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How To Clean Your Brain

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What Is The Glymphatic System

How To Clean Your Brain

The glymphatic system refers to the system of blood vessels in the body that removes waste products from the brain and central nervous system. The glymphatic system is most active while you sleep, which is why getting a good nights rest is imperative for feeling mentally sharp.

How does the glymphatic system work?

  • This system depends on cerebrospinal fluid , which enters spaces next to smaller blood vessels that lead to the brain.
  • CSF interchanges with interstitial fluid, the fluid surrounding the brain cells. This helps form a glymphatic vasculature that detoxifies the brain by collecting waste, such as proteins , metabolites, toxins, etc.
  • This system then carries this waste away from your brain and through your body so it can be dispelled.
  • While were sleeping, there is increased glymphatic activity due to greater availability of space between interstitial and cerebrospinal fluid. Exercise can also boost glymphatic activity, according to some studies.

When the glymphatic system becomes disrupted, its thought that this can contribute to some diseases of the brain, as well as symptoms like brain fog and poor memory. Researchers now believe that a well-functioning clearance system in the nervous system is critical for prevention of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Huntingtons disease and ALS.

A Good Night’s Sleep Scrubs Your Brain Clean Researchers Find

Its no secret that too little shut-eye can drain your brain, but scientists havent fully understood why.

Now, a new study suggests that a good nights sleep leaves you feeling sharp and refreshed because a newly discovered system that scrubs away neural waste is mostly active when youre at rest.

Its a revelation that could not only transform scientists fundamental understanding of sleep, but also point to new ways to treat disorders such as Alzheimers disease, which are linked to the accumulation of toxins in the brain.

We have a cleaning system that almost stops when we are awake and starts when we sleep. Its almost like opening and closing a faucet — its that dramatic, says Dr. Maiken Nedergaard, co-director of the Center for Translational Neuromedicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Nedergaard is the lead author of the study published Thursday in the journal Science. She and her colleagues first reported last year their discovery of the brains unique waste removal system, dubbed the glymphatic system. It works like a neural trash truck, clearing away toxic by-products that build up when youre awake.

The scientists had used two-photon microscopy a new imaging technology that allows scientists to see deep inside living tissue to peer into the brains of mice, which are remarkably similar to human brains.

The scientists found that the glymphatic system was almost 10 times more active during sleep than when awake.

Your Brain Is Like A Garden

“Imagine your brain is a garden, except instead of growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables, you grow synaptic connections between neurons…Glial cells are the gardeners of your brain…other glial cells are the waste removers, pulling up weeds, killing pests, raking up dead leaves…the synaptic connections that get used less get marked by a protein, C1q . When the microglial cells detect that mark, they bond to the protein and destroyor prunethe synapse.” In other words, your glial cells wash your brain, removing thoughts that are not being accessed. It’s like your brain’s recycling bin. It certainly gives the verse in Ephesians 5:26, “the washing with water through the word” a whole new significance. Two thousand years ago Paul was telling us that Scripture had the power to wash our brains – literally!

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Why You Need A Brain Detox Now

Youve probably heard of detox diets intended to cleanse your body and jumpstart better health and weight loss. But what about a brain detox? Your brain is the most metabolically active organ in your body. As such, it can be damaged from environmental toxins. It is also vulnerable to toxic relationships, toxic habits, and toxic thinking patterns. In fact, its your brain that carries the heaviest toxic load in your entire body. And for many of us, that load has never been greater. With the pandemic, rampant anxiety, and other stressors, now is the best time ever to do a brain detox.

Rather than increasing your brains toxic load with junk food, bad habits, and negative thoughts, its time to rid yourself of biological, psychological, and social toxicity. This will cleanse your brain for more optimal function, which will lead to a clearer mind, more stable emotions, happier relationships, and a better life.

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How Sleep Helps the Brain Clean Itself
  • Silica water for atleast 5days? Haha who is this low informated person claiming this? Half life of aluminium in brain is 3 years

  • ShayAugust 25, 2021

    Oh so needed this thank you .?

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    You need to make a correction, you must emphasize that the Diatomaceous earth MUST BE FOOD GRADE !!!!! This is so important because the Diatomaceous earth used for swimming pool filter will kill you ! and if it doesnt kill you, it will give you lung cancer. I knew somebody that put non food grade Diatomaceous earth in their dogs drinking water to remove parasites and it killed their dog. Please specify food grade Diatomaceous earth

  • Hello Robert. THANK YOU! I was not aware to this. Correction made. Best wishes and thanks again, Jane

  • Paul HartNovember 4, 2021


    This is plainly stated in item #2 of the article. WHat else did you miss?:

    Please make sure your Diatomaceous earth is FOOD GRADE, or it could cause great harm. Do not take the so-named chemical used in swimming pools!

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    Improve Your Sleep Habits

    Sure, a bad night’s sleep here and there is going to leave you sluggish the next day, but if your overall sleep patterns aren’t optimal, your brain won’t be at its best. “Poor sleep habits can hit us in two ways, increasing our stress levels and disrupting the brain’s opportunity to rest and recover,” says Bridges. “This can come from having an inconsistent sleep schedule, not sleeping soundly, or waking up in the middle of the nightall of which can give you transitory brain fog.”

