learning a new piece of music
  • Trying a new painting technique
  • Learning a new card game
  • Shopping at an unfamiliar grocery store

Even web-based games marketed to train your brain can help. The goal is to keep using your brain, says Dr. Parulekar. It doesnt matter how that goal is accomplished. There are numerous brain-game websites, puzzle and language apps, as well as special devices that can be pre-loaded with brain games.

Watch Your Blood Pressure

Check your blood pressure regularly, or at least every six months. Watch for signs of a creeping increase.

This study indicates that the 2017 high blood pressure guidelines, which state that high blood pressure is now defined as a blood pressure greater than 130/90, is on the money, Mintz said. The new guidelines for high blood pressure will help us recognize people at earlier ages who are at risk for lifelong high blood pressure.

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Give Yourself A Nutritional Brain Boost

You have probably felt that some foods make you drowsy while others make you alert and give you energy.

This happens because some foods, like coffee, have a brain-boosting effect on the body. They not only improve the performance of your body, but they also help increase your brainpower.

Having a well-balanced diet helps brain development in children, but it also keeps adult neurons safe from damage and delays age-related dementia symptoms.

Boosting your nutrition means consuming foods that are rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids , various minerals , and vitamins .

Apart from choosing foods that aid brain-boosting, there are some other things you can do to keep your brain sharp.

The brain doesnt learn though consumption. It learns through creation.

Jim Kwik, author of Mindavalleys Superbrain Quest

Foods To Boost Your Brain Power

How To Boost Your Brain Function And Memory At Any Age ...

Superfoods are great for your health and wellbeing, and can also boost your brain power to help you nail your study efforts. As you can imagine, some of the healthiest foods are the most effective, but not all brain foods are boring. In fact, some of your favourite foods and indulgent treats can help you hit the books!

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Do Brain Boost Techniquest Really Work

The topics of brain hacking, nootropics, cognitive enhancing drugs , and bio-hacking, all have been buzzing in the air for years before making their way to mainstream media.

Today, there is quite the research about all these topics with a lot of evidence that point to how they really do help in improving your brains cognitive functions and push your physical and mental energy to higher levels.

Forgetfulness Vs Loss Of Focus

One of the greatest benefits of relaxing and breathing deeply is that we can think more clearly.

Many patients in my Brain Health and Wellness shared medical appointments find that meditation eases their anxiety about memory issues, in part because they become more mindful of their daily activities.

Once we start paying attention, it becomes clear that misplacing things isnt necessarily a memory issue, but often a problem with focus and concentration.

So rather than waiting for memory changes to surface or worsen, I encourage you to be proactive. Challenge your body and brain in new ways. Try some new activities. Sit quietly in meditation each day. Breathe deeply.

Then go out and have some fun.Doctors orders!

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Can I Increase My Brain Power

What happens when you attach several electrodes to your forehead, connect them via wires to a nine-volt battery and resistor, ramp up the current and send an electrical charge directly into your brain? Most people would be content just to guess, but last summer a 33-year-old from Alabama named Anthony Lee decided to find out. “Here we go oooahh, that stings a little!” he says, in one of the YouTube videos recording his exploits. “Whoa. That hurts Ow!” The video cuts out. When Lee reappears, the electrodes are gone: “Something very strange happened,” he says thoughtfully. “It felt like something popped.” You might conclude from this that Lee is a very foolish person, but the quest he’s on is one that has occupied scientists, philosophers and fortune-hunters for centuries: to find some artificial way to improve upon the basic cognitive equipment we’re born with, and thus become smarter and maintain mental sharpness into old age. “It started with Limitless,” Lee told me the 2011 film in which an author suffering from writer’s block discovers a drug that can supercharge his faculties. “I figured, I’m a pretty average-intelligence guy, so I could use a little stimulation.”

I didn’t spend 24 hours on the dual n-back, or even 12, but I did spend as long as I ever plan to, pumped up on Brain TonIQ or Brain Candy, both of which seemed to give me mild headaches.

Ways To Keep Your Brain Healthy

How does your memory work? | Head Squeeze

Smoking, diabetes, and high blood pressure can take a toll on your brain. Here are things that can help.

The condition of your blood vessels may determine a lot about the health of your brain, according to new research.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh found that a variety of factors including smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes all conditions that affect your blood vessels or vascular risk factors may also hurt your brain.

Over time, these factors may lead to brain deterioration and increase the risk of developing Alzheimers disease or other forms of dementia.

This new study published March 11 looked at the MRI scans of brains from 9,772 people between the ages of 44 and 79.

Specifically, the researchers, who were led by Simon Cox, PhD, a senior research associate at the University of Edinburghs Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology, examined connections between seven vascular risk factors smoking, hypertension, pulse pressure, diabetes, , body mass index , and waist-hip ratio and structures of the brain responsible for complex thinking. These areas are known to deteriorate as dementia develops.

To determine the impact of these vascular risk factors on brains, the researchers compared brain scans from people of similar head size, age, and sex.

Indeed, all risk factors except high cholesterol were associated with some degree of brain health decline.

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Is There Anything I Can Do To Strengthen My Brain

Although brain games may not be effective tools for the purposes of improving cognitive abilities, there is support for exercise and cognitive stimulation.

Physical activity seems to have the most scientific support for having a positive impact on brain health, says Han.

According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, exercise may help reduce the risk of dementia, and also improve cognition for people already diagnosed with dementia.

Cognitive stimulation, in the form of novel activities such as learning a language, can also keep your brain sharp.

The quality of the stimulating activity is important. For example, if the activity is novel, engaging, challenging and enjoyable, that will arguably be better for your brain, Han adds.

If you or a loved one have questions about memory loss, the memory and aging experts at Keck Medicine of USC can help. If youre in the Los Angeles area, schedule an appointment or call

Brain Games May Seem Like A Tool To Boost Your Memory But Do They Really Help

As we grow older, its possible to experience moments of forgetfulness. These lapses in memory may also spark a quest to find tools that can improve overall brain function and health. While some brain games claim to enhance memory, science has yet to offer definitive proof that they actually work.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, a survey conducted by AARP found that nearly two out of three people 50 and older believe that playing online brain games can help maintain or improve brain health.

This perception may be a result of how brain games are marketed to the general public, but the Global Council on Brain Health, an independent international group of scientists, health professionals, scholars and policy experts, also highlights that there is little scientific evidence to support those claims.

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What Is Brain Training

When it comes to the field of cognitive rehabilitation, which usually addresses people who have had a stroke or a brain injury, there are two types of strategies used to improve cognitive skills: compensatory and restorative. And they can work for the rest of us as well.

Compensatory strategies are work-arounds that help you complete tasks, the way a crutch might help you walk if you had a broken leg. Think of that song you sang to memorize the presidents, or how you visualized a hydrant with a balloon tied to it to help you remember that the periodic table starts with hydrogen and helium. Its making a habit of always putting your car keys on a hook by the door or, when meeting a new person, repeating their name to solidify the memory.

Compensatory strategies make up the majority of what you can do to build up your brain. But a small number of cognitive-rehab strategies are restorative, meaning theyre actually repairing or improving brain function. Think about, for example, how a person whos had a stroke may have to relearn to walk or speak. And then there are other brain health behaviors you can adoptlike getting enough sleep and eating wellto focus your memory, improve your recall and comprehension, and more, says Dr. All.

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