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How To Clear Brain Fog

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What Are The Causes Of Brain Fog

How to Clear Brain Fog

As there are many brain fog symptoms, the causes of brain fog also cover a lot of ground. However, addressing these causes can stop a more serious condition from developing.

Brain fog is far easier to manage than a life-threatening condition. So, its imperative to address the causes of brain fog when you realize them before they get out of hand.

Common Brain Fog Causes

Brain fog can happen as a result of medical conditions, lifestyle factors or changes in the physiology. It shows up when our brains resources become taxed as a result of an underlying issue; theres an imbalance in the system that we need to address in order to allow the brain the space to refresh itself.;

Before we get started on the common causes of brain fog, remember to check with a medical professional to get clear about the underlying cause of your mental fatigue. They will be able to diagnose the cause and provide treatment.

Clear Your Mind With Meditation

There are thousands of studies that show that meditation can positively impact your mental health.Meditation can help to reduce stress, increase focus, increase creativity, and refresh your mind.

In addition, a study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies found that just 10 days of using a meditation app increased positivity and well-being.

I highly recommend starting with an app like Headspace or Buddhify. Each of these apps provide guided meditations that you easily fit into your day. Even as little as five minutes of meditation helps to clear my mind.

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How To Get Rid Of Head Fogginess

Dont worry though. There are easy, natural remedies you can try to get rid of that fuzzy head fogginess feeling:

If youre feeling fuzzy headed, youre not alone.; Weve all had days when we felt as though were not operating at full capacity.; Taking steps to eliminate the causes of that fuzzy feeling in your head will soon have you living a life of clarity and focus, easily and naturally, and BrainTap is here to help.

Clear Brain Fog Immediately By Changing Your Diet

8 Powerful Ways to Clear Brain Fog Almost Instantly in ...

Being in medical school can be taxing, and sometimes you may not have the time to cook a proper meal. So you end up eating junk even when you know you shouldnt.

Taking care of your body is the first way to make sure you are healthy in body and mind.

Diets that are high in good fats are a great way to improve your brain health.

You may also consider incorporating probiotics into your diet. Probiotics help improve your gut health. When your gut is healthy, your brain-gut axis is stronger, and you are one step closer to being able to clear brain fog immediately.

Cutting back on caffeine can also help. While you get that initial burst of energy when you first drink caffeine, it doesnt last long. After a little while, you become jittery and tired.

Something else you may want to think about is to find out if you have allergies. Allergies may make you uncomfortable and deter your mental acuity.

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The Study Yielded Several Important Findings

  • Engaging in two, three, four, or five mentally stimulating activities in late life correlated with a lower risk for developing MCI. A trend suggests a greater number of activities is linked to a greater reduction in risk.
  • Three activities computer use, social activities, and games had benefits when pursued in both midlife and late life. However, crafts were beneficial only in late life.
  • Reading books showed no benefit a dismaying finding to me as both an author and an avid reader.

How Much Mct Oil Do You Need To Take To Improve Focus And Clear Brain Fog

Research and the experience of myself and others finds that taking 1 tablespoon of MCT oil is enough to get you into nutritional ketosis and give you more mental clarity, focus, and energy.;

Since this amount only has 100 calories that are immediately used for energy it shouldnt throw off your diet if weight loss is also one of your goals.;

If you are just starting to take MCT oil you should start with a smaller amount. Taking 1 tablespoon at a time may give you an upset stomach, cramps, and even diarrhea.;

The best way to avoid this problem is to start off with a ½ to 1 teaspoon at a time. Youll still get an increase in ketones and their brain boosting benefits, without any negative side effects. Increase your dosage over 1-2 weeks, adding a ¼ tablespoon at a time.;

Taking MCT oil with food can also help you avoid an upset stomach.;

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Get Active Before Learning

A top tip to help with this? Before youre about to learn something new, do something active whether thats going for a brisk walk or an energising yoga class: When you get your heart rate up just before a mental task, you prime the brain with increased blood flow, which creates an enriched setting for mental activity.

Exactly How Much To Drink

How To CLEAR Brain Fog Fast What causes Brain Cloud?

A simple way to calculate your daily water requirement is by dividing your body weight in half and replacing pounds with ounces. So if you weigh 140 lbs., your water requirement is 70 oz. Also, keep in mind physical activity, as athletes and active people need more water than sedentary people. During the hot summer months, you need to boost your water intake even more.

