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How To Shut Your Brain Off

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Ps The Brain Loves A Break

Shut Your Brain Off For 60 Seconds

So no matter what you’re doing, take a break, if only a small one. A few minutes makes a big difference. Don’t head to Facebook. Just take a genuine break. Step outside for a few minutes. Or just lie on the floor and relax your back. And the brain functions a lot better.

Try it.

About The Brain AuditThere are two very specific extra weapons that The Brain Audit gave me. Weapons that I never got from the many copy writing courses out there .

The Brain Audit not only explains HOW the brain works, but also WHY it works. This is master-level applied psychology, necessary for any self-respecting marketer.

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The Headline Report


Instead You Should Reach Out For The Right Brainthe Crazy Brain Instead

The right/crazy brain doesn’t give a hoot about being black or white. So if you wanted to teach someone Photoshop, the right brain will accept that you don’t own a computer. It will also accept that you don’t have Photoshop in front of you, or the fact that you’re sitting in a cafe instead. And yes, you can teach someone Photoshop a lot quicker when the bully brain has been shut down.

Ready To Try A Little Experiment

Scan your body from head to toe and use the sensation and emotions charts on the resources page of my website to put words on your physical sensations reviewing the list will help you put language on what you are experiencing, which helps calm the brain. Stop at your head, heart area, stomach, abdomen and limbs. Write down the sensations, however subtle, that best describe any anxious feelings in your body. As you do this, be sure to have a loving stance towards yourself: try not to judge anything you notice and strive to be as compassionate to your pain as you would be to a beloved friend, child, pet, or partner.

See if you can name all the core emotions you are holding, again without judging or needing to know why or whether they make sense. Consider everything on this list: Fear, Anger, Sadness, Disgust, Joy, Excitement, Sexual Excitement.

Getting comfortable with the physical sensations produced by anxiety and emotions is one of the secrets to calming the brain and healing from psychological distress and trauma. And, it is a practice, not a perfect. Its not necessarily a quick fix either. However, with work, the brain and body absolutely heal and move us towards states of peace and calm. Hard work now, leads to greater peace for a lifetime.

Congratulations for getting started! A+ for trying!

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If You Often Go To Bed Exhausted But Cant Sleep Because Your Brain Wont Switch Off Youre Not Alone

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If you often go to bed exhausted but cant sleep because your brain wont switch off, youre not alone. Excessive thinking at night is one of the most common causes of insomnia. More often than not, its a sign of stress. Your mind is on high alert, afraid to fall asleep in case you might forget something important. Something youre worried you should be doing. However, sometimes it might be because you have some exciting plans or ideas you want to explore and execute. Whatever the reason, your mind wont let you sleep until it feels confident youre on top of it.

To fall asleep more easily, we need to train our brains its safe to fall asleep at the end of the day. That sleep doesnt mean things will be forgotten and the world is going to end.

Here is an exercise you can do, either before you go to sleep or if you wake in the middle of the night to help calm your mind for better sleep:

1)Write down ANY and EVERY thought that is going through your head

Take an A4 piece paper and get writing. Doesnt matter what the thoughts are good or bad, logical or illogical, fact or fiction. Get them all down. Thoughts. Images. Voices. Feelings. Whatever is in there. Keep going until your brain has nothing more to tell you about. These thoughts could include tasks for the next day, what youre going to wear, holidays you want to plan, anything youre worrying about, imaginary scenarios and stories, past events or feelings youre experiencing.

4)Identify your stressors

Make The Bedroom Your Haven For Sleep

Can You Flip a Switch and Shut Down Seizures?

Its important to reserve the bedroom for sleep and make it a relaxing space. This means keeping it neat and furnishing it with colors and textures that you find soothing, rather than stimulating. Keep work materials, computers, and screens out of the bedroom.

Good sleep hygiene includes turning the temperature down in the bedroom and using shades or curtains to make it dark and help induce sleep. To avoid counting minutes and worrying about not having enough time to get the rest you need, keep alarms and clocks away from the bed.

Want more advice? Check out these 10 Tips for Falling Asleep Faster.

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How To Fall Asleep In 5 Seconds

Relaxation script: With your eyes closed, take a deep breath and feel yourself relaxed as you breathe out. Smile widely to create tension in the muscles around yer mouth before slowly releasing it over 5 seconds while raising both eyebrows higher than usual continue this process for 10 more counts then pause briefly by squinting shutters tightly without moving any other parts of body besides head tilt back just enough so that eyestays facing ceiling

How To Stop Restless Legs From Benadryl

When youre feeling sick and your legs are aching, do they seem like an impossible task to sit still for any amount of time? Restless leg syndrome can be frustrating. A number medications make this condition worse including anti-nausea drugs as well as sedating antihistamines such as Benadryl that block brain dopamine receptors which causes restless movements in people with RLSTiredness is one thing but when those same muscles start ticcing uncontrollably while trying not flinch another inch from discomfort it becomes exhausting all over again! Luckily theres some relief coming soon through research on mexiletine hydrochloride

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Dont Lie Awake In Bed

This can be a very frustrating problem that seems to become worse the more you think about it. Its imperative that you break this vicious cycle of poor sleep and worry about not sleeping. For this reason, we recommend avoiding lying awake in bed. If you havent nodded off within 20 minutes of putting your head on the pillow, get up. Go back to your relaxing activity journaling, reading, meditation, listening to musicThen, when you begin to feel sleepy, try to go back to bed.

