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What Is The Brain Made Up Of

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The Visual Areas Of The Brain Are In The Back

How to learn major parts of the brain quickly

The part of your brain responsible for vision, the occipital lobe, is located in the back. This is why if you get banged in the back of your head, you will see stars. The left side of your brain controls the vision on your right side, and vise versa. Your brain also processes sound on the opposite sides of the head.

How Plastic Is The Brain

the brain is not made of plastic The human brain has the amazing ability to reorganize itself by forming new connections between brain cells . In addition to genetic factors, the environment in which a person lives, as well as the actions of each person, play a significant role in plasticity.Feb 26, 2008

Brain Activity Can Power A Small Light Bulb

When you are awake, your brain generates about 12-25 watts of electricity which is enough to power a small light bulb. The brain also works fast. The information going from your arms/legs to your brain travels at a speed of 150-260 miles per hour. The brain consumes glucose from the body to produce this amount of the energy.

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What’s The Difference Between The Left Brain And Right Brain

The human brain is divided into two hemispheres, the left and right, connected by a bundle of nerve fibers called the corpus callosum. The hemispheres are strongly, though not entirely, symmetrical. Generally, the left brain controls the muscles on the right side of the body, and the right brain controls the left side. One hemisphere may be slightly dominant, as with left- or right-handedness.

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The popular notions about “left brain” and “right brain” qualities are generalizations that are not well supported by evidence. However, there are some important differences between these areas. The left brain contains regions that are involved in language production and comprehension and is also associated with mathematical calculation and fact retrieval, Holland said. The right brain plays a role in visual and auditory processing, spatial skills and artistic ability more instinctive or creative things, Holland said though these functions involve both hemispheres. “Everyone uses both halves all the time,” he said.

It Is A Myth That Humans Only Use 10% Of Our Brain

The brain is made up of different regions

We actually use all of it. Were even using more than 10 percent when we sleep. Although its true that at any given moment all of the brains regions are not concurrently firing, brain researchers using imaging technology have shown that, like the bodys muscles, most are continually active over a 24-hour period.

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Symptoms Of Brain Fog

The term brain fog refers to a symptom, not a medical condition. Different people will experience it differently, and they may use the same term to describe various symptoms. The following are some of the symptoms of brain fog:

  • Feeling drained
  • Slower-than-usual thinking and a need for extra time to execute simple tasks
  • Being prone to distraction
  • Having difficulties putting your thoughts or activities into order
  • Forgetting daily activities or losing ones line of thought are examples of forgetfulness
  • Struggling with finding words
  • Time management strategies to help a person stay focused
  • Changes to school or work, such as extended test-taking time
  • Breathing, meditation, and exercise

Drinking water, getting enough sleep, and eating well can help prevent brain fog. This is especially beneficial for persons who suffer from worry that prevents them from taking care of themselves.

Specific self-care practices may also be beneficial to some persons. Some examples are following a timetable, utilizing a reminder app, or taking frequent breaks from whatever is causing anxiety.

There are even more explanations for why your brain does not feel up to what it is capable of. The important thing is that you have to identify the underlying cause. Once the culprit has been identified, you can turn the undesirable situation around back to its normality.


The Best Way To Static Initialization Of Maps In Google Collections

What is the best way to static initialization of modifiable Maps? I found only


But this way created immutable map and contains fixed list of parameters.

If you do want an of code fashion, you could use:

myMap = Maps.newHashMap) 

In addition, ImmutableMap.Builder is other choice to create a Map from complex source:

myMap = Maps.newHashMap                   .put //One k-v pair                    .putAll //From other Map                   .put) //From a Map Entry                   ...                   .build) 

Plus: My code is not original intention of ImmutableMap. If Nawa insists on using Guava library )

  • That’s a bit wasteful on the garbage creation front, though. In the first case, you create a temporary ImmutableMap whenever you want to create a HashMap, and in the second case, you create an ImmutableMap.Builder , which then creates an ImmutableMap before finally creating the HashMap… Frank PavageauSep 2 ’12 at 12:18

You don’t actually need static initialization. What’s wrong with the following ?

Map< K, V>  map = Maps.newHashMap map.put map.put // More put calls// map is now ready to use.

You can create a helper method around it if needed, but you can only create so many different versions . At some point it’s not helping anymore.

public static < K,V>  HashMap< K,V>  newHashMap public static < K,V>  HashMap< K,V>  newHashMap ...

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How To Make A Collection

Either from a Profile or a Page , click on Create a Collection.

Then, you will be prompted to give it a name and decide who can see it.

Choose Public if you want maximum exposure. Note: you will not be able to change this setting later on.

