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How To Rewire Your Brain

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Say Positive Affirmations While Working Out

Discover How to Rewire Your Brain with Neuroplasticity

Positive affirmations can be a useful brain reprogramming tool if you use them the right way. Unfortunately, many people dont benefit from positive affirmations because they use them in a way that stirs up resistance.

However, if you say general affirmations that dont make you think youre lying to yourself, they can be a good resource.

Their effect is massively increased if you repeat affirmations during a physical movement, through a workout, hiking, or walking outside.

When you move your body, you naturally change the chemistry in your brain.

Aerobic exercises involve blood circulation which, over time, increases the Hippocampus and makes the Amygdala become less active. Your mind produces happy hormones and you are more perceptive to new ideas.

Studies even show that the most creative ideas come to us when were not directly thinking about them, but when were in the middle of a physical activity that entails body movement.

During this time window, your brain is less anxious, so the positive suggestions can be absorbed more efficiently.

The best way is to prepare in advance a list of 5-10 general commands that you actually believe when you say them.

Dont go too specific so you wont get nervous when you say them.Here are examples of general positive affirmations that wont scare you too much:

When you come up with the list, make sure you are focusing on your real needs, rather than what you think you need.

Avoid Stress And Its Tendency To Make Habits Fixed

We’re discovering increasingly that stress does something extremely interesting to the brain: it entrenches habits. A 2009 study of rats found that, under chronic stress, they were much more likely to rely on automatic decisions than conscious ones they’d clearly thought through. Their brain compositions also changed to reflect this. The scientists behind this discovery think that it’s about brain energy: in times of serious stress, the brain will take the easiest path, and expend as little energy as possible on making decisions, so it’ll revert to habits.

It’s crucial to remember that positive emotions aren’t the only ones that can rewire the brain negative ones like anxiety and stress can have serious impacts too. Alongside the formation of problematic habits, it can also form strange associations. A fascinating 2013 study found that anxious or distressing situations prompt the brain to rewire its connections to the olfactory centres , giving negative or disgusting associations to smells that are normally seen as quite neutral. Yes, that is why your ex-boyfriend’s previously delicious cologne now smells like death.

How By Practicing Inner Bonding Of Course

Step One rewires your brain when you consciously and mindfully practice focusing on being present with your feelings, in your body, and wanting responsibility for them.

Step Two rewires your brain when you consistently practice inviting the love and compassion of your spiritual guidance into your heart and consciously choose the intent to learn about how you are abandoning yourself and how to love yourself.

Step Three rewires your brain when you move toward your feelings rather than away from them, desiring to learn what they are trying to tell you about how you are treating yourself and how others are treating you. Step Three enables you to become aware of the false beliefs that are limiting you and causing you pain.

Step Four rewires your brain when you practice turning to your higher self for the truth about your false beliefs and discovering the loving action toward yourself.

Step Five rewires your brain when you consistently practice taking loving action on your own behalf and on behalf of others.

Step Six rewires your brain as you learn to connect your self-loving behavior with your inner fullness and your joyful peaceful feelings.

Research indicates that no matter how old you are, you CAN rewire your brain!

Start learning how to love yourself, with Dr. Margaret’s 30-Day at-home course, Love Yourself.

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Are You Ready To Begin Rewiring Your Brain

Now that you are familiar with ways to rewire your neural pathways who is ready to train your brain & become a new you? Have you said yes?

If so, congratulations! Here begins your journey of renewing your mind and yourself.

Remember that we at Innovative medicine are with you at every step of your new journey!

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If You’re Burned Out Your Brain Has Rewired To Survival Mode

How to Rewire Your Brain for Success

What I offer from the nexus of my dual careers as a neurologist and classroom teacher are interpretations and correlations from the neuroscience research to teaching and learning. Neuroimaging studies reveal the metabolic changes in regions of the brain where activity increases or decreases in response to emotional or sensory input.

There are specific and reproducible patterns of changing neural activity and brain structures associated with stress. In the high-stress state, subject’s scans reveal less activity in the higher, reflective brain and more activity in the lower, reactive brain that directs involuntary behaviors and emotional responses. Prolonged stress correlates with structural increases in the density and speed of the neuron-to-neuron connections in the emotion-driven reactive networks of the lower brain, and corresponding decreased connections in prefrontal cortex conscious control centers.

The explanation of these changes is generally attributed to the brain’s neuroplasticity of “neurons that fire together, wire together.” The brain literally rewires to be more efficient in conducting information through the circuits that are most frequently activated.

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When Pain Becomes Encoded Into The Brain Itself

Chronic pain from central sensitisation happens when pain is encoded into the brain itself. There is no real cause for it neither injury nor inflammation. Rates for central sensitisation vary from 10 per cent in shoulder pain, to 100 per cent in fibromyalgia.

