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What Are Right Brain Thinkers Good At

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Qualities Of Left Brain Thinkers

Good Thinking! â Why Right Brained is Wrongâ¦Brained

This brain is also referred to as the analytical side. Left side brainers are generally goal-oriented, organized, critical thinkers and demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Brilliant language and comprehension

Wasnt this fun? Finally putting your left brain vs right brain confusion to an end! Dont forget to try it with your friends and find out which side of the brain dominates their thinking pattern.

The Left Brain Is Mathematical And Logical

So like all maths problems it likes to be correct every time. Which is fine when youre dealing with maths and 7 + 3=10 . Every thing has to be black and white.

Its different when youre drawing, or playing music or writing an article. You can have your black and whites and a range of rainbow colours. This of course drives your bully brain totally crazy. Its trying desperately to pigeon-hole what you do into black and white. And of course, it fails. This sends you into a bit of a spiral as you consider the options to rationally solve the problem.

Jobs With A Creative Edge

Opt for a job that requires creativity, imagination and the ability to develop new methods, products and services. For example, careers in architecture, transportation logistics, workplace design and product development require original ideas and the ability to think outside the box.

According to Daniel Pink, author of “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future,” right-brain dominant careers have a better job outlook than left-brain jobs. Many left-brain professions, such as accounting and computer programming, are easily automated and outsourced. Right-brain skills involve a personalized, human approach and aren’t easily duplicated or automated.

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Responses To Right Brain Vs Left Brain

  • cindy
  • can get it believes

  • According to John McCrone, writing in the New Scientist magazine in July 2000,the whole notion of RB-LB dichotomies has been proven false by more recent brain scan research. The lateral functions as listed above are over simplifications of reality. Both hemispheres function together in complex ways, and in extreme cases, where half the brain is removed to treat epilepsy, persons still reflect LB and RB characteristics. McCrone calls the dichotomy simplistic at best and nonsense at worst.

  • Regardless of what John McCrone wrote about the LB-RB theory, there is still some validity to the model.

    Whether some functions are physically left or right , we would be wise to follow the advise to incorporate more spatial and abstract subject in academic curriculum.

    In addition, to enhance cross-hemispheric activity, regular use of Brian Gym will improve learning, and enhance thinking and communication skills.

  • I dont believe we can semegnt our brain physiology that easily in right and left. Many structures are unique to connect them both, and have many fuctions such as the Calous Body.I only believe that we have a different think rather than the rational, because when you listen to a song, you can reproduce it latter, and not even think about it, you just do it. Kind irrational huh? Maybe is our animal evidence

  • Here Are Some Faqs On Left Brain Vs Right Brain Theory:

    Are You Left Brained or Right Brained? {Visual}

    1. Can a person be both left and right brained?

    YES! You can be both left and right brained person. Even the test What do you see first gives the interpretation of you are both- left and right brained person. Depending on a situation demand either part of your brain dominates.

    2. Do right and left brain see different colors?

    Well, its a maybe situation here. There are various color perception images out there claiming that the color you see predicts which part of brain is dominates your thinking pattern. However, no one can really vouch for these ideas.

    3. What jobs are good for right brain thinkers?

    Some of the job profile that best fits the right brainers are: Managers

    Computer Programmer

    5. Which brain dominant is best?

    While the right-brain dominance ensures that you are best at expressive and creative tasks. On the other hand, the left-brain dominance is reflected in your verbal and analytical aspects of life. This makes one point clear that both brain dominance have its own perks to offer. So, irrespective of the fact which brain dominates you it is at its best. No good, better, best comparison cannot be made here.

    Alarming Fact!!!

    The theory of left-brain vs right-brain holds true only up to an extent! Recent research has found that this theory may be a myth!

    To put it in a nutshell, the concept of left-brain vs right brain is better used in the form of a figure of speech than an anatomical description.

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    Left Brain Weak Children At School

    Modern education systems are developed mainly for left-brained children, who like to structure, plan, work alone, and solve problems with logic. Left brain weak students may find it difficult to settle into school routines and often need assistance in order to cope successfully with the challenges of scholastic life.

    You may find that your left-brain weak child has problems with memorizing lists or tables, has difficulty understanding verbal instructions, struggles with writing, cannot focus on one task for too long, and generally doesn’t enjoy school. Dyslexia is also common among right brain dominant children.

    Your Classes And Your Brain

    Right-brain dominant students experience school differently than their left-brained counterparts, often favoring certain subjects over others. The following descriptions are accurate for most right-brained students.

