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What Does Left Brained Mean

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The Dangers Of These Misconceptions

What We Mean by Right-Brained & Left-Brained Learning

So-called left brained people are described as: logical, analytical, and detail-oriented. Their worldview is objective and factual, so they are good at math, engineering and other fact-based tasks and careers. Right brained people are considered: creative, perceptive, intuitive, freethinkers. Their worldview is subjective and expressive, so theyre destined for creative tasks and careers.

These distinctions may limit your potential. Yes, some people are especially logical or creative, but that doesnt mean one side of their brain is more dominant than the other. Many logical tasks require creativity, and creative works are often rooted in logic. Thinking of peoples brains and personalities in such a divisive framework is false and restricting. Embrace what youre good at and let all parts of the brain do the work.

Right Brain/left Brain Right

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If youre like me, you learned that about 90% of people are right-handed and much of the reason is genetic. And thats true, although it remains a mystery why our genetic evolution led to so many more righties than lefties.

But for certain tasks, handedness can be “overcome.” For example, right-handed kids learning to play tennis, golf, or baseball can become successful hitting from “the other side.” It may be more a matter of how they are taught and what gets reinforced than about a hard-wired preference for one hand or the other.

According to recent research, the idea of people being “left-brained” or “right-brained” may also be less fixed than wed thought.

Is There A Right Brain Vs Left Brain Test

While recent research often contradicts the concept of strict right-brain vs. left-brain laterality, the way a person learns most effectively may be described by what is often categorized as left-brain or right-brain functioning. Brain Works software is thought to be an effective left-brain vs right-brain test. The test uses questions in the form of written text and graphs to calculate the dominant side of a persons brain.

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Exercises To Improve Your Left Brain

  • Mental exercises: Since the left side of the brain is better with words and numbers, simple brain games and exercises such as Sudoku and crossword puzzles can help improve these skills.
  • Physical exercises: Exercising the right side of your body will stimulate the left side of your brain , so simple exercises like breathing through one nostril can awaken your brain.
  • Listening to music: A 2008 study on music and brain activity has shown that listening to music can improve verbal and memory skills.

So, no matter how good we are in specific parts of our talents granted by either side of the brain, finding a balance between the two can help unleash the full potential of our minds.

Whats The Difference Between The Right Brain And Left Brain

Hey Google: What Does Left Brain Dominant Mean?

You may have heard people describe themselves as right-brained or left-brained, but what does that mean?

Are you right-brained or left-brained?

Its a popular question, hovering at the edges of sound neuroscience. The left brain is supposed to be more creative and artistic, the right brain more organized and logical. Indeed, Google right-brain dominance or left-brain dominance, and youll find endless blog posts on the subject. Youll also find quizzes that purport to tell readers which sort of person they are.

But the real science says theres no such thing as right- or left-brain dominance.

In a sweeping two-year study, published in 2013 in the journal PLOS One, researchers looked at the brains of more than 1,000 people and found no evidence for significant differences in brain-side dominance among individuals.

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Whats Really Happening On Each Side Of The Brain

Its not all fantasy. Certain areas of the brain do manage particular functions, such as movement and sight. For example, the left side of your brain controls your right arms and legs, and vice versa.

In the 1800s, neurologists Broca and Wernicke determined that their patients who were having trouble communicating had damage to the left temporal lobes, which suggested that the left brain controlled language, as explained by TedEd.

Additionally, Nobel Prize-winning research by Roger Sperry demonstrated in the 1960s that each hemisphere of the brain specializes in certain tasks. By studying epilepsy patients who have undergone a procedure that separates the left and right hemispheres of the brain, Sperry determined the left side of the brain handles analytical and verbal tasks, while the right half takes care of the spatial perception tasks and contributes emotional context to language.

Sperry explained, The great pleasure and feeling in my right brain is more than my left brain can find the words to tell you,’ according to

The results of this study and others have been misunderstood to link brain lateralization with individual personality traits, such as left brained people being logical and right brained people being perceptive. But according to Harvard Health blog, if you performed a CT scan, MRI or autopsy on the brain of a mathematician and compared it to the brain of an artist, you probably wouldnt see a difference.

The Origin Of The Left

In the 1960s, these initial observations exploded both into the scientific literature and in the public sphere when some impressive experiments were performed. It was during this decade that researchers including Roger Sperry and Michael Gazzaniga were experimenting to find ways to treat severe epilepsy.

There was a class of patients whose seizures resisted treatments like psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic drugs. No matter the treatment, these people would have frequent and debilitating seizures. It was no way to live.

Gazzaniga and Sperry and others explored additional treatments. One treatment was to sever the part of the brain that connected the right and left hemispheres. That part of the body that connects the two sides of a healthy brain is called the corpus callosum. In these surgeries, surgeons simply cut the corpus callosum, turning what was once a single operating brain essentially into two separate ones. The whole prospect may have given others the creeps, but the surgeons had some success in treating epilepsy, so surgeries were performed.

