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How To Improve Child Memory Power In Hindi

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How to Improve memory and concentration in Telugu | How to improve children Memory power | SumanTV

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Repeat & Recall What People Say In Your Mind

We all know in our hearts that no one is really listening when we speak. And thats sad.

But heres the good news:

You dont have to be another person who is just nodding your head like a puppet while actually thinking about something else.

You can train your brain to focus on what people are telling you and remember everything they say.

It all begins by creating presence in the moment in an easy way:

Follow the words being spoken to you by repeating them in your mind.

For example, imagine that someone is saying the following to you:

Tomorrow I want to go to a movie called Memory Maverick. Its about a guy who cannot forget. Hes hired by a group known only as The Agency to infiltrate a competitor. But once the hero learns the secrets, he doesnt want to hand them over. But since he cant forget, The Agency starts making his life miserable.

All you would need to do to complete this brain exercise is repeat everything the person is saying silently in your mind. Youll automatically boost your cognitive function and remember more by doing this.

It works because simply asking your memory to recall information exercises it. The more challenging the information, the more exercise your brain will get.

Important Tip:

Mind Mapping For Maximum Brain Health

Its no secret that Im a huge fan of Tony Buzans approach to mind mapping.

And thats because I used to mind map in ways that werent effective at all.

But after training with Tony and world mind mapping champion Phil Chambers, I discovered a new route and Im way better at the practice and share it in real-time on my YouTube live streams:

What is mind mapping?

Its a graphic means of brainstorming and planning. You can even use it for note taking and review.

The question is

Why is mind mapping great for boosting cognitive function?

One reason Tony Buzan hints at is very compelling. The process reproduces the role of nerve cells on the paper.

Think it through:

Just as a brain cell has a central nucleus with synapses that flow outward like a river, the mind map has a central idea that feeds several streams with mental power. By creating mindmaps, youre making it easier on your brain thereby increasing its processing speed. Just like more water increases the flow of a stream.


Give these 10 mind mapping rules a try whenever you want a cognitive trainingworkout.

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Number Exercises That Skyrocket Your Concentration

I cant emphasize this enough:

Numeracy is a powerful skill to boost your cognitive abilities. Its something I work on to boost logical thinking both with and without memory techniques in play.

Add 3 Minus 7 is a fun numerical mental exercise you can try today. To get started, all you do is pick any 3-digit number. Then, add 3 to that digit 3 times. Then minus 7 from the new number 7 times.

Repeat the process at least 5 times and pick a new 3-digit number the next time. You can also take a different route and start with a 4-digit number and use other numbers to challenge your working memory further.

For example, you could start with 1278 and add 12, 12 times and minus 11, 11 times.

Its up to you and the amount of numbers to dictate the level of challenge. Remember, this brain exercise strengthens your working memory because of the amount of detail you need to hold in mind to complete it.

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Brain Exercises That Ensure Memory Improvement

How to increase mind power in hindi? 5 tips to improve ...

Lots of people do brain exercises, often in the form of brain games.

Youve probably even tried a few, right?

Thats all fine and dandy, but theres a catch:

Playing mental exercise games on your smartphone is not necessarily brain exercise.

It might not even be mentally stimulating.

Not by a long shot.

But dont worry.

In this article, Ill reveal some memory exercises that actually work. Ill show you how to put them into action and also help you understand why they boost brain health.

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Use Energy Effectively For Better Concentration

Some children have high energy in the mornings while others have high energy in the evenings.

Studying or doing activities during this time will help your child focus better on the task at hand. But how can one concentrate on studies?

Always start your child on the tougher activities during his high energy time.

As energy levels go down, you can always switch to a lighter activity.

This will help to increase concentration power!

Improve Memory By Eliminating Stress

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Prepare Your Child For The Next Task

When your child is busy, tell him what he has to do next, but allow a few minutes, until he stops and starts the new activity.

This helps, especially when a child is engaged doing something he likes and enjoys doing, since there would be a reluctance to stop what he is doing and start something else.

Naps And Breaks Boost Concentration

10 Effective Ways to Improve Your Child’s Memory Power

Most children are able to concentrate best after a good nights rest.

A power nap for twenty minutes after school or in the afternoon should also do the trick to increase concentration.

All bathroom breaks, hunger pangs etc. should be taken care of before the study time begins as they have the tendency to interfere with concentration.

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What Is The Best Brain Activity For You

At the end of the day, memory exercises are best when theyre applied to problem-solving in our daily life.

For example, forgetting important details can turn our lives upside down.

You can now choose a brain activity that can help prevent memory loss while showing you how to be happy and positive.

Not being able to focus on numbers leads us to making all kinds of mistakes that prevent us from memorizing information quickly. The simple game youve just learned is just one step towards improved numerical memory skills.

Youve also learned to listen better, be more present and develop concentration for extended periods of time.

In many ways, repeating the words of others in your mind or covering the click can help you meditate and practice mindfulness skills known to improve memory.

But what matters above all is that the best memory exercises are the ones that you actually use. If sudoku is what works, then go for it. If its brain teasers then thats fine too.

Remember, you cannot get the benefits from them without consistent application.

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Allow Time For Distractions

Kids are naturally energetic and exuberant. Giving them time to vent out their energy once their time limit for a task is up may actually help them focus better on the next task!

It would help if your child did something completely different during this time.

For example, Shantha, grandmother of 8-year-old Shifrah says, When Im teaching my granddaughter spellings, we do 10 spellings at a time after which I allow her to run or skate around the house for a minute or two. I find that this helps her focus on the next 10 spellings.

She finds that mixing physical activity with a mental activity is very effective.