This CBTi technique is called stimulus control. It may sound counter-productive, but many people find that engaging in a relaxing activity outside of bed helps occupy the brain in a positive way. This works to break the negative association that insomniacs and restless sleepers often develop in relation to bedtime.

Schedule Some Worry Time

How to Turn Your Brain Off!!!

Just as you schedule time to see friends or get a massage, do the same with your worries. Schedule 15 to 30 minutes a day, at least one to two hours before bed, to write down those worries. In addition, create at least one action item you can do to help deal with the issue. Thinking through those potential stressors earlier in the day should help ease how much you worry about them when your head hits the pillow, Chan says. Ideal sleep depends on creating routines and schedules, and this is no different, he says.

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How To Fall Asleep

It’s one of life’s cruel ironies: On the nights when you most desperately need to get some quality shut-eye, your mind is in overdrive. Whether you’re worried about a presentation you’re giving at work the next day, obsessing over all the dreamy qualities of a new guy you’re gaga for, or scared that you won’t wake up in time to catch an early-morning flight, falling asleep turns into mission impossible.

So why can’t you conk out? “When you’re wired from stress or excitement, your sympathetic nervous system reacts, making your blood pressure rise, your heart beat faster, and your muscles tighten up,” explains Frisca Yan-Go, MD, medical director of the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center in Santa Monica, California. “That reaction keeps you from falling asleep.”

The next time you find yourself in that frustrating state, employ one of the following strategies that are guaranteed to help you drift off to dreamland in no time.

FALL-ASLEEP STRATEGY 1: Make a Plan of Action

FALL-ASLEEP STRATEGY 2: Create a Bedtime Story


When you’re wired, any sensory stimulation in the room can make it worse. The biggest culprit: the digital clock. “One thing that contributes to sleeplessness is the stress of lying there at 3 a.m. and watching the time go by on the clock,” says Carl E. Hunt, MD, director of the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research. If you’re worried about oversleeping, set two alarms, then turn your clock away from you.

But Does That Mean You Should Always Go With The Crazy Brain

No, of course not. Both brains have their value. But you have to recognise that the bully brain doesn’t do very well when dealing with fuzzy stuff that doesn’t end up with 7+3=10. So you have to bypass it. Sometimes speed works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes change of method, location, technologythere are different things that work. And your job is to find out how to stop your bully brain from taking centre stage and prancing around like a spoiled two-year old.

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Which Group Fell Asleep Quicker

Before we get into the results which writing task do you think would help you get to sleep faster?

Well, if you said the to-do list, youd be like most participants in the study.

The participants who listed tasks that needed to be done in the next few days fell asleep faster. And not just by a little bit. It was like 10 minutes faster .

Interestingly, those who wrote down more items on their to-do lists fell asleep faster still!

Ways To Turn Off Your Brain So You Can Get Some Rest

The ON/OFF Switch Inside Your Brain DISCOVERED?!

Your brain working overtime is not doing you any good.


For years, when I got off work every night, I had trouble shutting down my brain for the evening. I couldn’t fall asleep as I thought about problems, or if I did fall asleep, I would wake up way too early. Anxiousness and feeling like I had never done enough filled my head into the early morning hours. I knew the problem was my business, and I was ready to sell my multiple locations and start over. A good friend confronted me and said, The problem has never been your business its always been you.

I doubted him until I really examined my life and my inability to shut my brain off. Lately, I have been investigating different methods that have helped me relax in a healthy way.

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Create A Bedtime Ritual

Our bodies and our brains respond well to patterns, so I task clients early on to start creating a ritual or pattern around their bed time, says E.J. Smith, M.S., NCC, LPC. It tells your body and your mind that its time to start going to sleep. For example, setting up the coffee pot, putting the phone away, brushing your teeth, taking a few minutes to journal, meditate or pray, etc.

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Put Off Paying The Bills

Stressful subjects, like work or your finances, can make your thoughts churn. Take care of the bills and emails tomorrow. Also, turn off scary or action-filled movies and TV — even the news. Log out of social media, too. Whether you engage in, or just watch or read a heated back-and-forth, your mind revs up and makes it harder to relax.


