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How To Turn Off The Left Side Of Your Brain

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How To Develop This Side Of The Brain

Turn Off The Left Side Of Your Brain | Right Brain Activation Binaural Beats | Pituitary Gland Music

Left-brained people often exhibit logical-mathematical intelligence, which is one of the nine intelligences defined by Howard Gardners theory of multiple intelligences. This enables them to be excellent mathematicians, scientists, and technicians.

Everyone possesses this type of intelligence to a certain extent. But people with left brain characteristics can especially benefit from improving it. They can gain a better understanding of logic by solving mathematical problems and immersing themselves in novel situations.

They can also benefit from spending time with friends who are interested in math and science. Their logical thinking will naturally improve.

We need to know how our minds work so we can work our minds better.

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But Does That Mean We Should Always Go With The Crazy Brain

No, of course not. Both brains have their value. But we have to recognize that the bully brain doesnt do very well when dealing with fuzzy stuff that doesnt end up with 6+4=10. So you have to bypass it.

Sometimes speed works. Sometimes it doesnt. Sometimes we can use a change of method, location, technology to trick the bully brain. Our job is to find out how to stop our bully brain from taking center stage and prancing around like a spoiled two-year-old.

Significance Of The Left Brain

Your cerebrum makes up the bulk of your brain and has two parts, the left and right hemispheres. Both sides communicate with each other through the corpus callosum, a network of nerves.

Each hemisphere of your brain controls the muscles and senses on the opposite side of your body. The left hemisphere is responsible for mental activities like logic, analysis, speech, language and numbers.

It’s important to note that left brain stimulation can be increased by using the right side of the body or engaging in activities like problem-solving or playing a musical instrument.

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How Left Hemisphere Brain Damage Impacts Daily Life

People who have been impacted by left hemisphere brain damage often experience communication, cognition, and movement-related problems.

Left hemisphere brain damage can lead to:

  • Difficulty expressing and understanding language at the word, sentence, or conversational level
  • Trouble reading and writing
  • Deficits in planning, organization, and memory as those skills relate to language
  • Weakness or lack of movement on the right side of the body

If you have damage to this part of your brain, you may find it hard to retrieve the words you want and to then put those words together following grammatical rules when you are talking to someone. Additionally, it may be hard to understand what others are saying to you. These difficulties are characteristic of aphasia. You may have trouble coordinating the movements of your mouth to say words , experience weakness in the muscles you need for speech , or have trouble moving the right side of your body altogether. It can also be more difficult to reason through problems, remember things you hear, and put ideas in order. Any of these impairments can create challenges that impact quality of life.

Develop Your Left Brain And Right Brain With Mentalup Games

Infographic : how brain injury impacts daily life

We will share some more information about the concepts of right brain and left brain in the rest of the article but we would like to talk about the common exercises for both sides of the brain.

MentalUP Exercises are designed in the form of intelligence games. While visual intelligence games and auditory mental exercises address the right brain verbal, numerical, and logical intelligence games support and develop the left brain. Therefore, it is a fun application that boosts children’s success at school.

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About Right Hemisphere Brain Damage

Right hemisphere brain damage, or RHD, is damage to the right side of the brain. Our brains have two sides, or hemispheres. In most people, language skills are in the left side of the brain. The right side controls attention, memory, reasoning, and problem solving. RHD may lead to problems with these important thinking skills. A person with RHD may have trouble communicating with others because of this damage. In many cases, the person with RHD is not aware of their problems.

Ps The Brain Loves A Break

So no matter what you’re doing, take a break, if only a small one. A few minutes makes a big difference. Don’t head to Facebook. Just take a genuine break. Step outside for a few minutes. Or just lie on the floor and relax your back. And the brain functions a lot better.

Try it.

About The Brain AuditThere are two very specific extra weapons that The Brain Audit gave me. Weapons that I never got from the many copy writing courses out there .

The Brain Audit not only explains HOW the brain works, but also WHY it works. This is master-level applied psychology, necessary for any self-respecting marketer.

Gabor Wolf

What Bugs Me

The Headline Report


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Sign Your Name Every Which Way

My favorite teacher and artist, Will Reimann, was brilliant at getting his students to use the right side of their brains. There were many squinty eyes in Reimanns studio, much neural myelination. Heres one of his exercises:

Sign your name.


Okay, now things get gnarly. Sign again, but this time, do it in mirror writingright to left, rather than left to right . Got that? Now sign upside down. Then backward and upside down. Repeat this until you can sign in all directions. Good luck.