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Easy Ways To Boost Your Physical Activity

  • Walk around. Walking is one of the best exercises for your brain. Thats why you often hear suggestions like take a walk around the block when you have a mental block. Walking helps increase the glucose and oxygen flowing to the brain, which in turn stimulates brain cell formation. Just taking a quick walk can help clear your unwanted brain fog.
  • Stand up frequently during long sitting periods. Youve probably heard that too much sitting is very bad for your brain and your overall health. In fact, sitting has been called the new smoking. The easiest way to counteract sitting at your desk all day is to simply stand up frequently throughout the day. Just by using those muscles, youre stimulating brain function and helping to reduce that brain fog.
  • How Covid Damages The Brain

    COVID can cause damage to the brain directly by encephalitis, which may have devastating or subtle consequences. In one British study of 12 patients with encephalitis, one made a full recovery, 10 made a partial recovery, and one died. This study also found that a number of patients with COVID suffered strokes. In fact, COVID infection is a risk factor for strokes. A group of Canadian doctors found that individuals over 70 years of age were at particularly high risk for stroke related to COVID infection, but even young individuals are seven times more likely to have a stroke from this coronavirus versus a typical flu virus.

    Autopsy data from COVID patients in Finland suggests that another major cause of brain damage is lack of oxygen. Particularly worrisome is that several of the patients who were autopsied did not show any signs of brain injury during the course of their COVID infection yet all had brain damage. In one patient there was loss of taste, and in two there was minimal respiratory distress, but none of these patients were thought to have any brain damage while alive.

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    How Mct Oil Works To Fuel Your Brain

    MCTs short for medium chain triglycerides are a type of fat. Theyre found in coconuts, butter, and other foods.

    When you eat or take MCTs as a supplement they are digested and utilized differently than other fats. Instead of being digested and either stored or used for energy theyre instead shuttled from your small intestine to the liver.;

    Once they arrive in your liver, the MCT oil you took is used to create ketones. These compounds can then be used for energy by our body. When youre eating low carb, theyre a preferred source of fuel for your body.;

    One thing that makes them super cool is that your brain loves to use them for energy. Especially when youre cutting carbs from your diet.;

    Want A Sharp Mind Strong Memory Ramp Up Activities

    How to clear your brain fog

    We all want to keep our minds sharp and our memories strong as we get older. So, what can we do right now to prevent cognitive decline in later years? Engaging in regular aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, probably has the biggest effect on people of many ages . Convincing evidence also suggests that a Mediterranean-style diet of fish, olive oil, avocados, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and whole grains is beneficial. But what about social and mental activities do they help at all?

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    When In Doubt Nap It Out

    As I mentioned, lack of sleep and sleep disorders are major causes of brain fog. For tips for better sleep at night, check out Proven Ways To Improve Your Childs Sleep Hygiene. These tips work for both kids and adults!

    And there is no shame in taking a nap during the day. A short nap can mean a clear mind, which will better serve you for the rest of the day. Studies show that 10 to 20 minutes of sleep is best. Longer naps can cause sleep inertia, or what I call a nap coma a period of grogginess and reduced performance caused by waking in the middle of deep sleep.

    Hormonal Changes And Imbalance

    A change in levels of progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy and menopause sets off brain fog. Hormonal changes and sometimes imbalance like this can result in poor memory and lack of mental clarity, and poor concentration, albeit in the short-term.

    A 2013 study showed that women transitioning to menopause suffered from hormonal changes, and eventually, forgetfulness and trouble focusing on challenging tasks.

    Another indication of effects of hormonal imbalance on brain fog is its presence in thyroid disorders. People suffering from hypothyroidism and Hashimotos disease also experience difficulty remembering and solving complex problems.

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    Check For Food Allergies

    Studies have shown that cognitive function improves when a person removes an offending food allergen from their diet. But it can be difficult to know if a food allergy is actually at the root of your brain fog. If you suspect this may be a concern for you, try eliminating the most common allergenic foods from your diet. Once you begin to feel better, slowly add those foods back in, one at a time, until you can identify your offending food. Then you know what you should avoid in the future.

    Therapy Used Around The World

    How to clear up brain fog

    There are no current treatments for brain fog attributed to COVID-19. But a new clinical trial at UAB is testing a proven rehabilitation method with a record of success in restoring lost function. Known as Constraint-Induced Therapy , it was developed by Edward Taub, Ph.D., University Professor in the Department of Psychology and director of the CI Therapy Research Group, in collaboration with colleagues at UAB. CI is used around the world to help patients regain limb function and language abilities after stroke.

    Studies in France and the United States reveal that a third of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 have experienced memory loss and other cognitive difficulties in the months after their recovery. This brain fog can be debilitating. It feels as though I am under anesthesia, one patient said.

    CI Therapy also is used to treat patients with traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy, and with anoxial and other brain damage in pediatric patients.

    Individuals who think they can benefit are welcome to contact the project directly at 205-934-9768 or learn more about the study at

    Some 97% of the thousands of stroke patients who have taken part in CI Therapy have seen meaningful improvement, and the average patient uses his or her affected limb five times more post-therapy than pre-therapy.

