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How To Improve Brain Function And Memory

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Recommendations For Improved Brain Function

Memory Improvement Course | How to Improve Your Memory & Boost Brain Function

Water provides essential energy to the brain, keeps the nerve signals going, delivers nutrients to the brain, and removes toxins. We need to be drinking enough water daily to keep the brain fueled and energized for optimum function.

To start your day off right for optimal brain function, I recommend drinking 12 to 16 ounces of water as soon as you wake up.

Always keep a bottle of filtered water near you throughout the day, especially if you have a job that requires a lot of mental activity. Drinking water regularly will help to keep your brain fueled, oxygenated, and energized.

Many people think, like I use to, that they can drink soda, coffee, milk, or juice instead of water and get the same level of hydration. This is simply not true.

Adding super green liquids or powders to your water can improve body alkalinity and enhance brain function.

The most powerful super green powder that we have used to improve memory focus and concentration is the E3Live liquid and powder brain food. You will notice a difference when adding this amazing supplement to your water.

Bottom line, if you want your brain to function well, receiving and sending signals to the rest of your body, make sure it receives the water it needs.

In addition, the type of water you drink is extremely important. We recommend filtered drinking water over tap, bottled, distilled, or reverse osmosis water.


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Keep Your Mind Active

Being intellectually engaged may benefit the brain. People who engage in personally meaningful activities, such as volunteering or hobbies, say they feel happier and healthier. Learning new skills may improve your thinking ability, too. For example, one study found that older adults who learned quilting or digital photography had more memory improvement than those who only socialized or did less cognitively demanding activities. Some of the research on engagement in activities such as music, theater, dance, and creative writing has shown promise for improving quality of life and well-being in older adults, from better memory and self-esteem to reduced stress and increased social interaction.

However, a recent, comprehensive report reviewing the design and findings of these and other studies did not find strong evidence that these types of activities have a lasting, beneficial effect on cognition. Additional research is needed, and in large numbers of diverse older adults, to be able to say definitively whether these activities may help reduce decline or maintain healthy cognition.

Some scientists have argued that such activities may protect the brain by establishing “cognitive reserve.” They may help the brain become more adaptable in some mental functions so it can compensate for age-related brain changes and health conditions that affect the brain.

For more information, see Participating in Activities You Enjoy.

Consider Trying Brain Supplements

Another option to check out for how to improve memory is to consider trying brain supplements. While Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E have been shown to improve memory, another option worth exploring is Regen Labs Neuro Spark. Its innovative, toxin-free supplement consists of potent ingredients such as Bacopa, Centrophenoxine, Huperzine A, Bisibuthiamine, and Trans-Ferulic Acid. Each of which is designed to help stimulate brain activity and help you get your spark back.


Bacopa contains antioxidants that help protect against free radicals that can cause cell damage. Plus, bacopa has anti-inflammatory properties that can help protect against different kinds of chronic illnesses. Bacopa also boosts brain activity by increasing the length and branching of neuronal dendritic cells, which are closely associated with learning and memory.


Centrophenoxine is a cholinergic compound of dimethylethanolamine. It works by mimicking the properties of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is crucial for memory and learning.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is an alkaloid that is harvested from plants. It inhibits the breakdown of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which then improves communications across brain cells. It also can enhance memory and mental functioning in people with memory deficiencies.


Trans-Ferulic Acid

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What Can People With Memory Loss And Chronic Health Conditions Do

Its important to talk to your healthcare provider. Researchers found that only half of adults with SCD and a chronic condition had discussed their memory loss with a health care professional. Early diagnosis of memory loss is especially important for people with chronic health conditions. Getting checked by your healthcare provider can help determine if the symptoms you are experiencing are related to dementia, including Alzheimers disease, or a more treatable condition such as a vitamin deficiency or medication side effects. Early diagnosis also provides an opportunity to participate in clinical trials, and more time to plan for the future.

Brain Exercises To Strengthen Your Mind

7 Tasty Foods to Improve Brain Function

While you might know that you need to exercise your body, did you know that it might also be important to exercise your mind? You’ve probably heard the old adage “use it or lose it.” Many researchers do believe that this maxim applies to your brain health.

Brain training is all the rage these days, often touted as a way to sharpen your mind and even boost intelligence. While many cognitive scientists suggest that the claims surrounding brain training are both exaggerated and misleading, there is an abundance of research suggesting that certain types of activities can be beneficial for your brain’s health.

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Leafy Greens And Cruciferous Vegetables

Leafy greens, like spinach, kale and arugula, are rich in nutrients such as vitamin E and K, beta carotene and folate. Vitamin E protects cells from damage from free radicals. These properties have been suggested to prevent or delay cognitive decline in the aging population. Vitamin K has been shown to sharpen memory. Meanwhile, beta carotene helps slow down cognitive decline. Their antioxidants can also protect the brain from toxic free radicals.

