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How Big Is A Guinea Pig Brain

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Guinea Pig Age By Size

A Halloween Brain for Guinea Pigs | DIY Halloween Treat

A healthy guinea pig becomes fully grown by 18 months old. Its size will be anywhere from 8 to 12 inches measured from his nose to rear end.

Adult guinea pigs will benefit from a diet of timothy hay and guinea pig pellets. By giving him some healthy fruits and fresh vegetables will bring him good growth.

So be very careful while feeding him, you may overfeed your guinea pig. This will result in too many treats can pack on the pounds.

He can also have digestive difficulties, which will cause cycle of illness.

Its Benefits And Role In Religion

History facts also show that this rodents family has benefits that we can gain from.

That is the reason why in their first existence, they are used as a food source.

The people in Peru who are also known as Peruvians use guinea pigs as a source of medicine.

They believed that it can be used to recognize illnesses.

Because of this, the rodents family became sacred to them that later on plays a vital role in their religion.

In around 100 CE to 800 CE in Moche, the northern part of Peru, statues of these rodents were worshipped and they also usually integrated them into their artworks.

Meanwhile, the Incas who are popularly known for their wide range of empire during the pre-Columbian American era use guineas as sacrifices or offerings for their gods.

They were of the belief that guinea pigs were pleasing to them in general.

Are Your Guinea Pigs Smart Share Your Experience

Do you have any favorite moments where your guinea pigs showed how smart they are? Or maybe you have some funny stories of your cavies being less than brilliant. Either way, share your experience in the comments section!

Josh has been raising guinea pigs for over a decade. He’s had two Americans, two Abyssinians, and one Silkie Guinea Pig. He spends hours on Instagram browsing guinea pigs, wombats, hedgehogs, and Dungeons & Dragons.

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Why Guinea Pigs Are Just Like Us

If zebrafish are the new mice, guinea pigs might be the new rats. According to Kiera-Nicole Lee and her colleagues, guinea pigs differ from mice and rats, and that just might make them more suitable for some neuroscience research due to the fact that these results are more easily translated to humans.

Measurement Of Cytokines And Chemokines

Cuy Reports and Sightings

The levels of cytokines and chemokines were measured in the serum collected from ZIKV-infected and mock-infected animals by multiplex immunoassay using MILLIPLEX MAP Rat Cytokine/Chemokine magnetic panel as per manufacturers instructions . We analyzed protein levels of IL-2, IL-5, IL-18, IL-12 , IL1-, IL-1b, IL-17A, IL-4, IL-6, IL-13, IL-10, TNF-, G-CSF, MCP-1, MIP-1, LIX, Fractalkine, VEGF, RANTES, GM-CSF, Eotaxin, MIP2, Leptin, EGF, IFN, KC and IP-10. Species cross reactivity was evaluated by the manufacturer .

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Study Finds A Striking Difference Between Neurons Of Humans And Other Mammals

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Images for download on the MIT News office website are made available to non-commercial entities, press and the general public under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives license. You may not alter the images provided, other than to crop them to size. A credit line must be used when reproducing images if one is not provided below, credit the images to “MIT.”

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Neurons communicate with each other via electrical impulses, which are produced by ion channels that control the flow of ions such as potassium and sodium. In a surprising new finding, MIT neuroscientists have shown that human neurons have a much smaller number of these channels than expected, compared to the neurons of other mammals.

The researchers hypothesize that this reduction in channel density may have helped the human brain evolve to operate more efficiently, allowing it to divert resources to other energy-intensive processes that are required to perform complex cognitive tasks.

If the brain can save energy by reducing the density of ion channels, it can spend that energy on other neuronal or circuit processes, says Mark Harnett, an associate professor of brain and cognitive sciences, a member of MITs McGovern Institute for Brain Research, and the senior author of the study.

However, human neurons proved to be a striking exception to this rule.

Beaulieu-Laroche is the lead author of the study, which appears today in Nature.

