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Who Is The Brain Surgeon On Dexter

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Does Deb Forgive Dexter

Dexter Season 8: Next on Episode 10

In the final moments of the episode, Deb attempted to kill both herself and her brother Dexter by driving their car into a lake. However, once Deb was saved by a witness, she went back to rescue Dexter. … The incident will change Deb, who has been struggling with killing LaGuerta and forgiving Dexter.

The Ice Truck Killer/brian Moser/rudy Cooper

Cheesy twist aside that revealed Brian Moser, a.k.a. The Ice Truck Killer, to be Dexter’s long-lost little brother, he was the very first killer featured on the show and the one who set the stage for all others to come.

He showed just how easy it was to fool people, starting up a romantic relationship with Dexter’s adoptive sister and taunting Dexter along the way, finally trying to convince him to join him over in the dark side. He was reminiscent of the Ted Bundy-type serial killer who could transform in an instant from wide-smiled charismatic man to a dead-in-the-eyes sadistic killer.

Dexter Recap: Mama Issues

In last weeks recap, I wondered who the Brain Surgeon could be at this late stage in the season. Seemed highly unlikely wed meet a new character with just four episodes to go, though we know Vogel had a husband. The doc herself has been suspicious from the first episode, but sending cranial chunks to herself didnt make sense. Astute commenter Lisamarie206 added Cassies beau to the list of suspects, pointing out as wed later see in last nights previously on Dexter scenes that he played dumb when Quinn showed him Zacks photo, despite having seen Zack before. Id dismissed him as too minor a character to consider for such a crucial role. But it made sense what if this guy was watching Dexter all along and decided to move in on Cassie, like a serial killer playing a game of deadly chess?

More observations from last nights chapter:

  • Early on, before Dexter finds Saxons DNA at Zacks studio, he discusses Make Your Own Kind of Music with Vogel. For some reason, it doesnt occur to her that its same song her dead son always played when he was a child. Note that she also tells Dexter hes no longer the perfect psychopath, thanks to his love for Hannah. She sounds like a disappointed mother Mrs. Bates playing mind games with young Norman. Now shes upgraded, replacing her flawed spiritual son with her real one, who appears to be an emotionless killing machine. He killed his brother and his girlfriend. Definitely not down with the Code.

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Poor Zach Hamilton Never Had A Chance And Now That Dr Vogels Holding A Piece Of His Brain Does This Mean Shes Been The Surgeon All Along

Dr. Evelyn Vogel holding a chunk of Zach Hamiltons brain at the end of Are We There Yet? seemed to point some fingers at her, but its certainly not a confirmation that shes the Brain Surgeon. After all, this isnt the first time shes been in possession of brain fragments, so whos to say she acquired Zachs herself? Someone might be sending her messages.

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    Does Michael C Hall Still Have Cancer

    Hall, star of the television series Dexter, announced on Jan. 13, 2010, that he has undergone successful cancer treatment. The 38-year-old performer revealed in a statement that he had been diagnosed with Hodgkins disease, sometimes referred to as Hodgkins lymphoma, and is now in remission following treatment.

    What Happened To Saxon In Dexter

    Oliver Saxon is the main villain in Season 8, and hes shown to be a truly twisted individual who doesnt even think twice about killing his own mother. But after he shoots Deb Dexter has to figure out a way of killing him that doesnt involve bringing more attention to himself. The blood spatter analyst already struggles with keeping Hannah McKay away from the authorities so they can escape Miami with Dexters son Harrison he doesnt need to out himself as a serial killer in the process.

    Luckily Saxons own psychopathic rage gets the better of him, as he goes to the hospital looking to finish Debra off but the police are waiting for him and hes hauled into custody. Its here where Dexter gets his revenge on Saxon for causing Debs death. He goads the killer into stabbing him with a pen he leaves on the table, and stabs him in the neck during their brief scuffle. Because Saxon is an unhinged serial killer who literally scoops bits of his victims brains out, the police dont charge Dexter with murder because it looks like self-defence.

    Of course, thats exactly what Dex wanted it to look like.

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    How Did Rita Die In Dexter

    Oh Rita, she deserved better. Back in season 4, Dexter crossed paths with Arthur Mitchell AKA the Trinity Killer. Hed managed to evade the authorities for 30 years and had killed nearly 300 victims by the time Dexter put an end to him. The FBI thought his kill cycles included three victims, but Dexter discovered that Arthur kicked off his sprees with a secret fourth victim.

    Boyd Fowler/the Barrel Girl Gang

    How They Ruined the Dexter Finale

    One of Chase’s male helpers in The Barrel Girl Gang was Fowler, who was employed with Miami-Dade county, responsible for animal pickup. Except he picked up far more than roadkill.

    He was tasked with grabbing women that Chase and others could abuse. At first, Dexter was unsure about whether he really was evil since Boyd swore he thought his actions were merciful. Except knowing he threw girls into barrels and electrocuted them without a second thought showed that he was a cruel and terrifying villain, even if he didn’t want to believe it himself.

