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How To Detox Your Brain

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Get A Good Nights Sleep

How To Detox Your Brain Part 1 – Dr Caroline Leaf

As mentioned above, the brain naturally flushes itself while you are sleeping. Therefore, sleep is essential for this process to take place. This resting period is also essential for other processes to reset and prepare for the next day.

Ways to Form Better Sleep Habits

  • Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night.
  • Set the thermostat for an optimal sleep environment .
  • Create a dark and quiet environment.
  • Avoid watching TV or staring at your phone prior to bedtime.
  • If you snack at night, make sure to finish it at least two hours before bedtime.
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

  • 1/2 to 3/4-inch chunk of ginger
  • handful of spinach
  • 1/2 bunch of cilantro

Ingredients to add when blending:

  • 1 tsp barley grass juice powder
  • 1 tsp spirulina
  • 1 small handful of Atlantic dulse
  • Optional – 2 tsp Chaga powder
  • 1 cup of water

Directions: In a high speed blender, blend all ingredients until smooth. If a thinner consistency is desired, add more water. Enjoy!

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    Why Organs Like Your Brain Suffer Most From Toxins

    Not to get too science-y on you, but our body’s detox pathways also require a variety of nutrients that act as cofactors for the enzymes involved in this multistep process. These steps include activation, oxidation, reduction, hydrolysis, conjugation, methylation, and recirculation. Because it’s so complex, detox requires significant amounts of the body’s energy supply.

    When our body is assaulted by the exposure to pro-inflammatory foods, alcohol, tobacco, medications, and foreign substances such as drugs, heavy metals, chemicals, persistent organic pollutants, and microorganisms, our natural detoxification systems can be overwhelmed and unhealthy metabolites can accumulate and ultimately trigger mitochondrial dysfunction, metabolic deficiencies, immunotoxicity, and resultant neuroinflammation . As a result, the body’s energy is diverted and metabolically active organs such as the brain, the heart, and the muscles start to suffer. It is then we start to feel unwell and experience not only chronic fatigue and weakness but slow processing and cognitive difficulties.

    Does A Dopamine Detox Have Benefits

    Best Ways to Detox the Brain

    We have already clarified that a complete and total detox from naturally-occurring dopamine is not possible.

    That said, the decision to unplug and detach from certain impulsive behaviors may come with some health benefits, one of which is the potential for heightened focus and greater mental clarity.

    Dopamine is often distracting, and may be a hindrance for some people from achieving their goals. It is what prompts the excessive repetition of certain feel-good behaviors, causing people to scroll mindlessly on social media or binge-watch their favorite TV shows.

    These unnecessary compulsions detract from spending time more productively on work, health goals, home organization, and more. When people actively avoid these distractions, they may free up more time for the things that matter more to them.

    In short, a dopamine detox is not technically possible, and any evidence of its positive effects are purely anecdotal.

    However, by avoiding certain behaviors, such as spending hours scrolling through a smartphone and social media sites, people may be able to achieve a greater state of mindfulness , which comes with its own benefits. Among these are stress relief, lower blood pressure, and improved sleep.

    For those struggling with certain addictive behaviors, meditation can be a great way to achieve a state of mindfulness. Learn about the 7 types of meditation here.

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    Add Silica To Your Water

    Where aluminum exposure increases the chances of developing both dementia and Alzheimers, increased consumption of silica reduces the chance.

    Silica helps aluminum to be excreted via urine but allows essential metals, such as iron and copper, to stay in the body. Furthermore, studies have shown that drinking silica-rich mineral water each day for 12 weeks helps to remove aluminum from the body.

    Reset Your Toxic Filled Body

    In only eight weeks, Joseph Pizzornos The Toxin Solution will:

    Reveal how to avoid avoidable toxins. Strengthen and repair detox organs: the gut, liver, and kidneys. Support your bodys normal processes for excreting toxins. Actively facilitate the release of toxins. Repair toxin- related damage.

    Probiotic supplements help keep your gut in a healthy, life-supporting balance. The beneficial bacteria and the harmful bacteria compete for survival in your gut. As with any battle, the more good soldiers you have on your side, the more likely you are to win the battle.

    At Amen Clinics, we can help you and your loved ones overcome the stigma and suffering associated with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, brain injury, weight loss, addictions, memory issues, brain fog, and other emotional and cognitive issues. If you are ready to regain control over your life, or help a loved one do the same, contact Amen Clinics today.

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    Common Misconceptions About Detoxing

    Detox diets are said to eliminate toxins from your body, improve health, and promote weight loss.

    They often involve the use of laxatives, diuretics, vitamins, minerals, teas, and other foods thought to have detoxing properties.

    The term toxin in the context of detox diets is loosely defined. It typically includes pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and processed foods which all negatively affect health.

