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What Does K2 Do To Your Brain

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What Does K2 Do

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K2 is often described as natural and a safe, legal alternative to marijuana, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the consumption of K2 can cause very dangerous results. When K2 is smoked, the chemicals increase heart rate, may cause hallucinations, aggressive or violent behavior, and in some cases users experience psychosis and kidney damage.

How Do You Get Enough Vitamin K2

The very best way to prevent a vitamin K2 deficiency, is to eat a large serving of green leafy vegetables every day. Green leafy vegetables are sky high in vitamin K1. Your body will then convert vitamin K1 to vitamin K2.

Fermented foods, like fermented soybeans, sauerkraut, and some cheeses, such as brie or gouda, can all be good sources of vitamin K2. Even though yogurt and kefir are also fermented foods, the grocery store variety contains the wrong bacteria for vitamin K2.

Other good sources of vitamin K2 include liver and grass fed chicken eggs. Of all these sources, nothing even comes close to the amount of vitamin K2 found in natto or fermented soybeans.

Indeed, one serving of natto has enough vitamin K2 for an entire week. Not only is natto loaded with vitamin K2, but this fermented food may also help your gut flora.

Natto is a delicacy in Japan. Unfortunately, most Westerners cannot tolerate the taste.

While natto certainly isnt my favorite food, I have learned to tolerate it. I have eaten a spoonful of fresh natto everyday for the last few years. You can find fresh natto at your local Asian food store.

Vitamin K2 To Prevent Varicose Veins

Vitamin K2 activates matrix-Gla protein to mop up calcium in vessels, cardiovascular benefits. Calcification of veins has been shown to be a contributor to varicose veins, so Vitamin K2 may also prevent varicose veins. Varicose veins are not always detrimental to our health but can be unsightly and uncomfortable.

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Vitamin K2 And Calcium Score

The study by Beulens and associates is an old one. Its published in the Atherosclerosis journal in 2009.

The study involved 564 post-menopausal women. They were given a food questionnaire to estimate their intake of vitamins K1 and K2. 62% got positive coronary artery calcium scores.;

From the results, researchers analyzed the probability of calcification.

For vitamin K1:;

  • Researchers saw a relative risk of 1.17. That means theres a 17% higher risk than average.
  • In epidemiology, if the relative risk is 1, it means theres no change.;
  • This implies that vitamin K1 provided no change.
  • In short, theres no decrease or increase risk of CV calcification.;

For vitamin K2:;

  • The relative risk was 0.80.;
  • This implies that vitamin K2 lowers CV calcification. This was delightful news, though not earth-shaking at all.;
  • In short, a higher vitamin K2 intake appears to be connected with lower calcium scores.;

Vitamin K2 For Preventing Kidney Stones

K2 Effects

People with chronic kidney disease and those receiving dialysis are at risk of Vitamin K deficiency.

One risk factor for kidney stones is excess Vitamin D, as demonstrated in lifeguards. But the real problem is that Vitamin D creates a need for Vitamin K2.

Patients with kidney stones secrete matrix-GLA protein in its inactive form. Vitamin K2 deficiency is a major cause of kidney stones. People with polymorphisms for matrix-GLA protein also have higher risk of kidney stones.

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How To Get More Vitamin K From Supplements

Although dietary intake of vitamin K is ideal to strive for, it can be hard to come by through food sources alone. Before you begin supplementing, seek medical advice from a healthcare professional to ensure your vitamin K levels constitute a need for a dietary vitamin.;

Too much vitamin K can result in toxicity , potentially causing side effects such as jaundice and anemia. Its also important to check that a vitamin k supplement wont interfere with medications, such as anticoagulants.