It was from studies like this that scientists became aware of some of the regional differences present in the functioning of the brain. In fact, there is an absolutely fascinating body of scientific work done by studying these split-brain individuals. Actually, the study of how specific brain damage affects the abilities of individuals is incredibly interesting.

Learn more about how statistics can lie to you.

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What Happens If You Damage Your Left Temporal Lobe

Since the temporal lobe processes emotions and plays an important role in short-term memory, damage to this area of the brain can result in unique symptoms.

Damage to the left temporal lobe mainly results in abnormal changes to emotions, such as sudden feelings of fear, euphoria, or episodes of deja vu.

The official name for these distressing feelings is focal seizures with impaired awareness. The bigger the seizure, the less responsive a person becomes.

During such an episode, the person may be aware of whats happening around them but may be unable to respond. They may also move their lips and hands repetitively.

These conditions are mostly treated and controlled with medications. In case medications fail to solve this, surgery is an option.

If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends.If broken by an inside force, life begins.Great things always begin from the inside.

Jim Kwik, the Author of Mindavalleys Superbrain Quest

Are There Really Right

Do People Really Have Right or Left Brain Personalities?

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Are you a logical, precise thinker, or would you say that youre more free-spirited and artistic? If youre the former, somebodys probably told you at some point that youre a left-brained person, and if youre the latter, right-brained. The notion that the right half of the brain is the creative half and the left half is the analytical half and that our individual traits are determined by which half is dominant is widespread in popular psychology. Theres even a small industry devoted to this idea. There are self-help books, personality tests, therapies, and educational materials that claim to help you optimize the functions of the stronger half of your brain, get in touch with the weaker half, or even make the two halves stop their incessant battling inside your skull so you can finally get some peace and quiet.

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Right Vs Left Brain Table

As we mentioned above, the dominant side of the brain can affect your childs cognitive skills, hobbies, learning style, and so much more.

After you or your child complete the test, you can get a better understanding of the functions of the brain hemispheres from the table below:

Left Brain Functions

What’s The Difference Between The Right Brain And Left Brain

ByRafi Letzterpublished 28 November 17

You may have heard people describe themselves as “right-brained” or “left-brained,” but what does that mean?

Are you right-brained or left-brained?

It’s a popular question, hovering at the edges of sound neuroscience. The left brain is supposed to be more creative and artistic, the right brain more organized and logical. Indeed, Google “right-brain dominance” or “left-brain dominance,” and you’ll find endless blog posts on the subject. You’ll also find quizzes that purport to tell readers which sort of person they are.

But the real science says there’s no such thing as right- or left-brain dominance.

In a sweeping two-year study, published in 2013 in the journal PLOS One, researchers looked at the brains of more than 1,000 people and found no evidence for significant differences in brain-side dominance among individuals.

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How Does The Brain Work

The brain sends and receives chemical and electrical signals throughout the body. Different signals control different processes, and your brain interprets each. Some make you feel tired, for example, while others make you feel pain.

Some messages are kept within the brain, while others are relayed through the spine and across the bodys vast network of nerves to distant extremities. To do this, the central nervous system relies on billions of neurons .

Do You Think Of Yourself As A Right

Right Brain  Left Brain Test

Posted May 28, 2015

    Which side of your brain gets the most use, the right or the left? Today, most people have heard that each hemisphere of the brain manages different tasks. If we favor one type of thinking over another, we could be classified as favoring left or right hemisphere strategies, making us left-brained or right-brained.” Right-brained individuals, according to this general idea, tend to be creative, curious, and intuitive, whereas left-brained individuals are more logical, methodical, and rational.

    In reality, according to scientific evidence, this conceptualization is based on a complete misunderstanding of the “concept of laterality.” But this is nothing new. The craze began when the concept of laterality was first introduced. In 1978, Bryden reported that the idea of laterality initially met skepticismbut not for long!

    In reality, even though we can think of left- and right-hemispheric functions in humans as much more complex than the simple dichotomy that might be found in other species, we all need to use our whole brain to survive in our complex world. Of course, perhaps it is just my logical left brain denying my right-hemispheric creative side. No, this is not possible: A test I took on the Internet concluded that I have a balanced brain,” using both sides relatively equally. So, there you have it: I must always be right!


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    How The Two Hemispheres Work

    How do the brain hemispheres work?

    There is still a lot left to discover about brain hemispheres but here are some facts we do know:

    • The brain is composed of two well-differentiated halves called hemispheres. These halves are connected by a structure called the corpus callosum, which facilitates communication between the hemispheres. These two hemispheres are in constant communication, and in most activities, both work equally.
    • Experts suggest that our level of intelligence is directly related to the quality of the connection between hemispheres. The more connected they are, the more intellectual we will be, such is the example of Einsteins brain.
    • Each hemisphere is responsible for the activity on the opposite side of the body. That is, the right hemisphere will be responsible for the movements of the left side of the body and vice versa. Therefore, an injury to the left brain will have an impact on the right side of the body.
    • The processing of visual and auditory stimuli, spatial manipulation, facial perception and artistic ability is found bilaterally, although they may show some superiority in the right hemisphere.
    • Contrary to what was thought until recently, according to a study, the visual processing of numbers is performed by both hemispheres equally.

