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How To Draw A Brain Easy

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How To Draw A Brain Outline

How to Draw a Brain

You may not know but the human brain is not a simple structure. It is very complex and consists of many parts. When there is a problem in one part of the brain, it can cause the brain to stop function properly. To have this idea in mind, let us tell you how to draw a human brain.

  • First, you need to outline i.e. the big part called a hemisphere. This way, you can depict the side view of the brain. So, start by making gyrus on it. Draw them on each surface and add some details in it, for example, the truck and the cerebellum.

The main function of this part of the brain is balance, muscle tone, and coordination. Simply put, the outline is simple, you need to simply draw a rough round-shape oval with gyrus on it.

The Drawing Of The Human Brain In Colour

The brain is a symbol of intelligence, creativity, creativity. We use this when we learn how to draw a brain this will help us create an attractive, genuinely unusual pattern.

First, we outline the auxiliary figures an oval, a circle and two diagonal lines.

Then we start to depict the convolutions inside a large oval. They should be short, with smooth curves, without sharp corners.

Then draw them on the whole area.

And even a little outside, because our oval is a general shape, not an exact form.

Then in the circle, we will depict the cerebellum. It is half hidden behind the hemisphere. Besides, the convolutions on it have the form of straight lines located close to each other.

Well put all the basic contours and remove all unnecessary.

It is time for colour and, of course, for creativity. The brain itself will be pink, voluminous and brilliant. And the background is bright, with DNA spirals, in blue and violet tones. You can add something of your own formulas, graphics, burning lights a symbol of discovery and new ideas. In short, everything here is limited only by your imagination.

When everything is ready, you can safely show your drawing to everyone it looks great.

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How To Draw A Brain Step By Step:

Step 1: Draw a bean shape with 3 curves at the lower end.

Step 2: Draw 5 compartments inside the shape, as depicted below.

Step 3: In the first compartment draw irregular lines.

Step 4: Again draw random lines in the second compartment.

Step 5: Similarly draw those lines in the 3rd compartment.

Step 6: Keep on drawing compartment 4 as did in the last steps.

Step 7: Make 2 parts of compartment 5 and draw a very small fine line in the left side.

Step 8: Draw a tube shape as shown in the image below.

Step 9: Outline the outer lines and color your drawing with a light shade of pink or use grey.

How To Draw A Brain For Kids

How to Draw a Human Brain

Step 1 Draw a simple oval for the cerebellum.

Step 2 Now draw two geometrical shapes as shown for the two sides of the brain. Keep in mind narrower at the top.

Step 3 Using the 2 shapes, draw the two sides of the brain as show with little pointed shape at the top.

Step 4 Fill the brain with short and curved lines which shows millions of synapses.

Step 5 Give some shadow effect to your drawing and color it to complete your drawing.

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Graphite Sticks And Crayons

Graphite sticks are thick solid graphite pencils that have no wood casing but have a coating on the outside for handling without getting graphite all over your hands which can be very messy they are helpful when going for broad, expressive work and shadows over lines made with a grooving tool or when wanting a visible paper tooth for a desired effect. Graphite crayons are chunky much like crayons are they are suitable for big, energetic work but they are messy as they have no coating on the outside so easily rub off onto your hand especially the softer grades but are the best for doing tactile, involved mark making on a large scale work or life drawing.

Drawing A Realistic Brain

  • 1Draw a horizontal oval that juts out along the bottom line. Lightly sketch an oval that’s as large as you want the brain to be. Curve the top of the oval in the middle to make the rounded part of the brain. When you’re drawing the bottom line, make it bump out near the middle. The bump should be about 1/3 the size of the brain’s length.XResearch source
  • Keep your pencil marks light so you can erase mistakes or go over them with a pen.
  • Tip: If it’s easier for you, draw a horizontal oval and make a circle that’s about 1/3 of the size of the bottom line. Place the circle on the bottom line of the oval and draw a line connecting the circle to the oval outline. Then, erase the rest of the circle.

