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How To Control Your Brain

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Tell Yourself A Different Story

Learn How To Control Your Mind (USE This To BrainWash Yourself)

How you see the world depends on the stories you tell yourself:;

A depressing story has a depressing effect on its audience. But if youre the one telling the story about your experiences and what you see in them, you can choose to tell a story that lifts you up.;

Im not saying you should lie; just focus on whats good. Find a way to reframe your experiences in a positive or neutral way.;

And stop punishing yourself for your mistakes. Learn from them, and let them go.;

Talk To A Good Friend

Gaining social support from trusted friends can help you to process what you’re feeling, and supply you with an influx of new and helpful ideas for how to manage your stressors, which can help you know how to relax your mind by helping you feel less burdened by your stressors. That’s why maintaining a supportive circle of friends is important.

Getting out of a rumination rut by talking things out with a trusted confidante can help you feel more relaxed and provide the clarity you need to take action.

How Can You Stop Thoughts

To stop unwanted thoughts, you focus on the thought and then learn to say “Stop” to end the thought. At first, you will shout “Stop!” out loud. Then you will learn to say it in your mind so that you can use this technique anywhere. Here’s how to get started:

  • List your most stressful thoughts. These are the thoughts that distract you from your daily activities and make you worry more. You wish you could stop having these thoughts, but they keep occurring. Write down your upsetting thoughts in order of the most stressful to the least stressful. Start practicing thought-stopping with the thought that is the least stressful. Here’s an example of a list, starting with the most stressful:
  • I’m always worried that something bad will happen to my child, even if she just gets a cold.
  • I just know that one of us is going to get laid off from work.
  • I’m so nervous about making a presentation at work that it’s all I can think about.
  • Imagine the thought. Sit or lie down in a private place . Close your eyes. Imagine a situation in which you might have this stressful thought. Then allow yourself to focus on the thought.
  • Stop the thought. Startling yourself is a good way to interrupt the thought. Try one of these two techniques:
  • Practice steps 1 through 3 until the thought goes away on command. Then try the process again. This time, interrupt the thought by saying the word “Stop!” in a normal voice.
  • Pick another thought that bothers you more than the last one, and continue thought-stopping.
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    Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

    What does your inner voice say to you?

    We all have a voice inside of our heads, a constant inner dialogue observing the world, working out problems, or forming opinions about this or that.

    Does your inner voice fill you with confidence? Or does it say things like:

    • Im not good with relationships.
    • Im never going to get what I want.
    • Everyone is against me.
    • I never have enough money.
    • I could never start my own business.

    These kinds of limited beliefs take you away from what you want and need.;

    Unfortunately, most people dont realize just how much that negative self-talk is running their lives, causing stress, anxiety, and perfectionism. The inner critic can hold you back from being your authentic self and living a joyful life.

    Breaking those patterns starts with recognizing that they exist in the first place.;

    Spend the next week or two tracking some of your common limited beliefs. Do some of these thoughts tend to stand out more than others?;

    Narrow down your list to one that youd like to focus on. Ask yourself: What new belief do you want to replace the old, limiting way of thinking?;

    Your job is to notice the limiting belief when it creeps into your language, actions, and thoughts. Now, replace that with your new affirmation. Repeat this process over time to guide your thoughts in a more positive, constructive direction.

    Work On Managing Stress

    How To Control Your Mind Through Learning Meditation ...

    When circumstances out of your control add stress to your life, it often becomes more difficult to regulate your state of mind.

    Stress and anxiety can fuel unwanted thoughts. This can provoke more worry, leading to a cycle that can rapidly become overwhelming.

    Start taking back control by exploring key sources of stress in your life and seeking potential ways to remove or reduce those triggers.

    Most people cant completely remove stress triggers. Stress often comes from outside sources. You cant always control what happens around you.

    Thats where self-care comes in. Setting aside time to nurture your mind and body can promote improved well-being overall. It also makes it easier to bounce back from lifes difficulties with a more hopeful outlook.

    Self-care can involve:

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    More About Mental Strength

      When someone says, I cant do it . . . I say to myself, What do you mean you;cant;do it?;Maybe you dont want to do it, but saying you cant do it is a completely different story.

      With the right mindset, positive attitude, and a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, the only thing that is holding you back is yourself.

      Cant is a terrible word and it has to be taken out of your vocabulary.

      By saying you cant do something,;youre already doubting yourself, submitting to defeat, and youre making that barrier around your life tighter.

      So today, right now, we are going to remove this word for good.

      From now on there is nothing we;cant;do.

      What Part Of Brain Controls Posture And Balance

      The cerebellum gets information from the sensory systems, the spinal cord, and from other parts of the brain and then it regulates the motor movements. All voluntary movements such as posture, balance, coordination, and speech are coordinated by the cerebellum which results in the smooth and balanced muscular activity.

