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What Never Leaving Your Hometown Does To Your Brain

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Dont Beat Yourself Up After A Presentation


We are the hardest on ourselves and its good to be. But when you finish delivering your speech or presentation, give yourself some recognition and a pat on the back.

You managed to finish whatever you had to do and did not give up. You did not let your fears and insecurities get to you. Take a little more pride in your work and believe in yourself.

Your Future Is Now However You Wanted To Define It

You felt incredibly refreshed by the idea that you could do whatever the front door you wanted, and nobody could tell you otherwise. But then that freedom became overwhelming. What were you going to do? How is a;teenager supposed to figure out what theyre going to do for the next sixty years? Friends and advisors didnt help you with this debacle, and the only one that seemed to understand you was your pillow. And chocolate.

Color In A Coloring Book

One of the simplest activities can have a profound effect on mental health and well-being. To reduce stress or anxiety, try coloring in a coloring book. You don’t have to be a child to gain other benefits such as improved sleep, vision, and focus. Adult coloring books and crayons are inexpensive, or use a kid’s coloring book if you’d like. The point is to forget about life stresses and focus on something simple.

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You Can Make Huge Mistakes

Along with number 26, you can make massive mistakes and mess up your life temporarily. You can handle getting fired from a job, you can ruin a friendship, you can make a mistake in a social situation, or you can wreck your car. Making huge mistakes is fine because they will always work out and youll come out stronger on the other side. Moving away from home and having the ultimate freedom allows you to make bigger mistakes that allow you to learn bigger and more important lessons.

You Will Learn What It Means To Be Truly Independent

What Never Leaving Your Hometown Does to Your Brain

You will learn what it takes to not rely on others for assistance with every little thing. Youll figure out what to do if your tire pops, when your air conditioner breaks, when you dont know what to cook for yourself without immediately relying on family and people you know. It feels good to figure things out on your own.

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Science Explains What Happens If You Never Leave Your Hometown

America was built on the concept of Manifest Destiny. We look up to the people who took big chances, who struck out on their own, who walked into the great unknown and came away with riches and happiness they couldnt have imagined before they left. It took many forms the immigrants that made their way across the ocean, the cultures that clashed in the bustle of New York City or Boston, the pioneers and cowboys who settled in the Wild West, and the prospectors who traversed treacherous country in search of gold but we, as a people, idolized them all.

The idea that adventure, betterment, and success can only be found if one has the courage to leave home has been such a part of who we are as a country that the opposite stagnation has turned into a big, loser-y joke. We can all name half a dozen movie, television, or book characters off the top of our heads who are townies or losers or just plain lazy for not ever having left the town they grew up in, right?


But guess what? Recent scientific research shows that this is changing, and that it has been since the 1980s. From our aging parents to the tech boom that allowed for the emergence of the online job market, there are more than a few factors that go into whether or not youre more or less likely to stick close to home these days. So lets check out a few of them and see how they line up for you!

Where you grew up influences your personality.

From the Journal of Economic Perspectives:

Holidays Become More Exciting

Naturally, as you get older, holidays just arent the same as they were when you were younger. However, when you move away to a different city or state, they do get a lot more exciting when you finally get the chance to come home. Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter become times you look forward to more than ever before. They become reunions. They become so much more special because you havent seen people in so long. Similar to number 2 above, you have so much more to talk abut when you do go home.

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How To Love Where You Live Treat It Like A Travel Destination

Do you know why you love the destinations you visit on holiday more than you love your home town? Its because of the way you experience them.

When you are visiting somewhere as a tourist, you experience all of the best aspects of that destination and very little of the bad. You stay in a nice hotel, splurge on a meal in a restaurant, go sightseeing in the prettiest part of the city and visit the best attractions. You spend a little more than usual and you treat yourself to nice things. Of course you are going to love it there!

What if you viewed your boring hometown in the same way? Give a try someday. Pretend you are a tourist to your region and go a Google search for the fun things to do in your area. Take your camera with you, snap photos of your towns nicest buildings, sit in the prettiest park and have a picnic, eat at a new restaurant, visit your local museum or go for a hike along a local trail. Imagine you are seeing this place for the first time and see the beauty that is there.

Pretend you are researching your location in order to write a book or an article about it. What is the history of the town? What famous people lived there? What did that Victorian building in the main square used to be when it was first built? What are the significant events that shaped your town and gave it its identity. The more layers of history you uncover about a place, the more interesting it becomes.