  • 2Sketch a narrow curve above the top line of the brain. This will give your drawing a sense of dimension. Place your pencil on one end of the oval and draw a line that curves over the top line. It should be about 1â2 inch above the original outline at its widest point.XResearch source
  • If you don’t want to give the brain dimension, you can skip this step.
  • 3Make a curve that looks like a C on the bottom bump. Now that you’ve drawn the basic outline for the brain, you’ll start to draw lines that separate the different segments of the brain. Locate the bump you made on the bottom line and draw the base of a C shape so it fits into the bump. Extend the top of the C towards the middle of the brain.XResearch source
  • The area of the bump will be the temporal lobe.
  • Frontal lobe
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    How To Draw A Brain In 5 Easy Steps

    How to Draw a Brain in 5 Easy Steps!

    Did you know?

    1. The human brain is over three times as big as the brain of other mammals that are of similar body size!

    2. You cant tickle yourself because your brain distinguished between unexpected external touch and your own touch.

    3. The average number of thoughts that humans are believed to experience each day is 70,000 wow!

    Aside from how to draw a brain, you can follow our on-going series, How To Draw in 5 Easy Steps, please check-out the ImageThink blog for past entries or visit our Tumblr for more illustrations!

    How To Draw Brain Easy

    How To Draw A Human Brain Easy Step By Step


    Here ur answer in this attachment……..

    Step 1) Lightly draw a sideways D-like shape as a guide lines for drawing the brain. This shape will be erased later.

    Lightly draw an oval guide line.

    Lightly draw another oval guide line. Now we can start the real lines.

    Draw around the guide linesmake the line a little wavy, or not perfect, I mean.

    Draw a C-like line and 2 curved lines, as well.

    Draw a sideways J-like shape, and 2 shapes that are similar to sideways #3-like shapes.

    Draw some wiggly, squiggly lines.

    Draw some curved lines.

    Draw some S-like curved lines.

    Draw some more curved lines.

    And now some squiggly lines.

    Draw some triangle-like shapes and fill them in.

    Just keep drawing wavy, squiggly, and curved lines.

    Draw a squiggly line and an L shape.

    Draw a line and some more squiggly lines too.

    Draw a wavy line and a backwards #3-like shape.

    Draw a sideways J shape and some lines.

    Draw lines for the pattern.

    Erase the guide lines.

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    We Brain Drawing Outline

    The human brain is a very complex structure consisting of several main parts. Even the smallest violations of each of these parts can lead to serious health problems. To have an idea about this body, lets figure out how to draw a persons brain.

    First, we draw the so-called big brain, or instead its hemisphere we will depict a side view.

    We begin to make gyrus on it the degree of development of the organism depends on their number.

    Draw them on all surfaces.

    Now you need to draw other details. Namely the cerebellum and the trunk. The primary function of the cerebellum is coordination in space, muscle tone and balance.

    Thats all, and we coped with the task.

    Next Draw The Outline Of Your Brain

    Now that you have your planning shapes drawn in pencil, you can begin on the outline of your brain drawing in this step.

    Using your planning shapes and the reference image, carefully draw in the shape of the brain for the outline.

    This could take a few tries to get right, so I would recommend still using a pencil for this stage. Once its looking good to you, then you can go over it in pen before erasing the pencil lines.

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    How To Draw A Cartoon Brain Using Simple Lines

    This tutorial will show you how to draw a cartoon brain! Perhaps the most important part of the human body, the brain is still a great mystery for every scientist of the world.

    It is so complex that even in 300 years, chances are that it will remain a great enigma to mankind. Fortunately, drawing a nice looking brain is not as complex as this body part itself! Let’s start this tutorial right now! You can begin with the video version below. The written tutorial can be found after the video.

    Step 1

    First, draw a large circle to illustrate the cerebellum. Don’t worry, it is much smaller in real life. But I’ve decided to create a bigger one in this tutorial to make our illustration clearer and easier to read .

    Step 2

    Next, sketch two rectangles to form each side of the brain. Notice that the top is narrower and slightly incline towards the inside the drawing.

    Step 3

    Now try to refine the outline of your brain. Make the bottom flat and the top more pointed .

    Step 4

    Add some lines inside the brain to create the illusion of paths. Use some short and curved lines over longer and straight ones.

    Step 5

    You can add some shadows to give more appeal to your artwork!

    Step 6

    Just add some colors and you are done! Drawing a nice looking brain isn’t too difficult! You just need to create a nice outline and add some curved lines inside each side for a killer effect!

    Growing Your Visual Vocabulary: 1 Easy Tip To Draw A Brain

    Draw a Brain

    Posted on

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    The truth is, the majority of people who are artists have a limited ability to reach into their visual memory and draw an object. Instead, we rely on using models, still lifes, photos, or even Google image search to base our art on.