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Divide Bigger Tasks Into Smaller Tasks

Studying an entire chapter in one go is quite difficult for a child. It always helps to break it down into pages or even paragraphs so that the child feels a sense of accomplishment for finishing a small task and this will motivate him to continue on.

This is true not just for studies but for household chores as well. Nita, mother of 8-year-old Ankit says, I had been nagging Ankit to clean out his cupboard for weeks but he never got round to doing it.

Then I started breaking it down and Id tell him today you need to do the bottom shelf and sure enough, by the time I get back home in the evening, it would have been done!

/8here Are Some Tricks That You Can Try

How to improve child

Having a great memory is important for both kids as well as grown-ups. A strong memory makes learning and memorising new things a lot easier. It helps kids perform better at school and also enrich their experiences and build essential life skills.

But strong memory skill is not something that we are born with. Just like any other skills, it is acquired by different means and the more you practise it the better you become. There are a ton of tricks and strategies kids can use to sharpen their memory. Here are the 7 most common ones.

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Feed Them Greens & Healthy Food To Improve Concentration

Eating healthy food has a direct link to how well a child concentrates and there are different foods that help develop a childs concentration. Eating junk food or food rich in sugar makes a child sluggish while food rich in proteins such as almonds, eggs and lean meat have the ability to raise awareness and increase concentration levels!

  • Caffeine A recent trend in the US shows that children have increased their intake of coffee and caffeinated energy drinks. This gives them an unhealthy dose of sugar which can lead to a crash of energy later.
  • Green food An interesting study in the University of Ulster, UK shows that eating toast and baked beans for breakfast increases cognition. Experts say that eating greens and fruits inject the body with antioxidants which in turn boost your brain power.

How To Make The Brain Sharp Tips In Hindi




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Fix A Routine To Follow For Better Concentration

Anita, mother of 4 year-old Rahul has everything planned to a T. Rahul comes home from school at 3.30 pm and has a snack. At 4 pm, I take him outside to cycle or play with the neighbourhood children.

At 5 pm, he is back home, has a wash and snack and is at his study desk by 5.30. He studies or does homework till 7.30 pm after which he has his dinner and is in bed by 8.30, she says.

While we dont need to be as regimented as Anita, it is important to maintain a schedule for your child, even if it is a more flexible one.

This not only helps with time management but also helps program your childs brain to know when he has to study.

And this, in turn, helps to increase the childs concentration in studies! For example, Rahul knows that after playing, he has to study and automatically gets into study mode once the play is done.

Try Deep Breathing And Imagery To Improve Concentration

? ? ? How to Improve Child Memory Power & Concentration

Combining simple relaxation techniques such as deep breathing with positive visual imagery helps increase brain power to improve or learn new skills.

For instance, you can ask a child to close her eyes and imagine that she is paying attention in class.

In her imagination, what can she see?

What can she hear? What is distracting her?

You can further ask her to imagine how she would take care of those distractions.

Once she is able to clearly picture this, you will find that her behaviour at school also changes!

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Learn A Foreign Language

Youve probably heard that bilingualism is good for the brain, right?

It is, and one of the reasons why is that you are continually asking your brain to recall information.

Take advantage of your brains neuroplasticityand learn a new skill at any age to keep it active and ticking!

This is a great brain exercise for people of any age because it keeps you talking with people.

Regular conversation also helpsstimulate the production of healthy chemicals for better mental health. Ideally, you would have conversations about books youve read. That way you dig into memory at multiple levels, especially verbal memory.

But if you dont like to talk, you can also sing. Or do both. For a double-whammy of health and brain benefits, singing has been shown by researchers like Gunter Kreutz to increase cortisol and other chemicals involved in healing.

For this reason, singing in a foreign language youre learning can increase the impact and effectiveness of this brain exercise.

However, that isnt all you get more health benefits.

Researchers conducted a study that found that learning a second language can delay the onset of cognitive impairment like dementia in Alzheimers disease by around 4-5 years!

The best part?

Learning anything new is good for your brain!

Whether its learning to play a new musical instrument or working with your non-dominant hand, new neural pathways will form helping you boost your brain power.

The Truth About How To Improve Concentration And Focus

Its not just about concentration exercises.

I also make sure that I dont fall into the traps of smartphone and video game addiction.

Sure, you can get some great brain fitness reading from the Kindle app or solving online crossword puzzles. Maybe you excel at Nintendos brain age game.

But if youre constantly interrupted by notifications on your reading device, youre damaging your focus and concentration more than helping improve it. Memory exercises truly require the right environment.

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Play Focus Games & Exercises To Build Attention

Since children learn more by playing, it is always a good idea to try and make their activities a little more fun.

Keep away gadgets, tablets and computers and allow children to play with regular toys, activities that improve attention and concentration, and concentration exercises.

Studies have shown that gadgets actually reduce attention span and memory power of children so they should be used sparingly or not at all.

Take a look at these powerful concentration games and activities for kids:

  • Thinking games

    You can train and strengthen a childs ability to concentrate and focus by playing concentration games that require thinking, planning and the use of memory. Crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and card games such as Memory and Uno actually improve attention for words, numbers and pictures, while picture puzzlesin which your younger child has to look for things that are wrong in the picture or look for hard-to-find objectsalso improve attention and increase concentration.

PRO TIP: Try an activity box like Flintobox! Flintobox delivers hands-on activities that are creative and challenging about various concepts on world culture, art, math and science! It strengthens a childs brain development and fosters holistic skill growth!

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How to increase memory power in hindi


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Meaning:- On this auspicious Day may the power of yoga shine light of awareness into the darkest corner of our body.

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