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Do Airpods Cause Brain Cancer

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How Do Wired Earphones Work

Do AirPods Cause Cancer? Are Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Safe?

At the most basic level, an earphone is a loop of wire with current running through it. This electric current in the loop then interacts with a permanent magnet which in turn pushes the airthats sound. The key thing to remember is that you have to have current going through this loop of wire in order to make sound.

So Should You Use Airpods

Wireless earbuds and headphones like the AirPods are definitely convenient and cool but all these warnings do make a lot of sense.

And since AirPods and other wireless earbuds and headphones are absolutely useless when not stuck in your ear canal or over your head, if youre worried about their health risks, then you might want to stick with regular wired headphones hooked up via an adapter or a dongle.

If youre concerned about the long-term effects of close proximity EMF radiation, sticking with the wire is the way to go for extended listening sessions. Pound for pound, wired headphones sound a whole lot better, too.

How about 5G? Will this technology increase our exposure to radiation and our health risks?


Fcc And Fda Background Information

FCC Policy on Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields

The FCC is required by the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 to evaluate the effect of emissions from FCC-regulated transmitters on the quality of the human environment. At the present time there is no federally-mandated radio frequency exposure standard. However, several non-government organizations, such as the American National Standards Institute , the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. , and the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements have issued recommendations for human exposure to RF electromagnetic fields. The potential hazards associated with RF electromagnetic fields are discussed in OET Bulletin No. 56, “Questions and Answers About the Biological Effects and Potential Hazards of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields.”

OET RF Safety Bulletins, Fact Sheets, Guides and Reports

OET Bulletin No. 56: Questions and Answers About Biological Effects Potential Hazards of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields

OET Bulletin No. 65:Evaluating Compliance With FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields

Information on Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields from Cellular and PCS Radio TransmittersThis page explains technical information on cellular and PCS base stations, mobile, and portable telephones.

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Class 1 Bluetooth Emits The Highest Rfr Radiation

Not all Bluetooth devices emit the same amount of RFR radiation. In fact, there are three different types of Bluetooth transmitters, each with their own level of emissions- meaning the amount of power,.

  • Class 1 transmitters transmit with power of 100 mW
  • Class 2 transmitters transmit with power of 2.5 mW
  • Class 3 transmitters transmit with power of 1 mW

Class 3 Bluetooth transmitters emit the lowest level of EMF power emissions but only connect up to about 3 feet. Class 1 Bluetooth emits the highest amount of power and can connect up to 300 feet.

Apples second generation of AirPods is Bluetooth Class 1 transmitting at higher power connecting to hundreds of feet away. However this means higher radiation, compared to other Bluetooth devices which are Class 2 or 3.

Dr. Joel Moskowitz, the Director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the School of Public Health at Berkeley states More than a dozen studies have shown that low-intensity microwave radiation similar to that emitted by Bluetooth can open up the blood-brain barrier, a layer of cells that block pathogens and toxins in the body from reaching the brain. That could lead to conditions such as autism, dementia, and brain cancer.

There’s Evidence That Cellphone Radiation Can Be Harmful To Rats But Not Humans

Do Airpods Cause Cancer?

Scientific studies to date don’t suggest this kind of phone radiation is harmful to humans in the way that bigger doses of radiation from X-rays or solar UV rays are.

But the same isn’t true for rats. The US National Toxicology Program has found “clear evidence” that male rat exposure to extensive daily cellphone radiation is linked to more heart tumors, as well as “some evidence” that it’s linked to more brain tumors. They can’t say the same for female rats, or for mice .

As scientists have found many times before, just because something happens in lab rats doesn’t mean the same will happen in humans. It’s tough to know if the dose of radiation from a cellphone that humans are exposed to, day in and day out, is doing people any harm.

The evidence we have so far isn’t convincing. One 10-year study across 13 countries that the International Agency for Research on Cancer conducted on cellphone-radiation risks concluded that there’s no increased risk of brain tumors in average cellphone users, but those scientists cautioned that more research is needed on some of the most intense phone users.

If you are worried about radiation risks, Kelley recommends swapping out Bluetooth headphones for wired headphones. Even that technique leaves only a few feet of space between your brain and the RF radiation from your cellphone.

Whether you use AirPods, or any other kind of audio-listening device, it’s probably best to spend more time worrying about moderating volume.

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There’s No Conclusive Evidence That Airpods Pro Or Other Bluetooth Headsets Are Dangerous

There’s really no evidence that radio-frequency radiation can cause brain cancer or noncancerous brain tumors in people.

The author of the post also said that, in 2015, a group of more than 200 international scientists sent an “appeal” to the United Nations and the World Health Organization “expressing ‘serious concern’ about the non-ionizing electromagnetic field ” that is emitted by Bluetooth devices, such as AirPods.

That’s true, but the letter in question didn’t specifically mention Bluetooth devices or headphones.

