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What Does Lizard Brain Mean

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Use Visual Metaphors To Captivate The Reptilian Brain Of Your Audience

Mean Markets and Lizard Brains : How to Profit from the New Science of Irrationality

As said earlier, human beings are visual creatures, because the optic nerve is directly connected to the reptilian brain. Therefore, visual input has the most impact . This is also a survival mechanism of the reptilian brain: it reacts far more quickly to visual input than any other input. So, now you know why a PowerPoint slide with only bullet points is destroying the attention of your audience, while a slide with just one picture can captivate the attention of your audience.

So, try at all costs, to use visual representations of your key messages in what you are presenting. As said earlier, if it would be a tangible visual than it is even more powerful. But in some cases, you are not able to use visuals. For example, when you speak to someone on the phone. Or when you have suddenly a meeting for which you could not prepare. Even in these cases, it is possible to involve the visual brain. Just picture the image in words. Start by saying: Picture this and then picture the visual you have in mind.

Your reptilian brain is the oldest of the three brains you have. The lizard brain serves primarily for the survival of your body and genes, and it has a very animalistic way of responding. There are a set of strong triggers that can activate your reptilian brain directly, and when this happens, your neocortex or thinking brain will be bypassed resulting in irrational behavior. Exposure to such a trigger can even completely change your personality.

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Origins Of The Reptilian Brain Myth

The concept behind the triune brain or reptilian/lizard brain was proposed back in the 1960s by neuroscientist Paul Maclean. MacLean suggested that the human brain is divided into three layers that each emerged in succession in the course of evolution.

The oldest, the reptilian brain or r-complex controls basic functions such as breathing, body temperature and heart rate. Next, the limbic system controls emotional responses. Finally, the cerebral cortex controls language and reason.

Despite McLean originally tagging the basal ganglia as the reptilian brain, Ive seen the phrase used to describe or label almost every brain structure except for the pre-frontal cortex!

Here are some examples where the reptilian brain is randomly labelled:

  • amygdala,
  • and some structure in the middle of the brain that is possibly the thalamus?

It is widely used by therapists, coaches and gurus to explain human behaviour, and most often to describe our response to threats via fight or flight responses.

The model especially appeals to psychotherapists because it seems to give biological credence to Freuds theory of personality with the id, ego and superego mapping neatly onto the reptilian, limbic and cortical brains.

Or its used to explain the irrationality of human behaviour whereby emotions dominate rational thought or logic. In fact, MacLean called the limbic system the paleomammalian complex and put that in charge of emotions andfight or flight.

Keep Your Lizard Mouse And Monkey In Mind

I just read three brilliant blog posts by neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, in which he identifies three parts of our human brains:

Though we like to think of the primate brain as the foremost part , many believe it was the last part of the brain to develop. It is also the last part to receive signals from the spinal cord. So Dr. Hanson deals with the most ancient part, the brain stem, first.

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Because Despite What The Textbooks Say You Are Not A Lizard

The Lizard Lounge

Let me start by saying addressing the elephant in the room. Yes, that picture is a room full of evil, distorted-looking reptiles conjured up by the drug connoisseur and well-renowned author, Hunter S. Thompson, whilst on an acid trip.

Appeal To The Pain Points Of The Reptilian Brain

How does your

The reptilian brain is concerned with avoiding pain as a means to the survival of the body and the genes. Much more than it is with gaining pleasure. So, if you want to activate the lizard brain, appealing to pain is more effective than appealing to pleasure. This applies when you want to trigger your reptilian brain or the reptilian brain of your stakeholders. Start with talking about the pain you want to avoid first, to grab the attention of the lizard brain. If you have the attention, then you can start talking about the benefits of the solution you are presenting.

So, next time when you need to give a presentation of a project proposal for a group of stakeholders, first ask yourself what the pain points are they want to avoid. As soon as you have their attention, present how your value proposition will be alleviating that pain.

If I order a pizza with our local Dominos pizza service, then since a year or so, I can follow exactly when the pizza will be delivered at my door, via their online ordering system. I was curious why Dominos bothered to give me all that information, but it turned out that this was designed to alleviate the pain of most customers that they didnt know when the pizza would arrive. Alleviating this pain happened to give sales a tremendous boost for Dominos!

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Closing Thoughts On Symbolic Meaning Of Lizards

I hope youve enjoyed these symbolic insights about lizards. It sure has been fun writing about these spunky, spirited creatures. Remember lizards are incredibly instinctual. They move according to their senses and according to the condition of their environment. When lizard comes to your consciousness, its a sign to do the same. Lizard asks us to listen to our instinct. It asks us to move fast. It asks us to adapt to our environment.

Thanks so much for reading. If you like this article on symbolic meaning of lizards, be sure to check out other articles Ive written listed at the end of this page.

May all your lizard encounters be delightfully insightful,


Take Away Tips About Symbolic Meaning of Lizards

Surprise!Lizards do not mess around when they move from point A to B. These suckers are FAST! This is mostly due to their instinct for survival. Lizards remind us that sometimes speedy action is required to keep our tails in tact.