Like many nutrients, vitamin K works best when you take it with other fat-soluble vitamins and other cofactors. Thats what makes Vitamins A-D-K a smart addition to your daily stack. So how exactly does this all happen?;

Vitamin K works most closely with vitamin D for bone health and arterial health. Where vitamin D raises blood levels of calcium, mostly by increasing calcium absorption through the gut, vitamin K helps make sure that calcium makes it to where it is supposed to, especially in terms of the bones. Studies show that taking vitamin K as a supplement activates a bone-building protein, which taken together with vitamin D, helps to maintain strong bones.

It just makes sense to keep these two partners of bone and heart support together in a multivitamin supplement so that you get all their benefits. In fact, to ensure that the bases are all covered it is a good idea to make sure that you get an adequate daily intake of all four fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E and K.

Fight Against A Number Of Different Forms Of Cancer

Quite a few studies have shown that vitamin K is an important nutrient when it comes to combating cancer.

Taking vitamin K2 supplements daily can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer by as much as 63% .

It has also been observed that taking vitamin K2 supplements can help to destroy lung cancer cells.

The effects of vitamin K2 on liver cancer have been studied as well .

It has been found that liver cancer patients who take vitamin K2 supplements are able to increase their rate of survival.

The vitamin K2 helps to prevent cancer cells from coming back.

The long-term benefits in particular for liver cancer patients appear to be quite promising.

In one study , it was found that taking vitamin K2 supplements every day for a period of three years resulted in a significantly lower risk of liver cancer.

Another study found that taking vitamin K can reduce cancer rates overall for a variety of different types of cancer.

This study sheds some light on the mechanism through which vitamin K appears to exert its anti-cancer effects.

It turns out that vitamin K is essential to the role of a gene called Gas6. Gas6 is able to get rid of cancer cells.

If vitamin K is absent, then this gene is not able to do its work.

KEY POINT: Vitamin K has been found to be helpful in combating a number of different types of cancers.

This may be in part the result of the vital support role it plays in conjunction with the Gas6 anti-cancer gene.

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Teen K2 Abuse And Addiction

Commercial advertising is often aimed at teens and young people to perpetuate the idea that synthetic cannabinoids are simply natural and harmless herbal mixtures.

  • 36% of high school seniors in the US used cannabis in 2013.
  • After controlling for gender, alcohol use and other illnesses, one study found specific deficits in executive functioning, sustained attention, verbal learning, and psychomotor speed related to synthetic cannabinoid use.

Weekly cannabis use before the age of 18 has been linked with lower performance on IQ tests and deficits in attentional processing.

Regular cannabis exerts much less action on the cannabinoid system than Spice, which can be anywhere from 2-800 times more potent than regular cannabis/.

  • Given this kind of affinity for CB1 receptors by K2, the damage to the developing brain of an adolescent while not well documented is in urgent need of our attention.

In spite of legal restrictions on its sale, adolescents continue to perceive that synthetic cannabinoids, like K2 or Spice, are safe and undetectable alternatives to regular marijuana, enabling a false sense of security that they will not be caught or held accountable by law enforcement or school authorities.

Lsu Football Scandal 2014

How Marijuana Affects Your Developing Brain

K2 is popular among high school and college students. In 2011, three Louisiana State University football players were suspended from an upcoming game against Auburn. Reportedly, the players were smoking synthetic marijuana, which is a prohibited substance, according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association .

One month before the LSU case, a college athlete called Lamar Jack collapsed during a preseason warm-up with his team and died a few days later. The lab tests found that Jack died after ingesting a chemical that is a crucial ingredient in K2. He was 19 years old.

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Vitamin K1 Vs Vitamin K2

First, lets differentiate vitamins K1 and K2. These are variants of vitamin K. Both are fat-soluble. Both act as a cofactor in certain processes involving osteocalcin and other bone proteins.

Now the differences.;

  • It is also known as menaquinone.;
  • It has subtypes, from MK4 to MK13.
  • The subtypes differ in chain lengths. ;
  • It can be obtained from meat, eggs, cheese, and natto. .;
  • Its involved in tissue calcification, particularly in bones and arterial walls.
  • Vitamin K2s involvement with arterial calcification is why its a popular topic in cardiovascular health discussions.