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      Manage Your Emotions And Beliefs

      Too often, we operate from unconscious beliefsIm too old to learn a new job skill or No one will ever want to be in a relationship with mewithout being aware of how they thwart us from even trying certain things. When we are driven by unconscious emotions like fear, sadness, or worry, it can lower our energy and make us feel doomed or overwhelmed, which also hurts our agency.

      Increasing your awareness of how your emotions and beliefs drive your thinking, influence your behavior, and affect your judgment will help you navigate life with greater confidence. While uncovering these inner thoughts and emotions may take effort, being more self-reflective helps you keep grounded by slowing down your thinking process.

      For example, try to catch yourself the next time you feel angry with yourself. Dont automatically accept that harmful emotion or, worse, dwell on it. Instead, pause and question it. Why am I feeling this way? Am I pressuring myself too much? Maybe my beliefs and expectations need some adjusting. Start by slowing your thinking down. Take slow deep breaths. Take yourself to a quiet place. Consciously let go of the tension building up in your muscles. These simple techniques will relax you and keep you more self-aware. This enhances your agency by putting you more in charge of what you feel and think.

      How The Eyes Communicate With The Brain

      How To Control Your BRAIN & Master Your MIND!

      When we decide to look at something, a brainstem structure called the pons is called into action. It controls eye movement, constantly telling our eye muscles to move toward the correct stimulus of light .

      When light enters the eye through the pupil, it strikes in the retina called rods and cones. Rod cells are responsible forperipheral vision and night vision, while cone cells react to brighter light, color and fine details.

      When light hits its corresponding rod or cone, the cell activates, firing a nerve impulse through the optic nerve the middle man between the eye and the brain.

      This impulse travels across countless nerve endings and eventually ends up with our pal the occipital lobe, where its processed and perceived as a visible image. This is eyesight.

      Since an image isnt much help without meaning, the occipital lobe sends this visual information to the hippocampus in the temporal lobe. Here its stored as a memory.

      All of this happens within the tiniest fraction of a second, allowing us to perceive the world in essentially real time.

      The human brain is an incredibly complex web of neurons and synapses. And the more we understand about its mind-boggling ability to process and make sense of random collections of light, the more we can appreciate the equally complex world around us.

      STILL HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR BRAIN AND VISION? Talk to an eye doctor near you to schedule an appointment.

      Schedule an exam

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      Digging In The Desert

      To say the interior parts of the Arabian Peninsula have never yielded evidence of hominins would not be entirely true. The earth here hides evidence of hominins, just not of hominin settlements. Whenever archaeologists make a discovery, it is usually the remnants of a makeshift workshop site, which are very different from the cave and rock shelters that can be stumbled upon throughout the more hospitable Levant region. Did we look hard enough, though?

      Excavations in northern Saudi Arabia at a site called Khall Amayshan 4 suggest we did not. On the surface, the site looks like any other part of the Nefud Desert. Below ground, however, sedimentary rocks and interdunal basins tell of a time when this place used to contain a network of lakes and rivers. Such a clear and detailed preservation of this time in geologic history cannot be found anywhere else on the peninsula and was formed serendipitously when a sand dune slid atop the basin to protect it from erosion.

      We know the shores at KAM 4 have been occupied by hominins several times during the Pleistocene because different phases of lake formation correspond with a “distinct lithic assemblage” an archaeological term for stone tools and their byproducts, of which KAM 4 is filled to the brim. A 400,000-year-old assemblage contains small hand axes made from slabs of quartzite, while a 55,000-year-old deposit contains a number of Levallois flakes.

      Focus On The Beginning And The End If You Want To Have An Impact

      The reptilian brain is primarily focused on its survival. This means that it will always be very alert to changes to evaluate danger. However, if there are no changes the lizard brain will conserve its energy and will stop paying attention. This is also related to the concept of hedonic adaptation. So, if you want to make an impact when giving a presentation, bring your key message at the beginning and the end of your presentation. That are the moments that the reptilian brain of your audience will pay attention the most. Preferably, you bring your key message at both the beginning and the end because the lizard brain also likes repetition. And if you combine this with the first reptilian brain hack, then know that you have to stipulate the pain first and the solution to this pain last, in this key message.

      The big question is then of course, what will you tell in the middle of your presentation? Well, if there are important points which need to be mentioned, then you need to wake up the reptilian brain. This is not done by monotonous continuing your presentation of course. No, you need to create a break state, a pattern interrupt, so that the lizard brain of your audience suddenly becomes alert of a change which is happening. Then it will start to pay attention again.

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      Biohack Your Subconscious Mind With Binaural Beats

      Biohacking is using experimentation and technology to improve your health and wellness. Biohacking can involve red light therapy to increase health, adopting an intermittent fasting plan to trigger weight loss oradding supplements to your diet to supercharge your health. One powerful way to reprogram your mindthrough biohacking is by harnessing the power of music. Our brainwaves respond differently to various types of music and we can induce certain feelings with the right beats.

