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How To Take Alpha Brain

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Its 100% Natural And Works Well With Vegan Or Keto Diet


Onnits Alpha Brain is made from a combination of amino acids and herbal extracts. It doesnt contain any harmful chemicals, gluten, or caffeine. It helps improve your attention and focus without giving you the jittery edge from coffee.

Aside from its all-natural components, its encased in capsules that are vegan-friendly. It contains Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, water, and rice hull concentrate. Whether youre vegan or doing the keto diet, you can easily integrate it into your fitness regimen without anything to worry to about, as its backed by clinical studies and published papers regarding its safety and efficacy as a brain booster.

What Is In Alpha Brain

To find out whether Alpha Brain is safe to take with coffee, or even if there is any benefit to taking Alpha Brain with coffee, we need to examine the formula.

Here is the Alpha Brain ingredients list as it is shown on the Onnit website:

As you can see, Alpha Brain does not contain any stimulants. Theres no caffeine, theacrine, theobromine, or methylliberine in this stack.

So unlike many nootropic stacks on the market today, Alpha Brain poses no risk of causing the kind of side effects associated with stimulant use. You do not need to worry about double-dosing your caffeine when using Alpha Brain and drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee.

In fact, Alpha Brain contains some ingredients known to be actively beneficial when used alongside caffeine. This means that, in theory, Alpha Brain and coffee go extremely well together!

What Time Of Day Should You Take Alpha Brain

It is best to take Alpha Brain first thing in the morning, ideally as soon as you walk into work. Taking Alpha Brain at the start of the working day will mean you get maximum benefits while avoiding some of the worst side effects, such as insomnia. The most effective ingredients in Alpha Brain work almost right away and only last for 2-6 hours. So you really want to be taking Alpha Brain just before you need your brain to start performing at a higher capacity.

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How Are Brain Waves Measured

We cant see brain waves, but we can measure them. A test called an EEG can identify and measure the electrical activity in your brain.

With an EEG, a technician will place a series of small metal discs called electrodes all over your scalp. The discs convey the electrical activity of your neurons through wires to a machine, which records and prints the patterns out on a screen or paper.

Your doctor may order an EEG to see if there are any unusual patterns in your brain waves, or problems that might suggest you have epilepsy or another type of brain disorder.

What Benefits You Can Expect From Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain Review
  • Names and locations are better remembered:

How many times have you found yourself in an embarrassing situation when someone comes up to you and starts to talk casually but you just cant remember their name?

With the help of Alpha BRAIN®, the brain will have additional help because all the ingredients that each capsule contains will help you better remember the location of places, or the names of people.

  • Concentrate on difficult jobs:

One of the major problems associated with doing difficult tasks is distractions. Weve all wished for fewer interruptions and being able to tune out distractions or noise. With an increase in your state of wakeful calm, the stress that comes from distractions is minimized.

  • Thinking more clearly when under stress:

Have you ever found yourself put on the spot and you hit a blank? Or theres a crisis at work and you need to focus on the solution rather than panic? Some clinically tested nootropic compounds can aid in the promotion of alpha waves in the brain. Theres loads of research out there that links alpha brainwaves to wakeful calm, being more relaxed, and responding to stress better. When youre less prone to the effects of stress, youre more likely to experience better memory and concentration, attention, and processing of information.

  • Quicker response time:

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Dedication Could Be Key

Onnit recommends you take no more than 4 Alpha Brain Black Label supplements in a 24 hour period. Ive personally only taken the maximum dosage of 4 in a single day once. This is mainly because I keep forgetting to take them as opposed to just not wanting to although, I was sick for one week during this experiment and so didnt want to put anything in my body that didnt need to be there.

Ive been good at taking one each morning soon after waking up, but once Im head down into work or heading to the gym, Ive been forgetting to take the rest of the maximum dosage.

Gives You More Quick Reactions To External Stimulation

People tend to react slower when they are exhausted. That is why the Alpha Brain products can offer them the chance to have a quick reaction to any dangerous stimulation they have from their environment.

Besides focus and nootropics, these capsules can decrease the reaction time of your nerve cells. The production of acetylcholine is higher and the signals to muscles and glands are more frequent. It gives you a much faster reaction time that can make you feel safer.

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To Noticing An Effect

Which has meant Ive not been acutely aware of any real benefit. I wouldnt say Im someone who suffers from fatigue or lack of alertness on a regular basis, so taking a supplement that claims to increase these may be a little lost on me.

Im prepared to admit that I was probably expecting some sort of buzz after taking each serving, which I didnt. So their effects could have gone under the radar.

Veonika Larisova, exercise physiologist and nutritionist says that youre realistically unlikely to feel any buzz from taking nootropics, especially from the ingredients found in Alpha Brain Black Label.

Alpha Brain Ingredients List The Nutritional Facts

Alpha Brain & Shroom Tech HONEST Review | Does It Work?