What Is Vitamin K2 Can It Remove Arterial Plaque

by Ford Brewer | Feb 24, 2020 | Inflammation, Plaque, Supplements

We once had a viewer by the name of Richard Dixon. Before Richard had a knee replacement surgery, he went through a pre-op exam. It was during that time that he discovered that he had calcified arteries around his heart.

Richards doctor put him on vitamin K2 MK7. That time, Richard knew little about the vitamins benefit. It was said, though, to be suitable for clearing plaque. Years after his knee operation, his X-rays showed he no longer had the dreaded calcium deposits.;;;

With Richards pleasant experience with vitamin K2, he suggested that I check vitamin K2. In our YouTube channel, vitamin K2 proves to be one of the most popular topics.

For Richards story and the essential points that we initially highlighted about vitamin K2, you can find them in this video.

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Improve Insulin Resistance And Treat Diabetes

Those who are looking to reduce their insulin resistance may find that vitamin K2 is a helpful supplement.

Studies have shown vitamin K2 to do this effectively in both younger and older men.

The second study linked above however found no improvement for women.

More research is needed to confirm the effectiveness of K2 for lowering insulin resistance in men, and to clarify whether or not it can help do the same for women.

KEY POINT: Insulin resistance in men can be lowered by supplementing with K2. It is unclear whether this effect exists for women.

More research is warranted.

What Food Sources Contain Vitamin K2

K2 spice

As just discussed, vitamin K2 actually comes in a number of different subtypes.

Some subtypes can be manufactured by bacteria while others cannot.

The MK-4 subtype is an example of a form of vitamin K2 which bacteria do not create.

You can however get MK-4 through chicken, butter, and egg yolks.

Bacteria do produce subtypes MK-5 through MK-15. That means that they are common in foods which are fermented.

If you are looking to get more MK-8 and MK-9, you can do so by increasing your consumption of cheeses.

Here are some foods to add to your regular menu to increase your vitamin K2 intake .

  • Natto: 1,062 mcg
  • Soft cheeses: 57 mcg
  • Egg yolk: 32 mcg

Some other foods which are high in vitamin K include carrot juice, pumpkin, pomegranate juice, okra, pine nuts, blueberries, Caesar salad dressing, chicken breast, iceberg lettuce, grapes, vegetable juice, cashews, and raw carrots.

KEY POINT: You need to eat a variety of foods to get vitamin K2, because the different subtypes are found in different foods.

Animal products, fermented foods, and cheeses are good choices.

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Are Synthetic Cannabinoids Addictive

Yes, synthetic cannabinoids can be addictive. Regular users trying to quit may have the following withdrawal symptoms:

  • headaches
  • depression
  • irritability

Behavioral therapies and medications have not specifically been tested for treatment of addiction to these products. Health care providers should screen patients for possible co-occurring mental health conditions.

Do You Need To Worry About Getting Enough Vitamin K2

Historically, it was felt that you did not need to worry about a vitamin K2 deficiency. The reasoning was that your body would make all the vitamin K2 it needed from vitamin K1.

New research suggests this may not be the case. Most people eating a Western diet are deficient not only in vitamin K1 but K2 as well.

Unfortunately, there not a good test to see if your have a vitamin K2 deficiency. There are also no government recommendations on how much vitamin K2 you need. To help assess for a possible vitamin K2 deficiency,below are nine signs that you may have a vitamin K2 deficiency.

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Synthetic Marijuana Addiction Statistics

Recent statistics estimate that the number of K2-related deaths is on the rise. Part of this is due to the surge of individuals who are requiring medical intervention after consuming synthetic marijuana despite recent attempts by lawmakers to ban this substance. Emergency rooms in the United States have reported that the percentage of individuals requiring medical attention after using K2 is up 200%. Lastly, because of the newness of synthetic marijuana, further research is required to know more exact statistics on this life-threatening drug.