    A 2020 study done at Stanford found that stepping outside for a few minutes in the early morning as the sun rises, and again before the sun is going down, will reset your circadian rhythms. “That light helps to align your natural sleep-wake cycle, which allows your brain to go into ‘self-clean’ mode at night, cleaning out the brain-fog-causing plaques,” Dow says.

    How To Detox Your Brain By Hacking Your Glymphatic System

    Wonder why youre always reading about how important sleep quality is not just quantity? Well, modern science still doesnt know all of the molecular mechanisms behind why we need sleep. As of last month, we now know more.

    A study, published in Science in October 2013 and entitled Sleep Drives Metabolite Clearance from the Adult Brain, finds just that: we need to sleep specifically so that the brain can focus on cleaning itself out each night.

    Lead study author Dr. Maiken Nedergaard summarizes in a statement: the restorative nature of sleep appears to be the result of the active clearance of the by-products of neural activity that accumulate during wakefulness.

    The studys abstract states :

    We here report that sleep has a critical function in ensuring metabolic homeostasis. Using real-time assessments of tetramethylammonium diffusion and two-photon imaging in live mice, we show that natural sleep or anesthesia are associated with a 60% increase in the interstitial space, resulting in a striking increase in convective exchange of cerebrospinal fluid with interstitial fluid. In turn, convective fluxes of interstitial fluid increased the rate of ?-amyloid clearance during sleep. Thus, the restorative function of sleep may be a consequence of the enhanced removal of potentially neurotoxic waste products that accumulate in the awake central nervous system.

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    Ways To Detox Your Brain And Your Life

    With age comes a tendency to rely on feeling that symptoms of memory loss, lack of focus, headaches, and fatigue are normal. However, lets explore the proper explanation for these feelings as: Toxins are a silent killer. Joseph Pizzorno, ND addresses this very idea in his book, The Toxin Solution.

    The Toxin Solution, offers a four-pronged approach:

  • Understanding where toxins are found and how they cause disease.
  • Preparing your detoxification systems to eliminate toxins quickly and safely.
  • Undergoing intense detoxification.
  • Following simple guidelines for a toxin-free life.
  • Use Other Heavy Metal Detoxification Modalities

    Scientists Discovered How Sleep Cleans Toxins From Your Brain

    Finally, there are a lot of modalities other than foods and supplements that can help you flush out aluminum and other heavy metals. In research studies, high infrared saunas have been shown to not only trim body fat but also detox xenobiotics, i.e. foreign chemicals. These include heavy metals.

    In addition, full-mat Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy has also been shown to help with detoxification through boosting natural antioxidants and immune responses in the body. Heliotherapy , mineral baths, and regular exercise also help to flush toxins from the body.

    With a little knowledge and the right foods, supplements, and healthy behaviors, you CAN reduce your toxic aluminum load before its proven health effects happen to you. In addition, by keeping your immune system as vital as possible through the right diet and managing stress, you can go a long way in helping your body to detoxify the heavy metals we are exposed to every day, and do so naturally.

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    Consume Foods That Contain Silica

    Silica is needed for many functions in the body. It can have anti-aging effects as it helps to reinforce collagen elasticity in body tissues, and prevents arterial plaque from clogging up blood flow. Silica is also an important component for building bone, helps process key nutrients like magnesium and vitamin K2, and is vital for maintaining a strong cardiovascular system. Silica is also an antioxidant. As such, it can be a blood detoxifier.

    Most importantly, silica has been found to reduce aluminum levels drastically in the body. It does this by binding with its molecules and extracting them out of brain cells and ultimately out of the body through urine and other means.

    Ground-breaking research done by Dr. Exley found that water high in silicic acid had a positive effect on autistic children. Exley has found that aluminum levels were lower in the children by 50 to 70 percent who drank this kind of water.

    He then did the same study with Alzheimers Disease patients. After 13 weeks of drinking high-silica water, the same results were achieved. In the AD patients, eight out of fifteen no longer showed neurological deterioration and three showed substantial cognitive increase.

    Please make sure your Diatomaceous earth is FOOD GRADE, or it could cause great harm. Do not take the so-named chemical used in swimming pools!

    In addition to high-silicic acid waters and DE, cucumbers, bananas, bentonite clay, and horsetail herb also contain high amounts of silica.

    Believing You Can Change Your Brain

    Finally, it turns out that simply believing that you have the power to physically change your brain can in fact help you change your brain.

    Carol Dweck explained the significance of what she called a growth mindset in her famous TED Talk titled The Importance of Believing You Can Improve. To sum up her profound point, kids who are taught that they didnt correctly solve a problem or pass a test yet showed more willingness to learn and improve than those graded on a simple pass/fail system:

    Just the words yet or not yet, were finding, give kids greater confidence, give them a path into the future that creates greater persistence. And we can actually change students mindsets. In one study, we taught them that every time they push out of their comfort zone to learn something new and difficult, the neurons in their brain can form new, stronger connections, and over time they can get smarter.