Alpha GCP This proprietary ingredient is categorized on the medical standard by the FDA as GRAS that is helpful in promoting cognitive ability & processing speed of the brain.

Bacopa It is an important herb in the nootropic supplement ingredient list that has been used for medical purposes for centuries. The ingredient is helpful for improvements in mental abilities and memory function.

Cats Claw This excellent proprietary ingredient has powerful antioxidant properties that are helpful in increasing cognitive abilities.

Huperzia Serrata Similar to Huperzine, Huperzia Serrata is a plant that is helpful to boost and increase memory power and mental abilities.

L-Theanine It is a natural amino acid that is attracted by the leaves of green tea, helpful for mood and relaxation.

L-Tyrosine Another amino acid that is clinically tested and proved on the medical standard to be helpful to boost brain function.

Oat Straw Oat Straw is a herb extract that is helpful for relief from stress and depression.

Phosphatidylserine This is a natural fatty acid that is known to be helpful for increasing overall mental life performance.

Pterostilbene It is a very powerful ingredient that is very rarely available in any other nootropic formula.

Vinpocetine Vinpocetine is a biosynthetic ingredient that is clinically proven to be risk-free. It assists in stimulating the blood circulation in brain cells.

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Does Alpha Brain Really Work

Brain chemistry varies from person to person, and therefore it is not easy to say that any capsules that work great for one person will similarly work for others. The same is the case with Alpha Brain. The results can vary from person to person.

Nonetheless, it is backed by clinical trials to consolidate the claim that it works efficiently for everyone. The ingredients used in the formulation are also clinically tested. All of this demonstrates that the Alpha Brain dose can help most adults improve their brainpower, mental abilities, focus, and concentration.

  • Provides healthier and efficient brain
  • Enhance learning skill and tasks creativity
  • Provide relief from stress and depression

Where Does The Supplement Come From

Coming from Austin, Texas, Alpha Brain takes his name from the first letter of the Greek Alphabet. Its manufacturers wanted to point out that the supplement can be the pillar of your body and mind nutrition.

Additionally, Alpha comes from the alpha waves that your brain emits when works in the optimal range. The waves are present in healthy electroencephalography and are the direct effect of this formula.

Although Alpha Brain is not an FDA-approved supplement , it is the very first memory focus formula for daily use.

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Onnits Nootropic Alpha Brain: 5 Things You Did Not Know About This Supplement

Youve probably heard about health supplements that help improve memory, attention, and focus. Theyre known as nootropics or cognitive enhancers for short- and long-term brain functions. They make you productive and resilient so that you can take on the challenges of the fast-paced world we live in.

One of the well-known nootropics thats creating waves in the health world is Onnits Alpha Brain which supports the over-all functions of the brain. Backed by clinical studies, it helps enhance verbal memory and increase mental processing speed. Its also certified by several institutions, such as the United States Olympic Committee, the U.S. Military, and the Anti-Doping Agency for its all-natural, drug-free blend of herbal extracts.

Onnits Alpha Brain works to stimulate alpha waves in the brain, helping you feel relaxed and alert. It promotes increased focused, allowing you to ignore distractions so that you can finish the task at hand. Whats more, this nootropic also builds a healthy brain environment so that brain cells can effectively communicate with one another.

While Alpha Brains benefits are mostly for enhanced mental function, there are a few more that we can get from taking this supplement. Taking it in capsule or powder form not only gives you optimal brain performance, as it can also lead to general well-being.

Alpha Brain Side Effects: Does It Make You Sick

Onnit Alpha Brain: Possible Dangers of Health Supplements

December 20, 2021 by Brian Johnson

Alpha Brain is, hands down, one of the most popular nootropics on the market. Alpha Brain was Onnits first product to come to market, and despite them branching out into a wide range of supplements, it remains their best-selling and best-known product.

While it is rarely listed among the best nootropics anymore, Onnit Alpha Brain and Alpha Brain Instant are both still used by thousands of people around the world on a daily basis. With the launch of Alpha Brain Black Label, Onnit is only going to become more nootropic-centric as a brand.

However, a lot of people today question Alpha Brains safety. Rightly so too. Alpha Brain uses proprietary blends, which means we have no idea how much of any one ingredient is actually in each serving. Some Alpha Brain ingredients are capable of causing quite severe side effects if taken in large doses, so the lack of dosing information is a real issue.

More worryingly, more than one professional, impartial Alpha Brain review has mentioned side effects as a major problem with the nootropic.

In this article, were going to look at Alpha Brains side effect risks and see how they compare to the nootropics potential benefits. Well look at all negative side effects, drug interactions, and how to take Alpha Brain to limit side effect risks. Please post your questions and your own experiences with Onnit Alpha Brain in the comments section at the end.

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Proven Effective By Athletes Business Professionals And Artists

Onnit supplements are proven effective brain enhancers for people who constantly face demanding and stressful activities. Alpha Brain is used by Olympic athletes, FIFA World Cup players, and even MMA fighters.