The scientists behind that letter are concerned about all kinds of electronics that emit nonionizing electromagnetic fields the energy waves that travel at the speed of light in many electronics, including cellphones, WiFi devices, smart meters, baby monitors, and broadcast antennas.

“EMF Scientists have serious concerns regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to radiation from wireless devices and antennas from all sources, including the pulsed digital signals Bluetooth transmits,” Elizabeth Kelley, the director of the International EMF Scientist Appeal, told Business Insider in an email.

However, most other scientists still hesitate to say there is conclusive evidence that the small doses of radiation from cellphones and Bluetooth headsets are dangerous.

“They don’t have enough energy to cause cancer by directly damaging the DNA inside cells,” according to the American Cancer Society.

Scientists Say Apple Airpods And Other Wireless Headphones May Be Linked To Cancer

Scientists are growing increasingly concerned over the potential health risks of wireless technologies which, they say, national and international regulations fail to limit, Natalie Rahhal reports for The Daily Mail. Apples wireless AirPods, for example, communicate with one another using a magnetic induction field, a variable magnetic field sends through your brain to communicate with the other, explains Dr. Joel Moskowitz. Dr. Moskowitz, a University of California, Berkeley community health professor who focuses on cell phone exposures, says there isnt even research on what this could do to the brain yet, let alone regulations to limit the potential effects. But I couldnt imagine its all that great for you, he says.

A petition warning that microwave radiation from many popular wireless technologies may pose health risks has gathered 250 signatures, Rahhal reports. While the scientific jury is still out on the whether or not particular devices can cause cancer, animal studies on the kind of radiofrequency radiation that they emit which is used in Bluetooth, cellular and wifi transmissions has suggested a link to cancer.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered by researchers before the safety question can be answered conclusively.

The full text of the International EMF Scientist Appeal is here.


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Disposable Product Disposable Labor

The 18-month lifespan of AirPods reflect the reality of their production AirPods are built by disposable labor.

Disposable labor refers to the workers who temporarily meet the production demand for a product or service, but when this product or service is no longer in need, these people are no longer in need either. Much like the product itself, they are replaceable. Needless to say, there is a human cost involved in extracting and refining the materials to make AirPods.

According to Business Insider, Foxconn is a Chinese company that assembles an estimated half of all Apple products. As of May 2018, about 350,000 people worked in the facilities for salaries as low as $300 per month, or about $10 a day. For years, Apple sourced Cobalt and Tantalum from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and only after lengthy accounts of child labor, staff grievances and worker deaths did Apple stop sourcing these materials from small mines in the Congo.

As workers suffer at the hands of AirPod creation, consumers are next in line to experience the prospective consequences of this product, too, from the moment they place these pods into their ear canals.

Myth Or Truth Bluetooth Earbuds And Brain Cancer Risk

Do Airpods cause cancer?

Can Bluetooth earbuds increase our risk for brain cancer? This daunting question surfaced shortly after the devices rise to popularity but how concerned should we really be?

We sat down with Dr. Jon Glass, Division Director of Neuro-Oncology at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, to understand how different levels of radiation impact the body what this means about the devices we use regularly and what the known causes of brain cancer are.

Types of Radiation

Radiation is typically categorized as follows:

  • Ionizing emitted from ultraviolet rays X-rays gamma rays proton therapy etc.
  • Non-ionizing emitted from microwaves radios cellphones Bluetooth devices power lines etc.

Ionizing radiation can cause damage to brain tissue, loss of nerve cells, and increase risk for neurological conditions like dementia and stroke, explains Dr. Glass. Non-ionizing radiation, on the other hand, is believed to be generally safe.

Radiofrequency, a common subtype of non-ionizing radiation, is what cellphones and Bluetooth earbuds emit. Plus, research shows that earbuds produce less radiation than cellphones.

The Brain Cancer Link Debunked

Dont toss your favorite pair of earbuds just yet.

While there are concerns over the length of time devices like Bluetooth earbuds are used for, as well as the close vicinity to the brain, says Dr. Glass, it is highly unlikely that they have an impact on cancer development or any other kind of brain damage.

What does cause brain cancer?

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Headphones Airpods And Cancer: Is There A Link

Headphones can cause cancer – is something we’ve all heard on different occasions. But the how and why are mostly not discussed. Common misconceptions such as these are not birthed from thin air and have some facts attached to them.

With technology constantly evolving, along with the many benefits it has, the health effects caused by modern technology such as mobile phones, laptops and computers etc. are plenty and often, serious.

Experts around the world advise people to use technology and gadgets responsibly to avoid or reduce the health risks associated . Out of the several technological innovations, the one that gets all the flack are mobile phones – suffering from headache? Your mum will say it’s because of the phone, a stomachache? mobile phones use, what else! and after that comes earphones, headphones and lastly air pods – which are a new addition to the list.

Is It Bad To Sleep With A Bra

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a bra while you sleep if that’s what you’re comfortable with. Sleeping in a bra will not make a girl’s breasts perkier or prevent them from getting saggy. And it will not stop breasts from growing or cause breast cancer. … Your best bet is to choose a lightweight bra without underwire.

