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How To Increase Gamma Brain Waves

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What Are Gamma Brain Waves

Gamma Brain Waves – 2 Simple Ways to Access your own powerful brain waves

Picture yourself deeply immersed in a complex project or fascinated by a lecture from a noted subject matter expert. Youre alert and highly focused. You may even be sitting on the edge of your seat. Your brain is, as the old expression goes, firing on all cylinders.

When this happens, your brain is producing gamma brain waves.

Gamma brain waves are the fastest brain waves produced inside your brain. If a doctor were to put electrodes on your head and hook them up to a machine to graph the resulting electrical activity a process known as an electroencephalogram the waves would be very high frequency.

Gamma waves tend to measure above 35 Hz and in fact, they can oscillate as fast as 100 Hz. However, they can be hard to measure accurately with existing EEG technology. In the future, researchers hope to glean more information about how these brain waves work.

Every Single Second Of The Day The Human Brain Receives And Processes A Staggering Amount Of Information A Feat That Makes It The Worlds Fastest Supercomputer

With most of that work taking place on a subconscious level, we tend to spend our lives running on autopilot and rarely consider the brains tremendous efficiency. From the mornings first yawn to the moment our head hits the pillow at night, more than 95 percent of our daily activities are performed automatically, freeing up our minds to anxiously dissect yesterdays conversation with the boss or eagerly ponder what we might eat for dinner. Caught up in the monkey mind, we sleepwalk through the present, oblivious to the beautiful hue of the dawn sky or the unmistakable hurt in the eyes of a co-worker.

But its possible to tame these endlessly chattering minds of ours. Just as taking up a fitness routine can get our bodies into shape, we can adopt positive mental habits that retrain the brain. Indeed, learning to flex our mental muscles can ultimately help us tune into an entirely different brain frequency.

Research shows that the brain contains over 86 billion nerve cells , which communicate with one another via potent electrical signals. Neurons fire off these signals at an incredibly high rate and the resulting electrical activity creates brain waves. But despite their shared origins, not all brain waves are the same.

Gamma Activity As A Trait Effect Of Meditation

Our study demonstrates an increase in high-gamma 60110 Hz associated with meditation expertise. High-gamma 60 to 110 Hz power effect was found during meditation in the three meditator groups compared to the control group but failed to reach significance when assessing the instructed mind-wandering state activity across or within groups. Specifically, comparisons between instructed mind-wandering and meditation periods within groups indicated trends but no specific state effects in the high gamma range for any of the groups. Comparisons between instructed mind-wandering periods across groups also showed a trend towards increased high gamma power over parieto-occipital electrodes in the meditator groups. The fact that these trends were observed, and that when grouping the meditation and instructed mind-wandering states we did observe a significant difference between meditators and controls, suggest that we are in the presence of a true trait effect.

Finally, for the Himalayan yoga and Isha shoonya groups we observed increased high-gamma power during the breath focus period than during meditationa difference that was not found within the Vipassana group. In Vipassana meditation, breath focus is a prominent part of the practice and it might have required more attentional effort for the Himalayan yoga and Isha shoonya group to practice awareness of the breath, which could explain that we found higher gamma power in breath focus than in meditation in these two groups.

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A Natural Way To Increase Gamma Brain Waves: Meditation

The most natural and most beautiful way to increase gamma is simply to meditate in all the states that iAwake tracks take people down intoalpha, theta, deltaand it will develop naturally. The gamma brain wave will develop because it rides like a carrier wave on the delta. Some people see theta, some people see deltaI see it mostly riding on the delta. Its like a tourist! The low frequencies lead to the high frequencies, which travel down into the low frequencies. Its a biofeedback loop.

John: What would it be like to have an educational system that would allow one hour a day to developing the human brain and the capacity to understand these things? It would change the world.

Judith: Well, John, it may happen because there are an increasing number of studies that are coming out about this. A lot of schools, especially in California, are adding meditation to the curriculum. They have seen that the dropout rate decreases enormously, and the students ability to learn increases. Thats the main thing gamma is known for: by synchronizing everything, it increases learning.

John: Experientially , weve found that young peoples brains are so sensitive, they respond powerfully to this technology, maybe more than a mature adult brain. So, this can do tremendous things for young people, like breaking down a lot of the issues that cause self-destructive behaviors or addictionthings that are so dangerous and so often plague our young people today.

Stealing Flow

Benefits Of Gamma Brain Waves

Change your Brain with Meditation  Wild Free Organic

âGamma waves are associated with higher brain functions like cognition and memory. A recent study has shown that gamma waves can improve your working memory.