A building plan

Not From Guinea & Not A Pig

No one is really sure where the name Guinea pig came from. According to Vanderlip, some historians speculate that the roasted meat reminded Europeans of suckling pigs. Some think Guinea pigs got their name from the squealing sounds they make. The name may come from the price of a Guinea pig in 16th-century England: 1 guinea. Some researchers say ships leaving the port of Guiana in South America or Guinea in West Africa may have carried the animals to the European market.

The little furry animals also have identity crises in other languages, Vanderlip wrote. In Germany, they have been called meerschweinchen . In France, they are lapins de Barbarie. And in Portugal, they are called porchitas da India . Cavies can’t seem to shake the pig connotation even its species name, C. porcellus, means “little pig” in Latin.

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Encephalization Quotient Of Animals

Encephalization quotient is a standardized test wherein it measures the intelligence of the animals through the brain size.

How does it work?

It measures the ratio between the observed predicted brain mass for an animal size based on nonlinear regression on a range of reference species.

Its also used as a proxy on the possible way of comparing the bits of intelligence of different species.

Mammals EQ

Under Animalia kingdom with the phylum of Chordata, class mammals or Mammalia in scientific terms are intelligent.

They possess large brains, self-awareness, and explicit behaviors. They are very much vocal and communicative as well.

Because of their self-awareness, they tend to know where exactly they belong.

So, when they know they are held captive, they tend to get wild at times.

But there are some mammals also that are adaptable.

Explicit behaviors or in scientific terms tools used.

These mammals will tend to communicate with you by using any tools they have to signify that they want something from you or it can be through vocalization as well.

Lets say, for example, a monkey wants a banana that you are holding.

What happens is that a domesticated monkey will point the banana using its finger while for the wild ones, they will make a sound rigorously.

What Exactly Is Bonding

How Smart Are Pet Guinea Pigs?

Bonding refers to attachment behaviors and emotions that a guinea pig exhibits toward another individual. Guinea pigs can form a strong bond to a sexual mate, he can bond with another guinea pig or another animal, or he can form a bond with a certain person. Characteristics of bonding behavior are that the attachment is long-lasting instead of transitory, the bond is specific to a certain animal or person, he feels secure and happy when he is near the bonded individual, and finally, involuntary separation from the individual causes emotional distress.

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Can Guinea Pigs Hear Better Than Dogs

The sound ranges of dogs and guinea pigs are very much similar. An average dog can hear the range between 67Hz-45,000Hz. But, the sensitivity of hearing does differ between the breeds of dogs.

The dogs can hear the sound waves which are lower in range, but the guinea pigs can listen to the higher sound waves. Thus, depending on the end of the sound spectrum, you will look at a guinea pig that can also have a worse or better hearing than dogs.

Also, guinea pigs can hear those sounds which are miles away as compared to dogs. An average dog can detect the sounds from ¼ mile away, which is less than that of the ordinary guinea pig.

Age Dependency Of Whole Brain T2 Fa Diffusivity And Kurtosis Measures

Age had no significant effect on T2 values obtained from the whole brain . On the other hand, whole-brain FA increased with age = 203.2, p< 0.001) . Whole brain AD also increased significantly with age = 9.27, p = 0.005), whereas RD decreased significantly as the animals matured = 6.32, p< 0.017). Based on post-hoc statistical data analysis, whole brain AD increased, and RD decreased significantly from PND 18â25 to PND 46â51 and did not change significantly between PND 46â51 and PND 118â123 . Whole brain MD remained constant from PND 18â25 to PND 118â123.

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Parasites And Skin Problems

Guinea pigs are prone to ringworm, which is an infection of the skin with a fungus, not with a worm. Certain animals may be ringworm carriers without showing any signs of illness. They can spread the disease to susceptible animals or develop disease themselves if stressed by overcrowding, poor nutrition, the presence of other diseases, or other environmental stresses. The skin affected by ringworm can be itchy, lose hair, and develop crusty scabs. Ringworm lesions are found most commonly around the face, head, and ears, but can spread to the back and legs. After diagnosis by your veterinarian, affected guinea pigs are treated topically and/or orally with anti-fungal medications.