Ways To Heal The Brain With Essential Oils

Turn Off The Left Side Of Your Brain Subliminal | Brainstorming Techniques | Right Brain Activation

Essential oils are ideal for delivering the right remedy to the right region of your brain as their unique chemistry allows them to both easily cross the blood brain barrier and permeate the cells of your brain tissue.

Historically, it has been challenging to get the right remedy into the right region of the brain as your blood brain barrier prevents most remedies from accessing your brain. For example, many chemotherapy drugs cannot cross the blood-brain barrier to reach tumor cells in the brain.

This is a well-documented problem in conventional medicine. Research has noted that the Blood Brain Barrier represents a significant impediment for drug delivery due to its structure and functional complexities. Safe, site-specific, and efficient delivery of compounds to CNS disease sites remains a singular goal in achieving optimal therapeutic outcomes to combat neurodegenerative diseases.

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Ways To Turn Off Your Brain So You Can Get Some Rest

Your brain working overtime is not doing you any good.


For years, when I got off work every night, I had trouble shutting down my brain for the evening. I couldn’t fall asleep as I thought about problems, or if I did fall asleep, I would wake up way too early. Anxiousness and feeling like I had never done enough filled my head into the early morning hours. I knew the problem was my business, and I was ready to sell my multiple locations and start over. A good friend confronted me and said, The problem has never been your business its always been you.

I doubted him until I really examined my life and my inability to shut my brain off. Lately, I have been investigating different methods that have helped me relax in a healthy way.

Cause The Bully Brain To Shut Down

The way to do this is to give yourself a fixed time. So you have to cover the entire outline in fewer than say, 5 minutes. Immediately your bully brain will snarl. Surely you can’t have speed and quality, it hisses. But ignore it. Just go with your crazy brain. And at first, you’ll get resistance, but eventually the bully, like all bullies, will just get fed up and leave.

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What Does It Mean To Be A Left

It is believed that people are generally inclined towards thinking one way over the other. If youre analytical and methodical, youre a left-brained person. If youre creative and artistic, youre a right-brained person.

Compared to a right-brained person, a person with left brain characteristics is more verbal, analytical, and orderly.

In reality, both sides of the brain work in unison and are in constant communication. This means that most people not entirely left-brain or right-brain oriented. Still, in some people, one of the sides can be more dominant than the other.

Balance Your Stress Response


Stress is any reaction to a physical, emotional, psychological or environmental stimulus that triggers the release of adrenal hormones. Since our bodies prioritize a stress response over all other bodily systems, including digestive and immune function, a chronic or prolonged stress response can throw all other systems out of balance and lead to degeneration and disease. Simply put, a body in stress cannot heal.

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How To Control Your Triggered Thoughts

You need to be able to see what is really in front of you, versus what your anxiety is leading you to believe. Your thoughts are easier to control than your feelings. So, you need to change the thoughts that have made you feel negative, or they will probably reoccur.

You should also concentrate on the thoughts that come to mind when you visualize the situation. The thoughts you want to control are walking hand in hand with your anxious feelings. Write them down.

Now be realistic and evaluate these thoughts by asking the following questions:

  • Is there any evidence to prove that your negative thoughts could be true?
  • What is some evidence that makes these thoughts relevant?
  • Is there anything to prove your thoughts could be false?

When you have triggered thoughts, you often believe them without question. That is why they have so much influence over you. There is a good chance that all the evidence doesnt point one way, and this weakens the thoughts that control you.

It wont be easy to convince your mind that your triggered thoughts arent true. The more positive evidence you can conjure, the better. It doesnt even matter if you can come up with only a few things. All you need is support, to battle these triggered thoughts.

When you feel less anxious, you will be able to act more effectively, and that exiles anxiety. In turn, you must take a deeper look at what thoughts control your feelings.



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The Crazy Brain Works Splendidly For Writing

All I had to do was to start writing. As soon as my fingers started moving on the keyboard, the ideas started coming. First a bit awkwardly but then fluently. I set the timer for fifteen minutes, which kept me more on track. Now there is a race between time and the crazy brain. It has to bring words faster than the timer runs out.

When we do something under strict time limits, the bully brain ping pongs between black and white. When we do something quite radical, it confuses the bully brain so much that it shut down.

If you havent done it before, try it. Give yourself 5 minutes to write an email. You have to address all the issues and type out a 200-words email in five minutes. Immediately your bully brain will snarl. Surely you cant have speed and quality, it hisses. But ignore it. Just go with your crazy brain. And at first, youll get resistance, but eventually, the bully, like all bullies, will get fed up and leave.