Causes and Risk Factors

Why Vitamin K2 Works The Best For The Majority Of People

Cardiologist speaks on the dangers of K2

    Lara Pizzorno;is the author of Your Bones: How You Can Prevent Osteoporosis and Have Strong Bones for Life Naturally and a member of the American Medical Writers Association with 29 years of experience specializing in bone health.

    Recently we asked Lara if she would help us provide a series of short, ongoing videos to help you stay up to date on the latest facts and science related to bone health.

    In this latest video, Lara discusses why vitamin K2 in the form of MK7 is the best choice for the majority of us and how to figure out how much you need. Watch the video;below and let us know what you think in the comments.

    Hello, my names Lara Pizzorno. Im the author of Your Bones and am here to share with you some information that I hope will help to you have healthier bones. In this series of videos we have been talking about Vitamin K and what it does for our bones in its different forms as Vitamin K1 and also in its Vitamin K2 forms of the MK4 and MK7.

    In this video, I would like to share with you:

    • Why the MK7 form of Vitamin K2 works best for the majority of us,
    • But why some of us need more of these MK7 form than others do and why just a few of us may find that they need less MK7 than the average person. Or even that the MK4 form of Vitamin K serves them better.
    • We will also talk about how to figure out how much Vitamin K2 you need and whether youll do best with MK4 or MK7.

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    Support The Function Of Vitamin D In Your Body

    You already know a bit about the functions of vitamin K with regards to calcium.

    But thing I have not yet explained is how vitamin K works together with vitamin D to ensure that calcium gets to where it needs to go.

    Vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium . It also pulls calcium out of your bones when the level of calcium in your blood dips too low.

    That isnt actually something you want. Your bones need calcium to stay strong. Without it, they deteriorate, often leading to osteoporosis.

    That is why it is so important to make sure you are getting enough calcium in the first place.

    Where does vitamin K come into things? First of all, you already know that vitamin K helps to bind calcium in bones and teeth.

    Secondly, vitamin K is able to prevent the build-up of calcium in blood vessels, kidneys , and other soft tissues thanks to its ability to activate the matrix GLA protein .

    This in turn can help to prevent kidney and cardiovascular disease, both of which may occur if blood vessels are allowed to calcify .

    So both vitamin K and vitamin D are needed together to ensure that calcium is managed properly in your body.

    This has led some to wonder whether it is unhealthy to take vitamin D supplements without also taking vitamin K.

    To answer this question, we need to consider the matter of vitamin D toxicity.

    If vitamin D levels are elevated too much, calcium levels in the blood may also soar. This condition is known as “hypercalcemia” .

    Vitamin K2 Mgp And Osteocalcin: New Concepts

    If you watched the earlier videos on vitamin K2, youll find that we werent that sold on supplementing with vitamin K2. Thats because of the notion that it could destabilize already calcified plaques.

    Yet, viewers interest in vitamin K2 continues to increase!

    Then in 2019, I encountered a book titled Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox. It was written by Kate Rheaume-Bleue, a doctor of nutrition.;

    The book mentioned a thing called osteocalcin , which I was unaware of. This osteocalcin is said to impact both deposition and removal of calcium from bones, as well as diabetes.

    So I checked vitamin K2 again.

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    How To Get Help

    If you suspect that someone you love is using synthetic marijuana, the most important thing you can do is spend time with them, communicate the dangers of fake weed, and watch for any signs of use. While behavioral therapies and medications have yet to be specifically tested for the treatment of synthetic cannabinoid addiction, a healthcare professional can work with you and your loved one to safely detox from the drug as well as identify and treat any co-occurring mental illness.

    If you or a loved one are struggling with substance use or addiction, contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration National Helpline at 1-800-662-4357 for information on support and treatment facilities in your area.

    For more mental health resources, see our National Helpline Database.

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