    However, popular detox diets rarely identify the specific toxins they aim to remove or the mechanism by which they supposedly eliminate them (

    3 ).

    Your body has a sophisticated way of eliminating toxins that involves the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin, and lungs.

    Still, only when these organs are healthy, can they effectively eliminate unwanted substances.

    So, while detox diets dont do anything that your body cant naturally do on its own, you can optimize your bodys natural detoxification system.


    While detox diets have a seductive appeal, your body is fully equipped to handle toxins and other unwanted substances.

    6 ).

    Recognizing acetaldehyde as a toxin, your liver converts it to a harmless substance called acetate, which is later eliminated from your body.

    While observational studies have shown low-to-moderate alcohol consumption beneficial for heart health, excessive drinking can cause a myriad of health problems (

    10 ).


    Drinking too much alcohol reduces your livers ability to carry out its normal functions, such as detoxifying.

    Know About The Glymphatic System That Detoxifies Your Brain

    DOPAMINE DETOX | How to Reset Your Brain For Success

    The glymphatic system is a waste clearance system that mainly takes part in mental detoxification. This macroscopic system is highly efficient to eliminate metabolites and protein from the central nervous system. The Glymphatic system is more active at the time of sleep and inactive during wakefulness. So sound sleep is the first and most important criterion of brain detoxification.

    During sleep your other biological process get slows down, then the Glymphatic system actively performs its job, and eliminates potentially neurotoxic products, such as Beta-amyloids, and other metabolites.

    Now the important question is how to activate our Glymphatic system

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    How The Glymphatic System Works

    Our body naturally seeks to remove harmful products from all systems including the circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, kidneys and liver. The brain is no exception, and this process takes place via the glymphatic system.

    As explained in a 2015 study on the glymphatic system, this process cleanses the central nervous system through a complex network of vessels. And like a lot of systems in the body, the process of recharging and repairing takes place mainly while we sleep. During this time, other systems are less active and the recovery processes kick into gear.

    The process can be rather complex to understand, but heres a brief overview of how the glymphatic system takes out the trash.

    • The glymphatic system is made up of a network of vessels and channels that work to clear waste from the central nervous system .
    • Cerebrospinal fluid passes into these channels, washing over the cells and tissues collecting waste products including proteins and toxins. It then flushes them out and they are passed out of the body as waste.
    • Research shows that when we are sleeping, the space between these channels increases, allowing for a more thorough flushing.

    Include Complex Forms Of Carbohydrates

    While it’s best to stay away from simple and processed carbs, complex carbohydrates are an important energy source for the brain, as the glucose moleculebroken down from whole grain and starch sources by the intricate mechanisms with our bodys catabolic pathwaysis the preferred energy source of the brain and its cells.

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    What Is The Glymphatic System

    The glymphatic system refers to the system of blood vessels in the body that removes waste products from the brain and central nervous system. The glymphatic system is most active while you sleep, which is why getting a good nights rest is imperative for feeling mentally sharp.

    How does the glymphatic system work?

    • This system depends on cerebrospinal fluid , which enters spaces next to smaller blood vessels that lead to the brain.
    • CSF interchanges with interstitial fluid, the fluid surrounding the brain cells. This helps form a glymphatic vasculature that detoxifies the brain by collecting waste, such as proteins , metabolites, toxins, etc.
    • This system then carries this waste away from your brain and through your body so it can be dispelled.
    • While were sleeping, there is increased glymphatic activity due to greater availability of space between interstitial and cerebrospinal fluid. Exercise can also boost glymphatic activity, according to some studies.

    When the glymphatic system becomes disrupted, its thought that this can contribute to some diseases of the brain, as well as symptoms like brain fog and poor memory. Researchers now believe that a well-functioning clearance system in the nervous system is critical for prevention of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Huntingtons disease and ALS.

    How To Detoxify Your Brain With Exercise

    Detox Your Brain and Increase Productivity In Your Business

    Getting your sweat on is vital not just for the body but your brain as well.

    Working out, getting your heart rate up 3-4 times a week is essential for a healthy brain.

    Sweat flushes toxins, and exercise unleashes endorphins into your system . Endorphins relieve stress and create a feeling of euphoria.

    Here are a few other exercises for the brain physical and mental:

    • Learning a new language will create new pathways in your brain, test your memory and expand horizons
    • Try using your non-dominant hand this will increase your brain activity because the brain will have to work harder to get things done
    • Solving a jigsaw puzzle research has shown that solving puzzles slow down visuospatial cognitive decline
    • Building vocabulary keeps the mind sharp and engages many areas of the brain
    • Learning a new skill improves memory in older adults, a claim backed by research
    • Meditation is proven to jog your memory and increase the brains capacity to process information
    • Solving crossword puzzles will indeed engage and improve your reasoning, attention, and memory
    • Spend time with nature.

