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What Does It Mean When Your Left Brain Is Dominant

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Exercises To Improve Your Left Brain

Do People Really Have Right or Left Brain Personalities?
  • Mental exercises: Since the left side of the brain is better with words and numbers, simple brain games and exercises such as Sudoku and crossword puzzles can help improve these skills.
  • Physical exercises: Exercising the right side of your body will stimulate the left side of your brain , so simple exercises like breathing through one nostril can awaken your brain.
  • Listening to music: A 2008 study on music and brain activity has shown that listening to music can improve verbal and memory skills.

So, no matter how good we are in specific parts of our talents granted by either side of the brain, finding a balance between the two can help unleash the full potential of our minds.

Right Brain/left Brain Right

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If youre like me, you learned that about 90% of people are right-handed and much of the reason is genetic. And thats true, although it remains a mystery why our genetic evolution led to so many more righties than lefties.

But for certain tasks, handedness can be “overcome.” For example, right-handed kids learning to play tennis, golf, or baseball can become successful hitting from “the other side.” It may be more a matter of how they are taught and what gets reinforced than about a hard-wired preference for one hand or the other.

According to recent research, the idea of people being “left-brained” or “right-brained” may also be less fixed than wed thought.

How To Develop This Side Of The Brain

Left-brained people often exhibit logical-mathematical intelligence, which is one of the nine intelligences defined by Howard Gardners theory of multiple intelligences. This enables them to be excellent mathematicians, scientists, and technicians.

Everyone possesses this type of intelligence to a certain extent. But people with left brain characteristics can especially benefit from improving it. They can gain a better understanding of logic by solving mathematical problems and immersing themselves in novel situations.

They can also benefit from spending time with friends who are interested in math and science. Their logical thinking will naturally improve.

We need to know how our minds work so we can work our minds better.

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What Does Right Brain Dominant Mean

People who are right brain dominant can be:

  • Graphic designers
  • Managers

In addition, here are some tips for right brain dominant students:

  • Use your excellent story-telling skills and choose writing personal essays when you have the option to choose what kind of an essay to write.
  • Keep your daydreaming under control and don’t let it cause you to procrastinate.
  • Find a hobby youre passionate about.
  • Put your intuition to work in social situations and use your strong gut instinct to your advantage.
  • Use your creativity when writing and use colorful language.
  • Use images and charts when studying, keep in mind that visuality will let it stick.
  • Write down directions to help you remember.
  • Make outlines to organize your thoughts and minimize losing control of your imagination.
  • Practice mindful listening to help during lecturesdon’t let your mind wander off.
  • Talent and great instincts are not enough on their own. Try to complete things and practice finishing everything you start.

Are All Right Brain Dominant People Also Right-Handed?

As we mentioned above, 70-90% of people are right-handed, and it is mainly because of their genetics. Therefore the handedness of a person cannot be related to the dominance of any brain hemisphere.

Left And Right Brain Functions Chart

Hey Google: What Does Left Brain Dominant Mean?

Now we hear you ask Which side of the brain controls memory?, Which side of the brain controls emotions? or Which side of the brain controls speech?.

Luckily, we have a chart that will help you better understand the left and right brain functions and a list of cognitive functions of the left and right brain.

Left Brain Functions

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Left / Right Brain Dominance

Are You Left-brained or Right-brained?

There are two sides of your brain known as hemispheres. Your left hemisphere controls the right side of your body and deals with logical thought and linguistic function. Your right hemisphere controls the left side of your body and deals with abstract thought and spatial orientation.

There Are Differences Between The Hemispheres Though Right


You might not have a more dominant half, but your brain really is split into two hemispheres, left and right.

And the left and right hemispheres are not the same. They are highly similar and redundant, though. Most processes that you’d find on the left side also take place on the right, and vice-versa.

The book “Disorders of the Nervous System: A Primer” by Dartmouth neurologists Dr. Alexander Reeves and Dr. Rand Swenson, quotes Dr. Harold Wolff one of the great brain scientists of the 20th century as saying that both sides of the brain have “the capacity to express appropriate feelings, appetites and drives the capacity learning, memory, logic, etc. the capacity to maintain appropriate thresholds and tolerance for frustration and failure, and to recover promptly from their effects the capacity to maintain effective and well-modulated defense reactions .”

That’s some dense text, but the point is simple: Just about everything about your brain that makes you human exists on both sides of the organ.

Need proof? If you remove a hemisphere from the brain of a 3-month-old baby a surgery that doctors sometimes perform in cases of severe epilepsy and other disorders, according to the Cleveland Clinic that baby can still grow up with normal memories and a normal personality. Surgeons pulled off the surgery, known as a hemispherectomy, “hundreds of times” in the last century, according to Scientific American.

So, what’s the difference between the two hemispheres?

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Left Brain Right Brain Theory

According to the theory of left-brain or right-brain dominance, each side of the brain controls different types of thinking. Additionally, people are said to prefer one type of thinking over the other. For example, a person who is left-brained is often said to be more logical, analytical, and objective, while a person who is right-brained is said to be more intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective.

