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What Does An Octopus Brain Look Like

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Joint Pain And Weakness

Look What Happens to the Octopus Locked in a Jar…

More than 90 percent of people with lupus will experience joint pain and weakness, according to the Lupus Foundation of America. Most of that discomfort is caused by the inflammation that lupus triggers. Often people feel pain and stiffness in their joints, which is called lupus arthritis.

Lupus can also weaken muscles, especially in the pelvis, thighs, shoulders, and upper arms. Additionally, the disease can trigger carpal tunnel syndrome, which leads to pain and numbness in the hands and fingers.

Best Pinky And The Brain Quotes 2021

Pinky And The Brain is a very popular American cartoon series written and created by Tom Ruegger in collaboration with Steven Spielberg.

It first was premiered on Kids WB on the 9 September 1995, and first had appeared as a recurring parody on Animaniacs. ;It is centered on two lab mice named Brain, who is a genius mouse with a thirst for world domination, and his sidekick Pinky who is deemed insane.

Here is a list of some of the funniest, quotes from Pinky And The Brain that will take all nostalgic Animaniacs and fans of this show, down memory lane.

Fossil History And Phylogeny

The Cephalopoda evolved from a mollusc resembling the Monoplacophora in the Cambrian some 530 million years ago. The Coleoidea diverged from the nautiloids in the Devonian some 416 million years ago. In turn, the coleoids brought their shells inside the body and some 276 million years ago, during the Permian, split into the Vampyropoda and the Decabrachia. The octopuses arose from the Muensterelloidea within the Vampyropoda in the Jurassic. The earliest octopus likely lived near the sea floor in shallow marine environments. Octopuses consist mostly of soft tissue, and so fossils are relatively rare. As soft-bodied cephalopods, they lack the external shell of most molluscs, including other cephalopods like the nautiloids and the extinct Ammonoidea. They have eight limbs like other Coleoidea, but lack the extra specialised feeding appendages known as tentacles which are longer and thinner with suckers only at their club-like ends. The vampire squid also lacks tentacles but has sensory filaments.

The cladograms are based on Sanchez et al., 2018, who created a molecular phylogeny based on mitochondrial and nuclear DNA marker sequences. The position of the Eledonidae is from Ibáñez et al., 2020, with a similar methodology. Dates of divergence are from Kröger et al., 2011 and Fuchs et al, 2019.

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Helpful Facts To Satisfy Your Octopus Curiosities

  • Helpful Facts to Satisfy Your Octopus Curiosities
  • 2017-06-13

    Octopus does not live on land. As a result, you might never have seen a live one before, and you may never be able to see a live one all through your sweet life on earth. The fact that the . How much do you know about the octopus? For example, how many brains does an octopus have? In this write-up, you will get an answer to this question and many other questions about the octopus.

    Octopus Facts: They Use Tools

    Common Octopus and Brain Coral

    The octopus that flooded the aquarium to try to escape is just one example of octopuses using tools. Veined octopuses observed off the coast of Indonesia carried coconut shell halves under their bodies, and assembled them as necessary into shelters something that wasnt supposed to be possible in their corner of the animal kingdom.

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    Just How Smart Are Octopuses

    It can be difficult to measure intelligence in animals, because animals obviously perceive their surroundings and environment in an entirely different way than we do as humans. So what is considered intelligence for animals, is likely wildly different than human intelligence.

    Nonetheless, researchers that study octopuses believe that they are incredibly smart. Octopuses have been known to find their way through mazes, solve problems, and even make escapes from their enclosures in aquariums.

    There are stories of aquarium workers walking in to find that octopuses on display have found a way to escape their enclosure. Not only that, but make it into neighboring enclosures where they devour the neighboring fish in other tanks.

    In the wild, octopuses have been observed to collect rocks and shells to stack outside of their dens to prevent unwanted visitors or predators.

    All of these instances suggest that octopuses are able to take information from their environment, and use it to solve problems or tasks. Any animal that has problem solving intelligence and the ability to use tools is a smart cookie!

