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What Part Of The Brain Does Ptsd Affect

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The Brain’s Response To Trauma

How Does PTSD Affect Brain Function?

When your brain identifies some type of threat, the amygdala is responsible for initiating a fast, automatic reaction known as the fight-or-flight response. Think of the amygdala as the alarm that sounds when something poses a danger. This alarm prepares your body to respond, either by dealing with or getting away from the threat.

The amygdala also communicates with other areas of the brain, including the hypothalamus, which then releases the stress hormone cortisol. It is the brain’s prefrontal cortex that must then assess the source of the threat and determine if the body needs to stay on high alert to deal with the threat or if the brain needs to begin calming down the body.

The prefrontal cortex acts as a braking system that helps return your body to a normal state when you realize that the threat doesn’t pose a danger or after the threat has passed.

When people have symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, the amygdala becomes hyperactive while the medial prefrontal cortex becomes hypoactive.

In other words, the part of the brain that triggers a fight-or-flight response responds too strongly, often in a way that is disproportionate to the danger posed by the threat. At the same time, the part of the brain responsible for calming this reaction does not work well enough.

How Can Sonic Reset Therapy Help With Ptsd

Research in the field of Neuroscience has found that when a state of trauma occurs, the brain essentially freezes. This frozen state is caused by the Amygdala, in the limbic system of the brain. In this frozen state, your thought patterns can become disrupted and the littlest things can set off your fear, anxieties or worries. Sonic Reset Therapy re-establishes the plasticity of the brain, meaning that you will no longer be caught up on the fear and trauma. Ava, a user of Sonic Reset Therapy® has kindly provided her experience. She had PTSD and below is her unfiltered experience of the therapy

If you would like to try Sonic Reset Therapy for free for three days,

I thought Id stick an insert at the end here a link to Beauty after Bruises. This is an incredible blog that I personally enjoyed reading, and gives a few tips to help alleviate PTSD


Ricardo Rios South Florida

Ricardos interest in real estate has stemmed from being immersed in the industry since his early career with jobs as a construction laborer, architectural drafter, real estate print media advertising, most recent residential & commercial lending and realtor positions held. Midway of 2017 he made a shift from the banking industry by attaining both real estate and mortgage loan originator State of Florida licenses. His commercial lending background from JP Morgan Chase includes: Advanced Credit Analysis, drafting Opportunity Memos to present to Underwriters for Commercial Property Conventional, Small Business Administration business lines of credit & equipment finance products. Hes gained a significant level of expertise while working on several SBA 7a & 504 CRE and lending programs in conjunction with local Community Development Centers . Ricardo Rios holds the highest professional degrees and designations awarded in the real estate industry: Florida Intl University-Masters of Science in Real Estate 2019 Florida Intl University-Graduate Certificate in Real Estate 2008 Pricing Strategy Advisor PSA Real Estate Negotiation Expert RENE Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS ID#1744935 -MLO. Their Move Forward Team is family business run by both Ricardo and Luz Rios Realtor.

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Commission Real Estate Miami: What Is The Specificity Of Brokerage

A broker is a legal or physical person who officially declares their own activity and specializes in complex support of sale-purchase-lease agreements of a certain type of real estate . Brokers are involved in the organization and controlling the process of selling-buying-renting real estate through their agents. In 100 commissions real estate brokerage companies, such as, agents are required to undergo regular specialized training and certification and are certified participants in the brokerage market.

A self-employed individual, without a declared and official place of work, cannot actually work as a broker, as he cannot provide essential guarantees for the results of his services. And working honestly at the level of serious business negotiations and relations, as a rule, does not suit customers on both sides of the process.

The brokers activities are aimed at long-term cooperation, so things like an unblemished reputation, high competence, and stable cost of services are a priority in the work of such specialists.

The Buying Agent And Broker And Selling Agent And Broker Receive Split Commissions From Their Employers

How does PTSD affect the brain

After each real estate company receives its portion of the total commission from a home sale, the real estate agents and brokers involved in both the buying and selling of a home receive their earnings. This is where the negotiated commission percentages take effect.

If an agent and broker decided to do a 50/50 split then each would earn $7,500 from the original $15,000 commission. If an agent and a broker decide on a 60/40 split, the agent earns $9,000 and the broker earns $6,000. In contrast, if an agent and broker decide on a 70/30 split for the $15,000, then the agent earns $10,500 and the broker earns $4,500.

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Treating Trauma And Ptsd

Treatment for PTSD requires a comprehensive approach dedicated to processing trauma in a healthy way. Victims often find relief using a combination of medications and cognitive behavioral therapy .

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors , commonly used to treat depression, are effective in treating some PTSD symptoms. CBT has also been known to help.

