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Do Koalas Have Smooth Brains

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Dumbest Animals In The World: Goblin Shark

Koala Brains Are Smooth And Just Really Gross – Dorky Grandpa Vlogs – Bom Dia, P

One of the dumbest animals, the goblin shark, gets its name from a demon.

Sharks are generally known as creatures of reasonable intelligence. The average shark talks about the goblin shark behind its back. Not because the globins the black sheep of the family. Sharks think its the dumb one.

Found mostly off the coastlines of Japan, the goblin shark is sluggish. A hard task for a natural swimmer. Its also lazy. So lazy it wont hunt for food. The fish is also capable of being easy prey, letting predators walk right up and take it out. Behavior like that lands the goblin shark on any list of dumbest animals.

Dont Trust Me You Can Fact

In this blog post, my goal is to explain why this Wikipedia paragraph is highly misleading. In fact, I want to do more than that. I want to demonstrate that you can figure it out yourself. It was not too many years ago when only university researchers could have access to the resource needed to mess around with brain data. But with the rise of data science, almost any curious person with basic knowledge in programming and statistics can try to answer questions about this world, and even get some answers, on a Friday night with nothing else to do.

So I am showing you my programming notebook. In this notebook , you can see me load a brain size dataset, ask myself questions about koalas, and answer them with short programs . Some plots are interactive so you can check out the brain size of your favorite animals. The point is that everything I say in this post come from these rather simple notebooks. I encourage you to take a look, check my work if you know some data science, and maybe use them as the basis for answering your own questions& mldr perhaps about quokkas or bilbies.

The data that I will analyze came from a dataset released in 2019 under the Creative Common CC0 License. Its a dataset with measurements for more than 1500 species of mammals, compiled from a large number of scientific publications. My personal gratitude for these wonderful people:

Use Basic Data Science Skills To Debunk A Myth About Koalas

Did you know that the koala is the dumbest animal in the world? According to an Internet meme, koalas have really tiny brains because the eucalyptus leaves that they eat are toxic and poor in nutrition. That seems plausible to me, but you shouldnt believe in Internet memes. Lets turn to the most authoritative source of knowledge in the world, the Wikipedia, instead. This is what the Wikipedia has to say about koalas brain:

The koala has one of the smallest brains in proportion to body weight of any mammal, being 60% smaller than that of a typical diprotodont, weighing only 19.2 g on average. The brains surface is fairly smooth, typical for a primitive animal. It occupies only 61% of the cranial cavity and is pressed against the inside surface by cerebrospinal fluid.

Inside a koalas head, 40% is water! Poor koalas! That sounds really bad. I wanted to see what this Homer Simpson brain looks like, so I did a little search. According to measurements made in a couple of studies , the koalas brain takes up ~75% of the cranial cavity, which is about the same as other mammals. Hmm& mldr looks like Wikipedia isnt well-informed about koalas after all.

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Do Koalas Get Attached To Humans

Koalas are wild animals. Like most wild animals, they prefer to have no contact with humans at all. Two independent scientific studiesa 2014 University of Melbourne study and a 2009 studyfound that even captive koalas, born and raised in a zoo, experienced stress when humans approached too close to them.

Koala Anatomy And Appearance

A koala

The Koala is one of the most charismatic of all marsupials with its large, wide face and round, white-tufted ears giving it the appearance of a small bear, along with their lack of a visible tail and smooth, black nose. The Koala has dense and soft grey or grey-brown fur which is lighter on their underside and mottled on the rear. Due to the fact that Koalas spend almost all of their lives in the trees, they have evolved a number of adaptations to help them with their arboreal lifestyle including having short, powerful limbs that are tipped with sharp claws.

Having two opposable thumbs and three fingers on each hand means that Koalas are able to grip onto even the smoothest of bark when climbing and feeding in the trees. Koalas also have human like fingerprints! Learn more amazing animal fun facts here.

Koalas move about in the trees by jumping, first gripping the trunk with their front paws before then moving both their back legs up the tree together, allowing them to get higher up.

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What Does Koala Poop Look Like

Koala poo is about the size and shape of an olive, and its usually a dark greenish colour. Its probably one of the least offensive types of poo, because it smells strongly of eucalyptus. Koalas produce these little pellets 24 hours a day, even when theyre asleep, and they produce a lot of them up to 360 a day.

Are Koalas Always Drunk

Are koalas drunk? Its a common myth that gets spread around as an explanation for why koalas sleep so much! Koalas only eat gum leaves that part is true but the leaves dont cause them to get drunk or high. Instead, the leaves have low nutritious value, with high fibre content, making them very slow to digest.