“Guinea pigs can get fleas and lice fleas are usually diagnosed by finding the adults or their feces on the skin or in the fur.”

Tricks To Teach Your Guinea Pig


You can teach them anything including recognizing their own name, coming when called, follow you around, etc.

So, here is the big question, how do you train a guinea pig to do these tricks?

Start by grabbing those treats that we talked about!

No matter which trick you decide to teach, you have to reinforce proper behavior with lots of attention, loving pets, and of course, their favorite snack.

With a little time and practice, your piggy could be just like Ceico below! Lets start with some basics first, though.

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Size As An Indicator Of Age

If you buy your guinea pigs from a pet store, it isn’t uncommon for them to be a little unsure about the age of the animals they stock. In these cases, it is extremely helpful to be able to use your knowledge of guinea pig sizes to estimate their true age. Among other things, this can help you avoid buying a pet which is really too young to be sold.

Create The Right Environment

Since guinea pigs are small pets, its easy for them to escape through cracks and crevices, so make sure youre training them in a safe and enclosed space.

Whats worse is if they get stuck and the space is too small for you to help unstick them.

So before you get down to business, double-check the space.

Make sure there are no distractions and the area is quiet.

They scare easily due to their exceptionally sensitive ears, so this is very important.

Perhaps the most important step is to gather your patience.

It can take quite a bit of repetition to really teach your piggy new tricks.

Remember, just because they got it today does not mean they will remember it tomorrow.

Consistency and daily practice is key!

Now, lets check out those tricks!

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How To Train A Guinea Pig

Think training is just for the dogs? Think again! Guinea pigs are pretty intelligent little creatures that take well to training, too!

You can train guinea pigs to do a lot of fancy tricks, but to be successful, you need the right tools.

Check out the video below, then read on for our tips on how to train a guinea pig the right way.

Guinea Pig Hearing Frequency Range

Guinea Pig Dominance Behaviours and What They Mean!

According to studies, Guinea pigs can hear the sounds as low as 54Hz. That places the hearing range of guinea pigs at 54Hz-50,000Hz. From this point of view, the range of hearing in human beings is 20Hz-20,000Hz.

Human beings can listen to those frequencies that are lower, but guinea pigs are susceptible to those frequencies that are higher and can hear the vast range of sounds compared to human beings.

Guinea pigs are not able to hear all the sounds clearly with this range of hearing. The normal guinea pig can clearly listen to the sounds between 1,000Hz-18,000Hz anything out of this range can be heard by them but not with appropriate clarity.

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How Do I Get My Guinea Pig To Bond With Me

As with all mammals, a guinea pigs ability to form social bonds depends a lot on his first experiences. You may have heard stories of animals or people who were not cared for or were isolated in the first weeks or months or life, and then were unable to form social relationships later in life. These early interactions form a framework where the animal learns to form bonds with other guinea pigs and gain a sense of trust and security that is crucial to being able to form any kind of social bond later in life.

How Big Do Male Guinea Pigs Get

Males are almost always larger than female guinea pigs of the same breed. They are the ones who are most likely to grow to the breeds maximum length.

For instance, if you bring home an Abyssinian, you know that Abyssinian guinea pig size ranges from 8 to 12 inches .

A male Abyssinian guinea pig is far more likely to grow to the full 12 inches than a female.

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The Smartest Breed Of A Guinea Pig

The crested guinea pig is the rarest and the smartest breed of a guinea pig.

Its also shyer than the rest of its kind.

Moreover, it has quieter personalities and tends to hide more.

Despite the fact of being quiet, its the best choice for training tricks and other fun behaviors.

They learn fast and are the best at it.

The United States Europe And Japan

NewPress:Developing guinea pig brain as a model for ...