CBT is a short-term, goal-oriented therapy. A PTSD sufferer works with a therapist to identify the thoughts that make his or her feelings worse and then process the negative emotions associated with his or her traumatic experience. CBT helps a PTSD sufferer have less fear about his or her memories, while additional group and family therapy can help establish a support system.

How Does Ptsd Affect The Brain

PTSD is a disordered relationship to stress originally triggered by an overwhelmingly stressful event in the past. And stress is a physical and chemical response that happens automatically in the face of certain triggers. In an original biological sense, our heightened state under stress is a positive coping mechanism when we are in danger and need to protect ourselves. When personal protection is on the line, surges in the hormones cortisol and norepinephrine can give us a survival edge. But were not meant to have the stress-related regions of our brain firing overtime on a regular, daily basis. This can lead to serious neurochemical and biological dysregulation.

On top of the general levels of pain and suffering that happen under so much stress, a person with post-traumatic stress disorder may also experience other psychological disturbances, including:

  • Depression

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The Real Estate Agent And Broker Negotiate A Percentage

Real estate agents can negotiate commission percentages with brokers when they first get hired by a brokerage or realtor firm. Typically, this commission percentage becomes the routine percentage that a broker and an agent use to split commission between one another. In contrast, real estate agents and brokers can also negotiate commission percentages right before the purchase or sale of a property.

Typical commission splits include 50/50, where the broker and real estate agent receive equal sums of money from a commission split, but they can also use the 60/40 or 70/30 split options. In these situations, the real estate agents get a larger sum of the money than the brokers. This might be because of the size of the firm and the number of real estate agents a broker oversees.

How Does A 100 Commission Real Estate Brokerage Work

Trauma and Behavior Part 1: “How Trauma Affects the Brain”

100 commission real estate companies like us charge zero commission on your sales. Instead, you have to pay a small fee that covers the resources, technology, and services we provide.

Lets say you earn $15,000 from the sale of a house in Fort Lauderdale, Miami. Under traditional models, you would have to pay 20% of your earnings to your broker or $3,000 as commission. Some brokers may even charge more and force you to share 50% of your earning.

However, things work differently in our 100 commissions real estate firm. We charge you a nominal fee every month and let you keep what you earn. You will never have to worry about giving up too much as we generate our revenues from fees and property owners.

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Investor From Miami Fl

Hello BP! I just passed the board exam to become a licensed Real Estate agent in Florida. Specifically in South Florida. My plan is to find a good 100% commission brokerage to hang my license with. The reason I was looking at this versus a traditional brokerage is because I believe I have a relatively good grasp of my local market and RE, in general. I have experience with wholesaling, flipping, and managing rentals down here. I am mainly looking to leverage my license for my real estate business and to purchase a primarily residence for myself. Due to the high price point of Miami RE, I would be giving a large chunk of money to a traditional brokerage per deal. From what I’ve researched, most 100% commission brokerages charge a standard amount per transaction. Few have monthly fees. All charges would be significantly less than a brokerage taking 30%-50% of my commission. However, to my understanding, traditional brokerages offer a lot that a 100% commission based brokerages don’t like training and resources.

My questions to the BP community are:

  • 1. From your experience, what are the main pros and cons of working with a 100% commission brokerage?
  • 2. Out of the hundreds of 100% Commission brokerages out there, what qualities set the great ones apart from the mediocre? Simply put, what should I be looking for?
  • 3. What pivotal resources would I be missing out on from a traditional brokerage, like a Keller Williams, by going with a 100% commission brokerage?

Benefits Of 100% Commission Brokerage For Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents who operate with 100% commission have autonomy this is one of the best real estate agent jobs! Our office provides recommendations for your sale and open house signs and business cards, but you are running the show. You can structure your business to grow as fast as you are able to grow your business, without the constraints of handing over your commission to a broker. Its a refreshing model.

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The Best Low Commission Real Estate Brokers

Best low commission companies | Top full-service brands | Medium-service options| Limited-service companies | How to choose a low cost realtor

If you want to save money when you sell your home, there are many low commission real estate brokers that offer discounted listing fees.

Some low cost agents provide service that’s incredibly on par with a traditional realtor. Other discount companies simply list your home on the market for a flat fee.

The best choice for most sellers is working with a full-service discount brand, like Clever Real Estate. These companies aim to provide the traditional realtor experience for a fraction of the price, netting youthe best overall balance of savings and service.

Summary: Nationwide full-service, low-fee real estate companies

Listing service
*Average savings compared to a standard 3% listing fee at four different price points: $100k, $250k, $500k, $750k

Clever, Redfin, and Ideal Agent are the only three full-service discount real estate brands with nationwide or near-nationwide coverage in the U.S.

Our in-depth analysis found that Clever Real Estate is the most affordable full-service discount brand. Clever’s 1% listing fee saves you an average of $7,375 comparedto listing with a traditional, full-price realtor who charges a 3% commission rate.

