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Would You Rather Brain Break

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Just For Fun Brain Breaks

Brain Break – Summer Would You Rather?

Silly synchronizations

Touch your left ear with your right hand and, at the same time, touch your nose with your left hand. Then switch hands and touch your right ear with your left hand and your nose with your right hand.


Everyone sits at any point, you can jump up and shout, pop, if no one else jumps up, remain standing, but if someone else calls pop at the same time as you, everyone sits. Can the entire class pop up?

Night guard at the museum

Choose one student to be the museum guard. Everyone else freezes like a statue of something you would find in a museum. When the guard isnt looking, you try to move if the guard catches you, youre out.

Comedy time

Tell a joke or say a funny word. Make a silly word up like Wormpie soup.

Silent cheers

Lets stand up and silently cheer. We can use gestures too. How animated can you get?

Blend it up

Pretend you are in a blender , and when I flip the switch, you will wiggle and jiggle until you are all blended up. Switch up the speeds.

Animal Pretend

Take turns choosing an animal. Now act like that animal for 30 seconds.

Rub your head

Pat your belly for 30 seconds. Have you ever tried rubbing your head and patting your belly? Its harder than you think. Go on, give it a try

Color picker

Pick a color, any color you like. Now find as many objects around the room that match this color. Option to do seated or moving around the room.

Row boat

Air Guitar

Camp fire hands

Sensory Brain Breaks For Kids

Fresh air is always encouraged! Stepping outside for a few minutes can make a bigger difference than youd think.

It gives kids a change of scenery and helps revitalize the senses, providing a welcome break from their homework.

2. Scavenger hunt

Give your child different things to find and explore throughout the house. During each brain break, they can try to find one new item on their list.

3. Playdough

You can do tons of different things with playdough. Thats why its always a favorite among kids!

Let your child build something new or just squish some playdough around whatever they prefer.

Try this recipe for homemade playdough.

4. Sensory bin

Sensory bins are a popular option, especially for kids with sensory needs. You can change the items in the bin as often as youd like to keep your child from getting bored or understimulated.

Find The Right Brain Break For Your Child

Think about what your child responds best to, then use this to figure out what kind of brain break they need.

Are breaks more effective when they relax or when they get up and move? Is it best to keep them learning or give their minds a rest? This could vary from day-to-day, so try to gauge energy levels to determine what will work best.

Make sure you have options from each category so you can use the most effective brain break each day!

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A Fun & Easy This Or That Questions For Teens

Thats so lit

16. Would you rather never play video games again or never use your favorite mobile app again?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: A tech-related question to a teen never gets old.

17. Would you rather have to listen to only Justin Bieber or only Ariana Grande for the rest of your life?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: To choose between two super successful young artists should be an easy question to answer, right?

18. Would you rather be an only child or have ten siblings?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Family matters.

19. Would you rather eat out by yourself or eat at home with your family?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Is there a way to combine family quality time and I need some me time?

20. Would you rather be Prom King/Queen or valedictorian ?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Your friends could always answer this one for you.

Brain Break Ideas To Help Your Students Focus

Brain Break

Melissa WilliamsMay 9, 2019

The Griffon

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Everyone can use a little break sometimes. Maybe its because your students have been studying diligently or working on challenging concepts, or perhaps a holiday is approaching or one has just wrapped up. Of course, its also possible that your students simply need a quick break from the norm to refocus and be productive.

Whatever the reason, having a stock of cool brain break activity ideas on hand can be a lifesaver. Lets review some break ideas that you can use in your class so your students can feel re-energized and ready to go.

And hey these brain breaks can be great for you as a teacher, too! Its wonderful to free yourself from the regular routines once in a while and have some fun with your students.

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Bhard & Thoughtful This Or That Questions For Icebreakers

Make it or break it

1. Would you rather live forever or be remembered forever?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: The choice between being immortal and being immortalized is a tough one.

2. Would you rather have one wish granted today or three wishes granted ten years from now?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: A visit by a genie in a bottle? Amen to that!

3. Would you rather have unlimited respect or unlimited power?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Respect and Power could be game changers.

4. Would you rather be a kid your whole life or an adult your whole life?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: It all comes down to whether you want your inner child to grow up or not.