Studies have also revealed that increased gamma brain wave activity can help you achieve the highest concentration levels. Gamma waves can also promote higher states of awareness and increased brain function during meditation. â

Gamma waves have the following benefits:

  • They can improve your cognition and problem-solving ability
  • They help you with information processing
  • They can improve your memory
  • They can help increase your attention span
  • They can increase your awareness and mindfulness
  • They may boost your brainâs immunity and function

Because of these effects, researchers have indicated the use of gamma brain waves to treat the following conditions:

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Data Processing And Artifact Rejection

Data processing was done using the EEGLAB open source software version 12 running on Matlab R2009b under a Linux operating system . EEG data were first referenced to the right mastoid and down-sampled from 1024 Hz to 256 Hz. We then applied a high-pass filter at 1 Hz using an infinite impulse response filter with a transition bandwidth of 0.3 Hz and an order of 6.

For each subject and each of the 2 conditions meditation practice and instructed mind wandering , we applied a spectral decomposition to the continuous data of each channel. We first segmented data into 1-second long epochs with no overlap, and then performed a Fourier transformation on these epochs after tappering the signal with a Hanning window. Finally, spectral powerequal to the square of Fast Fourier Transform amplitudewas visualized in log scale .

Treatment Of Asds By Controlling Microglial Functions

As mentioned above, the relationship between abnormalities in microglial functions and the pathogenesis of ASDs has been enthusiastically investigated. Besides being highlighted as a key player for elucidating the mechanism of ASD onset, microglia are beginning to attract attention as a new target for the treatment of ASDs. Microglia regulate neural circuit formation and plasticity, so strategies to modulate microglial functions can be used to repair neural circuits that have been degenerated during the development of ASDs. Possible methods to manipulate microglial functions for ASD treatments include drug-mediated activation and inactivation of microglia, microglial transplantation and non-invasive methods such as exercise and sensory stimulations. We have previously described the possible efficacy of drugs, cell transplantation and exercise on microglial manipulation in ASD treatments interested readers can find further details of this by referring to our article.72 In this section, we discuss whether non-invasive sensory stimulations are useful for the manipulation of microglial functions.

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How To Manipulate Your Brainwaves

Theres actually a very simple way to change your brainwaves to feel more centered and less stressed: Meditation.

Regular meditation has been found to increase alpha activity and decrease beta in waking states, says Winters, who notes that shorter, “beginner” meditations are associated with alpha waves. Its also been demonstrated to enhance gamma wave states, which makes sense because gamma is thought to increase awareness and make us very in tune with ourselves and our environment.

If you want to cultivate a certain type of brainwave while engaging in a certain kind of tasklike tapping into alpha waves if you cant sleep, or that theta flow vibe while runningWinters suggests listening to binaural beats, which are looping sounds that promote specific brainwave states. You can find them on Youtube or Spotify by searching for the type of brainwave youre after, like “theta binaural beats.” is another option, which features actual music to enhance focus, relaxation, or meditation.

And for more data-driven, targeted training, Winters recommends working with a neurofeedback coach who uses measurement tools like EEG to tell you exactly which states youre currently in and work with you to change them.

Anyone can train their body and brain to access these mental statesit just takes some dedicated and repeated practice, says Winters. Looks like mind control isn’t just the stuff of sci-fi blockbusters, after all.

Ways How To Increase Gamma Waves


One way to increase gamma waves is to listen to binaural beats. I recommend you to have a glass of water next to you after you finish your session. Sometimes, it happens that you feel a bit dizzy. Other than in the lower binaural beats I recommend you to do something that involves active thinking like reading or learning. Normally, one would silent his mind and focus on the binaural beats , but in this case you should be doing something.

Another more natural way is to meditate. Most meditations are good to increase gamma wave activity, but THE best meditation for this is the loving kindness meditation. This meditation will not be described in this article, since it would be far too long. If you are interested in learning more about this special meditation, please read the full how to do the loving kindness meditation article or see the links below.

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Behavior Adhd And Learning Disabilities

In a pilot study to examine the effects of binaural beats on children and adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders , no significant change was found on attention, but some participants reported having fewer problems associated with distractions in the course of the study . Unfortunately, the specific type of brain waves used was not presented in the information. However, another study examined children with ADHD or a learning disability, which used beta sound wave frequencies, which produce alertness and state of awareness. They found a significant improvement in the childrens attention . In addition, another study used beta sound wave frequencies to assess the behavior of children with ADHD and their parents report on the childs behavior. Their study found a 70% improvement on the childs behavior after 15 sessions of listening to binaural beats . These studies provide novel insight on how effective binaural beats can be on children with certain behavioral disorders.

High Level Of Brain Function

The presence of gamma waves in the brain is an indication that the brain is functioning at an optimal level. When the brain functions at an optimal level, there is an increased level of cognitive function as well as emotions and moods. Another thing to note is that when the brain is functioning at a high level, it processes information at a faster pace. In fact, it almost feels like a surge!