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Look For Evidence Of Perseverance

A powerful indicator of grit and tenacity is when a person persists and never gives up when they really want to achieve a life goal. Look for evidence of them keeping going in spite of enormous difficulties.

Great achievements by scientists and inventors all bear the hallmark of perseverance. We only have to think of Einstein, Edison and Nelson Mandela to get inspiration. The US Department of Education is in no doubt about how grit, tenacity and perseverance will be key success factors for youth in the 21st century.

Channel Your Inner Yogi

Turn Off Your Brain & Work!

Many people say yoga helps them sleep better. Try âchildâs poseâ at bedtime. Kneel on the floor with your big toes together. Separate your knees the width of your hips, and sink your chest to your thighs. Let your forehead touch the ground. Have hip or knee issues? Try âcorpse poseâ instead. Lie on your back, legs apart and arms relaxed at your sides. Exhale and feel yourself sink into the ground. Stay in either pose for 3-5 minutes.


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Is Your Medication Keeping You Up

ADHD medications can spark sleep problems for some adults. If you suspect that this is the case, talk with your doctor about fine-tuning your treatment. On the other hand, some ADHD experts believe that taking a stimulant 45 minutes before bedtime can shut off a buzzing brain. “About two-thirds of my adult patients take a full dose of their ADHD medication every night to fall asleep,” says William Dodson, M.D., a psychiatrist based in Denver.

What I Wish People Knew About Anxiety

I wish people knew that anxiety is not just what you see about a person right in front of you. Its more about what you dont see and what people dont let you see. Most people do not know that I suffer from anxiety because I am a very happy person with a very functioning normal life. Im married with a daughter, I work, Im constantly hosting dinner parties, cooking, always keeping busy and for the most part Im always smiling. I am a very happy and lucky person who loves her family and what she does, but I just worry too much and dont know how to stop worrying.

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Distract Yourself With Meaningless Mental Lists

The absolute prerequisite for sleep is a quiet mind. Think of something else, rather than whats worrying you something with a story to it. It can be anything of interest, but of no importance, so you can devote some brain energy to it without clashing into the real world and going straight back to your worries. I fly a lot, so I imagine I have my own private jet and how would I arrange the furniture on it. If youre someone who likes going to music festivals, what would your lineup be? Neil Stanley, sleep expert

They Are Prone To Anxiety/ Depression

How to Shut Off Your Brain and Fall Asleep Faster

If you are feeling anxious, it is likely due in part to intrusive thoughts that are overwhelming you. If you have depression, it might worsen by you obsessing about what you perceive to be your shortcomings.

This doesnt mean that anxiety and depression are only caused by overthinking and negative experiences, but overthinking can certainly exacerbate both problems significantly.

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How To Stop Restless Legs Immediately Reddit

RLS is a rare disorder that causes people to have irresistible urge for movement. The only way Ive found relief from the symptoms and pain was by moving or stretching out my legs when they start feeling tight, which luckily helps as soon as you notice them! People with milder forms of RLS may also get some help from over-the counter medications such like ibuprofen/acetaminophen if it doesnt cause any other complications in their other organs like stomach problems etc..

Visualize Thing In The Positive Side

Three scoops of ice cream: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry. Fresh crushed pineapple and strawberries, warm luscious hot fudge. Ripe sweet banana. Fresh whipped cream and a juicy red cherry. Get the drift? By now, youre not only thinking of the banana split, you can taste it. If we want to change the negative tapes playing in our heads, we have to visualize ourselves positivelythat means seeing yourself non-judgmentally. Picture accepting yourself. How would that look? Draw a picture in your mind and expand on it.

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Do Your Own Sleep Study

You won’t know what’s causing your sleep problems until you spend time tracking them. Sleep-tracking apps like Sleep Cycle can tell you what changing variables affect sleephow watching the news before turning in, for instance, can disrupt sleep versus reading a book you enjoy, or whether getting exercise in the morning might be better for settling you into sleep than doing it later in the day.

Character Traits Of People Who Cant Turn Off Their Brain

How To Turn Off Your Brain So You Can Sleep

Do you know anybody who always seems to be in their head? They are always so caught up in their own thoughts that they are never able to enjoy the present moment for what it is. Maybe this describes you. If it does, you should know that overthinking, while frustrating is not uncommon.

While no two overthinkers think the exact same things, they do share some commonalities. These are some of the universal truths of chronic overthinkers.

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Identify What Is Causing Your Stresses

Pinpointing what exactly is causing you to lose sleep at night is a great first step to being able to shut your brain off at night. Taking a small amount of time out of your day to write down what is on your mind, and what you can do to about it, can alleviate some of that energy when its time for sleep. By identifying these worries beforehand, you can have a plan of attack on how to handle any of them that may arise when you are trying to sleep.

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