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    The Brain Surgeon Makes His Own Kind Of Music

    Now that Vogel and Dexter agree that the murderer of Zach and Cassie is The Brain Surgeon, and that the presumed-dead Daniel Vogel is The Brain Surgeon what to do, what to do?

    Dexter, of course, wants to put him on his table. Vogel wants to send him back to an institution. Dexter plans to get his way, though, by encouraging Vogel to lure Daniel/Oliver to a meeting at a café, where she thinks Dexter will drug him, and they’ll take him to another institution. Dexter has other plans, though, when he drugs Vogel and goes to the café to nab Daniel and put him on his table.

    But when Daniel realizes his mama isn’t gonna show , he flees quickly, and Dexter misses him. He rushes to Vogel’s house to make sure she’s safe, and she coldly tells him she no longer trusts him, nor does she need his help with this “family matter.”

    Dexter slinks away, and Vogel returns to her dining room, where she asks Daniel if he’d like some breakfast.

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    Dexter initially thought he could learn something from Arthur, who seemed to balance being a serial killer with having a family life. Unfortunately, Arthurs violent tendencies mean his family are also subject to his cruelty he even breaks his sons little finger for breaking the cars windshield. Arthur eventually figures out who Dexter is, and unbeknownst to the titular killer targets Rita while shes home alone.

    Arthur kills Rita in the same method that his sister died, by slicing her femoral artery in the bath so that she bleeds out. Dexter only finds out what happened to her after he kills Arthur, coming home to find Rita in the bath while Harrison sits crying in a pool of blood. Its a parallel to Dexters own bloody beginnings as a child when he was left with his mothers dismembered body in a shipping container. The cycle of violence continues

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    ‘dexter’ Recap: And The Brain Surgeon Is

    SPOILER ALERT: The recap for the “Make Your Own Kind of Music” episode of “Dexter” contains storyline and character spoilers.

    In a reveal that surprised absolutely no one, Dexter and Dr. Vogel figured out the identity of The Brain Surgeon, the noggin’-dissecting serial killer who has been cuttin’ up ha! all season long, and sending trophies of his handiwork to Vogel.

    Turns out, the killer has mommy issues. And his mommy is Dr. Vogel. Who is he? Well, given this season’s newest players, it had to be either Jacob Elway, electrolyte-pushing new boss of Deb, or Oliver Saxon, that sorta creepy guy who’s dating er, was dating Cassie, before she was murdered.

    And the winner is: Saxon, who isn’t really Oliver Saxon.

    ‘dexter’ Death Rocks Final Season


    Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you haven’t seen “Dexter” Season 8, Episode 10, titled, “Goodbye Miami.” The tenth episode of “Dexter’s” final season ended with a shocking, gruesome murder, as Dr. Vogel had her throat slashed by her deranged son Oliver Saxon, aka The Brain Surgeon, as Dexter looked on in horror.

    Seeing Dexter cradle Vogel’s dead body in his arms, shaking with grief and anger, was one of the most emotional, intense moments of the season. The Vogel storyline has had its faults — the cheap twist that revealed her connection to the Brain Surgeon, and putting too much of the season’s end-game on the shoulders of a new character chief among them — but this scene was extremely powerful.

    All episode Dexter was torn between fleeing to Argentina with Hannah and Harrison and feeling the need to protect his “spiritual mother,” who didn’t realize how much danger she was in. And his indecision cost him dearly, as both situations imploded. The US Marshal on Hannah’s trail caught on to Dexter’s plan to resign from Miami Metro and go traveling, and Vogel ended up dead.

    That conflict was a manifestation of the duality that has haunted Dexter dating back to Rita’s death. As Michael C. Hall described it in an August interview with HuffPost TV, “The real tragedy of it is it’s really his appetite for humanity, or to be a ‘real boy,’ that’s gotten the people around him in trouble. It’s not the fact that he’s a killer. He’s wanted to have his cake and kill it, too.”

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    Dexter Reveals The Brain Surgeon Vogels Secret Threat Who Will Survive

    In the latest episode of ‘Dexter’ season 9, the identity of the Brain Surgeon is finally revealed, and with it, Vogel’s past comes to light.

    The familial theme in Dexter season 9 continues in this weeks episode, Make Your Own Kind of Music, in which the identity of the Brain Surgeon is finally revealed, bringing to light Evelyn Vogels darkest secret a secret which she was unaware of until now. Will it be Dexter Morgan or Evelyn Vogel who survives the battle and is able to live happily ever after with the family they’ve always hoped for?

    After 9 episodes of exploring many of Vogels former patients, it was finally revealed that Oliver Saxon who, as it turns out, is really Evelyn Vogels supposed-to-be-dead psychopath son, Daniel, is the Brain Surgeon. Unfortunately for Zach, he lost life to Daniel, but not before he was able to hide a DNA sample for Dexter to find, which helped him connect the Brain Surgeon to Vogel – which in turn allowed Daniel to finally reunite with his mother, albeit under the threat of death.