    Like any part of the body, the brain also needs exercise to keep it active and shape.

    P.S. Consider reading our article on activities that can significantly improve IQ and intelligence.

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    Not Getting Regular Sleep You May Be Putting Your Brains Health At Risk

    Our brain cells actively use energy to learn and think during the day, and toxins build up. The study, published in the journal, Science Advances, describes the importance of sleep for clearing your brain of cellular waste.

    The waste removal system of the central nervous system called the glymphatic system needs you to do your part to detox your brain. It gets the majority of its brain cleaning duties done during our sleeping hours. When we dont sleep well, it cant keep up. Too much cellular waste can pile up, including excess amyloid proteinsthe primary protein associated with an Alzheimers diagnosis.

    Its our cerebral spinal fluid that acts as a flushing system for brain detoxification each night, says Dr. Alberto R. Ramos, who specializes in researching the relationship between sleep disorders, cerebrovascular disease and neurocognitive aging.

    This fluid essentially takes out the garbage at night, he says.

    Excess proteins and waste inside our brains move through the fluid to the outside of our brains. They can then be removed from the body by our other systems to keep all cells healthy.

    Dr. Ramos, the director of the Sleep Disorders Program at the University of Miami Health Systems Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute, adds that an additional theory about excess use is being talked about. If ones brain cells and the links between them are overly active in the day, but do not get enough rest and refresh time, brain waste may accumulate in greater amounts.

    Detox Your Brain At Night

    While youre sleeping, your brain is hard at work performing some very critical functions necessary to keep it operating at optimal levels. For example, during sleep, your brain cleans or washes itself by eliminating cellular debris and toxins that build up during the day , consolidates learning and memory, and prepares for the following day. The brain processes that occur during sleep are also important for the health of your immune system, appetite control, and neurotransmitter production. When you skimp on sleep or experience sleep disturbances, you dont get the brain benefits.

    Brain Detox Solution: To help your brain take out the nightly neural trash, try these tips:

    • Aim for 7+ hours of sleep each night.
    • Keep your bedroom completely dark and quiet.
    • Stay coolbetween 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal for quality sleep.
    • Establish a sleep schedulego to bed and wake up at the same time every day.
    • Avoid eating a meal within 2-3 hours of going to bed.
    • No blue screens 30-60 minutes before bed.
    • If you snore, get evaluated for sleep apnea and/or wear your CPAP.
    • If you need help falling asleep, try melatonin.

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    Detox Your Brain Naturally

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    Last Updated on May 31, 2020 by Paula Dunbar

    First I want to get the terminology straight, so Ive included brief definitions of what toxins are, including environmental toxins as well as the definition of poison. I think it helps to specifiy exactly what we are trying to neutralize or get rid of. Toxin is such a broad and mainstream term these days, we forget what it really is. In order to detox your brain naturally, you need to know what youre dealing with. Then it becomes less important than getting rid of it.

    Part of my goal here is an education of how things work and how to make them work better. Toxins do affect your brain as well as the rest of your body and can affect how you think and feel. This information is extremely important for brain health.

    My approach is more of a lifestyle than cleaning up what weve been doing. Although, we have to start somewhere, right?

    It matters if youre feeling sluggish, have unexplained fatigue, have allergies, puffy eyes or bags under your eyes, bloated, have irritated skin or have mental confusion. Then you know its time to pay attention and try some detox strategies.

    Lets get to it!

    The scientific definitions of Toxins and Poisons from Merriam-Webster dictionary online:

    noun : A poisonous substance, especially one produced by a living organism.

    But there is another definition that many of us think of as toxins:

    What Are Your Thoughts

    How To Detox Your Brain Part 2 Dr Caroline Leaf YouTube 720p

    So, what are your thoughts on these ways to detoxify your brain?

    Id love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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    Diet Choices To Detoxify Your Brain

    Were constantly eating out, slurping sugary drinks, and bypassing the consumption of nutritious food.

    These eating habits lead to a constant state of grogginess and brain fog.

    It is paramount that we fix our diets by incorporating foods thatll enable us to cleanse our brains.

    Only if you knew how small changes in diet could lead to drastic changes in brain health, youd cut back on those soda cans right away!

    Let us look at some superfoods thatll bring your cognition right up to speed.

    • Fatty fish
    • Walnuts
    • Eggs

    You can check our detailed article on perfect foods to detoxify your brain for a comprehensive take on what foods to eat for a cognitive boost and how they cleanse the brain.

    Another essential part is to keep ourselves hydrated at all times. Drink sufficient fluids dehydration leads to headaches and slows cognitive function.

    We all know the age-old expression, you are what you eat. So next time youre about to chow down on that pepperoni pizza with a big fat soda can just before bed, recall how itll slow you down and hinder your performance.

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