    Understanding Left Side Brain Injury

    The brain acts as the control center for the entire body and is responsible for both physical and cognitive abilities. It consists of two hemispheres, each of which governs the opposite side of the body. For example, the left hemisphere commands movement on the right side of the body, and vice versa.

    For most individuals, the right side of the brain is responsible for non-verbal, intuitive and creative actions such as musical and artistic ability. The left hemisphere, on the other hand, is in charge of verbal, analytical and logical functions.

    Some specific functions the left hemisphere controls include:

    • Logic and reasoning
    • Right-hand control
    • Sequential thinking

    The left side is also considered the language hub of the brain. It is where the bulk of your language abilities lie, particularly your ability to produce and understand language.

    Therefore, most people with left-side brain injuries have difficulty speaking, a condition known as aphasia.

    Lets take a closer look at aphasia, and other effects of left hemisphere damage,

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    Detailed Information About The Functions And Characteristics Of The Left Brain

    • It has the ability to understand the sum of any situation/look at things from.
    • It involves the movement of large muscles such as walking.
    • It plays an important role in maintaining balance.
    • It is responsible for non-verbal communications.
    • It can sense smell, taste, and sound.
    • It is responsible for emotional functions.
    • It regulates avoidance behavior.
    • It controls the immune system.
    • It is in charge of involuntary body functions like digestion, the beating of the heart, and breathing.
    • It is stimulated by new experiences.
    • It affects the persons ability to pay attention to details.
    • Fine motor skills.
    • Convert sounds to language and translates meaning.

    What Does It Mean To Be Right Brained Or Left Brained And The Types Of Careers That Fit Those Modes

    Good Thinking! â Why Right Brained is Wrongâ¦Brained

    By | Submitted On August 23, 2009

    Some people know if they are right-brained or left-brained with their interests and abilities but many people have no idea what that really means. This article will discuss what it really means to be right-brained or left-brained and what career paths are better for each category. For example, many right brained people are creative and artistic and may enjoy some type of job in the arts or writing whereas, people that are considered left-brained may be more literal and statistical and like things like NKY accounting or engineering. Whether you are drawn to be an NKY accountant or a journalist, this piece will sort it all out.

    The discussion of being right brained or left brained came about in the 1960’s when a scientist noticed that different parts of the brain control different things. Although, humans only have one brain, we have two definite sides that control two modes of thinking. Most people prefer one mode to another and it shows up in career choices or things you like to do on your free time.

    Connor R. Sullivan has been researching a few NKY accounting companies to work with his greater Cincinnati firm. He believes that the NKY accountants will save him money.

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    How The Human Brain Works

    The human brain is an intricate organ. At approximately 3 pounds, it contains about 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections. Your brain is command central of all you think, feel, and do.

    Your brain is divided into two halves, or hemispheres. Within each half, particular regions control certain functions.

    The two sides of your brain look very much alike, but theres a huge difference in how they process information. Despite their contrasting styles, the two halves of your brain dont work independently of each other.

    Different parts of your brain are connected by nerve fibers. If a brain injury severed the connection between sides, you could still function. But the lack of integration would cause some impairment.

    The human brain is constantly reorganizing itself. Its adaptable to change, whether its physical or through life experience. Its tailor-made for learning.

    As scientists continue mapping the brain, were gaining more insight into which parts control necessary functions. This information is vital to advancing research into brain diseases and injuries, and how to recover from them.

    What Defines Left And Right Brained People

    • Resources

    The human brain is the command centre of our bodies. It contains roughly 86 billion nerve cells, can generate up to 50,000 thoughts per day, and it can process information faster than a Formula One car can travel!

    “Brain information can travel up to 268 mph!”

    On top of all of this, it is widely believed that the structure of our brain plays a key role in shaping the different characteristics of our personalities.

    Your brain has two sides, which are known as hemispheres. The left hemisphere controls the right side of your body, dealing with logical thought and linguistic functions. The right hemisphere controls the left side of your body, dealing with things such as our imagination, spacial orientation and intuition.

    Extensive research into the two sides of the brain is what inspired Neuropsychologist, Roger W Sperry to develop his left brain/right brain theory.

    Sperry developed the left brain/right brain theory in 1960. He believed that each human brain is either right or left side dominant. Each side of the brain controls different types of thinking and therefore different personality traits. He believed that some individuals utilise both sides of their brains equally, but most people have a tendency to think in either a more left or right brain way.

    So, what is the difference between Left and Right-brainers?

    At Habit Action we have a balance of left and right brainers in the team.

    The Lefties…

    The Righties…

    So, are you are a lefty or a righty?

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