It also affects many other conditions such Phantom Limb pain, a devastating condition where amputees feel extreme pain in the areas that are no more. How is that even possible, when nothing physical exists there to feel the pain?

Repetitive Strain Injury is caused by repetitive movement and overuse, and can affect the muscles, nerves and tendons. Sandip, the founder of the Pathways Pain Relief app himself, suffered from such bad RSI that he could hardly turn the page of a book without extreme pain. He was desperate to the point where he considered learning how to type with his toes.

The Incredible Power Of Visualization

The rewiring of your brain is a result of neuroplasticity, which includes two things: Neurogenesis and synaptogeneis . You can enhance the growth of those two things through meditation, reflective self-inquiry, mindfulness and asking meaningful questions and visualization.

Through visualization, you can turn an abstract hope into a picture that not only inspires you, but also guides you. According to a study called “The Future of Memory: Remembering, Imagining and the Brain,” the human brain can’t always distinguish between a memory and a vision of the future.

In other words, when you envision your end goal, you and your brain can work towards recreating it real life.

Many athletes have successfully used visualization to increase their performance on the field.

Buffalo Bills kicker Stephen Hauschka once said in an interview: “The day before the game, I visualize the stadium I’m going to be playing at. I visualize what the wind’s likely going to be doing and what the field’s like and what the fans are like.”

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What Would The Best Version Of Me Do

This question is a great reminder that you have a choice in how you show up.

The best version of you would respond with reason and calm, poise, and grace. Picture what the best version of you would think, say, and do. Then, bring those thoughts and actions into the present moment.

You cant change what you dont see. The practice of asking yourself these questions will help you uncover your hidden instruction manual and habitual patterns of thinking. When you become aware of how your mind interprets the world around it, you can create new rules to reprogram your brain to work for you.

Bestselling author and mindset expert Debbie King is the founder of Loving Your Business and now teaches her proven approach to other business owners.

Kit Washington Founder Of Mindfulness Platform Breathing Space

How to Rewire Your Brain

The first important step is to never judge yourself for feeling ‘negative’ and ‘down’. Remove the labels and just acknowledge your feelings. We shouldn’t chase positivity in itself but take more time to learn our own patterns and behaviours.

Take more time to understand your emotions and allow yourself to feel them. Introduce short periods every few hours to take time out and use connected breathing practices to take more control of the day-to-day rather than letting the mind constantly walk off.

Retrain your mind to look inwards a little rather than just outwards, and find comfort in who you are.

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Cognitive Behavioral Theory :

What CBT means is that identifying the destructive self-sabotaging negative thoughts and changing them to constructive means.

It involves the above-discussed practices of positive self-love affirmations, mindfulness, and the power of questioning techniques to observe the destructive behavior and take action.

Practicing a new skill: It rewires your brain to the new skill and gives a coping mechanism to the brain to deal with negative thoughts.

Problem Solving: You identify a problem, generate its solutions, pro-cons and you choose to implement the solution.

Try To Remember Fire Together Wire Together

The one thing we do know, generally, about neurobiology is that there often seems to be a “fire together, wire together” principle at play. In other words, if certain neurons keep firing at the same time, eventually they’ll develop a physical connection and get physically associated too. It’s called experience-dependent plasticity, and we’re still learning the precise ways in which it changes our brains, but it’s basically like repeating a good habit. A famous study cited by Berkeley’s Greater Good institute studied the brains of London cab drivers, who’d had to memorize the city’s layout by heart, and found they had very thick connections in their visual-spatial cortex. If you practice something consistently, in other words, you’re likely to alter your brain to associate the relevant parts of its structure.

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How To Rekindle Your Sexual Desire

Womens Health, Hormone and Beauty Expert

With Valentines day soon approaching comes, some may be lamenting over what to do about their languishing libido. More than half of men and two-thirds of women experience sexual health problems by midlife. But in contrast to the myriad of over two dozen approved medical treatments for sexual dysfunction in men, not one medical treatment has been approved for use in women. Underlying this disparity is the complexity of female sexuality and perhaps too its historic repression.

While sexual health problems affect more women than men, they remain largely under-recognized. Lack of desire, or hypoactive sexual desire disorder , is the most common form of female sexual dysfunction . With loss of libido, women are more prone to mood problems and relationship discordance. But how do you treat what cant be measured? Unlike erectile dysfunction in men, libido is not as easily quantified. Furthermore, the multitude of factors that contribute to sexual desire makes a magic bullet solution improbable.

A womans sexuality is influenced by the level of her stress, fatigue, mood, hormones, self-esteem, vaginal health, and relationship factors. When faced with my patients complicated sexual health concerns I take a top-to-bottom approach to help rewire their desire by starting with rebooting the sexual brain:

1. Be Present:


Tips For Managing Anxiety While Cooped Up At Home

Rewire your brain to never forget a name again

Santos says countless people send cards and write thank you notes about how the class has changed their lives.