5. Would you rather live a long life in poverty or a short life with wealth?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Quality vs. Quantity

Brain Break Games For Kids

A quick game gives kids a bit of fun in between work tasks, allowing their minds to reset. And you can have fun playing games with them too!

1. Board games

In between homework tasks, give your child a turn or two at a board game. Once the work is done, you can finish the game together!

Or try more board games for kids.

2. Heads Up!

This game involves guessing what image or word is on your forehead from the other player giving you clues.

Its also conveniently timed for you, so after a round, your child will be ready to begin the next homework task.

Try the Heads Up! Kids app.

3. Indoor bowling

Find a level space in your home to set up a makeshift bowling lane. Then collect items to use as pins and use a small ball to knock them down!

4. Charades

Another classic game that everyone can enjoy! Write a few objects or phrases down, then take turns choosing one from a hat to act out. See how many each of you can guess. You can use a specific category or just make it completely random!

5. Minute to Win It

You might be familiar with the popular game show, but did you know you can play it at home?

Each minute to win it challenge is just that a minute. That means its perfect for brain breaks. Each break, you can give your child a different challenge to complete using any household items you have lying around.

Try these Minute to Win It games for kids and family.

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C Crazy & Weird This Or That Questions For Her


1. Would you rather have a skin that changes color based on your emotions or tattoos that appear all over your body whenever you are dishonest?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Pass!

2. Would you rather have quintuplets or have no kids?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Quin..Quin Quintupwhat ?!

3. Would you rather have a spouse that chews loudly or spits when they talk?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Ew! But, hey, true love is supposed to be unconditional.

4. Would you rather find out your partner hates dogs or that they cheated on their ex?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Hmmm a dog hater or a cheater? Choose the lesser evil.

5. Would you rather date someone with their exs name tattooed on their chest or date someone whose ex lives next door?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Theres no way to get rid of that ghost, huh?

B Hard & Thoughtful This Or That Questions For Him

Brain Break – Disney Would You Rather?

It takes a tough man to make choices

1. Would you rather cheat or be cheated on?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Next question please!

2. Would you rather have someone tell you the brutal truth or have them lie to protect your feelings?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Is honesty always the best policy?

3. Would you rather all the chats on your phone leak or all the photos?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Yikes! But an honest man has nothing to worry about.

4. Would you rather be happy, wealthy, or healthy?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: This will spark an interesting conversation.

5. Would you rather forgive or forget?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Learn more about his heart.

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How And When To Use Brain Breaks

Brain break activities help kids switch neural activity to a different network.

The idea is to stimulate other brain areas that arent being used when kids are learning and focusing. Brain Breaks primarily hone in on mindfulness, physical activity, or sensory activities. Our fun brain breaks also include just for fun, tongue twisters, and would you rather brain break questions.

Research suggests that downtime is needed for every 45 minutes of mental activity. If you are using brain breaks with young kids, research suggests a brain break is needed at the time interval of twice their age. So if your child is six, a brain break is needed every twelve minutes.

Brain breaks are typically short and are preplanned, so kids know they are coming and can look forward to the break and the fun.

Now that weve learned a little about using Brain Breaks lets look at some fun brain break ideas below.

Brain Breaks For Kids: Quick Easy And Educational

Its time to do homework.

This simple phrase is often dreaded by kids and parents. And its understandable.

With so many changes this year, including much more learning from home, parents want to stay involved in their children’s education more than ever. But spending too much time on homework only seems to lead to distraction, frustration or exhaustion .

It might feel like a constant battle, and homework stress can lead to burnout and anxiety for kids if youre not careful.

Thats why brain breaks for kids are so important for reducing stress and keeping kids motivated to learn!

But first, what is a brain break?

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B Hard & Thoughtful This Or That Questions For Friends

Thats what good friends are for

1. Would you rather relive the same day repeatedly for a year or lose a year of your life?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Werent we kind of living the same day over and over again for the past year? Thanks for nothing, Covid!

2. Would you rather lose all of the money youve earned this year or lose all of the memories youve gained this year?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: We bet this past year made you set your priorities straight.

3. Would you rather lose all of your friends but win the lottery or keep your friends and stay broke?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Sometimes money and friends dont mix.

