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How Much Is Brainly Plus

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Is It Safe To Use Verified Me

How to get Brainly Plus for FREE! – Neumatic

The Verified.Me service uses strong security protocols to protect your information from being identified, accessed or misused when it is sent through the Verified.Me service. Your information is made available in real-time and encrypted before being sent from your Connections when you consent to it.

How Does It Work

When students first login to Brainly after creating their free account, theyll be presented with the main dashboard. Big and bold in the center is the question, What do you need to know? which is a great place to start.

Students can filter questions by subject area or school level if theyre looking to answer some, or they can just type in their question to get started.

As the video above explains, youll typically get an answer to your question in under 10 minutes, which was my experience during testing as well. It helps that Brainly has over 60 million users, so in general, students are there and ready to help.

To ask a question, you have to spend points. First off, these points are free – theres no way to purchase additional points, no in-app purchases, or anything along those lines. Instead, you have to earn points by helping answer other student’s questions. This is one way that Brainly facilitates the exchange of help, and also encourages students to find an area where they feel strong enough in to answer questions.

Looking ahead, Brainly is focused on building out student learning paths, so that each user will have a more personalized Brainly experience focused on their strengths and learning gaps. The Brainly team wants to be sure students can set their own goals, and track their progress as they work in the app.

I Used This Site Once Last Summer And

I used this site ONCE last summer and then canceled. I am looking on my credit statements and have over three charges from brainly in the LAST TWO MONTHS. These are definitely scammers running this website. STOP CHARGING MY CARD. The website wont even let me log in to see why charges are recurring. It says my password has been reset and I need to change it. I click “forgot password” and it’s suppose to send an email for me to change it. IVE TRIED THIS SEVERAL TIMES AND HAVE YET TO GET AN EMAIL.

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Why Was My Question Or Answer Deleted

As you may know, Brainly has a team of awesome Moderators that are here to help users and keep the site in tip-top shape! 🙂

For this reason, they can delete questions and answers thatdon’tmeet Brainlys Community Guidelines.

When a Moderator deletes a question or answer, an automatic response is sent stating why the content was removed. Some key rules are:

Questions must be about a school subject and should be as clear and objective as possible.

Answers cannot be copied from another website, source, or user.

Answers cannot contain links to other websites.

Answers must be correct, complete, and written in your own words.

How Much Is The Subscription

Brainly Reviews

The subscription business model is a business model in which a customer must pay a recurring price at regular intervals for access to a product.

Brainly Plus is currently offered in two different subscription plans:

  • The Semi-Annual subscription plan costs $18, which is billed every 6 months unless canceled.
  • The Annual subscription plan costs $24, which is billed once annually unless canceled.

This option averages out to $2 per month for the annual subscription.

*Monthly subscriptions are not available*

For more information, refer to the link:-

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Is Brainly Better Than Chegg

The difference between Brainly and Chegg is that Brainly is a website that helps you with your assignments and homework by providing you with accurate solutions. While Chegg is an online platform where you can sell or buy any book with a minimum amount. And also helps you in solving your queries related to education.

Is Chegg Or Brainly Better

The difference between Brainly and Chegg is that Brainly is a website that helps you with your assignments and homework by providing you with accurate solutions. While Chegg is an online platform where you can sell or buy any book with a minimum amount. And also helps you in solving your queries related to education.

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How Do I Add A Question Or Answer


There are two main ways to add a question:

1. You can start by using the search box to find the same or similar questions on Brainly. If you decide to add your own, just click on the button Ask Your Question.

2. On the right side of the main page, you can add your question by clicking the green button Ask Your Question.

If you need to add special characters, mathematical equations, a picture, or an attachment, you can use the tools that are on the bottom of the question box.


To start answering, you just need to click on the question youre interested in and click on the Add it Here link.

You can also filter your search by subject, so that you only see relevant questions.

What Is A Trusted Helper

Brainly plus INFINITY Verified Answers On Mobile 2018

Trusted Helpers are outstanding users that have been chosen from the Community Team. Theyare volunteers that are a part of a community and contribute to Brainly in many ways. They hold roles such as Moderators, Mentors, and Trusted Answerers.

Trusted Helpers have an excellent record for conduct as a user of Brainly, with amazing communication skills, and the complete trust ofthe leaders of the Community Team.

If you are interested in becoming a Trusted Helper and joining the Volunteer community, please visit this page for more information!

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What Is Wrong With Brainly

Brainly is a crowdsourced Q& A site for students to give and receive homework help, kind of like Yahoo Answers for education. This feature doesnt promote thoughtful or detailed answers, and it precludes other students from trying to be helpful later on when the original answers are incorrect or unhelpful.

