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Do Baby Swings Cause Brain Damage

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The Following Are Other Dangers Associated With Swinging Infants:

How Does Zika Damage a Babys Brain?

Aside from the possibility of mortality, swings for infants pose a number of other dangers. Using baby swings incorrectly might cause a number of additional problems.


The American Academy of Pediatrics says that between 2009 and 2012, there were more than 350 swing-related events. Of them, 24 people were injured and two people died.Another reason for recalls has been the number of baby swings and baby sleepers that have been linked to newborn injuries and fatalities. Most of the time, these things happen because the harnesses are not used properly, which causes babies to be thrown out or strangled. To avoid problems, you should always check to see if youre using the product the right way. You should also check to see whether your product is in excellent working condition and hasnt been recalled .

Flat Heads

Your babys chance of getting a flat head rises if you keep them in any form of infant carrier for an extended length of time. Even if your infant is awake, this is a problem to keep an eye on.To avoid flattening a babys still-soft head, parents should restrict the amount of awake time that their baby spends in an infant chair, such as an infant swing, bouncy seat, car seat, or carrier, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises.

How To Keep Your Baby Safe While Swinging

Moms can depend on baby swings for a few moments of respite from the demands of an overtired child.

Besides being a babys best friend, they can provide a calming, womb-like experience that helps them calm down and relax.

Unfortunately, however, if were not careful, they can quickly turn into enemies.

The swings of baby carriages cause thousands of injuries every year, and some of them are fatal.

You can avoid unnecessary dangers by reviewing the following list of safety tips.

  • Choose swings that are highly rated for safety.
  • You can get a notification if there are any recalls if you register your swing with the manufacturer.
  • Set up your baby swing according to the manufacturers instructions. Make sure everything is bolted.
  • Make sure that certain swing parts are tested regularly.
  • You should never place swings on a raised surface, such as a table.

Safety Tip : Never Use Swings Longer Than The Recommended Time

Using swings for hours may cause harm to baby brains, or at least makes your little one dizzy. To make it safe for your kid, we suggest you use the swing for a maximum time of 30 minutes and stop the swinging movements after seeing your baby sleep soundly.

If you are busy with other things and frequently forget to turn the swing off, you can set the alarm on your phone to remind you when the time comes.

If your baby cannot sleep without a moving swing, you may need to spend more time changing this bad habit. Singing a lullaby or playing some gentle music to lull him or her to sleep can be the right solution. This might be difficult at first, but your baby will get familiar with falling asleep without a swing after a while.

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Are Swings Bad For Babies

Risks of sitting devices like swings In some cases, this slumping can lead to suffocation. In a 10-year study performed by the AAP, sitting devices identified in this study as car seats, strollers, swings, and bouncers were found to have caused 3 percent, or 348, of the nearly 12,000 infant deaths studied.

What Dangers Do Baby Swings Pose

Do Baby Swings Cause Brain Damage: Things to Know

The greatest danger that baby swings pose is when your baby falls asleep in a swing. And its not just baby swings.

The American Academy Pediatrics advises against letting your baby fall asleep in any infant seating device like bouncy chairs, swings, and other carriers.

There is a risk in allowing your baby to sleep anywhere but on a flat, firm surface, on their backs, for their first year of life. This includes night sleep and naps.

That said, it is safe for a baby to sleep in their car seat when in the car. The issue is that when the car seat is used outside of the car, a caregiver’s use of the seat often changes in a way that increases the risk of injury or death. For instance, caregivers often unbuckle or loosen the chest clip or leave the chest clip closed but the crotch buckle open. These scenarios can lead to strangulations and asphyxiations.

The risk from baby swings and other seating devices is that when your baby falls asleep in a semi-upright position, their head falls to their chin, increasing their risk of asphyxiation. As such, the AAP recommends transferring your baby to their safe sleep environment when they are about to fall asleep in the swing.

According to the AAP, if your baby falls asleep in a car seat, stroller, swing, infant carrier, or sling, you should move him or her to a firm sleep surface on his or her back as soon as possible.

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Are Baby Swings Harmful

Swings, for example, might pose a number of risks. Slumping may lead to asphyxia in certain circumstances, so it is important to be aware of this. Car seats, strollers, swings, and bouncers accounted for 3% of the approximately 12,000 newborn fatalities analyzed in a 10-year study by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Can Swings Cause Shaken Baby Syndrome Or Brain Damage

To answer the most pressing question, the answer is NO! Baby Swings DONT cause Shaken Baby Syndrome or brain damage, their motion is simply not intense enough.

But more on this later.