The research shows theres a ton you can do, she says Most of our happiness comes from our mind. These are the things that are completely under your control, even if you feel like youre in a rut or having a tough time.

In the 1990s, neuroscientists made a surprising discovery. Up until then, the belief was that adult human brain cells dont reproduce and have a fixed number. But research started to show exercise, among other things, could create new neurons.

Neuroscientists like Tracey Shors at Rutgers University have spent decades researching how changes in habits could create measurable changes in the brain.

Shors created the MAP program that combines physical exercise and mindfulness techniques to create positive change in the brain. Shors program combines 20 minutes of sitting meditation with 10 minutes of walking meditation, followed by 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. It is designed to be effective and efficient at creating positive change.

Emma Million, a post-doctoral fellow at Columbia and former student of Dr. Shors, believes information like the MAP research could be highly beneficial to people who are dealing with anxiety and trauma.

Research like this aims to take neuroscience out of the lab and into the world. Pushkin Media and Laurie Santos also explore research that is accessible and easily applied in the podcast The Happiness Lab.

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Rewiring Our Neuronal Pathways

These neuronal pathways light up every time we think, feel, or do something. Over time, these pathways become stronger based on our thoughts and actions. We can work on improving the stamina of these pathways, which helps to increase the speed of transmission between sensory input and brain output.

A good example of this can be seen in stroke patients, who often need to relearn how to do basic activities such as walking. This is usually done under the guidance of a physiotherapist, where they practice these motions on repeat over many sessions.

We can also work on decreasing negative input, or attempt to break the pain cycle, by teaching our brains that the danger signals it receives are not a hundred per cent accurate.

A classic example of this can be seen in Allodynia, where even a light breeze can cause extreme pain to the sufferer. One of the coping methods used is graded desensitisation this exposes the patient to the cause of the pain itself at a gradual pace, in an attempt to desensitise the sensation.

Pin to Your Chronic Pain & Neuroplasticity Boards:

Becoming A Participant Rather Than A Voyeur

Robooting is about training your brain to be a participant rather than a voyeur. The goal of a reboot is to seek your pleasure from real people rather than digital representations of people. Over time, this means sensitised porn pathways will weak and desensitisation will fade away. Real person pathways will begin to overtake unhealthy porn pathways. This means you will receive your dopamine hits from real-life interactions instead of unhealthy Internet porn.

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Ways To Rewire Your Brain For Meaningful Life Changes

5 Ways To Rewire Your Brain For Meaningful Life Changes 5 Ways To Rewire Your Brain For Meaningful Life Changes

Neuroscientists have discovered the strategy for rewiring the brain. Contrary to popular approaches, this strategy involves more than just positive thinking or working hard.

In fact, there are five pathways that must be activated in order to create new neural networks in the brain. Lets explore a few principles from brain science in order to better understand how to successfully activate these pathways.

First, the act of thinking sets into motion a chemical reaction in the brain that can be likened to plugging in a string of lights. As you think about somethingbe it positive or stressfulyou turn on a string of lights related to that topic.

Second, the more you think, feel and act the same way, the faster the lights turn on and the brighter they glow. Thus, the string of lights related to driving a car at 45 years old is much brighter and faster than the string you had at 16 years old.

1. Identify the beliefs that support your intention.

Seeing is not required for believing. In fact, you have to first believe it is possible if you expect to truly see it manifest in your life.

Solution: Examine your current beliefs about a desired goal. Identify those beliefs that align with the possibility of achieving your intention.

2. Embrace your positive emotions.

3. Visualize.

4. Take actions that support your intention.

5. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Your Brains Responsive And Reactive Modes

Vagus Nerve Exercises To Rewire Your Brain From Anxiety

The three operating systems in your brain pretty much run the show, by directing your experience and motivating your behaviors. Each system has essentially two settings: responsive and reactive.

When your core systems needs are adequately fulfilled and you feel safe, satisfied, and connected, your brain rests in responsive mode. In this state, you may experience alarm, challenges, and hardships, but you meet them with an underlying sense of security without too much stress and return here after. For health and happiness, you want your brains default to be a responsive state.

Hanson calls this the brains green zone. In the green zone:

  • Your neural networks are no longer in a state of deficit or disturbance.
  • Your hypothalamus becomes less active.
  • The green brain is contagious to others around it.
  • The responsive brain is the foundation for healing, health, and happiness.

As you can probably guess, a reactive brain is in the red zone, which is the opposite condition. The reactive brain served an important purpose for your ancestors and evolved to keep them alive, by avoiding threat, loss, or rejection. In the red zone, the brains amygdala sounds the alarm causing the hypothalamus to release stress hormones.

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