    Finally Why Do Octopuses Have Blue Blood

    Are you still wondering why octopus blood is blue and what the three hearts do?

    Well, the blue blood is because the protein, haemocyanin, which carries oxygen around the octopus’s body, contains copper rather than iron like we have in our own haemoglobin.

    The copper-based protein is more efficient at transporting oxygen molecules in cold and low-oxygen conditions, so is ideal for life in the ocean.

    If the blood becomes deoxygenated – when the animal dies, for example – it loses its blue colour and turns clear instead.

    An octopus’s three hearts have slightly different roles. One heart circulates blood around the body, while the other two pump it past the gills, to pick up oxygen.

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    Ability To Recognise People

    Jon adds, ‘Octopuses appear to be able to recognise individuals outside of their own species, including human faces. It’s not unique behaviour – some mammals and crows can do it too – but it is rather unusual.’

    Scientific American reported a story from the University of Otago in New Zealand where a captive octopus apparently took a dislike to one of the staff. Every time the person passed the tank, the octopus squirted a jet of water at her.

    Biologists at the Seattle Aquarium designed an experiment to test the recognition abilities of the giant Pacific octopus.

    Over the course of two weeks, one person fed a group of octopuses regularly, while another person touched them with a bristly stick. At the end of the experiment, the octopuses behaved differently to the ‘nice’ keeper and the ‘mean’ one, which confirmed the octopuses could distinguish the two individuals, despite the fact they wore identical uniforms.

    This Means That Each Individual Octopus Must Discover And Learn Everything That It Needs To Know To Survive On Its Own

    Why the octopus brain is so extraordinary – Cláudio L. Guerra

    Imagine that!; No parents around to tell the youngsters how to behave.; For some human teens this might seem like a dream come true!; But for a species as a whole, it results in major limitations.; Not being able to pass on the wisdom gained by previous generations means a whole lot of learning gets repeated and rediscovered by each succeeding generation.;

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    Octopuses Die For Their Young

    The female meticulously cares for her eggs until they hatch, forgoing food the entire time. She blows currents across the eggs to keep them clean and protects them from predators. The eggs might incubate anywhere from two to ten months, depending on the species and the water temperature. They will likely die shortly after the eggs hatch. Which looks like this, by the way.

    Pinky Quotes From Pinky And The Brain

    Here is a list of some of the best quotes by Pinky, the insane mouse sidekick from the iconic animated show, Pinky And The Brain.

    19. I think so, Brain, but if they called them Sad Meals, kids wouldnt buy them!

    -Pinky, Pinky And The Brain.

    20. I think so, Brain, but culottes have a tendency to ride up so.

    -Pinky, Pinky And The Brain.

    21. I think so, Brain, but what would Pippi Longstocking look like with her hair straight?

    -Pinky, Pinky And The Brain.

    22. I think so, Brain, but if we covered the world in salad dressing wouldnt the aspargus feel left out?

    -Pinky, Pinky And The Brain.

    23. I think so, Brainbut theres still a bug stuck in here from last time.

    -Pinky, Pinky And The Brain.

    24. Egad! You astound me, Brain!

    -Pinky, Pinky And The Brain.

    25. I think so, Brain, but this time you put the trousers on the chimp.

    -Pinky,Pinky And The Brain.

    27. Uh, I think so, Brain, but well never get a monkey to use dental floss.

    -Pinky, Pinky And The Brain.

    28. Well, I think so, Brain, but I cant memorize a whole opera in Yiddish.

    -Pinky, Pinky And The Brain.

    29. Uh, I think so Brain, but this time, you wear the tutu.

    -Pinky, Pinky And The Brain.

    30. I think so, Brain, but I dont think Kaye Ballards in the union.

    -Pinky, Pinky And The Brain.

    31. I think so, Brain, but then itd be Snow White and the Seven Samurai

    -Pinky, Pinky And The Brain.