Digital Innovation And Transformation

Imagine youre struggling with your calculus homework. If you really needed help you might have called your friend from class. But students today have a new option. Today, more than 100 million students are logging into Brainly to use the wisdom of the crowds to do their homework.

Brainly is a platform for students around the world to help each other with their homework. The site is geared mostly to middle and high school students, though college students use the platform too. Any registered student can post a question to the platform, and other students will post answers in reply.

Brainly incentivizes users to respond to questions through gamification and a points system. Users need to use points to post a question. The more points they use, the more quickly their question will be answered. Users gain a basic number of points each time they log into the platform. However, users gain even more points by answering questions. Users gain an additional points bonus by giving the best answer .

This understanding of the target market has led to incredible user growth so far for Brainly. The platform serves 100 million monthly unique users , and has 30 million answered questions on the site. Brainly is active in 35 countries, with most of its growth so far coming from outside of the US .

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Can You Trust Brainly

Brainly has a consumer rating of 1.93 stars from 179 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Brainly most frequently mention answer questions, free points and help others problems. Brainly ranks 33rd among Question And Answer sites.

Is Brainly A Good App

Brainly Tools for Brainly markets

This website is HORRIBLE! I would ask for help constantly losing points and NO ONE WILL HELP. It would be 2 hours later after I asked 5 times before I get an adequate answer. Another thing is when I help people my answers get deleted for no reason. Please find another website to help you not brainly.

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The Easiest Method To Cancel Brainly Plusdonotpay

DoNotPay is a versatile app that can help you get out of your Brainly Plus subscription fast, regardless of which platform you used to sign up.

Follow these steps:

  • Access DoNotPay from your web browser
  • Select the Find Hidden Money feature
  • Type in Brainly as the name of service
  • We will let you know as soon as the cancellation is completed, but we can do even more for you.

    You don’t have to worry about forgotten subscriptions and unexpected costs if you use our app. Link your email or bank account to DoNotPay, and we will track down and help you cancel all subscriptions that you don’t use.

    Brainly Is A Horibble Website For Finding Answers To Homework

    Around 90% of the time, you’ll get joke answers or answers from bots. Even if I report their answers, they will report my question back? Even though their answers are completely irrelevant to my questions? Also, your moderators are probably 12 years olds, because why? THEY. DELETE. EVERY. CORRECT. ANSWER. I. MADE. Not to mention, that there are a bunch of other users that started grouping and bullied me with vulgar words. Disgusting. Is this what your moderating has become, Huh? Brainly? IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL A PEACEFUL FRIENDLY WEBSITE FOR EVERYONE? Shame on you, I will not use this website again, until you fix your moderation “ENTIRELY”.

    Reply from Brainly

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    Where Is Account Settings On Brainly

    Your Account Settings lets you set various options related to your profile and account. To access this page you need to go to your profile page and click on the account settings tab. This is where you select your account type. This tab allows you to choose which email notifications you would like to receive.

    How Do I Change My Username

    How to Brainly with no ads. NO DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE NEEDED

    Usernames can only be changed in extreme cases, like accidentally using your real name or giving out identifying information.

    If you need to change your username, please use the contact form to speak with us directly.

    1. Follow the steps as mentioned below

    Click on contact form

    Choose the category as General Inquiry

    Provide your profile link:

    Mention the reason for the change of username

    2. Mention the new username you want to change toabcdef.

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    How To Cancel Brainly Plus On The Company Website

    If you signed up for Brainly Plus on their website, you can cancel your subscription from your account.

    Here are the steps to end your subscription:

  • Go to the Brainly website
  • Click on the Log In button in the top menu
  • Log in to your account
  • Hover over your profile icon
  • Select Account Settings from the drop-down menu
  • Click on Subscription
  • Select Cancel my Subscription
  • How Do I Get More Points

    When you register your account, you will receive 20 points automatically. Above that, you can get an additional 10 points for confirming your email and 5 points for every day you log in to Brainly.

    But there is an even better way to earn points: answering questions! Every time you post a great answer, you will receive 50% of the points that were allocated to that question. Write a particularly awesome answer and you might also be awarded the Brainliest Answer, giving you an additional 25% of the points pool!

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    How Much Does A Brainly Plus Subscription Cost

    Brainly Plus is currently offered in two different subscription plans.

    TheSemi-Annualsubscription plan, you’ll be charged $18 every 6 months, unless you choose to cancel. This averages out to $3 per month.