You Feel Ownership Over Your Own Life

What Did âThat Kidâ? In Your School Do That Will Never Leave Your Mind?

This, although a feeling more than a tangible benefit, is by far the absolute best part of moving away from the place you grew up. You will look around the new city or town that you call home and realize that all the connections you have are your own. The places that you know, you made those spots yours. The people that you have met, those new friends belong to you. The job you have isnt because your uncle put in a good word for you. Everything you have in this new place, you made, and it belongs to you like nothing in your hometown ever really would have.

Moving away lends you a new state of mind more than anything. Its hard at first, but it pays off. Youve got to try it, Toto. Its never too late.

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Your Comfort Zone Will Be Shattered In A Matter Of Seconds

This may sound terrifying and it is! Thats why I put it as number one.

Youre going to experience this in the first few seconds after leaving your routine. Your stomach will knot up, your mind will race and youll text your best friend what the hell do I think Im doing.

But, after you have your small panic attack, you will realize why. The beauty of moving to a new place is that your eyes will be opened to so much newness. From meeting new people, tasting new foods, the hustle and bustle of a new city and simply becoming accustomed to a new life. Its an amazing and unknown feeling. Youre going to love it.

Someone great once said that you cannot grow inside your comfort zone. So many people stay where theyre at because theyre comfortable. After a little while, youre going to run towards change. Youre going to feel the exhilaration that comes from change. The feeling deep inside your soul. Youre a better person, a grown person and youre finally finding out who you are.

Option #2 Wont Work For Those Who Cant Master Option #1

If you cant learn to appreciate the place that you live in, moving location will only be a temporary fix until the novelty of your new place starts to wear off. For example, you might be a Brit who always complains about the rain, the government, the economy, etc. So you decide to move to Spain and enjoy a better life for yourself.

At first, its brilliant! You drink wine, eat tapas and get a tan. Everyone back home is jealous. However, after a while things in Spain start to get on your nerves. Every simple thing takes forever, everyone is so loud and emotional, the bars are all filled with smoke and you can never get anything done in the afternoon because of the bloody Siesta.

Soon enough, you are miserable again in your new paradise and pining for home. Has Spain changed? Nope its all you.

Stop making your happiness conditional on where you are because there will always be something annoying and irritating about wherever you are. Instead, learn how to make the most of wherever you are, so that you will enjoy living there. That way, you will never have to move away from somewhere to escape, you will simply relocate because you are craving a different experience.

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You Learn To Manage Money

You have to. Ive lived in one bedroom apartments most of my time in Tampa and believe me it gets expensive. New situations means more things you want to do/try, which means more spending. Not to mention Im a caffeine freak so I spend at least $3 per day. Anyway, you learn to manage your money. You even learn how to get in a little bit of debt then get out of it which is always fun.

Youll View Your Hometown More Positively

Some Memories Never Leave Your Bones

Sometimes I go over a year without going back home. But when I do go back home, I really appreciate the little things I thought were awful and boring before. For example, Florida is very flat, and there are just palm trees and similar views everywhere. Now I go home and I really appreciate the basic things like the hills and different views I dont get here. My girlfriend, who grew up in Florida, has encouraged me to appreciate landscapes and views other than palm trees. When she came back to Pennsylvania with me for the first time, I was shocked as to why she thought it was all so beautiful, but now I understand. Its also nice to keep close with hometown friends and of course, family.

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Leaving Your Hometown Quotes

Leaving your hometown for a better future could be painful for most of us. These quotes will inspire you and leave a mark on your life. Find some quotes below that can be your favorite hometown quotes too.

17.”Leaving my hometown and my family was very hard.”

-Camille Moute.

18.”Painful though parting is, I bow to you as I see you off to distant clouds.”

Emperor Saga.

19.”I never knew how easy it is to escape if you dont mind leaving nearly everything behind.”

Beth Revis, ‘A Tyranny of Petticoats.’

20.”You see much more of your children once they leave home.”

-Lucille Ball.

You Will Be Stronger For It

Moving is hard. Starting over is hard. Once you realize you still have your feet underneath you, even in a totally new life, youll feel invincible. The next time an unfamiliar opportunity for change presents itself, you wont have to wonder if its too much for you. Youll welcome whatever life throws your way.