If you read nothing else beyond this point, just make sure that the baby swing you purchase is approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission .

The CPSC sets strict guidelines for baby swings, and all models approved for sale in North America have been tested for safety as long as the product works correctly and instructions are properly followed!

If you want to see those guidelines, be sure to check the CPSCs website after going through this article.

In the meantime, lets dive deep into this important subject and try to understand how Shaken Baby syndrome happens, and why baby swings are safe.

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Are Bouncy Swings Bad For Babies

Parents often use a bouncer as a space for letting their little ones snooze, but pediatricians and medical experts highly discourage this. The angled position can potentially contribute to SIDS. While these are considered safe from the get-go, thats when theyre used properly.

Why swing is not good for baby?

Hoffman says one concern when theres a baby sleeping in a swing is that their head can flop forward, which can obstruct their airwayits called positional asphyxiation. That risk exists if your baby is sleeping in an inclined bouncer or car seat as well.

Are Baby Jumpers bad for development?

Baby jumpers are fun, but they are not beneficial in any way. In fact, they promote movement that is detrimental to the motor skills your baby needs to be developing, according to Rady Childrens Hospital in San Diego. This, plus the posture problems, can delay walking skills.

Phase 4 Lumbar Lordosis In Baby Spine Development

It is never ok to shake a baby

This is when the final spine shape sets in as the baby crawl and develops lumbar lordosis.

As they start to crawl, encourage it by placing objects they like in front of them.

The cross crawl

As the final touch in healthy spine development, lay the baby on their baby and touch the opposite hand to toe.

This exercise is known as cross crawl.

Its a biggie because it promotes the neural pathways needed for criss-cross crawling. And the importance of that movement goes way beyond the scope of spine development its key to gross and fine motor skills.

You might hear parents bragging about their baby going from butt-sliding to running as if its a good thing.

Its not.

A baby that skips crawling is a baby with a high chance of developing scoliosis.

But were interested in the spine and swings. It will all make sense in a minute, I promise we only have one phase to go.

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Dont Give Them Too Many Distractions

As your baby swings along, they will begin to feel soothed and ultimately relaxed. That cant happen if the baby is noticing different colors, objects, or more. Try not to buy a swing that is flashy or contains items like mobiles to entertain the baby. This is the time in the babys day where he or she doesnt need to be entertained.

Babies brains arent yet ready to handle different distractions happening all at once. The swinging motion, in combination with bright colors or objects handing off of the mobile, can become too much of an overload for the baby.

Make sure not to let them grab any toys off of the swing if you do decide to purchase a swing with various items. If they swallow any of these objects, it can become a choking hazard for your baby.

The swinging motion can also be considered a distraction to the baby. Many manufacturers will sell swings that move in all sorts of different directions like side to side or even in a diagonal fashion. You dont want your child moving in these motions as this can cause them to get sick or their brain can become confused.

Stick to a regular back and forth motion, as that it all your swing needs to do in order to properly relax the baby.

Symptoms Of Infant Brain Damage

Brain damage can happen either from blunt force trauma to the infants head , from a long labor where the brain is compressed in the birth canal for far too long, or, more likely, from a difficult labor that at one point results in the infant losing oxygen.

Some of the first signs and symptoms of brain damage can be detected shortly after birth by looking at the infants appearance. Although not always present in all infants who suffer from brain damage, some of the common infant brain damage symptoms shortly after birth include:

  • Abnormally large forehead
  • Unusually small head
  • Seizures
  • Difficulties in focusing the eyes

Infants with brain damage may also exhibit an abnormal temperament, with symptoms including:

  • Troubles with sleeping while lying down
  • Excessive crying
  • Excessively fussy for no apparent reason

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The Swing Can Tip Over Causing Your Child To Fall Out

The swing can tip over, causing your child to fall out. Be sure that you are using a baby swing that is designed for the weight of your child. It should have a wide base and no sharp edges or corners.

A little girl is swinging on a swing set, trying to get as high as she can. Suddenly the child falls over and her head hits the ground with a thud. The baby swing has tipped over and your child is now laying on the ground crying. This scenario may seem unlikely but it happens more often than you would think.

Swing sets are meant for children ages 2-5 years old and this means that infants will not be able to use them until they turn two years old or older depending on their size, weight, and height. More often than not these swings will tip over if they are used by an infant who does not know how to balance themselves yet because they cannot hold onto anything while sitting in the seat of a swing set.

What Is The Age And Weight Limit For Baby Swings

Do baby swings cause brain damage? All things to know

Weight Limit: 25-35 pounds.Age limit: Upto 1 Year.