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Dumbest Animals In The World: Norwegian Lemmings

Norwegian lemmings spend the winter in underground tunnel systems, located under the snow, where they find shelter from predators.

Norwegian lemmings have long been seen as stupid because they fight animals much bigger than themselves when necessary. These rodents that grow to be about 6-inches long weigh about 4.5 lbs. Yet, they attack animals, like cats, birds of prey, and bullmastiffs.

They use their strong teeth as their primary defensive weapon. Therefore, they have to get close enough to bite their enemy. Their distinctive white cheeks and chin may draw their predators attention towards their mouths.

Learn more about the Norwegian lemming that is a member of the rodent family.

Does Size Really Matter

Koala pouches: well designed

While size is loosely linked to brain function, a large brain does not necessarily correspond to a higher level of intelligence. The more important factor for approximating intelligence is how much of the body the brain takes up, or our brain-to-body mass ratio. We can see the brain and body mass of some animals displayed in the graph below. The species above the trend line have higher brain-to-body mass ratios, and are typically thought to be more intelligent than the species with smaller ratios below the line.

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Dumbest Animals In The World: Turkey

One of the dumbest birds, the Turkey, was first domesticated by the Aztecs.

The Meleagris, or turkey, is a beloved food at least once a year. Many enjoy them as pets. And the entire world knows how much the turkey deserves to be on any list of dumbest bird. They have widely-spaced eyes and an almost clumsy, dim-witted walk. Benjamin Franklin called them birds of courage. Animal Planet says theyre confused, while The Washington Post attests these animals are just misunderstood.

Owners who love the bird have spoken of their turkey preferring to only drink water that drips upward. This phenomenon is the result of the bird consuming rain as it falls from the sky. But theyre not drinking. They simply have a tendency of staring into the sky for up to 30 minutes at a time. When it rains, it appears the birds are simply mesmerized at the idea of wetness coming out of nowhere. So, they stare with their mouths open in awe. Often, they do so until they drown.

Koala Interesting Facts And Features

Due to the fact that Koalas sustain themselves on a diet that is only comprised of leaves they have little need to drink as they get almost all of the water that they need through their food. However, living on a diet that is so low in nutrients has led to the Koala evolving a very small brain for its body size as this organ can drain the bodys energy supplies. After having spent their first six months of life developing in their mothers pouch suckling milk, baby Koalas must then attempt to eat solid foods with the first one being the soft droppings of their mother. Young Koalas are thought to do this as it contains a number of microbes that help the young to both fight off disease and to begin digesting the tough, fibrous leaves of the eucalyptus.

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Dumbest Animals In The World: Giraffes

Giraffes are the tallest mammals on Earth, with a neck too short to reach the ground.

The long legs of a giraffe make it a funny-looking animal. Then, theres its neck, which can be up to 6 feet long. Many people assume that the giraffes neck helps them get leaves off tall trees, but there are a limited number of trees in East Africa, where the giraffe lives. Furthermore, the giraffe is a quiet animal that seems to have very little to say. Therefore, many assume that the giraffe is dumb.

The giraffes long legs are beneficial as offensive weapons. This animal can kick in every direction with accuracy. Therefore, if it can get close to its prey, it can land a lethal blow. When giraffes feel threatened, they use their long necks to swing their heads around like a club. This allows them to knock out some animals before they can hurt or kill them. While giraffes do not communicate often, they do send messages to each other. Giraffes communicate using moans and grunts that you cannot hear because of their frequency. Furthermore, giraffes communicate with their eyes and by touching each other.

Are pandas more stupid, or is the giraffe dumber? Learn more about giraffes.

Why Are Koalas So Dangerous

baby koalas are adorable : MadeMeSmile

Koalas Are Plagued By A Highly Infectious Strain Of Chlamydia. … The disease is very painful for a koala, causing blindness, infertility, and an infection known as ‘dirty tail’. Dirty tail is actually a cutesy name for a vicious inflammation of the urinary tract that is so painful it can be fatal.

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Dumbest Animals In The World: Ostrich

The Ostrich, the dumbest animal, will eat absolutely everything!

The ostrich is one of the largest birds in the world. And its not just the size that makes it stand out. Its a flightless bird with small wings. Other birds that stick to the ground include the emu and the kiwi. The ostrich has a long neck and long legs. The ostrich, primarily roaming the plans of Africa, travels in social groups of up to 50.

While its argued that this creature has the capacity to show reasonable smarts, what makes it stand out as the dumbest bird is its reaction to threat. The bird is capable of running away and even hiding. The ostrich also can be aggressively defensive, having a serious clawed foot thats killed lions. But when push comes to shove, faced with an imposing threat, the ostrich will push its head at the ground , close its eyes and go invisible. Well, the bird thinks its invisible. Theyre kind of stupid animals.