    • History: You enjoy the social aspects of history classes most. You like to explore the effects of events that happened in history and you don’t mind writing essays about them.
    • Math: You can do well in math class if you apply yourself, but you get bored when answering long, complex problems. Don’t let yourself shut down when you don’t know the answerskeep at it! You’ll be great with math with enough practice.
    • Science: Studying science is boring at first, but you grow increasingly intrigued the more you learn. You like to find answers to open-ended questions but don’t care for using scientific equations and formulas.
    • English: You do well in English class, especially when it comes to reading literature and writing essays about books. You also do well in creative writing assignments. Strong grammar skills may come naturally to you.

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    Western Business Is Dominated By The Left Brain And Weak In The Right Brain

    Herrmann’s Thinking Preferences, as shown in the first chart, expands this into four quadrants according to how our brain is structured. The two left hand quadrants are the left brain quadrants and the two right hand quadrants are the right brain quadrants. The two upper quadrants are the cerebral “thinking” quadrants and the two lower quadrants are the limbic “feeling” quadrants.

    According to extensive research by Herrmann Asia, over 90% of large corporations in Australia and Asia have strong thinking preferences in the A quadrant and the B quadrant . A much smaller percentage are as competent in the D quadrant and very few are as competent in the C quadrant .

    What Is A Right Brained Person

    Left-Brain vs. Right-Brain Thinking

    The theory of left and right brain was developed by Neuropsychologist Roger W Sperry in 1960. Accordingly, each human is either right or left side dominant. Each side of brain controls different types of thinking that lead to different personality traits. Sperry believed that there are some people who can use both sides of brain equally, but most people will have tend to think either on a more left or right side.

    The left-brainers tend to be very realistic, logical and are critical thinkers who dont let feelings get in when making decisions. They are rarely absent-minded but stay goal-oriented and well organized.

    How about right-brainers? They are the absolute opposite version of the lefties. They are creative, unpredictable, spontaneous and more emotional than the left-brainers. They are intuitive and good at problem solving and more laid back with strangers.

    Ask yourself some simple questions like: Do you prefer drawing to playing puzzle? making plans or being flexible? And so on. Herere more signs that you are righties team.

    • You like open-ended questions than multiple choices.

    Right or wrong answers are boring to you. Open-ended questions give you more space for discussion and freedom when finding solutions. Whats more, open-ended question format allows you to be creative and gives you a chance to express yourself more.

    • You have a difficulty in maintaining your focus.
    • Its hard for you to be organized.
    • People dont appreciate your memorization skills.

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    Are All Stormtroopers Left Handed

    In the 1977 film Star Wars by George Lucas, most of the Stormtroopers are left-handed. That is because of how the weapons are constructed. This construction caused it to hit the stormtroopers in the chest. Therefore they have to switch grip of the weapon, which made them look like left handed stormtroopers.

    Why There Is A Need For Us To Know If We Are Right

    The right side of the brain contributes to emotional intelligence the ability to understand ourselves and be empathetic towards others. Seeing the bigger picture is essential for right-brained people to understand the world. For example, when organizing files, a left-brained person focuses on individual files.

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    The Left Brain/right Brain Theory:

    We all know that our brain is divided into parts left hemisphere and right hemisphere . Ideally, each side of the brain controls different types of thinking patterns. However, we as homo sapiens allow one part to dominate over the other by choosing a particular thinking pattern.

    But wait! Does that mean only one side of your brain is handling all the bodily functions?

    The answer to it is a NO!

    As mentioned above one side of the brain will dominate the other thus, classifying you as a left-brain thinker or the right one. However, this does not imply that only that side of the brain is functional for you. In fact, as a science writer, Carl wrote

    No matter how lateralized the brain can get, though, the two sides still work together

    To put it in simple words, one side of the brain may dominate the other, however, they still work as a whole brain!

    Quick Fact: Math skills are found to be the strongest in the ones who have both sides working equally!

    So are there any specific characteristics associated with these sides of the brain?

    Yes, perhaps the dual nature of your brain comes into play! Let us explore what left brain vs right brain has to offer to you

    Historical And Religious Views Of Humanity

    Are you Right

    Humans are an introspective species, one might even say self-absorbed. It has long been believed that humanity is effectively at the center of the universe, whether because of the early geocentric ideas of Ptolemy or simply because humans are thought better than other species. It is an idea that even enters into some religions.

    The Christian Bible does say that humans were to have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over the Earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the Earth.

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    What Are The Characteristics Of Right Brain And Left Brain


    What is the difference between right and left side of brain?

    The left side of the brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body. It also performs tasks that have to do with logic, such as in science and mathematics. On the other hand, the right hemisphere coordinates the left side of the body, and performs tasks that have do with creativity and the arts.

    what are the characteristics of left brain dominant individuals?Characteristics of Left Brain Dominant Students


    What Are The Differences Between The Left Brain And Right Brain

    Many neuroscientists consider the concept of purely left-brain vs right-brain characteristics a myth. There are numerous theories and concepts that exist to explain how the right and left hemispheres of the human brain function. Many of which, have merits, and limitations.