There is not a hard rule. Some children give up quickly, and some want to stay a little longer. The rule of hand by AAP is to let a little angel enjoy until they reach the weight limit of 25 to 35 pounds.

Have your complete guide on the Baby Swing Age limit here. We got you!

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Safety Tip : Baby Sleeping In Swing Overnight Is Not Ok

We know that it would be so comfortable for you to just let your baby sleep in his or her swing for hours without your effort trying to make him or her sleep. By doing it, you can have much more free time to do your own stuff. However, this lazy habit is not recommended at all.

As we shared with you early on in this article, professionals say that repeated use and high speed pose some risks to the babies brains neurons as theyre sensitive and fragile towards those swinging movements.

You should always remember that the purpose of a swing is to calm the baby down and make him or her feel relaxed and more comfortable while sinking into slumber. However, no matter what versatile it can get, it can never replace the parents care.

How to do it properly

To minimize the negative impacts of baby swing on your kids physical health, you should only use it to soothe your baby for a while. Keep in mind that you should never let your baby sleeping in the swing for hours without any supervision.

What Are The Signs Of Brain Damage

What are some of the signs you should watch out for in case your child suffer from Shaken Baby Syndrome

  • Hearing loss
  • Failure to lift their hand or head
  • They dont smile or coo
  • Throwing up
  • Speech and learning difficulties
  • Memory and attention problems

Most of the babies will look normal after the shaking however, most of them tend to develop one or more of the above-mentioned problems. Furthermore, the first sign of the problem tends not to be noticeable until the kid starts attending school and start developing behavioral or learning issues. Nevertheless, by this time, it becomes more difficult to associate the problem with Shaken Baby Syndrome that might have been caused by a baby swing at a younger age.

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Are Baby Swings Good For Babies

Using a swing when the baby is awake and supervised is OK, but once a baby falls asleep in the swing, it becomes dangerous, he explains. Hoffman says one concern when theres a baby sleeping in a swing is that their head can flop forward, which can obstruct their airwayits called positional asphyxiation.

Are Electric Baby Swings Safe

Do vaccines cause brain damage in newborn? – Dr. Umesh Vaidya

Studies have shown that they can not cause brain damage in infants, while other studies have also found no evidence that baby swings cause any harm. It is good for you baby but you shold keep eye on the use of electric swing. Excess of everything is bad so you should use the electric swing within the limitrd times. This will be beneficial for your baby and your baby will enjoy it.

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How Swinging Baby Too Fast By Expert

May 6, 2022 by Dany Shin Marbin

Swinging baby too fast can hurt your knees. If you swing your baby too quickly, you could injure yourself. It can hurt your childs development. If you swing your baby too fast, you could end up hurting your child. So that If you want to learn how to swing correctly, read this article. It will teach you how to swing safely and effectively.

  • Termination
  • Infant Brain Damage Treatment

    Treatment of infant brain damage will depend upon the type and seriousness of the injury. If your infant suffers from brain damage, it is important to know what treatment options are available so that you and your childs healthcare team can decide what works best for you and your baby. The following treatment options are to be used only as a guideline for the most common treatments of infants and children with brain damage. Common treatment options include:

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    Tests To Confirm Infant Brain Damage

    The majority of infant brain damage cases are diagnosed by observing symptoms and conducting tests. Computed tomography scans and magnetic resonance imaging are two tests that provide images of the brain. These tests communicate to the doctor if there is a brain injury, such as a hemorrhage or a skull fracture. In addition, an electroencephalogram may also be done. An EEG is a test that calculates the electric pathways of the brain to make sure that communications are normal and strong.

    It is more difficult to assess the brain and mental health of infants and children under two years of age. An MRI and head ultrasound can be helpful in assessing brain health and any possible brain damage.

    Is It Safe To Use 5 Point Harness On Baby Swing

    Do Baby Swings Cause Brain Damage? 5 Features of Baby Swings

    That is why no matter what baby gear you use, you need always place safety as the dominant concern. Using a 5 point harness is not always enough there are still a couple of things you should bear in mind. In this buying guide for the safest baby swings, youll learn exactly how to keep your baby safe while using a swing.

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    The Logic Behind The Question

    If youre reading this, your probably heard that swings can potentially cause brain damage but dont understand exactly how.

    Lets cut right to the crux of things.

    The questiondo baby swings cause brain damage? is actually this question:

    Can the motion of baby swings be intense enough to cause the kind of damage to brain cells that we see in Shaken Baby Syndrome ?

    Thats a mouthful, I know, but its the simplest way I can put it.

    To answer it conclusively, Ill break the question down and put it back together.

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