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    Powerful Ways To Clear Brain Fog Almost Instantly

    DISCLOSURE: I am not a mental health professional. If you need help finding a mental health care provider, call 1-800-662-HELP or visit Online Therapy to call, message, or video chat a certified therapist online. This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I may also receive compensation from Online Therapy or other sources if you purchase products or services through the links provided on this page. You can read my full disclaimer.

    Do you wish you could clear brain fog instantly?

    You probably wake up in the morning with all hopes of being productive.

    However, you cant seem to get out of bed.

    Your head feels fuzzy.;Youre struggling with fatigue. You feel disoriented.;

    Brain fog is most likely the culprit, and its so difficult to deal with.

    Here are 8 powerful ways to clear your brain fog almost instantly.

    But first, have you downloaded your free depression checklists?

    Foods That Help Clear Brain Fog And Improve Memory And Focus

      Constantly finding yourself forgetting dates, details or names while in the middle of a conversation? Or struggling to focus during a busy day at work? Youre likely to have brain fog; the symptoms of which include confusion, disorientation to time and place, and a slowing of mental reflexes and sharpness. While sleep and reducing stress can help considerably, a nutrient-rich diet is a must to improve concentration and focus. We spoke to experts to find out more.

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      Balance Active Workouts With Active Tune

      Many types of exercise stimulate the sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for fight or flight responses. Unfortunately, your body doesnt know the difference between running on a treadmill or running from dangerboth look like stress. Stress manifests as brain fog. In order to reduce stress, you need to flex your parasympathetic nervous system, which is engaged during rest and relaxation and helps to calm your body and your mind. You can do this by incorporating more meditation and yoga into your routine.

      What Is Brain Fog And How Does It Relate To Mental Illness

      Suffering from Brain Fog? What Causes It and How to Clear It

      Experiencing brain fog can make you feel like youre lost in a maze. You might feel confused, alone, frustrated, disoriented, bewildered, unclear, and adrift. Brain fog can also affect your emotional well-being. Being unable to think clearly may make you feel powerless, irritable, and downcast. Constantly feeling this way can put a damper on your mental health. Having a mental illness can trigger brain fog, as can other conditions. Understanding brain fog, its causes, and how it relates to mental illness can help you better understand the relationship between brain health, mental capacity, and emotional well-being.

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      Cutting Through Brain Fog: How To Gain Clarity

      Brain fog is one of the more common symptoms we see in practice, as well as being one of the most elusive and hard to pin down. A sudden onset of poor concentration, mental fatigue, inability to focus, confusion, and memory issues make even the simplest tasks seem overwhelming and can negatively affect all aspects of life. Lets take a look at the various causes of brain fog, and what you can do to clear things up.

      How Do You Get Rid Of Brain Fog

      Dr. Parmar explains that getting rid of brain fog depends on the underlying causes and your access to care. Focusing on lifestyle changes like eating a balanced, healthy diet , getting enough sleep, doing regular exercise, and prioritizing self-care can help reduce stress and improve your overall mental state.

      However, if the cause of your brain fog is a medical condition like anxiety, its recommended to seek help from a psychiatrist or therapist. But because finding a mental health professional isnt easy, rest assured there are some grounding techniques you can start doing today to cope.

      Activities such as yoga, meditation, practicing mindfulness, and stretching are all useful tools that can help self-soothe and ground you. Meditation allows individuals with brain fog to gain clarity, practice self-compassion, and experience catharsis through mindfulness and breath, says Dr. Magavi.

      Doing frequent check-ins with yourself and body scans can also help you identify whats causing your brain fog and address the underlying cause. For example, Dr. Parmar says, you may be hungry or may need some water and hydration to rejuvenate yourself or there may be a pending task or upcoming project adding to your stress level. Once you identify the source, try to correct it, if it is something within your control.

      S Stop or pause for a moment no matter what youre doing.

      T Take a few deep breaths and try to bring yourself to the present moment.

      for the full article in HelloGiggles.

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      Get Enough Good Quality Sleep

      Mental and physical exhaustion can result in everyday brain fog. The CDC recommends that adults get 7 8 hours of sleep per night, but between work, family, and school it can be challenging to get 8 hours of quality sleep. The body needs that much time for us to feel rested because we move through multiple sleep cycles.

      Healthy sleep habitslike a consistent bedtime, limiting evening screen time, reducing light exposure before bed, and setting a strict wake-up timeimprove the quality of sleep over time. Limiting naps to less than 30 minutes and reducing alcohol consumption before bed are a must, too. For more ideas dive into our healthy evening routine article. You can also browse through our free collection of sleep meditation practices and relaxing music that help to calm the mind and relax the body in preparation for restorative sleep.

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