    The Annual subscription plan is billed for $24, one time per year unless you choose to cancel. This averages out to $2 per month.

    Charges from your Brainly subscription will appear on your credit card statement by one of our payment providers Stripe, Zuora, or Paypal.

    You can cancel your subscription in your account settings.

    For additional details about our subscription policies, please reviewBrainlys Terms of Use.

    Does Brainly Free Trial Turn Into A Paid Plan

    what can you do to figure out how much you can afford when ...

    If you sign up for a seven-day free trial that Brainly offers, you will have to provide your credit card info. When the trial expires, your card will get charged if you haven’t canceled it before that.

    DoNotPay’s virtual credit card can prevent automatic charges after free trials.

    We will provide a random credit card number that will sign you up for any free trial. When the company tries to charge you, they will fail because our free virtual credit card is not connected to any real payment source.

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    Is Brainly Free To Use

    Brainlys mission is to give every student in the world a platform to share and explore knowledge in a collaborative community. You can access most of the content and features available on Brainly for free!

    If you wish to access all of the answers on Brainly, including Verified Answers, you can purchase a Brainly Plus subscription !

    Do I Have Access To My Content If My Subscription Is Cancelled

    Quite simply, you will not lose access to your content if you decide to cancel your subscription. Your Brainly account will remain active however, you will immediately be downgraded to the basic plan once your subscription is cancelled. As a Brainly Basic user, you will not have an ad-free experience and your access to content will be limited.

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    How Do I Confirm My Email Address

    You can confirm your email address by clicking the link in the confirmation email you received when you registered. If you didnt receive the confirmation email or entered the wrong email address, you can resend the confirmation email to a different address.

    Not only will confirming your email address give you additional insight as to whats happening on Brainly when youre not around, but it also gives you an additional 10 points for a head start!

    No Incentive One Sided Equation Unusable Because Of Bots

    How To Unblock Websites On School Networks [Brainly/Quizlet]

    Brainly has a lot of bots answering with links. Nothing is done about this. There is also literally no incentive or reason to actually answer people’s questions since you gain nothing but meaningless points that make you rank up so you can unlock… a new title? That’s it?? There needs to be a lot of work on brainly. I paid for a subscription since it was actually acceptable but with the bots who delete their answers so you can’t even report the site is unusable. You have to pay to see answers or watch ads but for answering questions you literally get nothing. It’s a completely one sided equation. It’s a good concept but it needs more incentive and a lot more maintenance. I’m paying for this service and they can’t even afford some bot protection.

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    Why Was My Profile Picture Deleted

    Profile pictures are only deleted in the most extreme circumstances: if they contain explicit or offensive imagery or content.

    It is unusual for a profile picture to be removed. Since we are an educational website, we like to see images that are friendly and fun.

  • On Brainly, we have a group of members called Moderators who perform actions like:

    asking users to correct answers

    deleting answers and questions that do not adhere to posting guidelines

    warning members who continually break the rules.

    This is to ensure that all the questions and answers on Brainly are of the highest quality.

    These actions are part of the moderation process and are frequently referred to as moderation actions.

    When a Moderator decides to delete your question or answer, he or she will send you a reason for the action. The most common reasons for deleting questions or answersare:

    Questions that are not related to a school subject, or are not clear and objective

    Answers that are copied from other websites, sources, or users

    Answers that are incorrect or contain errors

  • How Do I Get A Refund From Photomath

    You can view, change or cancel your Photomath Plus subscription through the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. To request a refund for a Photomath Plus subscription that has been purchased in-app, you will need to directly contact Apple. Refer to the following Apple support document for more information.

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    How Do I Unsubscribe From Brainly Plus

    How do I unsubscribe from Brainly plus?

    How much is Brainly plus a month? Brainly Plus is currently offered in two different subscription plans: The Semi-Annual subscription plan costs $18, which is billed every 6 months unless cancelled. The Annual subscription plan costs $24, which is billed once annually unless cancelled. This option averages out to $2 per month.

    Do you have to pay for Brainly? You can always access most of the content and features available on Brainly for free. But if you wish to access all of the answers on Brainly, including Verified Answers with 100% uninterrupted access, you can purchase a Brainly Plus subscription!

    Why cant I cancel a subscription on my iPhone? Yeah there is only the renew payment subscription, but no option to cancel !!! You have to go to iTunes & App Store in your iPhone settings. Then click on your Apple ID, and go to subscriptions and you will see the app subscription there. You will be given the option to cancel it.

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