    Researchers Michael Gazzaniga and Roger Sperry proposed the concept of lateralization. In lateralization the left hemisphere and right hemispheres of the brain have very different functions, but they communicate with each other through their physical connections. An example of lateralization is language. For most people language function is located in the left hemisphere of the brain, particularly for right-handed people. The foundation for this split-brain theory often is based on research that has been performed on patients who had their right and left hemispheres of their brain surgically disconnected to treat severe epilepsy. Split-brain theory describes the left side of the brain as giving rational orders to the right side of the brain, and the right hemisphere as giving emotionally based commands.

    Brain lateralization occurs in certain brain functions. In brain lateralization, certain regions of the brain perform specific functions. Many recent studies have shown that the right and left halves of the brain mostly are used equally, which shows the functional and physical connections between both the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

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    Does Left Handed Mean Right

    But in another task that looked at biases in what we pay attention to, we found no differences in the brain-processing patterns for right-handers and left-handers. This result suggests that while there are relationships between handedness and some of the brains specialisations, there arent for others.

    Checking The Veracity Of The Left

    ‘Right Brain Thinking’ Explained on NBC Connecticut Television

    Taking this to the next step, people were told that if they were dispassionate and cerebral scientific whizzes, they used the left side of the brain, while the artsy, creative, caring people used the right side of the brain. It was just too easy an explanation. People are rarely so dichotomous, that is to say, thinking versus feeling. It is really quite peculiar. It is not at all difficult to imagine that a scientist would be sad when his kitten unexpectedly died. Nor is it so difficult to imagine a singer being a shrewd businessman or woman. The world is not either/or.

    So, what is correct? Well, it is true that there are right- and left-brain differences. The biggest is, of course, that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa. That one is considered a no-brainer.

    There is also handedness, meaning being left-handed or right-handed. That seems to arise in individual differences in the right and left brain and the development of the fine muscle control centers of the hand. But what is being considered is more about thinking and where that originates in the brain rather than such ordinary things as muscle control. And the reality is that thinking occurs all over the brain.

    With studies like this, it is clear that the whole right-/left-brain idea is not real, at least not in the way that is often portrayed in the media and some classrooms.

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    Color Test Left Brain Right Brain

    Perhaps you’re familiar with the left brain right brain color test where you try to figure out what color is the sneaker or what color is the dress? Even though they are very popular on socials as supposedly being left brain right brain quizzes, there isnt any scientific research to actually back it up.

    Since were at it, we would like to explain the What color is the sneaker? and What color is the dress? phenomena.

    You must have seen both these pictures as a left brain right brain color test however, neither of them has anything to do with evaluating the brain dominancy in individuals. So, what is their secret that aroused peoples curiosity?

    The only trick within these photos is about lighting and how our brain adjusts to it. In the picture with the sneaker, the color of the mans hand and thumb may trick some minds into seeing the sneaker differently than others when it is actually pink and white.

    The same situation applies to the dress. In fact, it is more obvious because the picture that was circling around is very blurry, forcing the mind to correct it. As the mind tries to adjust the lighting of the picture, the reflection of the colors tricks people into thinking that the dress is white and gold colored, as truly it is blue and black.

    Mind tricks are not new and the deception of the mind caused by colors has many different explanations however, none of them are associated with the brain dominancy of the brain.

    How The Brain Works

    The brain is our motherboard, storage, operating system, and more. The nuances of its functions canât be summarized in a black-and-white dichotomy, which is how the left-and-right-brain idea came around.

    The brain is divided into symmetrical left and right hemispheres. Each hemisphere is in charge of the opposite side of the body, so your right brain controls your left hand. The right hemisphere also takes in sensory input from your left side and vice versa.

    The brain is segmented into regions called lobes. Your lobes isolate your brainâs functions to specific areas.

    • The frontal lobe controls your body movement, personality, problem-solving, concentration, planning, emotional reactions, sense of smell, the meaning of words, and general speech.
    • Your parietal lobe controls your sense of touch and pressure, sense of taste, and bodily awareness.
    • The temporal lobe governs your sense of hearing, ability to recognize others, emotions, and long-term memory.
    • The occipital lobe controls the important sense of sight.
    • The cerebellum governs fine motor control, balance, and coordination.
    • The limbic lobe controls emotions.

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    The Part Vs The Whole

    The right hemisphere pays wide-open attention to the world, seeing the whole, whereas the left hemisphere is adept at focusing on a detail of the whole. The right hemisphere, with its greater integrative power, is constantly searching for patterns in things. In fact its understanding is based on complex pattern recognition.

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