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What Is Right Brain Dominant

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Left Brain Vs Right Brain

Left and Right Brain Dominance

By Eagle Gamma, published May 18, 2021

The brain consists of twin halves, a left hemisphere alongside a nearly symmetrical right hemisphere.

Hemispheric lateralization is the idea that both hemispheres are functionally different and that certain mental processes andbehaviors are mainly controlled by one hemisphere rather than the other.

The left hemisphere controls the right hand side of the body and receives information from the right visual field controlling speech,language and recognition of words, letters and numbers.

The right hemisphere controls the left hand side of the body and receives information from the left visual field controlling creativity,context and recognition of faces, places and objects.

According to the left-brain, right-brain dominance theory the left-side of the brain is considered to be adept at tasks which are considered logical, rational, calculating.By contrast, the right side of the brain is best at artistic, creative, and spontaneous tasks

Left Brain
Being intuitive

Whats Really Happening On Each Side Of The Brain

Its not all fantasy. Certain areas of the brain do manage particular functions, such as movement and sight. For example, the left side of your brain controls your right arms and legs, and vice versa.

In the 1800s, neurologists Broca and Wernicke determined that their patients who were having trouble communicating had damage to the left temporal lobes, which suggested that the left brain controlled language, as explained by TedEd.

Additionally, Nobel Prize-winning research by Roger Sperry demonstrated in the 1960s that each hemisphere of the brain specializes in certain tasks. By studying epilepsy patients who have undergone a procedure that separates the left and right hemispheres of the brain, Sperry determined the left side of the brain handles analytical and verbal tasks, while the right half takes care of the spatial perception tasks and contributes emotional context to language.

Sperry explained, The great pleasure and feeling in my right brain is more than my left brain can find the words to tell you,’ according to

The results of this study and others have been misunderstood to link brain lateralization with individual personality traits, such as left brained people being logical and right brained people being perceptive. But according to Harvard Health blog, if you performed a CT scan, MRI or autopsy on the brain of a mathematician and compared it to the brain of an artist, you probably wouldnt see a difference.

Detailed Information About The Functions And Characteristics Of The Left Brain

  • It has the ability to understand the sum of any situation/look at things from.
  • It involves the movement of large muscles such as walking.
  • It plays an important role in maintaining balance.
  • It is responsible for non-verbal communications.
  • It can sense smell, taste, and sound.
  • It is responsible for emotional functions.
  • It regulates avoidance behavior.
  • It controls the immune system.
  • It is in charge of involuntary body functions like digestion, the beating of the heart, and breathing.
  • It is stimulated by new experiences.
  • It affects the persons ability to pay attention to details.
  • Fine motor skills.
  • Convert sounds to language and translates meaning.

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Is Hemispheric Dominance Different Between People

Hemispheric dominance varies from one person to another. The hemisphere of the brain used in every activity is not always the same for every person. Some experts believed that the activities of the brain are influenced by the persons right-handedness or left-handedness.

Understanding which part of the brain is dominant in a person is essential in determining which learning style is more effective. Left hemisphere dominant people are visual learners. On the other hand, right-hemisphere dominant people are auditory learners.

Complications Of Brain Stem Stroke


A brain stem stroke can cause you to lose your sense of smell and taste.

Other rare complications include coma and locked-in syndrome. Locked-in syndrome is a condition in which your entire body, except for the eye muscles, is paralyzed. People are able to think and communicate through eye movements, such as blinking.

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The Left Brain Right Brain Myth

While there is a left brain and a right brain, their use in popular culture has created a widespread misunderstanding. Itâs common to believe that the left brain is for logical thinking and the right brain is for creativity. People categorize themselves as being left or right brain-oriented depending on their interests and skills.

Scientists have been able to look closer at the brain and see that itâs more complicated than âleft = logical.â It wasnât until the 1960s when split-brain surgeries, a treatment of epilepsy, gave scientists the chance to investigate each half of the brain separately.

Scientists deduced that the left brain was better at language and rhythm, while the right brain was better at emotions and melody. However, this doesnât mean that the two halves are entirely separate.

The myth of the totally opposite hemispheres persists for a variety of reasons.

  • It satisfies the need for order.
  • Like astrological signs, it gives people a defined personality type.
  • People naturally see creativity and logic as opposites.
  • People find the idea of having untapped creative power appealing.

Right Brain/left Brain Right

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If youre like me, you learned that about 90% of people are right-handed and much of the reason is genetic. And thats true, although it remains a mystery why our genetic evolution led to so many more righties than lefties.

But for certain tasks, handedness can be “overcome.” For example, right-handed kids learning to play tennis, golf, or baseball can become successful hitting from “the other side.” It may be more a matter of how they are taught and what gets reinforced than about a hard-wired preference for one hand or the other.