Cold blood, warm heart.Lizards are cold-blooded. That means their survival hinges on their environmental conditions. If too hot, theyve got to move to shade. If too cold, theyve got to bask in the sun. Lizards are super-sensitive to their environment. The lizard-lesson for us here is: Be aware of your surroundings, and move into better positions so you can live your best, healthiest life.

Origins Of The ‘reptilian Complex’

The term, ‘reptilian brain’ is derived from a longstanding belief within the field of neuroanatomy that the forebrains of reptiles, and other small animals, were dominated by these structures. Paul MacLean suggested, within the Triune brain model, that the basal ganglia and a number of the surrounding structures within the base of the forebrain are responsible for ‘species-typical’ behaviors, which are present in aggression, dominance, territoriality, and ritual displays.

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Additional Associations For Lizard

  • I woke up at 3am with a intense dream, my daughter was holding 3 lizards and said they needed me so they could stay alive, she placed them in my mouth, they one crawled toward my face by right side of my mouth, i could feel it squirming, the other crawled on my right forearm by my veins, the last one crawled to the middle of my back, then just like that two burst out from the top of my head looking healthy and the third one was on the way when I woke myself up. What does this mean? I wasnt scared, more concerned that they would get out ok. i could feel them moving around with a purpose. #3, crown chakra, right side of body, ??

  • Every time I wake up from a dream, usually around 4am, i always see a house gecko on my net inches above my headI always end up flicking it of my net and it falls right out my windowreading this comments now makes me feel bad But please, Ill like to know what it means.

  • It is like 1 a.m here and I am just on Twitter with the lights off in my bed & just the phones light on then suddenly I see a shadow of a lizardand it just disappears right in front of my eyes I knew it was indicating something then I looked it up and man this is crazy that dreams part Are you really sure this is what you want describes my situation perfectly.Im in a confused state right now about my higher education and damn I dont really believe in this but its spot on.

  • What Type Of Triggers Does Your Reptilian Brain Has

    How I destroyed my lizard brain (You MUST do this)

    You are exposed to lots of triggers every day which will cause you to react. Some of those triggers are firing off part of your neocortex, others are firing off parts of your limbic brain and other triggers are firing off parts of your reptilian brain. To get more understanding of what your lizard brain is, and how your reptile brain operates, I would like to discuss the triggers which are firing off behavioral responses of your lizard brain.

    If you will start to recognize the triggers which trigger your reptilian brain, then you will also be more in control of what you will do with these triggers. If you better understand the triggers which your reptilian brain is exposed to, then you will better understand your own behavior. So, instead of subconsciously following the primal emotions of your reptilian brain, you will be more conscious about what is going on inside you and that will give you a chance to create a pattern interrupt. This means that you will get more control over your lizard brain, and thus more control over your life.

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    Do Lizards Get Lonely

    Sociality Does Not Mean Reptiles Get Lonely

    But it is important to note that the tendency to interact with other members of their own species does not mean these animals feel lonely when deprived of this kind of contact. Thats likely what would happen to most humans or other truly social animals.

    Basic Lizard Brain Psychology Can Explain The Rise Of Donald Trump

    On Sunday, I told you what’s wrong with him. Today, we need to examine what’s wrong with us.

    Indeed, if almost half of America supports a President who more and more psychological experts believe has a personality disorder bordering on mental illness, there must certainly be something wrong with those supporters, too.

    There is: They crave a strongman above all else even above democracy itself.

    “When a population is feeling insecure, it favors authoritarian figures who promise to solve their problems and defeat their enemies,” said Dr. William J. Doherty, professor of Family Social Science at University of Minnesota and author of the Citizen Therapists for Democracy manifesto, now signed by 3,800 mental health professionals.

    Doherty, a student of history as well as the mind, reminds us that humanity’s current organizing principle liberal, pluralistic democracy is largely a recent development. For most of human history, of course, civilization existed because “warriors and warrior-leaders” defeated their tribe’s enemies.

    “We are programmed for embracing hierarchy, starting with children clinging to parents, and the more threatened we are, the more we hope that a ‘strongman’ can save us,” Doherty told me. “We have become so tribal that many of us would vote for the devil if he wore our colors.”

    Donald Trump’s road to the White House as President-elect

    “Some people will never live comfortably in a modern liberal democracy,” she wrote.

    So our own fears created Trump.

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    How Do I Activate Lizard Brain

    1) Appeal to the pain points of the reptilian brain

    Much more than it is with gaining pleasure. So, if you want to activate the lizard brain, appealing to pain is more effective than appealing to pleasure. This applies when you want to trigger your reptilian brain or the reptilian brain of your stakeholders.

    Our Brains Did Not Evolve From Lizards

    The Lizard Brain

    A recent, and entertainingly titled paper, Your Brain Is Not an Onion With a Tiny Reptile Inside published in the Current Directions in Psychological Science addresses the many problems with the lizard brain model, and urges people to abandon this mistaken view of human brains.