Even people who dont play sports yet face equally demanding tasks can take this supplement. A study published in 2015 shows that taking Alpha Brain for 6 weeks shows a 12% improvement in verbal recall and a 21% increase in mental processing speed.

Taking this brain booster can also help enhance your creative juices. There are testimonials and reviews from several satisfied users saying that it helped unleashed their creativity as they work on content writing, presentations, and even artworks.

And There Is Research To Support Their Claims

Veronika adds there is in fact much research in the pharmaceutical field, and medications such as Modafinil definitely work. However, they are addictive and have nasty side effects. The only downside to this piece of research is that modafinil isnt in Alpha Brain Black Label, so it is hard to distinguish whether the ingredients used do have any profound effect.

Barry Gordon, MD, PhD, director of the cognitive neurology/neuropsychology division at Johns Hopkins Medicine adds, The circuits that are involved in human cognition are very complicated and not fully understood.

According to WebMD, he adds, You cant just turn up the dial that easily. He also says that people who think their mental performance has increased because of taking nootropics are largely being influenced by a placebo effect. If youre more confident and think youll do better, you will do better.

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Comes In Capsule And Powder Form

One thing thats great with Onnits Alpha Brain is that you can consume it two ways: as capsule or as a powdered drink. The capsule is easy to swallow, which you can take after a light meal. When you take it in capsule form, its easily digested and broken down in the stomach to release its enhancing effects.

If youre not the pill-swallowing type, you can, you can enjoy it in powder form, known as Alpha Brain Instant. The drink comes in a variety of fruity flavors: ruby grapefruit, lemon, coconut lime, pineapple, natural peach, and blackberry lemonade. You can take it with your favorite meal or as a gym or sports drink.

Whats good about Onnits Alpha Brain in capsule and in powder form is that you get the same amount of formulation. You can enjoy one of the two options and still get the same brain-boosting benefits.

Should You Take Alpha Brain With Coffee

Alpha Brain Review – Does It Actually Work?

Taking Alpha Brain and coffee together might actually be a wise move if you want to maximize your mental energy, memory and focus.

Some of the ingredients in Alpha Brain are potentiated by caffeine, while others make caffeine itself a more potent, effective nootropic while simultaneously limiting side effects.

For instance, one of Alpha Brains main ingredients is Alpha-GPC. This is a cholinergic which increases the availability of acetylcholine in the brain. As the brains primary executive neurotransmitter, more acetylcholine means greater focus, better working memory, faster information processing, and better mind-muscle connection.

The evidence suggests that combining cholinergics like Alpha-GPC with caffeine produces significant and rapid increases in focus, concentration and alertness more than taking either nootropic in isolation.

Alpha Brain also contains ingredients which help manage caffeines side effects, so heavy coffee drinkers may benefit a lot from taking Alpha Brain and coffee together.

Alpha Brain contains L-Theanine. This amino acid is found in very high conentrations in black tea, and in green tea in lesser quantities.

Clinical trials have shown that Theanine actively suppresses the side effects of caffeie while simultaneously enhancing its beneficial effects. So taking Theanine with caffeine makes caffeine more effective while preventing jitters, hypertension and anxiety.

But, theres a problem.

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Is There Any Side

A major concern of the people regarding Alpha Brain is the side effects. In contrast with experimental drugs that nootropic enthusiasts are using, Alpha Brain is very tame.

Some reports show headaches and jaw pain which is probably due to the high levels of acetylcholine in the individuals brain.

Few people experience vivid dreaming as well. Most of the ingredients that are used in the Onnit Alpha Brain are regarded safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration .

Onnit Alpha brain shouldnt be taken if youre under 18 or pregnant. Also, if youre already taking some medicines, you should consult your doctor before use.

Watch Joe Rogan Talk About How He Feels On Nootropics Below

While nootropics arent necessarily a brand new genre of self chemical help, recently theyve started getting more mainstream attention particularly the one Joe Rogan takes. Its called Alpha Brain and it has been created by the company Onnit, for many years. The comedian and notorious podcast host is someone who is often more than happy to play guinea pig when it comes to futuristic methods of improving the human body.

Speaking back in 2014, Joe says one of the first things he noticed after taking nootropics was that he had a better recall of words and that forming sentences seemed smoother, its like I had an extra gear. He further claims that other people he had given Alpha Brain to to try for themselves experienced some sort of mental boost.

Indeed, the Australian Alcohol and Drug Foundation , describes nootropics as a cognitive enhancer and something people take to improve memory, increase mental alertness and concentration, as well as boost energy levels and wakefulness.

They could, therefore, be likened to a real-world version of the drugs Bradley Coopers character takes in Limitless. Ones that help us to unlock the full potential of our brain.

As with many other supplements, there are both prescription and over-the-counter versions, with the former specially designed to help treat sleepiness and narcolepsy, according to the ADF.

Too good to be true? Probably. But I had to try .

This is what I discovered.

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**This is a subjective assessment based on the strength of the available informations and our estimation of efficacy.

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