In psychology, the theory is based on what is known as the lateralization of brain function. So does one side of the brain really control specific functions? Are people either left-brained or right-brained? In the case of brain anatomy and function, it is true that our brains are divided into two hemispheres, left and right. Each hemisphere is capable of generating wakeful consciousness by itself.

It is also shown that the dominant brain type has a significant role when it comes to studies. Some students will do better with numbers and others with creative essays, depending on their dominant brain type.

Left Brain Versus Right Brain

3 Tests To Find Your Dominant Eye And Why It Matters

The majority of people are left brain dominant. Although the typical school environment in modern times tends to favor left brain thinkers with expectations of logical thought and practical action, right brain thinkers who tend to be more imaginative and outside the box are equally valuable. Interestingly, right brain dominant people are often left-handed which coincides with right brain dominant people being less common .

Left Brain Characteristics

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What Is The Personality Of A Left

Left-brained people prefer cold-hard facts and real-life data rather than emotions and imagination. Their systematic and stable personalities make them good candidates as reliable team leaders. They often pace themselves and do not overreact quickly.

When it comes to daily life, left-brain personalities approach it the same way they approach their professional or academic obligations. They strive to be as clear and direct as possible. Left-brain people like order and organize their daily plans as neatly and systematically as possible.

They remember events chronologically, usually in great detail, and approach every potential risk with necessary caution. When facing problems, they immediately try to find the most efficient solutions, and they are not easily distracted by their emotions.

An example of a left-brained is when they watch a movie, they analyze it from a technical point of view. They evaluate the quality of a script as well as how good or bad the directing is.

How To Make Good Use Of Left Brain Characteristics

If you have left-brain tendencies you know that some of the characteristics listed above can be used to your advantage. You can choose a career that corresponds with these strengths, or you can choose a learning path that will help you expand upon them and further develop mathematical and scientific reasoning. Dont be afraid to go the opposite direction having some left-brain traits doesnt stop you from pursuing right-brain activities and learning other strengths.

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The Truth About The Left Brain / Right Brain Relationship

    It’s time to rethink whatever you thought you knew about how the right and left hemispheres of the brain work together.hide caption

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    It’s time to rethink whatever you thought you knew about how the right and left hemispheres of the brain work together.

    Sometimes ideas that originate in science seep out into the broader culture and take on a life of their own. It’s still common to hear people referred to as “anal,” a Freudian idea that no longer has much currency in contemporary psychology. Ideas like black holes and quantum leaps play a metaphorical role that’s only loosely tethered to their original scientific meanings.

    What about the idea that some people are more right-brained and others more left-brained? Or that there’s a distinctive analytic and verbal style of thinking associated with the left hemisphere of the brain, and a more holistic, creative style associated with the right? Are these scientific facts or cultural fictions?

    An infographic reproduced just last month at, for example, promises to explain “why you act the way you do” by revealing “which side of your brain you tend to use more.” An article at explains “how to tap into right-brain thinking.” And decades of research using behavioral and neuro-scientific techniques do reveal fascinating and systematic differences across brain regions.

    What’s surprised you most about the hemispheric asymmetries you’ve found in your own research?

    Characteristics Of Left Brain Dominant Students

    Characteristics of Left Brain Dominant Students
      • M.Ed., Education Administration, University of Georgia
      • B.A., History, Armstrong State University

      While there are differences of opinion when it comes to brain hemisphere dominance, one thing seems clear: there are some students who are more comfortable with logic and reasoning than they are with creativity and intuition. These preferences are characteristic of people who are sometimes called left brain dominant.

      Are you very organized? Do you believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things? Do you enjoy math homework more than English homework? If so, you may be left-brain dominant.

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      What Does Left Brain Dominant Mean

      A person who is left brain dominant can be:

      • Business analysts

      Likewise, here are some tips for left brain dominant students:

      • Study in a quiet room to avoid any distractions.
      • If you like to take the lead in study groups, you might enjoy volunteer work.
      • Participate in the debate team, science fair, or math league.
      • You may enjoy non-fiction books more compared to fiction.
      • You may be more comfortable with factual questions and assignments, as opposed to open-ended questions.
      • Keep your room organized and maintain order in your personal space.
      • Try to refrain from arguing with your teachers, even if you disagree.
      • When choosing assignments, side with analytical essays instead of creative writing.

      Are All Left Brain Dominant People Also Left-Handed?

      Thats another question we always get when it comes to left and right brain dominance…

      In general, 70-90% of people are right-handed, and it is mainly because of their genetics. However, it is observed that especially kids are able to learn to use the other side while doing some sports like tennis or baseball, so handedness can be improved as well.

      According to, our brains right hemisphere controls the left side of our body and vice versa. Around 95% of right-handers are observed to be left brain dominant.

      Characteristics Of Right Brain Students

      • Good with people
      • Good on writing fiction, draw, or play music
      • Fun and witty personality
      • Some students may lose track on time and lose notes
      • Philosophical

      In general the right dominated students enjoy the social aspects in class and might get bored easily. An advice for teachers is to keep these students activated, give them the opportunity to write assignments or essays in creative ways.