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Gamma Frequencies And Intention

One inventor has received a patent for a machine that uses gamma activity to detect positive and negative intention in a person by measuring their gamma brain waves using an apparatus placed on the persons head. The patent is titled Apparatus and method for recognizing positive/negative intention using fine change of gamma wave of brainwave.

Proven Ways To Increase Gamma Brain Waves

Everyday Activities That Produce Different Brainwaves To ...

Increased memory recall. Heightened senses. Sharper focus. Faster processing speed. Enhanced creativity. Energy. Natures Xanax and Prozac. Greater quality of life.

What do these have in common?

Each results increasing a specific high-energy type of brain wave called gamma.

Science has found ways of tapping into the same brain state that advanced meditators spend 40 plus years mastering. Here Ill cover different ways you can induce gamma, the peak performance state of mind. For your convenience, Ive included a summary infographic of ways to increase gamma at the end of this post.

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How Do Gamma Waves Work

Now, we all know that the human brain is a marvel of the Universe. It is made up of billions of cells which are collectively called the neurons. These neurons communicate with each other and instruct the body to perform in a particular way by sending electric impulses or signals. The electrical impulses with the highest frequency are known as the gamma waves. These waves might oscillate between 25 Hz to 100 Hz, with 30Hz considered to be the middle ground. Several bodies of research conducted over a period of time have corroborated the argument that these gamma waves can alter the functioning of the human brain significantly. It helps in not only building and strengthening memory, but also prevents diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinsons. There are a number of ways to elevate ones brain waves to the frequency of the gamma. However, the one that we trust and advise the most is meditation and binaural beats therapy.

How Long Does It Take To Experience States Of Bliss

This was a question from a user.

There is no definite answer to it, since these phenomena are quite individual. There are many factors that are important, such as meditation, food, physical activity and so on.

Long experienced meditators are very probable to experience these states of bliss during the gamma brainwave entrainment and for the next few hours after they stop listening to gamma binaural beats.

People, with no meditation background, do not experience these states of bliss right after the session . In my case, as an unexperienced meditator, it took me 2 days until I started to experience these feelings of bliss. They occurred quite randomly. It is important that you listen on a daily basis to gamma binaural beats.

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How To Use Binaural Beats For Studying

Binaural beats are nothing new. Ancient cultures across the world have used things like steady, consistent drumbeats or chanting to elicit relaxation or inspire deep meditation.

Despite their ancient roots, binaural beats can help todays students and professionals reduce anxiety, promote creativity, and improve the brains ability to create memories.

Binaural beats have been shown to significantly reduce anxiety in preoperative patients and to help alleviate symptoms from those who suffer from mild anxiety. With anxiety hitting higher and higher levels on the national level in recent years due to a host of reasons , its important to utilize techniques that can reduce anxiety and stress. After all, when youre less distracted by anxiety, youll be better able to focus on your work or studies.

According to Psychology Today, binaural beats can also be used to improve memory as well as help to strengthen your brains neurological connections. If youve ever studied for a final exam or prepared for an important presentation, you can likely understand the potential benefits of easier information recall. Binaural beats can help.

Binaural beats in the Gamma frequency tend to show promise in helping with increased cognitive flexibility, attention to detail, focus, divergent thinking , and more. As a student or working professional, increased cognitive function might help try listening to Gamma beats to help you solve a complicated problem or brainstorm new ideas.

Fast Oscillations During Rem Sleep And Wakefulness

Do Gamma Brain Waves Connect You to Your Higher Self

Beta and gamma waves occur spontaneously during REM sleep and waking and are evoked by intense attention, conditioned responses, tasks requiring fine movements, or sensory stimuli. Beta and gamma rhythms can interchangeably be termed fast because neurons may pass from beta to gamma oscillation in very short periods of time , with slight depolarization of cortical neurons. Studies in humans have also shown that there is no precise cutoff between the beta and gamma bands since these activities may fluctuate simultaneously, as indicated by increased activities within both beta and gamma frequency bands during cognitive processes implicating memory. The synchronized fast rhythmic activity led to hypotheses postulating that linkages between spatially distributed oscillatory elements in the visual cortex may be the bases for pattern recognition function. However, beta and gamma activities are also present in the spontaneous activity of neurons and EEG, and these oscillations have been recorded under deep anesthesia when cognitive processes are suspended.

M.P. Witter, in, 2001

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How To Increase Alpha Waves Efficiently

By David

Ive written about how to increase delta waves waves associated with deep, restorative sleep but what about alpha waves? What are their properties and benefits? Is it known how to increase alpha waves?

Brain waves are a kind of measure of activity of neurons within the brain. Sometimes they fire slowly, but strongly these are delta waves. Sometimes theyre incredibly active the gamma waves. And sometimes theyre in the middle awake, but not terribly alert. Half-asleep, almost. These are the alpha waves, and theyre what we often see in the brain during meditation.

Come with me, and Ill answer all of your questions below.

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