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    Thinking On Their Feet

    Let’s look more closely now at how the nervous system behind these behaviors evolved. The history of large brains has, very roughly, the shape of a letter Y. At the branching center of the Y is the last common ancestor of vertebrates and molluskssome 600 million years ago. That ancestor was probably a flattened, wormlike creature with a simple nervous system. It may have had simple eyes. Its neurons may have been partly bunched together at its front, but there would not have been much of a brain there.

    From that stage the evolution of nervous systems proceeds independently in many lines, including two that led to large brains of different design. On our lineage, the chordate design emerges, with a cord of nerves down the middle of the animal’s back and a brain at one end. This design is seen in fish, reptiles, birds and mammals.


    On the other side, the cephalopods’ side, a different body plan evolved and a different kind of nervous system. Invertebrates’ neurons are often collected into many ganglia, little knots that are spread through the body and connected to one another. The ganglia can be arranged in pairs, linked by connectors that run along the body and across it, like lines of latitude and longitude. This is sometimes called a ladderlike nervous system.

    Watch The Octopus Disappear Camouflage Colors And Textures

    Octopus Research, Part 1

    One of the most amazing demonstrations of octopus camouflage that Ive seen was filmed by Professor Roger Hanlon, University of Chicago.; It shows a seaweed covered boulder turn into an octopus like magic!; And then he reverses the video and you can see the octopus become one with the seaweed and the boulder.; Look at the video below to see for yourself.

    Not only does the animal acquire the colors of the background seaweed and boulder but it changes the texture of its skin to match.; There are millions of pigment cells or chromatophores in the skin and millions more of the nerve endings needed to create the skin texture.

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    Pinky And The Brain Funny Quotes

    Pinky And The Brain is one of the most iconic animated shows that had fans laughing at the antics of the two scheming lab rats. Here is a list of some of the funniest quotes.

    1. Uh, I think so, Brain, but where will we find a duck and a hose at this hour?

    -Pinky, Pinky And The Brain.

    2. The secondkhaki Kicky Sack sock plucker Ive sacked since the sixth sitting sheet slitter got sick.

    -Mr. Sackett, Pinky And The Brain.

    3. Hey, and dont forget Saturday mornings the big global Schmëerskhøvênathon for world peace.

    -Bill Clinton, Pinky And The Brain.

    4. No, Pinky. Never use two drops of the formula. It would cause a reaction on the molecular level that is completely unpredictable.

    -Brain, Pinky And The Brain.

    5. Uh, I think so, Brain, but balancing a family and a careeroooh, its all too much for me.

    -Pinky, Pinky And The Brain.

    6. Same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to ditch Dudley Boore!

    -Brain, Pinky And The Brain.

    7. Oh, dont be silly, Brain. It would take all the fun out of life; I derive my greatest pleasure from making you squirm.

    -Snowball, Pinky And The Brain.

    8. Narf.

    -Pinky, Pinky And The Brain.

    9. I command you toHave a Merry Christmas everyone! Have a merry, merry Christmas! Joy to the world! Yes!

    -Brain, Pinky And The Brain.

    10. And they say them UFO things are just pie plateswell, they are pie plates. Alien pie plates

    -Big Jake, Pinky And The Brain.

    The Brain Quotes From Pinky And The Brain

    Here is a list of quotes by the genius mastermind, The Brain, from Pinky And The Brain.

    32. If I could reach you, I would hurt you!

    -Brain, Pinky And The Brain.

    33. This is the earth. And this is Pinky. You can tell the difference quite easily. One is a lump of inert matter hurtling blindly through the void. The other is the earth.

    -Brain, Pinky And The Brain.

    34. Sometimes you make my head hurt, Pinky.

    -Brain, Pinky And The Brain.

    35. Pinky, once I take over the world, remind me to publicly snub you.

    -Brain, Pinky And The Brain.

    36. Come, Pinky-o. We must catch the space shuttle back to our home planet of Acme and prepare for the next millennium.

    -Brain, Pinky And The Brain.

    37. This is fantastic! Do you see?! Youve already saved us an entire evening! Tremendous! Forger that plan. Take a look at this onecolleague.

    -Brain, Pinky And The Brain.

    38. Well reach Mars before I yell Poit! Pinky.

    -Brain, Pinky And The Brain.