Dumbest Animals In The World: Flamingo

The Flamingo, one of the dumbest animals, produce a special liquid baby food in their throats called crop milk.

You cant appreciate the stunning beauty of the flamingo if youve only seen one in a zoo or in a picture. You have to get out to East Africa. Thats when the full majesty of their beauty unfolds. But like the dumb blonde, the flamingo was blessed with looks but not brains.

They have two healthy, long legs but, for some odd reason, it only uses one leg most of the time. While sleeping and feeding, it goes ballerina, delicately and needlessly balancing on one leg. But then the cow sleeps standing up too. But it uses all four legs though.

The flamingo also demonstrates its dumbosity at mealtime. They fish while holding their beaks upside down. Why? I bet they have a good reason, well likely never know.

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Who Is The Lowest Iq In The World

What Is The Lowest IQ Score? The lowest IQ score is 0/200, but nobody in recorded history has officially scored 0. Any result below 75 points is an indicator of some form of mental or cognitive impairment. Having a high or low IQ may shed some light on your ability to solve certain types of problems.

Why Are Brains Wrinkly Are There Smooth Brains

My Brain Is Smooth (My Imagination)

Weve all heard the grey matter mass hiding in our skulls called our noodle before. Thats probably because the brain, on the outside, looks kind of like a noodle wrapped and laid over itself, since its all wrinkly like that. But, why exactly are brains wrinkly? Is a wrinkly brain better than having a smooth brain? Well get to all of that.

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Are Koalas The Dumbest Mammals

#8 Dumbest Animals in the World: Koala But most of that is because their brain levels are the equivalent of being stoned all the time. They have the smallest brains of any known mammal. These dumbest animals get a kick out of eucalyptus leaves. Theyll tear each other apart for it even though they can eat any leaf.

Highly Developed Hearing And Sense Of Smell

The Koalas unusually large, leathery nose is one of its most noticeable features. Koalas rely on their highly developed sense of smell to differentiate levels of toxins in eucalyptus leaves, to detect the levels of toxicity in the leaves at any particular time. They also need to smell the scent warnings put on trees by other Koalas. Its thought that the Koalas keen sense of smell is already well developed at birth, leading the blind and immature newborn joey to the pouch through the scent of the mothers milk from the teats in the pouch.

Koalas large ears provide a keen sense of hearing, which is necessary for their socialisation with other Koalas, as they can live in populations where each Koala lives large distances apart. Photo: Christiane Scheffler

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What Eats The Powerful Owl

There may be marked regional differences in the prey taken by Powerful Owls. For example in southern NSW, Ringtail Possum make up the bulk of prey in the lowland or coastal habitat. At higher elevations, such as the tableland forests, the Greater Glider may constitute almost all of the prey for a pair of Powerful Owls.

Do Koalas Like To Cuddle

What Do Koalas Eat Other Than Leaves

They sleep between 18 and 22 hours a day because of their slow metabolic systems). The result of all that inactivity and close proximity with humans is that they are game for a good cuddle. The koalas at Currumbin snuggle against your chest, lay their soft heads on your shoulder and close their eyes.

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Comparing The Koala To Other Marsupials

To recap: because the size of the brain is to a very large extent determined by the size of the body, we first establish the relationship between body size and the expected brain size, and calculate the deviation from the expected value. In statistics, the deviation is called the residual. It represents the size of the brain not accounted for by body size, which might be related to additional factors such as intelligence. In the notebook, I looked up animals that had residuals similar to that of koala, and found out that many of them are marsupials. The left panel of the figure below shows that many data points belonging to a major order of marsupials fall below the expected brain size for mammals. The implication is that its not that the koala has a small brain. Rather, its the marsupials in general have smaller brains, compared to other mammals.

As before, we built a statistical model for just the marsupials . You can see that the size of the koala brain is close to the expected value for marsupials. There is no evidence that it is exceptionally small. Wikipedias statement that the koala brain is 60% smaller than that of a typical diprotodont is not supported by our data .

How Do Brains Work

Research has shown how nerve cells function, passing electrical and chemical information at speeds up to 400 kilometres per hour. The scientific community has a good understanding of how these brain cells, or neurons, function on an individual level, passing signals from one neuron to the next. The big picture, however, is a mystery we havent fully solved yetdeciphering how these neurons coordinate by the millions to receive and send information simultaneously and linking all the bodys systems and organs to function as one unit. So, if you have brains on the brain, maybe neurological research is for you! There are countless mysteries in the animal brain just waiting to be solved.

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