      Some advice for the student is to try to be more organized, make outlines to organize the thoughts and write down directions, complete started projects. .

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      What Are Some Characteristics Of The Left Side Of The Brain

      People are often categorized either as left-brained and right-brained, meaning one side of their brain is dominant.

      In this article, we will explore specifically the left brain characteristics, what they are, what it means to be a left-brain person, and how you can align your left brain using your knowledge, skills, and talents to reach your brains full potential.

      What Is The Difference Between Left Brain Vs Right Brain

      Check Which Side of Your Brain Dominants

      We hear you ask So, what is the difference between right and left brain?

      The main difference between these two hemispheres is the abilities that they provide to a person in case of their dominance.

      For example, if your child enjoys music, art classes and social studies, there is a big chance that he/she is right brain dominant. On the other hand, if your child enjoys maths, science, brain teasers and more logical challenges, he/she may be left brain dominant.

      However, this does not mean that one part of the brain is stronger than the other. As people have come to believe that there is a sort of brain lateralization, recent studies have shown that even though a certain part of the brain is used for one activity and the other for another, on average, humans use them both and are able to enhance their left or right hemispheres by simply doing the work.

      Well You might be wondering right now how you can figure out which hemisphere is dominant in your child . You dont have to follow a hard path the discover that. MentalUP features game-like brain exercises to learn more about your cognitive capabilities and strengths, including which side of your brain is dominant.

      While MentalUPs visual intelligence games and auditory mental exercises address the right brain, verbal, numerical, and logical intelligence games support and develop the left brain.

      Schools and thousands of families use MentalUP to help children developing and discovering their true potential.

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      Which Side Of The Brain Is Dominant

      Differences between right brain vs. left brain characteristics and functions

      While no single theory completely explains the multiple complexities of brain functions, neuroimaging techniques show some distinct differences between the left and right brain hemispheres, which is referred to as lateralization.

      Examples of these differences include language function in the Broca surface area and Wernicke area of the left side of the brain, and emotional and nonverbal functions in the right side of the brain.

      The areas responsible for language tends to be on the dominant side of the brain, and opposite of the handedness of a person. For example, if you are left handed, the language function areas of your brain are more likely to be located on the right side of your brain. Moreover, if you are right-handed, your speech functions are more likely to be located on the left side of your brain.

      Left-brain characteristics and functions

      Left-brain functions are thought to include:

      • Understanding the sum of any situation, getting “the big picture
      • Large muscle movements like walking
      • Sensing where ones body is in space
      • Balance

      According to neuroscience research, the left side of the brain or hemisphere:

      • Is positively stimulated by new experiences.
      • Controls the immune system.
      • Is responsible for the involuntary bodily functions, for example, breathing, heart rate, and digestion.

      Right brain characteristics and functions

      Which Side Of Your Brain Is Dominant Take This Simple Test To Find Out


      Have you ever heard of the theory of left-brain or right-brain dominance?

      The Left-Brain Right-Brain Theory suggests that one side of the brain is dominant over the other and that each side controls different types of thinking. According to this theory, a person with left-brain dominance is more analytical, logical, and objective while a person with right-brain dominance is more thoughtful, intuitive, and subjective.

      Ultimately, it is said that the dominant side of our brain greatly influences our thinking and determines our inclination towards certain interests.

      But how do you know which side of your brain is dominant?

      Take this test to find out!

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      Is There A Right Brain Vs Left Brain Test

      While recent research often contradicts the concept of strict right-brain vs. left-brain laterality, the way a person learns most effectively may be described by what is often categorized as left-brain or right-brain functioning. Brain Works software is thought to be an effective left-brain vs right-brain test. The test uses questions in the form of written text and graphs to calculate the dominant side of a persons brain.

      What Are The Differences Between The Left Brain And Right Brain

      Characteristics of Left Brain Dominant Students

      Many neuroscientists consider the concept of purely left-brain vs right-brain characteristics a myth. There are numerous theories and concepts that exist to explain how the right and left hemispheres of the human brain function. Many of which, have merits, and limitations.

      Researchers Michael Gazzaniga and Roger Sperry proposed the concept of lateralization. In lateralization the left hemisphere and right hemispheres of the brain have very different functions, but they communicate with each other through their physical connections. An example of lateralization is language. For most people language function is located in the left hemisphere of the brain, particularly for right-handed people. The foundation for this split-brain theory often is based on research that has been performed on patients who had their right and left hemispheres of their brain surgically disconnected to treat severe epilepsy. Split-brain theory describes the left side of the brain as giving rational orders to the right side of the brain, and the right hemisphere as giving emotionally based commands.

      Brain lateralization occurs in certain brain functions. In brain lateralization, certain regions of the brain perform specific functions. Many recent studies have shown that the right and left halves of the brain mostly are used equally, which shows the functional and physical connections between both the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

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