      Binaural beats involve playing two tones at different frequencies to induce certain states of mind. Its been proven that our subconscious mind absorbs information better when we are in a relaxed state, so you can use binaural beats to trigger alpha brainwaves.

      Reptilian Brain Trigger: Food

      Napoleon Hill Quote: You either control your mind or it ...

      Food is one of those necessities you need every day. Without it, your genes will be unable to replicate, and your body will die. While your reptilian brain evolved to keep your body alive and to serve the needs of your genes, food is a very powerful trigger. This trigger generates a strong response from your lizard brain. Food can trigger greed, aggression, obsessive and compulsive behavioral responses, by your reptilian brain. Especially when food is scarce, this trigger of the lizard brain will cause us to behave like animals, which only concern is to survive.

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      Respond Instead Of Reacting

      Knowing how to control your thoughts means learning to handle your response. You can do that by shifting from a place of reaction to a place of response.


      Reaction is emotional. You take action immediately based on beliefs, biases, and prejudices without thinking. Your unconscious mind takes control.


      When you respond, you take a moment to process your initial emotional reaction before taking action. You observe your emotions and thoughts before responding in a way that aligns with your core values.

      The next time you notice an intense thought or emotion come up, take a moment. You may need to leave the room or take a few breaths.;

      Pause and reflect before taking action.;

      You will likely discover much better outcomes and avoid unnecessary conflict just by responding instead of reacting.

      Use The Understanding Of The Right And Left Brain Hemispheres To Help You Tackle Sticky Interpersonal Conversations At Work

      As the saying goes, there are are two sides to every story. The story originator, the human brain, is no exception. The human brain is anatomically and functionally divided into two sides, or hemispheres. Each hemisphere has a distinct purpose. The left side is mainly involved in logic and reason. It loves lists and language, and interprets life in a concrete and literal way. The right brain is more creative and less black and white. It is the hemisphere of big emotions, is involved in the functions of empathy and self-reflection, and abstract interpretations. For a long time, conventional wisdom upheld that most of us were dominated by one hemisphere. The more creative and artistic were thought to be right brain dominant, and the science and math geeks were considered to be left brain dominant. However, emerging research has shown that when higher order cognition occurs, the entire brain becomes engaged. In fact, the most intelligent and highest functioning amongst us are not dominated by one side, but are adept at using both sides to ponder complex issues. These individuals have a well-integrated brain, in which both hemispheres disentangle difficult topics.

      Inc. helps entrepreneurs change the world. Get the advice you need to start, grow, and lead your business today. for unlimited access.

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      Be Proactive Instead Of Reactive

      When youre on auto-pilot, youre relying on old habits, which you can only break by acting consciously. If you can identify those thinking habits , you can practice responding differently.;

      Start by taking a closer look at a situation that usually gets an adverse reaction from you. What exactly is going on? Resist the temptation to embellish your account with assumptions about the other person.;

      The way you see it and the way they see it are unlikely to match up. Once you reframe the situation in a positive or neutral light, its easier to see how you might respond in a way that benefits you both.;

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      Draw A Map Of Your Town From Memory

      REWIRE YOUR BRAIN – Neuroscientist Explains How To Control Your Mind in MINUTES!

      While you might feel like you can navigate the streets of your neighborhood with your eyes closed, try challenging your brain by actually drawing a map of your town or neighborhood from memory. No cheating! Try to include major streets, major side streets, and local landmarks.

      Once you are done, compare your memory map to a real map of the area. How did you do? Are you surprised by some of the things that you missed? If you found this activity too easy, try drawing a less familiar area from memory, such as a map of the entire United States or Europe, and try to label every state or country.

      Navigating your way to the supermarket or doctor’s office might seem simple and almost automatic when you are behind the wheel of your car. However, forcing yourself to remember the layout of your neighborhood as well as draw and label it helps activate a variety of areas of your brain.

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      How To Know If Its Working

      Subconscious mind programming can be tricky by its very definition, you cant always tell what its thinking. But there are ways to tell if your efforts to reprogram your mind are working.

      • Youre becoming more self-aware. You must be aware of your subconscious mind in order to reprogram it. Are you getting better at stoppingnegative self-talk andcontrolling your emotions? Are you able to shift your focus at will? These are signs of self-awareness.
      • You take more risks. Everyone has differentrisk tolerances, but limiting beliefs cause us not to take any risks at all. When you reprogram your mind, youllincrease your confidence and be ready to get out of your comfort zone.
      • You attract positivity. As Tony says, Whatever you consistently think about and focus upon you move toward. Thats thelaw of attraction: reprogramming your mind to think more positively can actually bring more positive things into your life.

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