Clinical Trials On Exercise For Cognitive Health

Volunteers are needed for clinical trials that are testing different forms of exercise for cognitive health. By joining one of these studies, you may learn new ways to be physically active and also contribute useful information to help other older adults in the future! To learn more, visit the Clinical Trials Finder to search for a trial in your area.

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Memory And Brain Function

It is believed that brain function has its peak in early adulthood and declined gradually. Memory which formed within the brain lapses and declines along with brain function.

Lifestyle plays a significant role in memory lapses and brain function declination. Factors such as insufficient sleep, stress, expose to toxin or chemicals, poor diet is basic considerations that hinder the functioning of the brain.

Memory is the information process involving three main stages: encoding, storage and retrieval. Often people believed that memory is static and unchanging. However, the memory center also known as hippocampus able to grow new cells and regenerate throughout an entire lifetime.

There are two kinds of memory: short-term and long-term. Short-term memory store small pieces of information that needed to retrieve immediately. Long-term memory store information related to memorable moments in life, study for test or exam that can retrieve in long-term.

What Is Brain Health

Alzheimer’s Disease | Foods to Improve Memory & Brain Function

Brain health refers to how well a persons brain functions across several areas. Aspects of brain health include:

  • Cognitive health how well you think, learn, and remember
  • Motor function how well you make and control movements, including balance
  • Emotional function how well you interpret and respond to emotions
  • Tactile function how well you feel and respond to sensations of touch including pressure, pain, and temperature

Brain health can be affected by age-related changes in the brain, injuries such as stroke or traumatic brain injury, mood disorders such as depression, substance use disorder or addiction, and diseases such as Alzheimers disease. While some factors affecting brain health cannot be changed, there are many lifestyle changes that might make a difference.

A growing body of scientific research suggests that the following steps are linked to cognitive health. Small changes may really add up: Making these part of your routine could help you function better.

  • Limit use of alcohol .
  • Quit smoking, if you currently smoke. Also avoid other nicotine products such as chewing tobacco.
  • Get enough sleep, generally seven to eight hours each night.

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Follow A Schedule And Keep Busy

The only way to get things done is to follow a schedule. Luckily, research has indicated that following a schedule and keeping busy have been linked to better cognitive performance. On top of that, if you are disciplined to follow a schedule during the day, it will help you establish a consistent sleep schedule.

If you wake up well rested from a good nights sleep, then you will be more likely to follow your schedule the next day too. Just make sure to avoid bright screens before bedtime so you can give your brain some rest at the end of the day.

Brahmi To Improve Brain Function And Memory Power:

Brahmi is an ayurvedic drug and it has many mental benefits. It works as the brain tonic and neuroprotective. A report was published in the journal of alternative and complementary medicine in 2008. According to that Brahmi improves memory power and reduces stress or depression. This experiment was done on people for more than 65 years.

Drink 2-3 spoons of juice extracted from Brahmi leaves daily. Mix half spoon of Brahmi powder in one cup of milk. Now by mixing some cardamom powder and ghee drink it daily. Brahmi 300mg supplement is easily available in medical stores. Consult your doctor before taking this.

Brahmi hair oil is also good, just do massage of your head at least 4-5 times a week.

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What You Can Do

Dr. Bonner-Jackson offers these take-aways:

  • Stay physically active. Aim for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity a week, but realize that any physical activity can benefit your brain.
  • Try new, mentally stimulating activities you enjoy. Practice new hobbies, read a new book, or learn new skills, such as woodworking, gardening, solving puzzles or math problems, or mastering a new language or musical instrument.
  • Stay socially engaged, and avoid isolation. Schedule regular get-togethers with friends and family, join a social organization, or volunteer at your church, hospital or charitable group.
  • This article originally appeared in Cleveland Clinic Mens Health Advisor.

    Eat More Of These Foods:

    How to Improve Brain Function and Memory â Choosing Wisdom

    Diets such as the Mediterranean diet, DASH , and the MIND diet have a few things in common. This includes their ability to improve memory and reduce the risk of Parkinsons and

    • salt
    • cheese

    Sugar and fat has been linked to impaired memory. A recent study in humans found that a diet high in fats and sugars common in a Western diet impairs hippocampal memory. However, the study relied on questionnaires and surveys, which may not be as accurate.

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    Maintain A Daily Routine

    Daily routines can help you stay regularly engaged with the activities that you are familiar with. Whether its making a cup of coffee every morning or doing laundry on a specific day of the week, our personal routines can give our brains a sense of comfort and stability. Figure out which routines work best for you and make sure to stick to them.