4. Would you rather never age physically or never age mentally?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Never age at all?

5. Would you rather be able to change the future or change the past?

  • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Imagine the things you could do with that kind of power!

Brain Breaks For The Socially Distanced Classroom

Brain Break
  • Trading Places Have students stand behind their pushed-in chairs. Call out a trait, and everyone who has that trait must change places with someone else . Examples: Everyone with curly hair.Everyone who ate cereal for breakfast.Everyone who is wearing stripes.
  • Six Spots Number six spots around your room from 1-6. Have students each go to a spot of their choice. Choose a student to roll a die . All the students at the number rolled must go back to their seats. Students that are left go to a new spot, and the die is rolled again. Continue until only a few students are left. You can click here for a digital dice you can project!
  • Mingle, Mingle, Group! In this game students mill about the classroom saying, mingle, mingle, mingle in soft voices until the teacher says, Groups of 5, at which point the students must quickly group themselves into groups with the correct number of people. Students who are left over must do three jumping jacks before the next round starts. The teacher can call out any number for the group size. You can also add rules such as: as soon as a group is complete, all members must sit down in a line.
  • Dance Party! Put on some rockin music and dance! If you can make the room semi-dark and have a black light or other special effect, your kids will love it!
  • Freeze Dance! Similar to Dance Party, except that every so often the music stops, and students must freeze and hold the position they are in until the music begins again.
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    A Fun & Easy This Or That Questions For Her

    Girls just wanna have fun!

    1.Would you rather have breakfast in bed or a midnight snack?

    • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Depends if youre an early bird or a night owl.

    2. Would you rather read a romantic novel together or watch a romantic movie together?

    • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Read the Notebook or watch Ryan Gosling be the perfect Noah?

    3. Would you rather slow dance with your partner or dance to a fast beat?

    • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Maybe you can be her Patrick Swayze?

    4. Would you rather write a love letter or get a love letter ?

    • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: We want love letters back!

    5. Would you rather give up dates or kisses?

    • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: What makes you feel closer to your partner?

    A Fun & Easy This Or That Questions For Work & Team Building

    Who said work cant be fun?

    1. Would you rather prepare your own lunch or have snack boxes delivered to your workplace?

    • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: This one is a no brainer! Be pampered or end up making a last- minute-sandwich for work?

    Pro-tip: Think no more! Order Caroos delicious and healthy snack boxes to take lunch to the next level!

    2. Would you rather work in Los Angeles or in New York City?

    • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Wish you could have New York nights and L.A. days.

    3. Would you rather work an extra hour, but get an hour of break time or work with no breaks, but leave an hour earlier?

    • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: For the love of work, take a break!

    4. Would you rather run a country or a business?

    • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: A great question to see how ambitious your team is.

    5. Would you rather be the oldest person in the office or the youngest?

    • Why this is a good Would You Rather question: Its all about productivity and getting s%*t done!

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    Relaxing Brain Breaks For Kids

    These brain breaks help kids calm down and reset their energy. Theyre especially helpful if your child is starting to feel stressed about what theyre working on.

    1. Yoga poses

    Get the body moving, while also helping kids relax and practice mindfulness. Yoga can be a huge stress reliever for all ages, so join in when you can!

    2. Calming music

    Listen to a relaxing song to help your child unwind. Have them sit somewhere comfortable, relax and enjoy the music in between learning tasks.

    Try these:

    3. Calming videos

    Find short clips on YouTube Kids to play for your child. Choose a few new ones based on their interests, or find videos you already know they enjoy watching.

    4. Coloring

    Let your child color a picture . This is a relaxing way to get creative juices flowing. Plus, they can display the final product when theyre done!

    Use a coloring page or give your child a blank piece of paper to draw their own picture.

    5. Deep breathing

    Help your child decompress with some deep breathing exercises. This will instantly help them relax and relieve stress so they can feel ready to take on their next task.

    Encourage your child to try this: breathe in through the nose while placing your hand on your stomach to feel it expand. Hold it here, then slowly breathe out through the mouth while feeling your stomach contract. Repeat.

    Or, try a technique like 4-7-8 breathing or five finger breathing.

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