    When it comes to sketchnotes, bullet journalling, and classroom doodles, these resources arent often available. To compensate for a lack of visuals present or available in the classroom, Ive fallen back on a technique used by graphic recorders who create live graphics for events and speakers. Graphic recorders are constantly building what is called a visual vocabulary.

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    How To Draw A Brain Coral

    In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Brain Coral in 7 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

    The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

    Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

    At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Brain Coral.

    Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

    Finding The Simple Answer To Being Bored And Help You Find Drawing Ideas

    The real problem is easy to understand, if you dont put anything into the box, then how do you think you are going to be finding anything to get out of it?

    What this means is?

    If you dont start filling your mind with drawing ideas, then where do you think you are going to get your drawing ideas from?

    When your bored you have no ideas, thats part of being bored, this is because you dont have anything going on inside your mined. This might sound too simple but you just need to relax and look at photos of things you like. That is what drawing ideas are, they are pictures, finding photos you like is finding drawing ideas. Doing this will get you all the ideas you like plus looking at the pictures that stimulate you because you like them helps you not to be bored.

    If you think about the pictures you have drawn in the past and the reasons why you did them, you will find that it wasnt because you had the urge to do a drawing of a car, a face or whatever. It was a specific car, face or whatever that you wanted to draw, this is often described as inspiration, a desire for drawing it.

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    How To Draw A Brain Step

    Let us now tell you how to draw a brain step-by-step. It is not difficult to learn and practice how to draw a brain in steps or stages. You can either use a pencil or pen or marker. This is your personal preference. So, you can draw the brain with whatever is convenient for you.

    • You have already outlined it. The form of the brain is peculiar i.e. with a specific bend. So, you need to make convolutions one by one and these convolutions must be on the entire surface. They are smooth, curved, and without sharp corners.
    • The next step is to draw other parts of the brain, which include the trunk, the bridge, and the cerebellum. We have already told you about the cerebellum and what does it do in the above section.
    • The bridge is part of the brain that is responsible for information transfer from the spinal cord to the central nervous system. Likewise, make sure you draw the trunk and depicts that the structure is connected to the CNS.

    Interesting Facts About Brain Coral :

    How to draw BRAIN easy

    The Brain Coral is so called because of its resemblance to a human brain. The beautiful, twisting, maze-like grooves on the Brain Corals surface are actually thousands of tiny animals called coral polyps, lying close together to make up the entire coral colony. The Brain Coral takes hundreds of years to grow into an enormous mound, sometimes 7 feet in diameter and weighing several tons, and it comes in all the colors of the rainbow. Brain coral can be found in shallower warm parts of the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Red Sea, where its massive size allows it to stand up to strong waves and ocean currents.

    Did you know?

    The suggestion of recent studies that the average global atmospheric temperature is rising has prompted scientists to predict that sea surface temperatures will also rise and have negative effects on coral development. There are other stresses to coral reefs, including poisoning and smothering from farm and factory chemicals, oil spills, and sewage, and damage from human tourists snorkeling and diving in the reefs. Many countries surrounded by coral reefs have created laws, such as Bermudas No Take Area laws, to help protect the growth and development of this natural resource. Time will tell how effective these laws are.

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    How To Draw The Top View Of A Brain

    Previously, we taught you how to draw the brain from the side. In this section, we will tell you how to make this organ look from a different angle i.e. the top view.

    When it comes to the top view of the brain, you will draw the brain in such a way that it will make both hemispheres visible.

    We recommend you use a pencil for making the top view of the brain. It is easy to erase when you do mistakes or draw in the wrong way.

    • So, first, you need to draw the two joined halves, which are necessary shapes for the top view. Make sure the halves are rounded triangles in shape.
    • Once you have done this, you need to draw inside the halves. Here you need to draw gyrus, which is a set of short lines that are curved in shape.
    • Now, outline the shadow parts, and dont forget to draw them on the edges. You need to draw a light grey tint in the beginning. Then, you will add colors thoroughly to the structure of the brain that you have drawn. We recommend a warm beige shade for the body of the brain.
    • The brain itself will have a pink color, which looks brilliant and voluminous. The background would be bright. This part of the brain has DNA spirals representing violet and blue tones.

    You can also add more symbols to the brain structure such as graphics, formula, and burning lights that will further enhance the drawing.

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