How To Control The Amygdala Of Your Brain To Turn Off Your Anxiety

Instantly Turn Off The Left Side Of Your Brain | Right Brain Activation | Pituitary Gland Meditation

Is there a possibility that you can turn off your anxiety? The part of the brain called the amygdala can function like a power switch for anxiety, studies show.

Most people like to think that depression is a sadness, but in reality, it is about a terrible emotional pain that includes difficulties with concentration and memory.

Anxiety has a close relation to fear and yes, fear can be helpful. If a projectile is coming your way and it looks like it may hit, you will have a burst of fear. The adrenaline that you feel will help you get out of the way. The part of the brain that gives us that dose of fear and anxiety is called the amygdala.

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What If The Bully Brain Starts Taking Over

If you start freezing or taking too much time or if what you do is driving you crazy, you need to stop the bully brain.

Find a way to access your crazy brain instead to tackle the same job in a totally different way. You get your work done and most importantly that bully brain shuts up. Phew!

Try it.

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/7learn To Play A Music Instrument

Singing or learning to play a new instrument requires both logical attention and an intuitive feel for the music. Even listening to a new type of music is considered good for the right side of the brain. Playing music, in fact, is an excellent great whole-brain exercise. It stimulates the auditory cortex of the right cerebral hemispheres and increases creativity.

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There Are Many Subtle Ways How Brain Asymmetries Affect Your Behavior

    About 10 percent of people are left-handers, while about 90 percent are right-handers. Pretty much anybody knows whether they are left-handed, right-handed, or ambidextrous. Handedness is determined by our brains. The left part of the brain controls the right part of the body, while the right part of the brain controls the left part of the body. In left-handers, the motor areas on the right side of the brain are dominant for activities that require a high level of motor skills such as writing. Interestingly, handedness is not the only example of how such brain asymmetries affect our everyday lives. Here is a list of seven surprising ways brain asymmetries our everyday lives.

    1. In addition to handedness, there is also footedness

    While most people are aware of whether they are left- or right-handed, fewer people think about whether they are left- or right-footed. A recent large-scale meta-analysis reported that about 12.1 percent of people are left-footed. There was a large overlap with handedness, but it was not 100 percent perfect. While only 3.2 percent of right-handers were left-footed, about 60.1 percent of left-handers were left-footed. Thus, the chance of being left-footed is considerably higher for a left-hander than for a right-hander.

    2. We have a favorite side for hugging

    3. People are either left-kissers or right-kissers

    When kissing someone, do you turn your head to the left side or the right side?

    4. We have a preferred side for chewing

    The result?


    How To Shut Off Your Brain When You Just Can’t Sleep

    Understand The Left and Right Brain

    By Shelby Freedman Harris, Psy.D. for

    As our societal demands get even greater with each passing year, we find that we are “on” 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This results in greater rates of insomnia, with more and more people reporting that they just can’t turn off their brains at night.

    Mental over-activity is a big problem for many people, but there are some helpful techniques that might aid in quieting things down at night.

    1. Give yourself some mental and physical wind-down time. We are so busy nowadays that there’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done. As a result, many people are working up until bedtime. The problem with this is that sleep isn’t simply an on/off switch. We need to unwind and dim our mind in order to set the stage for sleep. Allow for at least an hour before bedtime to be protected, relaxing, wind-down time. This can help create closure for the day and allow your brain to begin the process of shutting off. Wind-down should take place somewhere outside of your bedroom. Keep the lights dim and avoid using anything with a screen , as this can make your brain think it’s still daytime. Reading, light stretching, journaling and meditating are all great options. Find what works best for you and make it a nightly routine.

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    We All Know How To Draw

    Drawing doesnt come naturally to all of us. Nevertheless, as kids most of us learned the basics: pick up a pen, put it down on a piece of paper and move it around.

    As kids we progressed quickly. Soon we got the handle on how to draw different shapes and make use of different colours. Our parents loved it, encouraged us to go on. Maybe they even taught us how to draw a face like this: 1 big round circle, 2 small circles for the eyes, 1 line for the nose, and 1 more for the mouth.

    At a young age, we learned to build abstractions of what we saw in the real world. For example we can group together things like fingers, sun rays and tree trunks because they can all be represented by the abstract concept of a line. Similarly, eyes, torsos, faces are expressions of the abstract concept of a circle.

    Being able to form abstractions is incredibly useful. Rather than thinking about what things mean or what they look like exactly, we can use fast short cuts: if you see that there is a big red object on 4 wheels quickly approaching, you might want to think car! instead of standing on the street appreciating the interplay of light & shadow on the bonnet. In less dramatic terms, forming abstractions is great because its linked to complexity reduction, conceptual thinking and problem solving³.

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