    The benefits of a growth mindset arent limited to school children. Approaching challenges with an attitude that embraces growth and improvement can give us the grit we need to push our limits, strengthen beneficial neural connections, and create entirely new ones well into old age.

    I dont know about you, but I find that incredibly comforting.

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    Treat Your Gut As Your Second Brain

    Among a lot of brilliant advice, Joseph Pizzorno, ND mentions the dangers of an unhealthy gut. He also explains why you should devote two months to getting your gut back on the track that your body deserves. What a lot of people must know is that your gut health is pivotal to having efficient brain health. Gut health contributes to weight gain, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and stress.

    Without proper gut health, toxins will simply flow to the next organs in line and on to other areas of the body. The result is that it is creating a disaster for your body to function properly. For instance, intestinal problems increase inflammation, that low-level fire that destroys your organs, and increases your risk for low mood, worry, chronic pain and less-than-ideal cognitive health. This is why optimizing the gut-brain axis is critical to your mental health.

    The Toxin Solution offers beneficial advice when resetting our bodies. It will help you get healthy and stay healthy while winning the war against our toxic filled society. If you have struggled with your health, now is the time to take action for your own well-being, once and for all. Here is how:

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      New and improving technologies in neuroscience are giving us deeper insight into the mysterious gray stuff between our ears. It turns out, our brains are surprisingly dynamic we do things every single day that affect their structure and chemistry.

      Below are ten of the ways that we can literally change our brains, for better or worse

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      A Type Of Brainwave May Help Clean Your Brain While You Sleep

      Oxygenated blood in a sleeping brain

      Fultz et al. 2019

      As you sleep, slow waves of electrical activity in your brain seem to help rinse away harmful waste products that could otherwise damage your brain cells. The process may play a role in preventing neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimers disease.

      Sleep is really important for clearing toxic metabolic waste products from the brain, says Laura Lewis at Boston University, Massachusetts. Sleep deprivation is associated with a build-up in the brain of clumps of protein, such as beta-amyloid, which is implicated in Alzheimers disease, she says.

      Brainwaves are made by large networks of brain cells firing together in rhythm. Much about their function is unclear, but we know they are slower during deep sleep, and faster when we are awake. To see if brainwaves play a role in cleaning the brain, Lewis and her team used EEG caps to measure electrical activity in the brains of 13 people while they napped inside MRI scanners.

      At the same time, the researchers also measured blood oxygen levels in their brains and the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, a watery liquid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord.

      What Routine Brain Imaging Misses About Head Injuries

      If you seek medical treatment for a head injury, you may undergo certain types of brain imaging, such as MRI or CT. These neuroimaging technologies show the structure of the brain, but they dont provide information on how it is functioning. For this reason, an MRI or CT scan can show normal results even if youre struggling with symptoms.

      Brain SPECT imaging, on the other hand, shows how the brain functions. It measures blood flow and activity in the brain and shows 3 things: areas of the brain with healthy activity, areas with too much activity, and areas with too little activity. This can be more valuable in cases where cognitive dysfunction, psychological issues, or behavioral problems are present.

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      Your Glymphatic System: The Good Kind Of Brain Drain

      You probably havent read much about the glymphatic system because it hasnt hit the mainstream, but you will. I covered this system, and how to hack it with food, in The Bulletproof Diet book. .

      In 2012, researchers identified this new maintenance system called the glymphatic system, which uses the cells mitochondria to remove cellular waste from the brain. It found that the clear cerebrospinal fluid in the brain is what is responsible for draining toxins from the brain, much like how the lymph system in other organs is what removes waste from those cells to the kidney and liver. But the brain has no lymph it has CSF instead.

      The scientists noted that this system is particularly active during sleep. In other words, as you sleep your brain cells mitochondria remove cellular waste. If you improve your mitochondrial function during sleep, youll turbocharge your brains maintenance system and get more cleanup done in fewer hours of sleep.

      Back To Basics: Why Sleep Is The Clean

      How to Clear Your Mind | Meditation

      Welcome to the third article in our Back to Basics series: a conversation on the science of sleep. Our bodies and brains are integrated systems, and in this series we will illuminate how and why a handful of synergistic, simple, and scientifically grounded lifestyle choices offer protection from COVID-19 now and fortify mental and physical health for life.

      Although our brains comprise only 2% of our overall body weight, they consume roughly 20% of our daily energy expenditure. By day, the brain is highly active processing and transmitting electrical information throughout the nervous system. By night, it is equally as active synchronizing neural mechanisms to repair damage caused by oxidative stress. Both processes are expensive to our energy stores, but the price is non-negotiable as we humans require a healthy functioning brain to survive.

      For a clear image of what happens after a rough night of sleep, picture a young child. On the outside, we see irritability, impulsivity, fatigue, clumsiness, gastrointestinal issues and roller coaster moods. On the inside, these states are driven by an interactive cascade of hormonal, neuronal and metabolic signals, which undermine mood, self-regulation, digestion and system-wide health.

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