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Your Parents Already Did Their Part

Not to be overly harsh, but if youre still living at your actual house, realize that your parents already did their job in raising you, and that you need to not only give yourself some freedom, but give them some as well. I understand easing into real life, but still living at home long after college is pretty drastic, even if it allows you to stack up money. Moving away from home will be good for you and your parents.

You Hear Different Perspectives

What Happens To Your Body And Brain If You Don’t Get Sleep | The Human Body

Gaining new perspectives is a huge part of moving away from home. At home, you only know the perspective of people who had a very similar experience to yours. You all went to the same high school, knew the same people, went to the same places, and had the same favorite teams. You will meet people whose mindsets and backgrounds will inspire you and maybe even teach you something about yourself that you never unlocked before.

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You Had The Power To Recreate Your Identity

No longer did you have to deal with people referencing everything about your life, from the time your mother was pregnant to when you accidentally spilled beer all over Sarah Marshalls hair at the prom after-party . If you wanted to be the mysteriously quiet intellect, you could. If you wanted to be everyones favorite bro, you had the power to make that happen.

Making The Best Of It

Although there is no way to eliminate the anxiety of moving, there are many ways to make the move easier. Before you even begin packing, you can start to get to know your new home. The Internet and library may contain lots of good information about your new community. Make a list of your interests and hobbies, and then find the locations and phone numbers of places where those activities take place. When you’re visiting your new school, find out if there are deadlines for activities you’re interested in and see if you can still join.

A new place seems more familiar, and it’s easier to make friends, when you can participate in a common interest with people who do the things you enjoy.

Look for opportunities to try new activities as well. If you have a job, ask your current boss to write a reference letter for you. If you work for a food chain or a chain of stores, you might be able to arrange a transfer and have a job waiting for you.

See if you can get a city map and highlight where you will be living, where your new school is, and the location of places of worship, movie theaters, skate parks, and other places you like to go. Ask if your realtor can videotape your new house if you haven’t been able to see it yet .

It can help to learn about what makes your new city or town unique. Share the information with your friends and make them feel part of your moving experience. Soon you will feel like you already know your new community.

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Convert Negativity To Positivity

There are two sides constantly battling inside of us one is filled with strength and courage while the other is doubt and insecurities. Which one will you feed?

What if I mess up this speech? What if Im not funny enough? What if I forget what to say?

Its no wonder why many of us are uncomfortable giving a presentation. All we do is bring ourselves down before we got a chance to prove ourselves. This is also known as a self-fulfilling prophecy a belief that comes true because we are acting as if it already is. If you think youre incompetent, then it will eventually become true.

Motivational coaches tout that positive mantras and affirmations tend to boost your confidents for the moments that matter most. Say to yourself: Ill ace this speech and I can do it!

Take advantage of your adrenaline rush to encourage positive outcome rather than thinking of the negative what ifs.

Heres a video of Psychologist Kelly McGonigal who encourages her audience to turn stress into something positive as well as provide methods on how to cope with it:

You Were No Longer Associated With Your Sibling

Do not leave sign board stock photo. Image of trash ...

Rather than waking up to feelings of inadequacy because everyone expected you to be like;them,;you could now do;your thing. So what if big sis was awesome at violin you hated violin! This meant you could explore your own passions without pressure to live up to familys expectations of what you should be doing.

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You Learn To Trust Yourself

When youre in a new place, you often have no one else to rely on except yourself. Yes, there are people you can ask at work, you can phone a friend or family member at home, but sometimes you have to make big decisions on your own. One thing Ive learned is that I trust myself and my gut decisions more. That gut feeling is something I have a lot more faith in now and I usually know that the decision Im making will make sense.

Improve Your Next Speech

As mentioned before, practice does make perfect. If you want to improve your public speaking skills, try asking someone to film you during a speech or presentation. Afterwards, watch and observe what you can do to improve yourself next time.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself after every speech:

  • Are there any areas for improvement?
  • Did I sound or look stressed?
  • Did I stumble on my words? Why?
  • Was I saying um too often?
  • How was the flow of the speech?

Write everything you observed down and keep practicing and improving. In time, youll be able to better manage your fears of public speaking and appear more confident when it counts.

If you want even more tips about public speaking or delivering a great presentation, check out these articles too:

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