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How To Strengthen Your Brain

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Try Games That Use Visual Memory

9 Brain Exercises to Strengthen Your Mind

There are lots of matching games that can help kids work on visual memory, like the classic game Concentration . You can also do things like give kids a magazine page and ask them to circle all instances of the word the or the letter a. License plates can also be a lot of fun. Take turns reciting the letters and numbers on a license plate and then saying them backwards, too.

How Does Exercise Help Your Brain

Physical activity may benefit the brain in a number of ways, such as:

  • Promoting cardiovascular health.
  • Lowering levels of stress hormones.

All of these factors can adversely affect cognition, Dr. Bonner-Jackson explains.

Exercise may provide physical benefits to the brain, too, such as increasing the thickness of the cerebral cortex and improving the integrity of your white matter, the nerve fibers that connect areas of the brains nerve-cell-rich gray matter. It also promotes neuroplasticity, your brains ability to form new neural connections and adapt throughout life. One of the key places that happens is in the hippocampus, which is a very important area of the brain for memory, Dr. Bonner-Jackson explains.

Whats especially encouraging is you dont necessarily have to go overboard or meet the physical activity guidelines in order to benefit your brain.

In one recent study, researchers concluded that even among people who did not meet the activity guidelines, each hour of light-intensity physical activity and achieving 7,500 steps or more daily was associated with higher total brain volume. This was equivalent to approximately 1.4 to 2.2 years less brain aging.

There are a lot of potential mechanisms of exercise that may be combining to benefit brain health, Dr. Bonner-Jackson says. In general, even in people who are at risk for development of Alzheimers or other dementias, it can stave off decline in some cases for many years and help people function better.

A Few Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference To Your Mental Function

Ever feel stuck? You need inspiration for a new creative project, or a way to solve a management problem, or a strategy for increasing sales, but you keep coming up short? You may be able to get things flowing again with a few daily activities proven to increase brain function.

That advice comes from Robert Susa, CEO of InventHelp, which helps inventors prototype, patent, and market their inventions. Given his audience, he spends a lot of time thinking about how to optimize the human brain. Whether you are thinking about how to make your prototype more visually appealing, what to do next on your business plan, or how to market your product to your target audience, it involves a massive amount of brainpower and creativity, he explains.

You can up that power and creativity significantly with a few simple changes to your daily routine:

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Useful Tips For A Healthy Brain

Whats Good for Your Heart is Good for Your Brain.What can add years to your life, help you lose weight, boost your mood, improve your sleep, reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, keep your bones and your brain healthy? Exercise!

Even if you have never exercised, any physical activity is better than none at all.

Physical Activity and Health: A Report of the Surgeon General : Older Adults

Develop A Reading Habit

8 Fun Ways to Improve Your Brain in 2020

Reading is a great pastime activity for all age groups. Reading not only improves your knowledge and memory but also makes you empathetic and increases your brainpower.;

Reading different books makes your brain develop connections and see those in everyday life. Here are some ideas for good reading material to improve brain functioning:

  • Biographies

The more you will read, the more you will learn. The more your brain will engage.

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How To Improve Brain Fitness

The reality is that brain training may or may not work, but engaging in mentally stimulating activities is always a good thing. Finding ways to challenge your brain may help you feel sharper now and protect your brain as you age.

If you are interested in trying some more general mental training designed to improve overall brain fitness, you might want to focus on doing mental exercises on your own. Some brain-boosting activities that might be helpful include:

  • Do math in your head
  • Draw a map from memory
  • Learn a new language
  • Learn how to play an instrument
  • Memorize lists and test your recall
  • Play Sudoku
  • Put together a jigsaw puzzle

In addition to such cognitive training, there are other things that you can do to help take care of your brain. Activities that can improve your brain health include getting regular exercise, being socially active, and meditating.

Does Brain Training Really Increase Iq

Brain training is big business. Fromonline websites to video games to mobile apps, it seems like there are plenty of ways to give your brain a bit of a boost. But does all this brain training really work? Can it increase your cognitive abilities or your IQ?

According to a few recent studies, while these brain training tools might help sharpen your abilities to retain information, they won’t necessarily increase your intelligence or improve your ability to reason and think abstractly.

The parent company of one of the most prominent “brain training” websites, Lumosity, was fined by the Federal Trade Commission in January 2016 for deceptive advertising. According to the FTC complaint, the company suggested its games could reduce or delay cognitive impairment such as one might find in Alzheimer’s patients, which is false.;

So while there may be some benefits to brain training, don’t expect miraculous results.

Earlier studies have found no link between increased intelligence and brain training exercises.;

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What Can Neurogenesis Do

As you can imagine, neurogenesis has remarkable potential. The fact that our brains can grow new cells suggests that we can repair cognitive damage that has been done through months or years of abuse.