Once the collection is created, you will be given the opportunity to customize it by changing the top image and the color of the band at the bottom.

As you can see, your image and your color scheme can make a world of difference.

Image Dimensions

What size should your image be? One of my community members, Nicky Pasquier, asked designer Dustin Stout this question. He responded, If you choose to add your own cover photo, you should take note that the size of the photo should be 1080px wide by 607px tall. But also be aware that the top and the bottom of that image will be cropped out. 124px on top and 123px on the bottom of the image will remain hidden until a user clicks on the cover to reveal the entire thing.


If you already have followers on your Google+ Profile or Page, and you create a Public collection, your followers will be applied to that Collection.

People can also follow an individual collection as well. This gives people the ability to better tailor the content they see from people.

Featured Collections

Next, lets look at a few geeky things.

URL Structure

If you look at the top of a Collection, you will see a URL structure similar to the one below:

Ga: How To Create A New Collection

The Nervous System In 9 Minutes

First, click on the Create new collection card and the new screen will open:

We can choose whether to create it from scratch or use one of the templates made available by Google . We opted for the first option.

In this section we have to include via dragndrop the rerports that we find on the left in the new collection .

Before carrying out the dragndrop we must give a name to the section / s that we want to be displayed inside the collection: just click on Create New Topic and enter a meaningful title. Obviously also replace Untitled collection with a meaningful title.

Detail Report is meant to be the single report of interest while into the Overview Report we find the macro categories of the report groupings Once you have made your choices we will get something similar to the screnshoot below.

Now just click on Save and it will appear as a card in the Collections home page. To make the new Collection appear in the Reports menu, click on the three dots at the top right of the card and choose Publish.

Once published, as you can see, the collection appears among the GA4 reports and you can start analyzing the data you have selected!

I considered Google Universal a truly flexible tool compared to many competitors but after the introduction of these new features I think GA4 takes the concept of personalization to an even higher level! We just have to wait for more news from Google and start playing and testing what we have shared in the series of posts!

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What Happens When You Exercise Your Brain

Exercising your brain using cognitive training tools, which are also called brain training games or brain exercises, may help improve your cognitive functioning.

Some studies have found that brain exercises improve memory, executive functions, and processing speeds, while others have shown little to no effect.

The impact of brain exercises may have something to do with age. Some studies have shown an improvement in cognitive abilities in young people and older adults. Nouchi R, et al. . Brain training game boosts executive functions, working memory and processing speed in the young adults: A randomized controlled trial. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0055518

Brain exercises may also be beneficial in slowing age-related changes in the brain and those associated with neurological conditions, such as Alzheimers disease and dementia.

A study published in 2017 showed that a brain-training intervention known as speed-of-processing training significantly reduced dementia risk. Edwards JD, et al. . Speed of processing training results in lower risk of dementia. DOI: 10.1016/j.trci.2017.09.002

If youre looking to exercise your brain, you dont necessarily need to resort to brain training games and apps.

Your brain is made up of different parts that all work together. Lets take a look at the different parts of the brain and what they do.

Reading Out Loud Uses Different Brain Circuits Than Reading Silently

Reading aloud promotes brain development. Children first learn to read by speaking words out loud. Once that knowledge is established, then they learn to read to themselves. Its indeed one of the strange facts about the brain because we usually teach our children to read and talk politely. But to promote brain development in your child, you should read and talk aloud in front of them.

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Ventricles And Cerebrospinal Fluid

Deep in the brain are four open areas with passageways between them. They also open into the central spinal canal and the area beneath arachnoid layer of the meninges.

The ventricles manufacture cerebrospinal fluid, or CSF, a watery fluid that circulates in and around the ventricles and the spinal cord, and between the meninges. CSF surrounds and cushions the spinal cord and brain, washes out waste and impurities, and delivers nutrients.

How Many Brain Cells Does A Human Have

Human Brain Inside Head Made 3d Stock Illustration 60561271

The human brain contains about 86 billion nerve cells called “gray matter,” according to a 2012 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The brain also has about the same number of non-neuronal cells, such as the oligodendrocytes that insulate neuronal axons with a myelin sheath. This gives axons a white appearance, and so these axons are called the brain’s “white matter.”

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A Brief History Of The Two Libraries

Google Guava is a Google project, mainly developed by the organization’s engineers, although it’s been open-sourced now. The main motivation to start it was to include generics introduced in JDK 1.5 into Java Collections Framework, or JCF, and enhance its capability.

Since its inception, the library has expanded its capabilities and now includes graphs, functional programming, range objects, caching, and String manipulation.