    At some point soon, Vogel will likely admit to herself that shes unable to love her son, and she will have to face the repercussions of allowing Daniel back in her life. But will it be too late? Dexter is in love with Hannah and is looking to start a life with her, and the two are ready to pack up the family and move away. The only thing standing their way is Daniel, or Dexter, depending how you look at it.


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    How Did Deb Die In Dexter

    Dexter might deal with a killer instinct in the Showtime series, but Debra Morgan struggles with her fair share of inner demons during the initial eight seasons too. In Season 8, shes crippled by the guilt of killing Maria LaGuerta to save Dexter, and has resigned from her high-ranking job as a Lieutenant. But it seemed like she was on the road to recovery, and redemption, when she started going to therapy with Doctor Vogel .

    She even helped Dexter apprehend Season 8s serial killer, Oliver Saxon AKA The Brain Surgeon at an abandoned hospital. The dynamic duo tie Saxon up, but the killer manages to get free when US Marshal Max Clayton frees him, thinking hes a victim. He doesnt live long enough to regret his decision because Saxon quickly kills the Marshal, and steals his gun before waiting for Debra to walk into the room. He shoots her in the stomach, and although it looks pretty dire the season finale lulls audiences into a false sense of security.

    The doctors tell Dexter that shes going to pull through, and the surgery to save her wasnt too risky. The siblings have a heart-to-heart and they reminisce about their childhood, with Deb thanking him for keeping her safe as a kid. This was a pseudo-goodbye between the two, because when Dex returns to the hospital Quinn tearfully tells him that Debra has fallen into a vegetative state because of a blood clot that formed during surgery.

    Does Deb And Dexter Kiss

    Dexter Season 8: Episode 9 – With the Creators

    The kiss was just a dream…a really bad dream. For six years we’ve been waiting for Deb, a cop, to catch her brother, who is perhaps the biggest serial killer in the country. The writers should have let us enjoy that moment. Instead, they had to “go there” and ruin what should have been a great story.

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    The Doomsday Killer/travis Marshall

    Colin Hanks is great and all. But as a serial killer? He just didn’t cut it and wasn’t convincing enough as a villain. Real name Travis Marshall, Dexter instantly recognized The Doomsday Killer for who he was.

    He created elaborate biblical tableaus with each kill, as if into theatrics and religion as much as murder. Sadly Dexter got to him before he could complete his religiously significant 12th kill, ending his sick game.

    Portrait Of The Killer As A Young Man

    The missing backstory for Vogel is this: She was married and had two sons. Daniel is the older one, and Richard was the youngest one. Daniel murdered his brother, because he’s a psychopath , and, Vogel tells Dex, she and her hubs covered up the murder and had Daniel committed to an institution when he was 14.

    When he was 17, she says, he was killed in a fire at the institution.

    Dexter asks Vogel if she actually saw the body. No, but her husband did. Hmmm

    Is there any connection between Daniel and brain cores?, Dexter asks. Why, yes, he was devoid of empathy, and he was aware of that fact, and how his mother felt about it, she says. “It’s possible he boxed some up and left it at my door,” Vogel says, with a straight face.

    After running a DNA test on some blood and hair samples he found at Zach Hamilton’s photo studio, Dex determines it’s a match to Vogel. When he uses software to age a photo of a young Daniel Vogel to see what he might look like now, the result looks a lot like Oliver Saxon.

    Dexter: “Is it possible this is Vogel’s son?” Uh, was it ever really possible it wasn’t?

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    Who Killed Cassie In Dexter

    After a lunch date with Dexter Morgan, he doesn’t call her, so she begins seeing a man named Oliver Saxon. Unfortunately, she ends up the victim of a merciless beating in her apartment. The initial suspect is Zach Hamilton but it is later revealed that Saxon murdered Cassie and framed Zach for the crime.

    The Brain Surgeon: More Than A Little Connected To Vogel

    Dexter saison 8 : Saxon est le brain surgeon

    Finally out of the sheets, Dexter finally begins Zachs murder investigation with Vogel in tow. Make Your Own Kind of Music by Mama Cass was playing when Dex found Zach . Vogel says it has no significance, but shes either lying or omitting facts.

    With the help of a few stray hairs, Dexter learns that Zachs killer is related to Vogel! Boom! No wonder she was so shady about that song.

    I have no family, Vogel tells Dexter before adding one more crucial bit, well not anymore. Hey, maybe thats some useful information, Doc!

    Turns out Vogel was married and had two sons Daniel and Richard. Theyre gone now though, or rather, Daniel drowned Richard in the family pool and was then checked into a mental institution. Vogel says that Danny-Boy died three years after that but I dont think so!

    Dexter, using some completely ridiculous facial recognition program that I doubt actually exists, deduces that Daniel is actually Oliver Saxon, dead Cassies boyfriend! So thats why he told Quinn he didnt recognize Zach Hamilton.

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