We can also improve our mental health and cognitive processing by enhancing the rate at which we create neurons.

Here are a few critical benefits of increasing neurogenesis.

Summary Of The Most Potent Brain Exercises

Improve Memory Techniques | Improve Your Memory | How to Boost Your Brain
  • The 4-details mental workout is excellent for passive memory training.;
  • Number exercises result in better working memory, an increased attention span and greater numerical memory skills.
  • Repeat and Recall exercises also increase your concentration and ability to pay attention to others for longer periods of time. Youll also remember more.
  • Create images, associations and other related sensations as you listen to people speak. This will create intense brain fitness to reduce the chances of memory impairment.
  • The Metronome exercise. This simple device can be found at any music store or downloaded as an app. Covering the click has many mental benefits and provides a fun challenge as a solo effort or group activity. You can perform such neurobic exercises several times a day.
  • Create and use Memory Palaces. Both of these activities create a lot of mental exercise.
  • Learn a language consistently over time. It might not feel like brain workout, but it is and the benefits of being bilingual provide ongoing mental benefits. These include helping withAlzheimers disease,dementia and cognitive decline associated with brain age.
  • Mind Map. There are many interesting rules you can follow to maximize the process. Following them is part of what creates the mental benefits of this creative brain game.
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    Repairing Damage From Substance Abuse

    One of the most common schools of thought regarding drug users and ex-addicts was that the damage they have done to their brains is irreversible.;

    Now, research is showing that recovering addicts and others are having success fixing damage done to their brains with neurogenesis. Some report success with correcting emotional problems, others report cognitive deficits disappearing.;

    What Is Working Memory And Why Is It Important

    Working memory, also known as WM, is a bundle of mechanisms that allows us to maintain a train of thought.

    Its what we use to plan and carry out an action the mental workspace where we manipulate information, crunch numbers, and see with our minds eye .

    • Can you add together 23 and 69 in your head?
    • Remember a list of grocery store items without writing them down?
    • Recall the seating arrangements of a dinner party after a brief glimpse at the table?

    These tasks tap working memory, and whether or not you succeed depends on your working memorycapacity, or WMC.

    People with larger capacities can juggle more information at once. This helps them process information more quickly, and the benefits are well-documented. People with higher-than-average working memory capacity are more likely to excel in the classroom.

    For example, when researchers have tracked the development of primary school children, theyve found that early gains in working memory predict later achievement in mathematics .

    Working memory is also predictive of language skills, like the ability to keep track of the ideas presented in a long or complex sentence; .

    On the flip side, individuals with poor working memory skills at a disadvantage. They are more likely to struggle with mathematics and reading. They may also struggle with following spoken directions. There is too much to juggle, and they lose track of what they are supposed to do.

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    Break The Routine Of Your Life To Stimulate New Parts Of Your Brain

    Do the opposite of what feels natural to activate the other side of your brain and gain access to both hemispheres. Write with your other hand, shoot basketballs with both hands, hit baseballs left handed , play table tennis left handed, shoot a rifle sighting with your other eye, use the mouse with your other hand make your brain feel uncomfortable. In essence, break the patterned routine in your life to challenge your brain to make new neuronal connections. Here are some more ideas:

    • Make love in a different way.
    • Try a sport youve never tried before.
    • Take a class in a subject you know nothing about.
    • Do some volunteer work see how good youll feel when you help others.
    • Try a different shampoo/soap/shaving cream/ razor/ tooth/ paste/perfume/cologne.
    • Go to church, or a different church.
    • Go to an opera or symphony.
    • Join a self-development group.

    Create A Memory Palace

    6 Natural Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

    The ultimate brain exercise to boost overall cognitive function is also the easiest. It involves nothing more than a simple drawing that follows some simple principles.

    Why is creating a Memory Palace such a powerful exercise?

    Take my free memory improvement course and find out for yourself:

    First, creating a Memory Palace draws upon your spatial and visual memory.

    Its also a great recovered memory and autobiographical memory exercise.

    As far as mind exercises go, the Memory Palace training exercise works kind of in reverse.


    Because youre accessing visual memory cues that are usually blueprinted in your mind outside of your awareness.

    Think about it:

    Youve rarely gone into a new home or store with the conscious intent of memorizing its features.

    Yet, if you think back to the last home of a friend you visited, heres a fact:

    Most people can recall an insane amount of detail with visual memory. Creating a Memory Palace lets you exercise that inborn ability.

    You can even use it for memory and learning stunts like memorizing all the Prime Ministers of Canada.

    Second, creating a Memory Palace is creating a tool that you can use for life. Once you have one and youve mastered using it, you can create dozens more.

    And if you can do that, you can do great things with your memory, like how Matteo Ricci learned Chinese in record time. You can also easily remember names at events and accomplish any memory-associated goal.