    How Food Affects Your Memory

    How many times have you heard, you are what you eat? If you eat lots of greasy or sugary foods it eventually shows up as fat and you gain weight. When it comes to your memory, the foods you eat play an important factor in how your memory functions.

    I remember my mother telling me to eat all my veggies so I would do well in school. Did your mom tell you that too? Well, they were right!

    Eating an adequate amount of vegetables will help improve your memory. The best ones to eat are those dark, leafy green ones such as kale, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, and collard greens.

    If you arent a fan, try eating them in your salad or pop them into your green smoothie. I love blending 2 cups of greens, 1 banana, 1/2 C. Frozen berries and about 1 cup of water so its not too thick. Add some spirulina and protein powder and youve got a tasty smoothie filled with brain-boosting power.

    In addition to green veggies, youll want to increase the number of berries in your diet. Fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, and cherries contain something called anthocyanins .

    Omega 3 fatty acids also impact your brain and memory. These fatty acids contain DHA , which has been shown to improve memory, especially in young adults.

    The higher your levels are of this fatty acid the more efficiently your brain will function.

    Weve recently added a little more celery to our diet. It contains luteolin which reduces inflammation in your brain and helps reduce memory loss related to the aging process.

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    Memory: 5 Ways To Protect Your Brain Health

    Everybodys memory goes on the fritz now and again. Many lapses can be blamed on normal, fleeting problems like inattention or an overly busy day.

    More concerning, though, are certain ongoing kinds of memory problems, which is why its worth doing everything in your power to minimize their odds of happening.

    Memory is just a tiny part of brain functioning, and theres a lot you can do to protect your brain health, says Johns Hopkins neurologist Barry Gordon, M.D., Ph.D.

    Five of his top suggestions:

    Almond To Improve Brain Function And Memory Power:

    5 brain training exercises – Improve your memory and keep your cognitive functioning sharp.

    Almond is the most effective, popular and older method/ remedy to improve memory power or brainpower. It contains maximum antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids which boost memory. Due to containing antioxidants, it increases eyesight also.

    Soak 4-5 almonds in water during the night. In the morning peel off these and grind these almonds. Now put this paste into one glass of milk and heat it. You can mix sugar or honey according to your taste. Drink it daily to improve memory power for sure.

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    Get Moving For Your Brain

    In a recent study, 454 older adults underwent yearly physical exams and cognitive tests for 20 years and agreed to donate their brains for research when they died. The participants were given accelerometers, which tracked their movement and physical activity around the clock.

    Those who moved more scored better on the memory and thinking tests, and every increase in physical activity by one standard deviation was associated with a 31% lower risk of dementia, the researchers reported. The association between physical activity and cognitive function remained consistent even after the study authors accounted for the participants brain pathology and whether or not they had dementia, according to the study.

    In another recent study, 160 sedentary older people with mild cognitive impairment were assigned to take part in several options. They could do aerobic exercise , eat a heart-healthy Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet, combine aerobic exercise with the DASH diet, or receive health education.

    During the six-month study, those who followed the DASH diet alone did not improve on assessments of executive function , while the health-education groups function worsened, according to the study. However, those who exercised showed improvements in thinking and memory, and those who combined exercise and the DASH diet improved even more, the researchers reported.

    How To Improve Cognitive Function Of The Brain

    The brain is very important for the normal functioning of a person. It is the key organ that is responsible for maintaining all body functions and health. The world that we currently live in is very competitive. We are all struggling to reach the top of our careers. This requires us to have a sharp and better functioning brain. The more we age the more probable we are for cognitive ability loss. Moreover, who among us wont be thrilled and excited to have a fast-functioning brain? In addition to it, how can we get a better cognition? If you are a person who is currently struggling in life. Then this blog will help you achieve better cognition in the right and the most effective way. So let us have a look at ways how to improve cognitive function.

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    Draw A Map Of Your Town From Memory

    While you might feel like you can navigate the streets of your neighborhood with your eyes closed, try challenging your brain by actually drawing a map of your town or neighborhood from memory. No cheating! Try to include major streets, major side streets, and local landmarks.

    Once you are done, compare your memory map to a real map of the area. How did you do? Are you surprised by some of the things that you missed? If you found this activity too easy, try drawing a less familiar area from memory, such as a map of the entire United States or Europe, and try to label every state or country.

    Navigating your way to the supermarket or doctor’s office might seem simple and almost automatic when you are behind the wheel of your car. However, forcing yourself to remember the layout of your neighborhood as well as draw and label it helps activate a variety of areas of your brain.

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