Apache Commons started as a Jakarta project to supplement the core Java collections API and eventually became a project of the Apache Software Foundation. Over the years, it has expanded into a vast repertoire of reusable Java components in various other areas, including imaging, I/O, cryptography, caching, networking, validation, and object pooling.

As this is an open-source project, developers from the Apache community keep adding to this library to expand its capabilities. However, they take great care to maintain backward compatibility.

What Parts Of The Brain Are Most Plastic

The areas most researched in this field are the cortex, amygdala and hippocampus areas critical for learning and memory. So perhaps a way to think about this is that the brain tends to show remarkable plasticity throughout, but some areas are more susceptible to experience-based changes than others.

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How To Share Your Google Collection Or Remove Pages

  • To share the collection, in the top right corner of the collection name, find the three-dot menu, and tap on sharing. Enable sharing via the toggle, and a link will appear. Share the link with your friends or family members to add them as contributors.
  • To remove a page, tap on the three-dot button below the page thumbnail, and from the list that appears, choose remove.

Found this feature useful? Let us know in the comments section below. Support us by sharing this article across social media with your friends and family members.


Cholesterol Is Key To Learning And Memory

Class 5 Science | Human Nervous System, Parts, Diagram and Functions | Pearson

The brain has a higher cholesterol content than any other organ. In fact, about 25% of the bodys cholesterol resides within the brain. The brain is highly dependent on cholesterol, but its cholesterol metabolism is unique. Because the blood-brain barrier prevents brain cells from taking up cholesterol from the blood, the brain must produce its own cholesterol. The brains cholesterol is much more stable than the cholesterol in other organs, but when it breaks down, it is recycled into new cholesterol right in the brain.

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The Brain Is 60% Fat What The Fat

Posted by johnathan | Jul 31, 2017 | Wellness | 0 |

Where do they come up with the brain is 60% fat?

Your brain has been called the most complex object in the universe countless experiments have yet to uncover how and why it functions.

Some random Facts about the brain:

The weight of your brain is about 3 pounds.

Your brain is made up of about 75 percent water and feels like Jello to the touch!

Your brain consists of about 100 billion neurons.

The brain has the most mitochondria of any organ .

Pain receptors are absent in your brain, so your brain can feel no pain.

The human brain is the fattest organ in your body and consists of about 60 percent fat. Twenty five percent cholesterol and other lipids.

The good fats, or lipids, that work so eloquently in our bodies are called fatty acids. The types of fatty acids we consume can make a big difference. The main two essential omega-3 fatty acids are EPA and DHA . Essential fatty acids are required for maintenance of optimal health. They cannot be synthesized by the body and must be obtained from dietary sources. Many clinical observation studies have related imbalance dietary intake of fatty acids to impaired brain performance and diseases.

Cholesterol and the brain

Trans Fats and vegetable oils

If you want your brain to be healthy and happy, severely limit saturated and hydrogenated fats.


Other Cool Facts About The Brain

  • The brain can’t multitask, according to the Dent Neurologic Institute. Instead, it switches between tasks, which increases errors and makes things take longer.
  • The human brain triples in size during the first year of life and reaches full maturity at about age 25.
  • Humans use all of the brain all of the time, not just 10% of it.
  • The brain is 60% fat, according to Northwestern Medicine.
  • The human brain can generate 23 watts of electrical power enough to fuel a small lightbulb.

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An Adult Brain Weighs About 3 Pounds

The cerebrum makes up 85% of the brains weight, and the brain makes up about 2% of a humans body weight. The texture of the brain is like a firm jelly. The heaviest normal human brain weighed 4.43 pounds. It belonged to the Russian Writer Ivan Turgenev. And the smallest brain, just 2.41 pounds, belonged to a woman.

Why You Dont Like Google Collections But Should

Five Different Physical Exercises That Affect The Brain In ...

We hate the idea of someone else controlling our experience because we feel that it will no longer be our own, but while its good to be cautious, we should rely on technology in some capacity to enhance our minds and life experiences thats the very reason we created it, after all! If youve tried using Collections and didnt like it because you found that you couldnt save just anything from the web, like Robby mentioned, keep in mind that the whole idea is to assist you in only adding information where its relevant, thus solving the bookmarking problem of everything being an inconsistent mess. As I said, the human brain doesnt always know what to do with tons of data and when and where to use or recall it computers are much better at that. Besides, this feature may be coming soon. While theres currently no indication on whether or not it will be worked in as a Read it Later collection, weve already seen Google begin to for saving articles for later and I think thats truly the first step, at least for mobile users. Outside of recipes and websites , most of what people bookmark is something they want to read later and this may solve that problem.

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