Andean immigrants in New York City raise and sell guinea pigs for meat, and some South American restaurants in major cities in the United States serve cuy as a delicacy. In the 1990s and 2000s, La Molina University began exporting large-breed guinea pigs to Europe, Japan, and the United States in the hope of increasing human consumption outside of countries in northern South America.

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Guinea Pig Death Process Dead Or In Shock

Last Updated on by Danielle

Every guinea pig owner will experience the moment in life where he or she needs to say the final farewell to a beloved pet.

Sometimes our guinea pigs leave this world without any symptoms and sometimes they go through a difficult period before passing on.

For an inexperienced guinea pig owner, it can be a bit challenging to distinguish the stages of a dying guinea pig.

Moreover, some symptoms of a disease can mimic and resemble what one usually sees in a dying guinea pig.

So how exactly can you spot the signs of a dying guinea pig?

Usually, dying guinea pigs refuse to eat or drink, shake or uncontrollably defecate or urinate and in severe cases, pain and slow movement can be observed.

The diseases and signs that led the cavy to the final moments of his life usually last for 24 to 72 hours.

Most dying guinea pigs refuse to eat or drink water before the end of their lives. Even when you try to force-feed them its just too uncomfortable for them to accept food.

Some guinea pigs with severe sickness will experience episodes of diarrhea and bloody urine. Straining to defecate or urinate can also indicate a serious problem.

The vast majority of cavies will be feverish and shaking in their final moments. The fever is probably due to lung infection and its accompanied by sneezing, coughing, wheezing, panting, and labored breathing.

Very sick guinea pigs have a hard time moving and show signs of pain.

How Big Do Guinea Pigs Get

So, how big do guinea pigs get? There is no single or simple answer to this question, but there are helpful guidelines.

A guinea pigs size consists of its length, width, height, and weight. Most commonly, however, only length and weight are noted when measuring guinea pig size.

Lets begin our look at guinea pig size by looking at average guinea pig weight.

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Is Guinea Pig The Right Pet For You

With their intelligence, their special features, and attributes, guinea pigs are indeed the right pet for you.

Aside from being cute, cuddly, and intelligent, they will also teach you one or two lessons.

These lessons surely will help you not only as a pet owner but as a human as well.

They will teach you how to be gentle because in taking care of guinea pigs, you would have to be very calm and gentle.

As stated above on the quick scientific facts, they hold species-specific needs.

They will teach you how to be patient.

Guineas solve complex problems and would go through obstacle courses without hesitations just to get the food at the finish line.

These guinea pigs will also teach you to be smart, both in decision-making and in choices in life.

With all the shreds of evidence and all-out explanations that have been presented, then it must be visible to us that this rodents family has an immeasurable and pleasurable intelligence compared to some of the mammals.

Indeed, guinea pigs are geniuses.

Can You Save A Dying Guinea Pig

A 4-year-old male guinea pig scratches his large head tumour. What to do? Pt 3/3

Whether you can save a dying guinea pig or not depends on many factors. Really old guinea pigs dont have a big chance of continuing their lives. For younger ones the chances of being saved are somewhat bigger, depending on their health condition.

If you are not sure about the age of your guinea pig you should look for signs such as twisted & thickened toes, stiffness, small skin tumors, and cloudy eyes that characterize older individuals.

Apart from when death comes suddenly without any symptoms, you have a few days to react.

While your guinea pig is sick for whatever reason you need to take him to the vet. Thats probably the only way and only time when you can help a dying guinea.

Even when he is being checked up and treated, the prognosis might not be that good. Always be prepared for the worst news especially when the symptoms are severe.

When a vet tells you that the chances of your guinea pig getting better are poor you can still try and make the end of his life more comfortable.

One thing you can do is offer the furry baby water from a syringe and even put some ground hay and pellets inside just offer, never force-feed!

In the last few moments of your guinea pigs life when the body functions stop working there is absolutely nothing you or anyone else can do to stop death from occurring.

However, you can do a few things that will make the passing more comfortable for your darling pet.

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