    From the perspective of evolutionary biology the authors state the triune brain idea is in contrast to the clear and unanimous agreement on these issues among those studying nervous-system evolution.

    From the perspective of evolution, they note three major problems with the triune brain model.

    Firstly, it implies evolution is a linear progression with one organism evolving into the next:

    lizards > mice > monkeys > humans

    And at the same time more complex layers of brain are added on top of pre-existing layers.

    This is wrong!

    Mammals did not evolve from reptiles. Mammals and reptiles share a common fish-like ancestor.

    the correct view of evolution is that animals radiated from common ancestors. Within these radiations, complex nervous systems and sophisticated cognitive abilities evolved independently many times.

    Secondly, the cerebral cortex is not unique to mammals because reptiles, fish and birds have a cerebral cortex too.

    Thirdly, the brain did not evolve with more sophisticated layers built over simpler layers.

    The notion of layers added to existing structures across evolutionary time as species became more complex is simply incorrect.

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    Reptilian Brain Trigger: Food

    Food is one of those necessities you need every day. Without it, your genes will be unable to replicate, and your body will die. While your reptilian brain evolved to keep your body alive and to serve the needs of your genes, food is a very powerful trigger. This trigger generates a strong response from your lizard brain. Food can trigger greed, aggression, obsessive and compulsive behavioral responses, by your reptilian brain. Especially when food is scarce, this trigger of the lizard brain will cause us to behave like animals, which only concern is to survive.

    The Reality Of The Lizard People

    The reality of the lizard people, by Eric Ramond . This seems absurd at first, until you realize its actually a serious complaint in a ridiculous wrapper. The crazy lizard story provides the cover for a darker truth.

    One of the loonier and more wonderful conspiracy theories floating around the Internet is it many of the worlds elite are shapeshifting lizardoid extraterrestrials. This explainer seems to sum it up pretty well.

    Often when looking at the behavior of the elites over many different areas we come to the same question: are they evil or stupid? Surely they cannot be that deliberately ignorant, so they must be evil. But us normal people are rarely evil for long, and in any case some other people go along with it, so they cant really be evil. So they must just be stupid. But you cannot rise to those positions being that stupid. Hmmm, whats going on?

    The answer could be just that they they are lizard people. Contrary to everyones assumption, many of the elite simply dont care in the slightest for the rest of us. Because they arent normal, like us. They just do whats good for them. So they are evil, not stupid.

    And of the 10 richest men in America, SEVENBuffett, Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, Page & Brinare Democrats funding todays Dems & socialists. Not coincidentally, massive govt power consistently PRESERVES massive wealth and PREVENTS new people from acquiring wealth.

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    Systems Controlled & Influenced By The Reptilian Brain

    • Education System
    • Religion
    • Business

    When the Reptilian Brain is controlling someone, their behavior can affect other peoples brain responses. We can be calm, relaxed, and collected for one minute. Still, if someone displays serpentine brain behaviors in our presence, it can affect our behavior unless we remain conscious.

    The desire to control, whether it be in relationships, circumstances, or life, in general, is a primary trait of the reptilian brain in action. We often call people displaying this behavior control freaks, and freak like is what they appear to be.

    Have you ever been so stressed out that you began holding your head with both hands for fear that your brain was going to explode? If so, it is your reptilian brain that you are trying to get under control.

    Deep inside the skull of every one of us, there is something like a brain of a crocodile. Surrounding the R-complex is the limbic system or mammalian brain, which evolved tens of millions of years ago in ancestors who were mammal but not yet primates.

    It is a major source of our moods and emotions, of our concern and care for the young. And finally, on the outside, living in an uneasy truce with the more primitive brains beneath is the cerebral cortex civilization is a product of the cerebral cortex. Carl Sagan, Cosmos p.276277

    Brain Morphology Of Human Beings


    Brain morphology refers to the structure of the brain. This includes the size and shape of the brain, the number of neurons in the brain, and the connections between the neurons.

    The human brain consists of billions of nerve cells called neurons. Neurons communicate with other neurons using electrical signals. The brain also contains specialized cells called glial cells. Glial cells provide support for the neurons.

    The brain’s shape varies among individuals. In general, the brain is shaped like a sphere. The surface area of the brain is about 1.8 square meters. The volume of the brain is about 1150 cubic centimeters.

    The number of neurons in the human brain is estimated to be about 100 billion. Each neuron has about 10,000 branches called dendrites. Dendrites receive information from other neurons.

    Neurons connect with each other via synapses. Synapses are gaps between neurons. Information travels along the axon of one neuron and then travels across the synapse to another neuron.

    Evidence from evolutionary biology points to the fact that humans can speak while animals don’t, is due to the cerebral cortex that humans have. The cerebral cortex is the outer layer of the brain. It controls all our senses and motor skills. It is made up of billions of nerve cells called neurons. These neurons connect with each other through synapses.

    The prefrontal cortex

    The Neo-Cortex consists of 4 parts called lobe: frontal lobe, parietal lobe, temporal lobe, and occipital lobe.

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