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Do Apple Airpods Cause Cancer

This is actually a really difficult question to answer because there are so many variables and so many unknowns. However, lets talk for a minute about a few things that we do know.

Also, if you want to dive much deeper into this topic specifically, I do have a full guide talking about whether Bluetooth headphones could cause cancer that Id encourage you to check out.

We dont have specific research on AirPods and whether they cause cancer, but we do have some research and knowledge that the same kind of RF radiation that is emitted from wireless technology can lead to an increased risk of certain kinds of cancer.

For example, if youve read any of my articles on cellphone radiation than youll know that long-term use has been shown to increase your risk of developing certain brain cancers like glioma.

Basically, high levels of radiofrequency radiation can lead to negative health effects.

In fact, the World Health Organizations International Agency for Research on Cancer classified radiofrequency EMF radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans based specifically on the increased risk for brain tumors such as glioma that I mentioned above.

When talking about the possible risk of cancer from wireless earbuds youll probably also come across statements from Jerry Phillips who is a professor of biochemistry at the University of Colorado Springs.

In talking about AirPods, he said the following:

Scientists in defense are saying things like:

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Are Airpods Safe For Children

Do AirPods Cause Cancer? Are Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds ...

We know that children are more vulnerable to the potential adverse health affects of EMF and RF radiation.

This is primarily due to their thinner skulls and the fact that they have a different biological makeup. In addition, they are still growing and developing.

In general, I would try to avoid offering Airpods to children when a safer alternative is available. However, it is unlikely that there will be any immediate safety concerns.

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Headphones Air Pods And Cancer: What Is The Real Link

There have been several claims and even reports suggesting that continuous use of headphones, especially Bluetooth headphones, AirPods and earphones can be bad for one’s brain health, even leading to cancer . However, how true are these claims? Let’s find out.

  • Some reports claimed that the electromagnetic radiation caused by AirPods and headphones in your ear canal could cause cellular damage and tumours .
  • Many studies claimed that the continuous usage of Bluetooth devices during pregnancy could cause harmful effects, including a higher than usual risk of pregnancy loss and women giving birth to children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder .

The Debate Over Bluetooth And Other Low

One thing about Bluetooth and cellphone radiation is that its low energy, so some argue that its generally safer than high-energy radiation sources like X-rays.

The most well-known short-term risk associated with radio frequency radiation is that, at very high levels, it can generate heat and cause burns. However, scientists and researchers are still gathering data about the effects of long-term exposure to low-power EMF radiation. Theres simply not enough data yet to make anything conclusive.

Past studies have certainly linked certain types of brain cancer and fertility problems even to low-energy radiation like the type emitted by cellphones and other wireless gadgets. Similar to what the EMF scientists said, although not conclusive, radio frequency radiation is linked to health issues like:

  • Brain cancer, tumors of the acoustic nerve and the salivary glands
  • Lower sperm counts and inactive, less mobile sperm
  • Headaches and effects on learning and memory, hearing, behavior and sleep

Some people also claim that they have EMF hypersensitivity and say exposure to radio frequency radiation trigger multiple symptoms like headaches, muscle aches and pain, rashes, insomnia and nosebleeds.

Other bodies such as the FDA and the International Agency for Research on Cancer also admitted that extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields are possibly carcinogenic to humans.

But although there is no conclusive data yet , why should we risk it?

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What Can We Do About It

The first rule is not to listen to music at high volume levels for long periods of time. Some songs might sound better played loudly, but you shouldnt do that if you want to protect your hearing. Its especially important to educate children because loud sounds can be even more devastating for their sensitive ears.

If youre on a long commute and plan to use your AirPods to listen to audiobook along the way, at least make sure to take a break every hour or so. Sit in silence for a few minutes and give your ears a break.

Another good piece of advice is to clean your AirPods regularly to avoid other health problems. You can clean them with a dry cloth, or add a little bit of water if needed. Use a small brush to clean meshes, but be careful not to use anything sharp. Make sure to take good care of your AirPods in order to prevent germs and bacteria.

Is Radiation Dangerous

Does AirPods cause Cancer?

Studies have investigated the potential health risks of EMF exposure, but they are limited due to the ethical issues of exposing humans to radiation. This has caused debate among experts about the safety of non-ionizing radiation.

For instance, more than 200 scientists wrote an appeal to the World Health Organisation and the United Nations in 2015, asking them to impose stricter guidelines limiting EMF exposure from wireless devices . The appeal was not targeted at AirPods, which were released by Apple the following year .

Research is ongoing to understand the health impacts of lower level exposure, but a 2019 peer-reviewed study found that Bluetooth headphones emitted 10-400 times less radiation than devices like smart phones .

Although lower risk does not mean zero risk, said Meedans researchers, who added that non-ionizing radiation sources were generally considered safer than ionizing radiation sources .

They concluded: There is currently insufficient evidence that wireless headphones pose enough of a health risk to stop using them.

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