According to recent research, the idea of people being “left-brained” or “right-brained” may also be less fixed than wed thought.

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Is Your Right Brain Dominant Know 6 Fascinating Right Brain Characteristics

Do you make use of the left hand more often than the right hand? Do you often doodle while taking notes? Do you prefer pictorial representation? Looks like your right brain features are dominant. Wait, dont jump into the conclusion! Read the right brain characteristics mentioned in this article and try understanding if your right brain is dominant over the left brain.

The concept of right brain and left brain dominance was discovered by Roger W Sperry while he was conducting a series of experiments on cats, monkeys, and humans. As per the theory, the right-brain and the left-brain function differently. The experiment was conducted in the year 1981 and is popularly known as Split Brain. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for research towards the same.

Commonly, the right brain oriented person tends to exhibit creativity, imagination, and artistry. While the left-brain dominant people tend to exhibit the features of being logical and organized. The human body is structured in a way that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, hence the right brained person is often left-handed.

In this article, I will be covering:

What Is Brain Lateralization

Are You Right Or Left Brain Dominance ? Personality Test

Information that enters the left hemisphere travel across the corpus callosum going to the right side of the brain and vice versa. The two hemispheres of the brain function interdependently.

Each of them has a role to play in the processing of information although the other is more dominant in certain functions. The process is called brain lateralization. The degree of brain lateralization is not the same in everyone.

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Common Symptoms Of Stroke

Symptoms of stroke depend on which area of the brain is affected. A stroke in the brain stem can interfere with vital functions such as breathing and heartbeat. Other functions that we perform without thinking, such as eye movements and swallowing, can also be altered. Brain stem stroke can also impair your speech and hearing, and cause vertigo.

All of the signals from your brain move through the brain stem to reach the different parts of your body. Nerve cells that come from various sections of the brain carry these signals right through the brain stem to the spinal cord.

When blood flow in the brain stem is interrupted, such as with stroke, those brain signals are also disrupted. In turn, the different parts of the body that these signals control will also be affected. This is why some people experience numbness on one or both sides of the body, or paralysis in their arms or legs.

Left Brain Versus Right Brain

The majority of people are left brain dominant. Although the typical school environment in modern times tends to favor left brain thinkers with expectations of logical thought and practical action, right brain thinkers who tend to be more imaginative and outside the box are equally valuable. Interestingly, right brain dominant people are often left-handed which coincides with right brain dominant people being less common .

Left Brain Characteristics

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What Does It Mean When Your Right Brain Dominant


Considering this, what are the traits of a right brained person?

Right-brained people are said to be more:

  • creative.
  • able to see the big picture.
  • intuitive.
  • likely to visualize more than think in words.

Furthermore, what percentage of the population is right brain dominant? More than 160,000 Americans used our brain test. The results showed that 37 percent of Americans are leftbrained, while only 29 percent are rightbrained. In 34 percent of participants, the two hemispheres exert equal influence on decision-making.

Beside above, how do I know if I am right brain dominant?

  • You Prefer Drawing to Writing.
  • You Prefer Open-Ended Questions to Multiple Choice.
  • You Tend To Be Disorganized.
  • You Have Difficulty Focusing for Long Periods of Time.
  • You Have Less Than Average Memorization Skills.
  • You Are a Holistic Thinker.
  • You Can Be Spontaneous And Intuitive.
  • Can you be both left and right brained?

    We all ARE both leftbrained and rightbrained. People who have both cerebral hemispheres use both cerebral hemispheres. The scientific discovery that certain functions are done best by one hemisphere or the other has been mistranslated in popular culture.

    The Origins Of Right Hemisphere And Left Hemisphere

    Common barriers to data

    Before the 1980s, there were few studies on the different hemispheres of the brain. The classic thinking at the time was that the left side was responsible for most of the brains processing. Indeed, the right hemisphere was considered to be a minor structure, with some going as far to regard it as so mentally retarded it was not even conscious.

    All that changed in 1981. Nobel-Prize winner, Roger Sperry had the opportunity to conduct live studies on the brains of epilepsy sufferers. He wanted to reduce or even eliminate their seizures.

    Previous studies had shown that grand mal seizures involve both hemispheres of the brain. However, if they were contained in one hemisphere, the effects would be drastically lessened. In his now famous Split Brain experiments, Sperry cut the corpus callosum, the structure that binds the two brain hemispheres and found that seizures were reduced.

    But it was the after-affects that caused such excitement. Sperry quickly realised that the right hemisphere was capable of much more than originally anticipated. Furthermore, each hemisphere displayed definite characteristics.

    For example, Sperry discovered that the left hemisphere specialised in language and analytical tasks. The right hemisphere focused on space perception and emotion.