    And what goal doesnt involve memory?

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    Work On Visualization Skills

    Encourage kids to create a picture in their mind of what theyve just read or heard. For example, say youve asked your child to set the table for five people. Have your child imagine what the table should look like, and then draw it. As kids get better at visualizing, they can describe the image instead of drawing it.

    Healthy Relationships: The Ultimate Brain Booster

    Humans are highly social animals. Were not meant to survive, let alone thrive, in isolation. Relationships stimulate our brainsin fact, interacting with others may provide the best kind of brain exercise.

    Research shows that having meaningful friendships and a strong support system are vital not only to emotional health, but also to brain health. In one recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health, for example, researchers found that people with the most active social lives had the slowest rate of memory decline.

    There are many ways to start taking advantage of the brain and memory-boosting benefits of socializing. Volunteer, join a club, make it a point to see friends more often, or reach out over the phone. And if a human isnt handy, dont overlook the value of a petespecially the highly-social dog.

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    Avoid All Types Of Head Injury

    Whether you are a competitive athlete, play sports for fun, or exercise for health, taking care to avoid head injuries should be part of your routine. Evidence shows that a concussion may harm your brain both immediately and long-term. In fact, head injuries suffered in youth have been linked to increased risk for dementia, including Alzheimers disease, in old age.

    To protect your head from bumps and bruises, wear a strong helmet when biking, skiing, skating, or participating in other sports. Drive safely to prevent traffic accidents. And avert falls:

    • Wear glasses or contact lens if you need them.
    • Wear lace-up or Velcro shoes with solid heel support.
    • Wear shoes indoors rather than walking barefoot or in your stocking feet.
    • Avoid medications or alcoholic beverages that make you unsteady or dizzy.
    • Use a cane or walker if you need it.
    • Clear your home of trip hazards like electrical cords, loose rugs, slippery bathing surfaces, and poorly lit walkways.

    Find out how scientists in the joint KPWHRI-University of Washington ACT study keep learning about the brain and aging.

    Brain Exercises To Boost Memory And Cognitive Function

    How to Improve Your Brain Power in 10 Simple Steps | Kristen Willeumier

    In addition to following healthy lifestyle habits, such as eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly, you can also keep your mind and memory sharp with exercises to train your brain. And you dont have to break the bank to do so. While there are scores of computer games and apps that promise to enhance cognitive function, there isnt any definitive research that shows these products have significant neurological benefits for older adults. In;a review published in 2014 in the journal;PLoS Medicine, Australian researchers looked at;52 studies on computerized cognitive training; and found that the games are not particularly effective in improving brain performance. But a;study published in March 2020 in;The Journals of Gerontology, Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences;of found that CCT may have some cognitive benefits, especially if combined with physical exercise.

    Experts recommend sticking to brain training that involves real-world activities instead. Exercises to strengthen brain function should offer novelty and challenge. Almost any silly suggestion can work, says;David Eagleman, PhD, a neuroscientist and adjunct professor of psychology and public mental health and population sciences at the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute at Stanford University in California. Drive home via a different route. Brush your teeth with your opposite hand.;The brain works through associations,;, so the more senses you involve, the better.

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    Mind Mapping For Maximum Brain Health

    Its no secret that Im a huge fan of Tony Buzans approach to mind mapping.

    And thats because I used to mind map in ways that werent effective at all.

    But after training with Tony and world mind mapping champion Phil Chambers, I discovered a new route and Im way better at the practice and share it in real-time on my YouTube live streams:

    What is mind mapping?

    Its a graphic means of brainstorming and planning. You can even use it for note taking and review.

    The question is

    Why is mind mapping great for boosting cognitive function?

    One reason Tony Buzan hints at is very compelling. The process reproduces the role of nerve cells on the paper.

    Think it through:

    Just as a brain cell has a central nucleus with synapses that flow outward like a river, the mind map has a central idea that feeds several streams with mental power. By creating mindmaps, youre making it easier on your brain thereby increasing its processing speed. Just like more water increases the flow of a stream.


    Give these 10 mind mapping rules a try whenever you want a cognitive trainingworkout.

    Yours Free: A Private Course With Cheat Sheets For Becoming A Memory Master, Starting From Scratch. >>> .

    Eat Less Saturated Fat

    Eating a high fat ketogenic diet can have tremendous cognitive benefits, but in the context of the average Western diet, It may hinder your ability to think.

    A study done on the effects of high-fat diets in neurogenesis in rats;has shown that those fed a high-fat diet had a reduced instance of neural growth in the DG.

    Seven weeks of a high-fat diet was enough to cause significant decreases in the amount of newly generated cells.

    A diet high in saturated fats also increases the concentration of malondialdehyde which is a compound that is toxic to neural progenitor cells. These cells are necessary for the formation of new neurons.

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