Simply put, Clever’s savings are best-in-class. With Clever, you’ll save $2,463 more, on average, than with other full-service discount brands.

Health Insurance Options For Texas Real Estate Agents

How PTSD affects brain âcircuitryâ?

Agents with Central Metro Realty have access to health insurance coverage for themselves and their families. If you elect to participate your benefits kick in after only 14 days. With Central Metro Realty, you keep 100% of your commissions and have the peace of mind of having healthcare options for the whole family!

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Take Your Business To The Next Level & See How Kelly Right Can Help You Grow

We understand you want more from a real estate company. Kelly Right was built by agents for agents. We realized the need for establishing a full-service real estate brokerage while providing the absolute best commission in the industry. Big box firms offer decent support, but a crummy commission structure. Discount firms offer decent commissions, but high fees and minimal support. If you want the best of both worlds, then come and experience the difference with Kelly Right!

Felipe Gallino South Florida

Over 6 years of Real Estate experience. Full-time Realtor ready to help new agents! Available 24/7. Always ready to help close any deal. Top producer. Felipe works diligently with buyers and sellers of single-family homes and condominiums maximizing his vast network, knowledge, marketing, and sales effectiveness while providing the absolute best services to his clients. He is fluent in English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Personal Information You Provide To Us

We collect Personal Information that you submit to us voluntarily. The Personal Information we collect includes, but is not limited to, the following: name, mailing address, Web address, telephone number, e-mail address, and information contained in any e-mail or other communication you send to us or information you give to us in any other way.

Type : Fixed Real Estate Commission Splits

How Does Betrayal Trauma Affect the Brain?

Fixed real estate commission splits occur when the percentage of the commission that is distributed to the agent and broker remains constant and does not change with production goals or sales like other structures might. While a fixed split could come in a variety of amounts, a typical split is 60/40.

In a fixed real estate commission split structure, it does not matter how many homes you sell or purchase for clients or the dollar amount you bring into the companyyour commission percentage remains the same.

Pros & Cons of a Fixed Commission Split

Lower risk

An average real estate commission structure will divide the commission to pay the various parties involved in the transaction according to their agreement with their broker. While in 2019, according to the National Association of Realtors , 37% of agents received a fixed real estate commission split , there are other structures gaining popularity that we will also be reviewing here.

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Pay Structures Used By Real Estate Brokers

In regards to the commission split between brokers and agents, brokers will typically use one of the following pay structures:

A straight commission split is the standard pay structure. The split can be anywhere from 90/10 to 10/90. Agents with more experience and a higher sales volume tend to get a larger percentage compared to new agents that need more assistance.

A tiered split structure works a little differently. Brokers will take out a larger split until an agent reaches a certain sales amount. The more the agent sells, the smaller the brokerâs cut will be. At the start of the year, the commission split resets back to the first tier.

Itâs less common, but some brokers will offer agents 100% of the commission in exchange for a monthly fee that covers supportive services and office space. This is a good option for established agents that have cash on hand for the first few months of fees.

Salaried positions are also rare, but they do exist. If this payment structure is used, agents typically get a regular salary plus a bonus for each close. New agents who need income coming in as they launch their career are most likely to select this pay structure.

Ready to become a real estate agent? AceableAgent online pre-license courses can help you kick-start your career and continuing education can help you meet your renewal requirements.

Keller Williams Company Culture

Keller Williams company culture is focused on constant improvement and support. They are widely regarded as an industry leader in training and professional development.

Their development mindset isnt only a top-down approach. Thanks to the Keller Williams profit-sharing structure, agents benefit directly from the success of their recruits. Thus, agents develop mentorship relationships, making Keller Willliams a very team-oriented real estate company to work for, even in the absence of any official teams in a particular Market Center.

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How The 100% Commission Real Estate Broker Model Works

There are several ways a brokerage can structure the 100% commission model. Many opt not to provide office support services to their agents. This allows them to keep expenses down, so they can pay out 100% commission on sales. It also allows them to charge their agents very low monthly fees for the use of desk space.

But what it doesnt allow them to do is provide training and support services to their agents.

Others tend toward charging a flat fee for each sale. These fees can range from very low to very high, depending on your broker.

Either way, the real estate agent ends up paying out funds to the brokerage to be an associate. This decreases the amount of commission the agent takes home.

Is the 100% Commission Model right for you?

Over the past several years, the 100% commission model has become more popular with agents. But is it right for you?

Are you an experienced agent? Have you built a clientele and a successful business on your own? If so, this structure can be ideal. If you dont need in-office training or a referral program for breaks on fees, this no-frills model is perfect.

Yet for newer agents, a more traditional commission structure may make more sense.

Many new agents do need that in-office training and interaction. Learning from other agents can help them build their career at the start.

But what if you could get training and a great referral program with the 100% commission model? What if you could also get unlimited training and support?

You can.

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