    39. Yes, Pinky, thats it. We shall open a boutique and sell ladies clothing and pollen.

    -Brain, Pinky And The Brain.

    40. The irony of it all, Pinky. Years of trying to take over the world, and all I had to do was say moo.

    -Brain, Pinky And The Brain.

    41. Remember, Im not just the president of the Small Club for Men, Im also a mouse planning world domination.

    -Brain, Pinky And The Brain.

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    Real Resolve In Haiti Farmer Says

    If you were an octopus, would you view the world from eight different points of view? Nine?

    The answer may depend on how many brains an octopus has, or, to say it another way, whether the robust bunches of neurons in its coiling, writhing, incredibly handy arms bestow on each of them something akin to a brain. Is an octopus a creature ruled by a single consciousness centered in its large brain, or, by dint of its nerve-infused legs, a collaborative, cooperative, but distributed mind?

    The idea of a distributed mind among animals is not new, according to Peter Godfrey-Smith, who focuses his efforts on the philosophy of science. Experiments indicate that when a bird learns a skill using only a single eye, and is later tested while being forced to use the other eye, the learning does not transfer well.

    This suggests that animal minds lack the cohesiveness that humans have, said Godfrey-Smith, a philosophy professor at Harvard. It may have something to do with consciousness. Maybe it acts as a unifying tool.

    Godfrey-Smith has been swimming with octopuses for years, diving in and around Sydney Harbour during summer breaks in his native Australia. It is only recently, however, that he noticed that supremely camouflaged octopuses were pretty common there.

    For years, I was swimming and diving in this area of Sydney Harbour. I had an idea they were there, but didnt know what to look for, Godfrey-Smith said.

    One Strange Thing Is That An Octopus Doesnt Know Where Its Arm Is Unless It Can See It

    You’re Not Hallucinating. That’s Just Squid Skin. | Deep Look

    The arm is sending signals about taste and texture but no details about location and orientation.;; In our bodies we have an ability called proprioception that lets us know where our arms are even if they are out of sight.; We can scratch our backs with precision because we know where our hand is relative to our back.

    Another interesting question about having eight arms covered with suckers how do they keep all those arms from sticking to each other and getting all tied up in knots? Especially when they dont know exactly where their arms are. ;Turns out that octopus skin secretes a chemical to keep the suckers from sticking to it.; Sounds essential for avoiding a tangled mess!

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    How The Freaky Octopus Can Help Us Understand The Human Brain

    DAVID DOUBILET/National Geographic Creative

    The octopus is weird: eerily malleable body, sucker-studded arms, skin that can transform into a convincing facsimile of seaweedor sandin a flash. It can solve mazes, open jars, use tools. It even has what seems to be a sophisticated inner life. What’s confusing about all this is that the octopus has a brain unlike that of almost any creature we might think of as intelligent. In fact, the octopus brain is so different from oursfrom most of the animals we’re accustomed to studyingthat it holds a rare promise: If we can figure out how the octopus manages its complex feats of cognition, we might be closer to discovering some of the fundamental elements of thoughtand to developing new ideas about how mental capacity evolved.

    If you were to measure octopus smarts by the number of neurons the creatures have , they’d come up pretty dull. But forget that metric. The octopus’s neurons aren’t even concentrated in its head; about two-thirds of its “brains” are distributed in its arms, dedicated to the fine operation of these limbs and each of their hundreds of suckers. The rest of the neurons are split between a central brainsurrounding the esophagusand large optic lobes behind the eyes. Like we said: alien.

    Is the vertebrate brain optimized for intelligence? Ask the octopus. | Robert Eikelpoth/Corbis

    Bizarre Brains Of The Animal Kingdom

    Wednesday, May 8, 2019

    By: Charlotte Swanson

    The ripples and folds of the brain are the source of all of our actions, emotions and instincts. While you may know what a human brain looks like, animal brains come in a variety of shapes and sizes.;Still, no matter what they look like,;all brains are made up of a grouping of nerve cells and act;as the;coordinating centre for sensation and actions.

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