    The great pleasure and feeling in my right brain is more than my left brain can find the words to tell you. Roger Sperry

    Characteristics of Left and Right Hemisphere

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    Box 1 The Genetics Of Handedness And Cerebral Asymmetry

    Linkage analyses have often revealed candidate laterality genes, but all too often these fail in follow-up analysisa common problem in the search for genes related to human behavior. Part of the problem is the sheer immensity of the genome, which means that candidates are likely to surface by chance, and the problem is compounded by the likelihood of a strong chance element in the determination of handedness itself. With appropriate statistical control, several large-scale genome-wide studies have failed to reveal any single locus to be significantly associated with handedness ,, including one study based on a large sample of twins, which also failed specifically to support the single-gene model developed by McManus , or weaker versions of that model. The authors of one study estimate that as many as 40 different loci may be involved , but note that it would be difficult to distinguish multilocus models from a single-gene model, such as that of McManus, in terms of handedness pedigrees.

    What Are Left Brain And Right Brain Characteristics

    According to the theory of leftbrain or rightbrain dominance, each side of the brain controls different types of thinking. Additionally, people are said to prefer one type of thinking over the other. For example, a person who is “leftbrained” is often said to be more logical, analytical, and objective.

    Similarly, what is meant by brain lateralization?

    Brain Lateralization is a complex and ongoing process by which differing regions of the brain take over the functioning of specific behaviors and cognitive skills. Lateralization literally means that certain functions are located on one side of the brain.

    What are the Lateralizing signs?

    These are signs that helps you to localise a CNS pathology to a particular area of the brain eg. bradykinesia and dyskinesis allows a localisation of a lesion or pathology to the basal ganglia in the brain. Other well known lateralizing signs are ataxia, hyperreflexia etc.

    How is the handedness of a person determined?

    Instead, the genes determine whether the default human tendency to be right-handed will be expressed or not. “In those lacking the ‘right shift’ bias, the direction of handedness is a matter of chance that is, left-handedness arises from the lack of a bias toward the right hand, and not from a ‘left-hand gene.’

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    Left Brain Vs Right Brain: Characteristics Chart

    Neuroscientists and psychologists worldwide have put considerable effort into investigating the characteristics and functions of the left and right sides of the brain.

    Though the two sides of a humans brain look alike, they process information very differently. Over the years, studies have consistently shown that there are many differences between the left brain and the right brain. However, although the two halves work in two contrasting styles, they are very much interconnected.

    In this Custom Writing article, you will learn everything about the left and right brain hemispheres, including the differences in how they function.

    Tips For Boosting Creativity

    Introverts – Right-brain Dominance

    If youre trying to nourish your creative side, here are a few ways to get started:

    Read about and listen to the creative ideas of others. You might discover the seed of an idea you can grow, or set your own imagination free.

    Try something new. Take up a creative hobby, such as playing an instrument, drawing, or storytelling. A relaxing hobby can help your mind wander to new places.

    Look within. This can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what makes you tick. Why do you gravitate toward certain activities and not others?

    Keep it fresh. Break your set patterns and go outside your comfort zone. Take a trip to a place youve never been. Immerse yourself in another culture. Take a course in a subject you havent studied before.

    Even something as creative as music takes time, patience, and practice. The more you practice any new activity, the more your brain adapts to the new information.

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    Unexpected Characteristics All Right

    You may have heard in the past that people are either left-brain or right-brain dominant, meaning that one side of their brain shapes their personality and things that they do more than the other. Although more recent research has shown that that might not actually be the case, it’s still fun to think about the things that people associate with being right-brained. There are some unexpected characteristics all right-brained people have in common, or, at least, that people tend to associate with right-brain dominance, about which you might want to know more.

    If you’ve heard that left-brained people are all about the numbers, while right-brained people are more creative types, you might not be totally wrong, but your thinking might not be exactly right either. In a post that he wrote for Harvard Health Blog, Dr. Robert H. Smerling, M.D., said that the idea that people are or aren’t numbers people might be true, it just might not have as much to do with what side of the brain is more dominant as people used to think. Essentially, there’s a dearth of proof that shows that personality traits and one side of the brain or the other are conclusively linked.

    The Best Jobs For Right

    In 1981, Roger Sperry won the Nobel Prize for his work on the right-brain vs. left-brain theory. Sperry theorized that the right side of the brain was responsible for controlling emotions, motivation, and creativity while the left side controlled functions such as language, reasoning, and logic.

    Even if youre convinced that you arent a right-brain or a left-brain thinker, you might find yourself drawn to right-brained careers. These are roles that people associate with creative, but not every right-brained job is in art.

    Right-brainers dont get lost in details they naturally visualize the whole picture and love work that requires visionary planning, motivating other people, and thinking outside the box. Right-brained people enjoy trying new ways of doing things and looking at problems from different angles. Many of the worlds most exciting innovations have been the result of the creative thinking power of right-brain individuals.


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